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May 31st Fine

This afternoon.on my way to the cinema,I saw a case fall off a man’s bicycle.I shouted to the man to stop. But he didn't hear me and ran away.

1 was wondering what to do when I had an idea.I stopped a taxi and got into it with the case .Soon we caught up with the man.Getting the case back,the man was so thankful that he offered me some money,but l refused it politely.

Then the driver took me to the cinema.When 1 was paying him,the driver pushed my hand away and said, “Neither will I accept your money.”



注意:1. 短文要包括图画所表现的主要内容,可以适当增删,使其连贯完整。

2. 词数100左右。


One day, Mr Li was reading a book in his office after school when suddenly a ball broke a

window and flew in. Mr Li was very angry when the ball hit him on the head. He took the ball and came downstairs to see who had thrown the ball. He met a little boy at the door way and the boy said, “It’s I who have broken the window. I’m sorry, sir.” At what the child said, Mr Li who had been very angry, now became cheered up and praised the boy for his honesty. Mr Li told the boy to be more careful next time and returned the ball to the boy. The boy thanked him for his kindness and said goodbye to him, running away with the ball.







December 15 th, Friday

Some of my classmates often waste their time, but I think that time is precious for us because lost time will never return and no gold can buy it.

Time passes very quickly. Some say they don’t have enough time to prepare their lessons. They don’t know how to make use of their time. They spend too much of their time in going to theatres, playing games, and doing other things. I think that they will feel sorry some day.

Today the young people, who are living in the 21th century, should know that time is life. We should spend more time learning what is being taught in school so that we’ll serve our society well in the future.

Remember that time is more valuable than money.


假如你是云南贫困地区的一名失学儿童,名叫李菊萍。你很幸运地得到在北京工作的一位美国人Mr. Smith 的赞助,得以重新回到校园继续学习。于是你给Mr. Smith 写一封信表示感谢。


1. 收到书和钱能重返校园,非常感谢。

2. 在老师的帮助下学习成绩取得了很大进步。

3. 老师表扬了你;家长鼓励你。

4. 你下决心更加努力学习,取得更大进步。

5. 你盼望见到Mr. Smith,便因没有机会去北京,希望Mr. Smith给你寄张照片。


Dear Mr. Smith,

I’m glad to have received your money and books. Now, I can go to school again. I’m very happy and thank you very much.

I have been studying hard since I accepted your gifts. I have made great progress in my study. So our teacher praised me for it, and my parents encouraged me. I have made up my mind to study

harder and make even greater progress with the teachers’ help.

I’m looking forward to seeing you, but I have no chance to go to Beijing. I hope you can post your photo to me.

Best wishes!

Yours sincerely,

Li Juping


世界戒烟日那天,你在SSP 报上发表了你的一篇文章,内容如下:

1.吸烟危害我们的健康,如减少Vc 、身体变弱、引发多种疾病。


3.学习"Smoking" 一文后,向父亲解释吸烟的后果,父亲戒烟成功,身体也更强壮了。





Smoking can do great harm to our health.Smoking will reduce Vc in our body,make us weaker and cause many diseases.

My father used to be a heavy smoker.Every morning he coughed and coughed before he got up.He tried more than once to stop smoking but failed.After I got some knowledge about smoking,I explained to him the bad result of smoking.Now he has given up smoking and he is in good health now.

I hope new smokers will soon realize the importance of giving up smoking and try t heir best to give up smoking.





2. 1970年发射了第一颗人造卫星,是继苏联、英国、法国和日本之后的第五个国家。

3. 发展了30年之后,中国在空间领域内探险,成为世界空间大国之一。

4. 2003年10月15日上午9:00整,在中国西北部甘肃的酒泉卫星发射中心(the Jiuquan Satellite LaunchingCenter) 成功地发射了“神州”五号载人宇宙飞船,并于次日凌晨成功地在内蒙古自治区着陆。

5. 中国空间技术发展见证了中国近30年来的巨大变化。


China is a developing country and its industry and agriculture have rapidly developed .China has made a great achievement in science and technology.

China sent its first man-made satellite ,Dongfanghong I ,Into space In 1970,becoming the fifth country that had this ability ,following the former Soviet States, France and Japan.

With this success, China started its exploration into space, and has become one of the major space powers in the world after 30 years of development.

At 9:00 a.m. on October 15,2003,a spacecraft with people named Shenzhou V was

sent off into space from the Jiuquan Satellite Launching Centre in northwest China’s Gansu Province. And on the next early morning, Shenzhou, China’s fifth spacecraft, successfully landed in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. China's space development has witnessed great changes over the past 30 years.


写一篇短文,简述Rose School受欢迎的原因。请在短文中包含以下内容:

1. 历史悠久。

2. 校园美丽。

3. 设备良好,教学楼、实验室、语音室、微机房、图书馆及体育馆都属全市最好的。

4. 收费合理,每学期$2000。

5. 教师出色,大部分毕业于名牌大学,他们耐心、有经验,热爱学生。



Why is Rose School so popular in our city?

For one thing, the school has a long history. Its school garden is very beautiful with trees and flowers everywhere. It is also well equipped. The classroom buildings, the experiment labs and the sound labs, the computer rooms, the library as well as the gymnasium are among the best of all schools. Besides, the tuition is only $2000 a term, less than of other schools. But the most important reason for its popularity is the excellent teachers in Rose School. Most teachers graduated from well-known universities and colleges. They have great patience, and experience and especially, deep love for the students.


假如你某高二学生叫王洪,非常喜爱英语,现在给美国朋友Tom 写封信介绍一些亚太经合组织会议的情况。包括下列内容:亚太经合组织会议开幕后,有关这方面的书籍非常受欢迎,目前,它们介绍了亚太经合组织的历史、发展、成员国之间合作及其前景。作为2001亚太经合会议的东道主——上海人希望更多的理解组织这次会议的意义,并为代表团提供热情的服务。很多上海上掀起了学英语的热潮,争先购买学英语的书。因为英语是亚太经会议的工作语言。



Dear Tom,

I hope you are fine. I would like to tell you something about APEC in Shanghai now.

A lot of books about APEC are now popular in China, especially in Shanghai. At present, most of them are introducing APEC’S history, development course, the economic coop erations among members and its future. It is necessary for Shanghai citizens, as host of the APEC, to have a better understanding of the meeting. Many citizens buy English-learning books, as English is the working language of APEC. They hope to have better talks with foreigners and take this chance to improve their own oral English.

Yours sincerely,

Wang Hong


随着我国人民生活水平的不断提高,轿车已经开始进入百姓家庭。中国大众汽车制造厂最近生产了一种适合中国国情的小轿车——Polo 牌小轿车。请根据下列提示用英语写一篇简单的说明文:

1.商标:Polo 牌;








The China Dazhong Car Factory has recently made a new product with “Polo”as its brand.It is a popular type of car with four seats.It is easy to drive under different roads and weather conditions.The design is new and it is middle in size .Driven at the highest speed,it may go at the speed of 180 km per hour.It sells at the price of 130000 yuan .With so many advantages it is certain that this new product Polo will get popular and into thousands of the Chinese families in the near future.










Xu Zhong—A Young Scientist

Dr.Xu Zhong,aged 37,is now working as a professor in Qinghua University,Beijing .Since he graduated from Hunan University in 1983,he got rich scientific fruit. Later in 1988,he was sent to a university in Japan to go on with his studies. Through hard work ,he got excellent result and received a doctor's degree for physics .

Soon after he became famous .many big companies from different countries tried to invite him to work there and promised to give him high pay.But Dr.Xu didn’t cept the invitation,for he made up his mind to work for his Own country.

Therefore,he returned to China in 1994.Now he made great contributions to his motherland .



1. 收录单词60万个。

2. 特点:由二十多位专家教授花费数年时间编成,所有的条目(entry )都解释得十分清


3. 出版发生:由上海外语教育出版社出版,9月份各地新华书店均有销售。

4. 越早拥有一本《汉英综合辞典》,越快提高你的英语水平。

要求:1. 不要逐条翻译。2. 词数100~120之间。

《汉英综合辞典》Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary

上海外语教育出版社Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press


A Worthy Dictionary

As a result of China’s open -policy, more and more English learners are eager to get a dictionary. Now a new dictionary named “Comprehensive Chinese -English Dictionary” is published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, and ill be on sale in all Xinhua Book Stores in September.

It takes over twenty experts and professors several years to finish this dictionary. It contains 600 000 words. All the entries are explained in a clear way with many interesting examples. It is regarded as one of the greatest of its kind. The earlier you get one, the faster you will improve your English.



注意:1. 文章要包括图画内容,可以适当增加细节,使故事连贯。

2. 词数:100字左右。


One day, Xiaojun, together with his parents, went to the zoo and had a picnic there. He ate so much that he couldn’t eat up his bread. He asked his mother wheth er he could throw it away. Mother pointed at the notice, which reads “No littering”, and didn’t agree with him. Suddenly Xiaojun had an idea. “Why not give the bread to the monkeys?” Mother agreed with a smile. Just at that moment, the zookeeper came over and told Xiaojun not to throw the food to the animals in the cage, because they might fall ill after eating the food. Xiaojun felt ashamed. He really had a lesson in the zoo. And so did his mother.





Wang Ping studies at a middle school. One evening he watched TV and learned that the conditions in some flooded areas were very poor. Many children were too poor to go on with their studies. He talked with his classmates and decided to help them.

After their parents learned what their children wanted to do, they felt very happy and decided to offer some money. Wang Ping and his classmates posted the money to Jiangzhou Middle School. The headmaster of this school wrote back to them and praised them for the good deeds. All the students are much obliged to Wang Ping and his classmates.


假定你是一名中国学生,名叫李华,参加了学校组织的赴英国际交流活动。目前,你居住在英国朋友Sue 的家里。请你用英语给你在上海外国语学院落教书的父亲发一封电子邮件,内容如下:

1. 你对这次活动的感受;2. 你对居住的英国朋友家的印象;3. 天气;4. 昨天的活动;5. 明天的安排;6. 回国时到达上海机场的日期和时间;7. 请父亲转达对母亲和奶奶的问候。


Dear Dad,

I am having a wonderful time. It is really a good exchange programme. I think I have learnt a lot that cannot be learnt in class. Sue’s family are very friendly. They look after me very well and I feel quite at home here.

The weather here is very comfortable.

Yesterday we visited the Science museum and did some shopping. Tomorrow we are going to Cambridge University. I am looking forward to visiting the university.

We will be back to Shanghai on Dec. 31. The plane will touch down at Shanghai Airport at 10:30 a.m. So we will soon meet again.

Please give my best regards to Mum and Grandma.

Yours love,

Li Hua


假设一家英文报纸向中学生征集对现行中学英语教材《SEFC 》的评价和建议,请你根


1. 词数:100左右;

2. 文章的开头已为你写好。

SEFC is a good textbook for middle school students._______________________________ 参考答案:

SEFC is a good textbook for middle school students.There are many interesting color pictures to go with the text.The passages are up to date and closely related to our everyday life,which can lead us to take an active part in class.It can improve our reading,writing,especially listening and speaking in an all-round way.

However,I hope that there’ll be more interesting topics for us to discuss at the end of the texts.And I also hope to study more passages about English and American cultures.I like English songs very much,so it would be great if I can enjoy English songs on the tape going with the textbook.


假定你是李明,请你给曾在你校讲过课的英籍教师Mr.Wood 写封短信,告诉他你校将举行一次万米赛跑活动,热情邀请他前来参加,并请他收到信后通过电话(63541234)告知能否准时参加。

注意:1. 具体内容见下面的海报。

2. 词数100左右。


May 10,2004 Dear Mr.Wood,

How’s everything with you?I’m writing to tell you that there is going to be a 10 000-metre race on the afternoon of May 15,whether it rain or not.The race will start at 2:00.We’ll run along the People’s Street to the traffic lights and then turn right.Go on running until we reach the post office and turn right again.After taking the second turning on the right,go on along the river and finally return to the school.Ten students of each class are asked to take part in the race.Teachers are welcomed,too.We’ll be very glad if you could come.If you join us,be sure to get to our school playground before 1:30 that afternoon.Ring me up and tell me whether you will come or not,will you?My phone number is 63541234.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming


1 3



注意:1. 信的开头和结尾已写好,不计入总词数;

2. 词数:100左右。

3. 参考词汇:麻将 mahjong

Dear Ralph,

I’m a middle school student.___________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Could you help me and tell me what to do?I’m looking forward to your reply.Thank you very much.

Yours truly,

Li Hua


Dear Ralph,

I’m a middle school student.My name is Li Hua.I on ce had a very happy family,but now everything has changed because of my father.He used to be a very good doctor and was often praised by his patients.He took good care of the family and did housework every day.However,he is now quite a different person.He plays mahjong all night and often quarrels with my mother.I just cannot concentrate on my studies and my grades are coming down.I’m very much worried and I’m afraid it will destroy my family as well as my father.

Could you help me and tell me what to do?I’m looking forward to your reply.Thank you very much.

Yours truly,

Li Hua




1. 信的开头已为你写好,不计入总词数; 2. 词数:100左右。 Dear Editor,

I’m a senior three student.I’m writing to tell you my opinion __________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

参考答案: Dear Editor,

I’m a senior three student.I’m writing to tell you my opinion on whether middle school students can go to school with mobile phones.I think they can do that.Because students can stay in touch with their friends and family wherever they are.Besides,the mobile phone is a way to have fun.

However,there are some problems with using mobile phones.The ring of phones can disturb teachers and students in the classroom.Another problem is that some students can spend too much time and money on phone calls and sending messages.

In conclusion,I suggest students not use phones in the classroom.Also,as it is expensive,the owner should take good care of it.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua




1. 词数100左右;

2. 开头与结尾已为你写好。 生词:喷泉 fountain

Dear my classmates,

Thanks for your listening.


Dear my classmates,

May I have your attention,please?

Yesterday I paid a visit to a model high school,together with my friend.It’s very big with a beautiful fountain in the center of the schoolyard.

We started our visit from the main building.First we went to the lab building where some students were doing experiments.Then we entered the lecture hall behind the lab building and saw many students listening to a lecture given by a professor.Opposite to the lecture hall was the art center.There we watched groups of students playing musical instruments.Finally we arrived at the playground at the far back of the school.Some boys were having a football game,which was so exciting that we couldn’t help cheering for them.

It was really an impressive visit.




2. 词数:100左右(不包括已给的起始句);

3. 参考词汇:基础—foundation

汉语拼音—Chinese pinyin

The students of Class 3 had a discussion about whether it is necessary to start learning English from childhood.


The students of Class 3 had a discussion about whether it is necessary to start learning English from childhood.Some of them think that English learning should start from childhood.As little boys and girls have a very good memory,they can learn a lot of English words by heart.This will help them lay a solid foundation for their future English learning.

But others do not agree.Young children have to learn Chinese pinyin at school.If they study Chinese pinyin and English at the same time,it will be very easy for them to mix them up.This will do a lot of harm not only to their Chinese learning but also to their future English learning.

In short,the students have not arrived at any agreement yet.





2. 词数: 100左右。


I will spend this summer holiday in the countryside.Although the city is modern and convenient,there are still some problems,such as air pollution,crowdedness and noise.In the countryside I can enjoy a comfortable and quiet life.There,the air is fresh and the water is clean.Trees are green and birds are singing.I can also go boating,fishing and swimming in the lake.What ’s more,I can climb the hills.All this will be interesting and good for my health.Above all,I can learn more about nature.So I want to go to the countryside for a change.I ’m looking forward to the coming of my summer holiday.


假如你是李晓华,住在江城。你的加拿大笔友Bob 来信谈到了他所居住的城市,并希望了解你家乡江城的情况。请你用英语写一封回信。回信须包括下表中的内容:


2. 词数100左右。信的开头与结尾已为你写好,不计入总词数。

参考词汇:经济economy n.

Dear Bob,

It ’s very kind of you to write to me and let me know about your beautiful city.Now I’d like to tell you something about my hometown Jiangcheng.

Yours ,

Xiao Hua


Dear Bob,

It ’s very kind of you to write to me and let me know about your beautiful city.Now I’d like to tell you something about my hometown Jiangcheng.

The city stands on the bank of the Changjiang River.It is a beautiful place for people to live in.Its economy has been developing rapidly in the past ten years.New factories,houses and roads have been built.More schools and hospitals are available for its people.However,there are still some problems,such as water and air pollution and heavy traffic in rush hours.In my

opinion,Jiangcheng should develop its economy scientifically.I would also think that the growth of its population should be brought under control so that we’ll have a better hometown in future.


Xiao Hua


假设你是李华,你的美国朋友Bill 将要来你校学习。请你根据图画提供的信息,用英语写一封信介绍你校的情况。

注意:1. 词数:100左右;

2. 叙述要有条理、方位清楚,内容连贯。

school gate


Dear Bill,

I ’m very happy to know you’ll come and study in our school.It’s a pleasure for me to give you some introduction.

Our school is a beautiful garden school.When you enter the school gate,you will see a main road leading straight to the teaching building in the middle of our school.On each side of the road there is a flowerbed,where different kinds of flowers are in bloom.On your left,behind the flowerbed is the lab building.It is there that we do all kinds of experiments.The office building is on the other side.Behind the teaching building is a playground,to the west of which there is a swimming pool.We have also planted a lot of trees in our school.Now they are growing very well.Our school is really a beautiful one.

Welcome to our school!Hope to see you soon.


Li Hua


根据下面图画内容,以No Cell Phones in the Classroom为题写一篇夹叙夹议的短文。

注意:1. 短文应包括图画中所提供的主要信息;

2. 适当作一些评论,表明个人的观点;

3. 词数不少于60;

4. 短文开头已给出;

5. 生词:cellphone 手机;spoil 毁掉,破坏

Nowadays cellphones are popular in big cities it China.It seems that they are popular at school,too.And in some schools most of the students have cell phones with them everywhere.One 参考答案:

Nowadays cellphones are popular in big cities in China.It seems that they are popular in school,too.And in some schools most of the students take their cell phones with them everywhere.One day,Teacher Wu was giving a maths lesson when the ringing of a cell phone interrupted him.He got so angry that he shouted at the boy whose phone was still ringing.“Don ’t you see the sign that cell phones are forbidden in school?How dare you use your cell phone here in the classroom?” he asked the boy,pointing at the sign above the blackboard.The boy looked as if he hadn ’t realized what had happened to him.He must have forgotten to turn the phone off before class.However the boy wasn’t able to escape from the school punishment.I think students shouldn ’t use cell phones in school.The ringing of the phone in class not only interrupts teachers,but also spoils the class.



要求:1. 表达图画所给的信息;

2. 适当发挥想象(what you saw,what you did and what you thought of);

3. 词数:110左右;


Sunday May 2nd,2004 Fine

Today I went to a special park with some of my classmates.


SundayMay 2nd,2004 Fine

Today I went to a special park with some of my classmates.It was a national park with a great variety of wild plants and a lot of wild animals free around.The visitors were required to stay in the tour bus,which looked exactly like a cage.As our bus drove along,I saw a lion lying lazy by the roadside and looking curious.Some of us shouted to it,showing our friendship.In the distance,some wolves were playing together joyfully.What a quiet and peaceful scene!

In the park the animals are treated like humans.Howe’ver,in many places wild animals are killed for their meat and fur.As a result,the balance of nature is destroyed.How I wish wildlife could live a free and happy life as human beings!It’s high time we did something to protect it.



1. 这是一座新兴的现代化城市,建于20世纪80年代初;

2. 海、陆、空交通便利,又有一条与首都北京相连的高速公路(freeway);

3. 自然资源丰富,电力及其他能源供应充足;

4. 公共秩序(the public order)良好,政府多方面支持外国投资者(investor)。


Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to our city.Now let me introduce„


Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to our city.Now let me introduce our city to you.Our city is a newly built modern city.It was set up in the early 1980s,but it has been developing rapidly.From here you can travel to anywhere by water,by air or by land.Recently another freeway which is connected with Beijing has started being used.The areas around our city are rich in natural resources.And we have enough supplies of electricity and other forms of energy.The public order is very nice.Besides,the governments of our country and our city support foreign investors in many respects.We expect more and more foreign friends to come and invest in our city.

That ’s all.Thank you.


假设你是李越, 你的加拿大笔友Steve 来信说, 他和他的一些同学正在学中文, 请你推荐两本学中文的词典。根据下表提供的信息, 请你给他用英语写一封回信。

·推荐 recommend (v .)

·英汉/汉英词典The English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary (ECCED)

·新华字典 Xinhua Dictionary (XD)


Dear Steve,


Yours ,

Li Yue


Dear Steve,

I ’m so pleased to learn that you and your classmates are learning Chinese.I ’d like to recommend the following two dictionaries.The English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary is really a good one for beginners.It has 18 000 English words and 20 000 Chinese words.Besides plenty of examples,it has many notes telling you how to use a word.Xinhua Dictionary is the most popular Chinese dictionary,and it has a vocabulary of 10 000 words.It may also be useful to some advanced learners of Chinese.Of the two,ECCED is the more expensive,costing 52 yuan ,and XD costs 11 yuan .

Please let me know if you want me to buy these dictionaries.


Li Yue


请根据漫画,以“What Will the Child Become”为标题,用英语写一篇短文。

要求:1. 词数约100个,不包括已给出的开头部分。

2. 内容要包括对本漫画画面的描述以及你自己对这一现象的看法。

提示:电子琴electronic piano画板:drawing board

What Will the Child Become?

Look at this picture.Here is a family of five.„


What Will the Child Become?

Look at this picture.Here is a family of five.The only child is riding his “horse ”—his father.What a proud “king ” he looks!His grandfather is holding an umbrella over him and cooling him with a fan.His mother is carrying his schoolbag and lots of other things for him.What is his grandmother doing behind?She is walking hard carrying an electronic piano and a drawing board.But what will the child become in the future?He ’ll think of himself more important than

anyone else.Hell be unable to do anything without help.He’ll become no good for the world.