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1. We'd better develop our interest in English at the beginning of our study. To develop interest in English study is not very hard. We may have the feeling of satisfaction and achievement from our English study when we are able to say something simple in English, talk with others or foreigners in English and act as others' interpreters. 在英语学习之初, 我们应该注重培养对英语学习的兴趣. 培养对英语的兴趣并不难. 当我们可以说点儿简单的英语, 用英语与别人或与老外交谈, 或作别人的翻译时, 我们就可以从英语学习中得到满足感和成就感, 这样, 兴趣就培养起来了. 请注意, 这种满足感和成就感很重要!

4. Watching English movies, English TV programs, listening to English songs and learn English on some special occasions are also excellent and vivid English learning ways as we may combine English with some certain scenes to deepen our memory. 看英文电影, 收看英语电视节目, 听英文歌曲和在某些特定场景学习英语也是很棒和很生动的英语学习方式, 因为这样我们可以把所学英语与某些特定的场景联系起来以加深记忆.

5. Never just memorize single English words. Learn by heart the whole sentences and the phrases that contain the new words so we may know how to use the words. 请不要孤立地背英语单词. 请背记包含生词的句子或词组, 这样我们才真正能运用这些词汇, 而且印象更深.

7. Excellent personality is one of the decisive factors in English study. Persistence, patience, self-confidence and determination are badly needed. 优秀的性格也是英语学习的关键因素之一, 坚持, 忍耐, 自信和坚定都是很重要的. 当然如果兴趣培养得好, 可适当削弱这方面的要求.

1. Oral English:(口语学习) A. We study spoken English so as to make oral communications, so this order of importance of oral English study should be followed: Fluency, Accuracy, and Appropriateness. That is to say, we have to pay more attention to practical communicating ability instead of only laying emphasis on the grammatical correctness. 我们学习口语目的是为了与别人进行交流, 所以英语口语中的几个要素的重要次序应为:流利-准确-恰当. B. Try to find some partners practicing oral English together and English corner is a good place as where we may exchange English study experience, widen our sight and improve interest in English. 努力寻找学伴一起练习口语. 英语角是个不错的地方, 在那我们不但可以练习口语, 还可以交流英语学习经验, 开拓视野, 提高英语学习兴趣.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to comlain about a Microcomputer I purchased from your company.

I purchased a computer from your company on 05/07/2010 and it was delivered by your company to my house on 08/07/2010. When we opened the box, we noticed there was two dents at the back of the computer and there are some scratches on the screen.

I would like you to arrange for another brand-new computer to be delivered to me as soon as possible. Otherwise, I would like to have my full refund.

Yours faithfully,


Dear Sir or Madam,

I bought an electronic dictionary from your online store on January 1st,but I found it has some problems after using it for a short period of time.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please send us a correction on part of our order WP-11.

All the items we ordered arrived in excellent condition except for one model. It you refer to our original order (see the copy attached), you will note that we requested your fluorescent desk-lamps, Model 606. However, Model 608 reached us instead. For details, please see the inspection certificate issued by the Tianjin Commodity Inspection Bureau.

Will you kindly take back those you sent out and substitute them with an equal quantity (120 items) of Model 606? We would appreciate your attention to this matter promptly.

Yours faithfully


请有关部门出面解决这一问题。【作文示范】 School Polluted No. 1 Middle School March 5, 1997

Dear Editor,

Our school lies at the foot of a mountain with a small river passing by. It used to look like a beautiful garden. There used to be green trees and all kinds of flowers in our school yard all year round. But great changes have taken place since a chemical works was built near our school two years ago. It produces poisonous gases and pours a large amount of waste water into the river. The terrible pollution has done great harm to us students and teachers as well as to the surroundings. It 's time for us to take steps to protect our surroundings and prevent them from being polluted.

Yours ever,

Wang Hong

假如你是李明,请你就本校食堂的状况给校长写一封信,内容应涉及食堂的饭菜质量、价格、环境和服务等,可是以表扬,可以是批评建议,也可以兼而有之。参考范文 A Letter to the University President about the Canteen Service on Campus Dec.20 , 2009 Dear President ,

My name is Li Ming . I am a junior from the Civil Engineering School . I venture to write you a letter to make a complaint about the canteen service of our school . The focus of the complaint is the poor quality and high price of the food . On one hand , the rice is very hard , the steam bread is often cold , and the vegetables are always overcooked . On the other hand , the price of the food is so high that many poor students are burdened heavily . Under these circumstances , I find it impossible for us students to fully concentrate on the study and enjoy the campus life . I will be very obliged if you can consider my complaint seriously . I do hope the service of the canteen will be much improved as soon as possible . Thank you for your time and kind consideration .

Sincerely yours ,