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1. 校学生会将组织一次暑期志愿者活动,现招募志愿者。

2. 本次志愿者活动的目的,内容、安排等。

3. 报名条件及联系方式。

Volunteers Needed

A voluntary activity in the summer vacation will be organized by the University Students Union. The Student Union will open free English classes for the youngsters in S.O.S Children’s Village. The classes will last for a week.

Currently, we will recruit 5 volunteers to work as English teachers. The volunteers are requested to speak fluent English. Those with English teaching

experience are preferable. Besides the English skills, we expect the volunteers to be patient, open-minded with a loving heart. The Children’s Village will provide the volunteers with three meals a day and transportation from and to the university during the class days.

Those who are interested in taking part in the activity, please send your resume to the email address studentunion@bju.edu before June 30th. The office of the Student Union will contact the chosen candidates for an interview before July 10th. 今天是教师节,请根据以下提示写一篇记叙你的英语老师的短文,约220词左右。

1. 李老师教课生动活泼,印象深刻。

2. 上课前班长通知说李老师要动手术,暂时不能来上课,谁能代课还未决定。

3. 同学们悄然无声,似乎都担心她不再来上课了。

4. 李老师走进教室,她说不愿意耽误同学们的功课,要求医生推迟了手术时间。并说新老师明天就来,希望同学们同老师很好地相处,她病愈即返校。 Miss Li is our English teacher. She always impresses us deeply with her lively English class.

One day when the first bell rang, the monitor stood up and said, “Our English teacher is going to have an operation today. It has not been decided yet who will give us the lesson. ”The class turned silent at his words. It seemed that no one would

believe him. In fact, all of us were afraid that Miss Li would no longer be with us. At this moment, Miss Li appeared at the door. She looked tired and pale.

“I’ll be missing you badly, ”she said in a low voice, “I have asked the doctor to put off the operation till tomorrow because I don’t want you to miss a single

class. ”She went on, “A new teacher will take my place and I hope you’ll get on well with him. I’ll come back as soon as I’m better. ”

Hearing this, all of us were moved to tears. What a good teacher we have. Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic My Most Favorite Programmer. You should write no less than 100 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:

1. 我最喜爱的电视(或无线电) 节目是……

2. 这类节目的内容和特点

3. 我喜欢它的原因

My Most Favorite Programmer

The News Report has always been my favorite TV program. Almost everyday I turn on the TV at 6:30 p.m. and wait for the news program. This has become a part of my life.

The News Report contains a large amount of information C from the

international political. situation to the latest foot-ball game. And the most important character is its fast pace. Because of this fast pace, news programs can contain much information in a short time.

In my opinion, the News Report is more than a TV program. It is a way of communication. From this program, people can know and understand world affairs. The world thus becomes smaller. I especially appreciate this benefit of watching the news.

1. 有很多人喜欢养宠物

2. 养宠物的利与弊

3. 你的建议

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping Pets




第2段分析利弊,根据作文的标题可知此段是重点内容。养宠物的益处可以从很多方面说(比如消除孤独感、丰富日常生活、获得快乐等) ,弊端可以从养宠物减少了人与人之间的交流机会、可能使人被传染疾病、可能导致空气异味等方面来说。


1. 人人都梦想成功

2. 成功所需的因素很多. 如……

3. 我在成功之路上尚需付出的努力

Factors of Success

I would rather suffer hardships than fail. In other words, to achieve success is my only desire. We all know that there are many factors of success. Now let me write down the important ones in the following.

Diligence —Foolish as a person is, he can succeed in his work if he works hard. That does not admit of any doubt.

Perseverance —When you fail, don't lose heart. Keep on working until you accomplish your aim.

Honesty —If you tell lies or does not keep your words, no one will rely on you. I would rather be scolded than cheat (others).

1. 许多学校午夜后就把宿舍的电断掉,强制学生休息

2. 有人认为这对学生白天的学习有益,有人认为这限制了学生自由安排生活

3. 你的看法


此篇作文结合大学生的生活,要求考生针对宿舍午夜断电这种现象表明自己的态度并进行论证,行文可以完全按照提纲中的3点进行布篇。也可以如范文的结构:在第1段提出现象后指出不同的观点(有人认为……,但也有人认为……):然后在第2段,直接摆出自己的观点(我认为……)并分条论证,最后在第3 段简单做总结。


VS 限制了学生自由安排生活) ,考生可以根据这些论点加以扩展,做到言之有理,结构清晰,语言得体即可。

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled My View on the “Campus Star” Contest. You should write 120 words following the outline given below.

1. 校园里也涌现出了各种选“星”比赛

2. 这种现象带来的问题

3. 你的看法

My View on the “Campus Star” Contest

At an age of character and individuality being encouraged and demonstrated, we see various “stars” pop up—singing stars, dancing stars, movie stars and sport stars, et c. Many schools even hold contests to choose their “Campus Stars”. Although these activities make our cultural life in campus more colorful and varied, a lot of problems spring up at the same time.

First of all, these activities can result in the swelling of vanity in some students, making them become arrogant, or even feel superior to other students. Moreover, these activities can greatly distract the students from their study. In order to become a star, they will, without any doubt, spend a lot of time and energy on the preparation and competition. The focus of their academic life will be shifted, and even worse, they can become too enthusiastic about extracurricular activities and hate the academic knowledge and skills they need to grasp for their future development.

On the whole,I think these various “Campus Star” contests should be controlled in the campus. After all, schools are different from any other social institutions. Extracurricular activities should be encouraged, but they should be helpful to the student’s academic study and all-round development.