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Write a article about your classmates’ eating habits using the results of Activity 6 in Part Three. Your composition should include both their similarities and differences. Sample 1

Our Eating Habit

The survey shows that students usually spend little time eating. They eat three meals a day, with rice as their basic food (staple). Students from the North like pasta, for example, noodles, steamed bread, and dumplings. Most students like fresh fish, seafood and eggs. Most students eat their meals at the school cafeterias. They don’t cook at home, and some haven’t even tried cooking. Their parents or grandparents do the cooking in their families.

What is unusual is the fact that many students don’t eat vegetables. They think fruit can provide all the necessary nutrients their bodies need. With some students, milk is gradually taking the place of water and other drinks. Besides, in many families, it is now the father who does

most of the cooking. The role of the mother seems to have changed a lot

在第三部分写一篇关于你的同学饮食习惯的活动第6章的结果。你的作文应该包括它们的相同点和不同点. 。示例1


调查显示学生们通常很少吃东西. 。他们每天吃三顿饭,米饭作为基本食物(主食)。北方人喜欢面食,比如面条、馒头和饺子。大多数学生喜欢新鲜的鱼,海鲜和鸡蛋。大多数学生在学校食堂吃饭。他们不在家做饭,有些人甚至不尝试做饭。他们的父母或祖父母在他们的家庭做饭。

不寻常的是许多学生不吃蔬菜. 。他们认为水果可以提供身体所需的所有必需营养. 。与一些学生,牛奶逐渐取代水和其他饮料。此外,在许多家庭中,现在是大多数做饭的父亲。母亲的角色似乎已经改变了很多


Write aacomposition on the topic “Dining Customs in China”. You can base it on the result of your discussion. Sample

Dear Ms Williams,

I’m gla d to know that you will be visiting

China with your husband. China is a country where people are hospitable and generous, and respect foreign visitors. I’m sure you will enjoy your stay there.

You mentioned that wives were not usually invited to social activities. That used to be true, but things have changed. Now very often wives are also invited, especially to business dinners. So you won’t stay in the hotel room all the time. Of course, there are occasions when you are not invited, like business talks, and when that happens, arrangements will always be made by hospitable Chinese hosts for you to do sightseeing, shopping or things like that.

As to protocol, I suggest that you do as the proverbial Romans do when in Rome. I think smiling is the best way to get along with people wherever they come from. Besides, don’t talk too much, which might seem too overpowering. Learning to speak a little bit of Chinese and being able to use chopsticks will contribute to a good beginning with the Chinese you are going to deal with. Of course, there are many other things you need to pay attention to.

Wish you a pleasant stay in China.




你提到妻子通常不被邀请参加社交活动。这曾经是真实的,但事情已经改变。现在也经常邀请妻子,特别是商务宴请. 。所以你不会一直呆在旅馆房间里。当然,有些场合,你没有被邀请,如商务会谈,当这种情况发生时,安排总是由好客的中国主人为您做观光,购物或类似的事情。

作为协议,我建议你众所周知的罗马人在罗马。我认为微笑是最好的方式与人相处,无论他们来自哪里。此外,不要说的太多,这似乎太浓烈。学会说一点汉语,并能使用筷子,将有助于与你要处理的中国人有一个良好的开端. 。当然,还有很多其他的事情你需要注意。



Unit 8

Chose one of the topics to write a composition. Money in a Student’s Life Sample 1

Sample 2

Money is important for everybody, so it is for us students. If we don’t have money, we wouldn’t be ale to study at the university in the first place

Almost everything depends on money. For us, we have to buy food, clothes, books, CDs, stamps, etc. We also have to pay for the different courses we are taking besides tuition, because some of the fees are not covered by the tuition. We have to budget our money; otherwise, we’ll have no money left at the end of the month or the semester. Many parents give their children money once for a whole semester, not one a monthly basis, so budgeting is essential. Many students borrow money from their classmates, but are unable to pay it back.. Some of the students work part-time in order to relieve the financial burden or their families since their families are not wealthy. But I think this will affect their studies. So it’s better for us to save money so that we can study well.




几乎所有的一切都取决于金钱。对于我们来说,我们必须买食物,衣服,书籍,光盘,邮票等,我们还必须支付不同的课程,我们正在采取除了学费,因为一些费用不包括学费。我们必须预算我们的钱,否则,本月底或学期末我们将没有钱了. 。许多家长给他们的孩子钱,整整一个学期,而不是一一个月的基础上,所以预算是必不可少的。许多学生从他们的同学借钱,但无法偿还.. 有些学生兼职是为了减轻经济负担或家庭,因为他们的家庭并不富裕。但我认为这会影响他们的研究。所以我们最好存钱,这样我们才能好好学习。


Sample One

It is believed that pessimism often leads to hopelessness, sickness and failure, while optimism usually brings happiness, good health and success. Pessimists also make those around them very miserable. Therefore, pessimists should change their way of thinking and overcome the negative aspects of their personalities. Here are a few tips for them:

1. Try to smile more often. A smile has great

power. It can chase sadness away. It will make you and other people feel happy. And it may even make things easier and better. Smiling in the morning makes a good beginning for the day. A smile is the most important sign of optimism.

2. Build up your self-confidence. Try to discover as many of your personal strengths as you can. Then write them all down. Read them several times when you are getting ready to do something or when you are facing difficulties. Your list will help you see your abilities.

3. Change your way of thinking. Don't always think that things will go wrong or that if they do there will be terrible results. Instead, convince yourself that things will improve and that you can work hard to help improve them. If you fail, think about what you have learned from the failure. If you succeed, praise yourself. Don't be too modest! There is nothing more encouraging than self-praise. Try your best to become an optimist.

样本一 人们相信悲观往往会导致绝望、疾病和失败,而乐观通常带来幸福、健康和成功. 。悲观主义者也让周围的人很痛苦。因此,悲观主义者应该改变自己的





标志。 2。建立你的自信。尽可能多地发现你



三. 改变你的思维方式。不要总是认为事情会出错,否则他们