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The significance of College Education in China

Decades ago, due to the low standard of living in China, only a small percentage of the nation ’s population could receive college education. Once give the opportunity, one would surely secure a well-paid and much-respected job, which he or she would probably do for a lifetime. Therefore, to secure a college degree used to be the ultimate goal of a person’s education.

Today, however, our country has developed into What is called a “Knowledge society ”, where creative ideas and innovations are generated at a fantastic speed. One must constantly renew one ’s knowledge and upgrade one ’s skills so as to meet the needs of the changing world. Moreover, at the stage of college education, it is pointless for a person to attempt to know everything. When one is required to settle down to be a specialist in a specific field, one has to make an in-depth study of the subject one is supposed to know. In this sense, college education can provide students with only a passport to lifelong education. As Robert Maynard Hutchins once said: the object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.

In my opinion, life in modern society is not only a process of “learning to live” but also a process of “living to learn”. The slogan” Live and learn” can best reflect the concept of the future function in China.

几十年前, 由于低的生活标准在中国, 只有一小部分的人口可能接受大学教育。一次给机会, 肯定会获得高薪和备受尊敬的工作, 他或她可能会做一辈子。因此, 为了获得一个大学学位是一个人的教育的最终目标。

然而, 今天, 我们的国家发展。所谓“知识社会”, 以惊人的速度产生创意和创新。人们必须不断更新自己的知识和升级你的技能, 以满足需求的变化的世界。此外, 在大学教育阶段, 它是毫无意义的人试图知道一切。当一个人需要安定下来是一个专业领域, 有进行深入研究的人应该知道。从这个意义上说, 大学教育可以提供学生终身教育只有一本护照。罗伯特·梅纳德哈钦斯曾经说过:教育的目的是准备自己年轻的教育在他们的生活。

在我看来, 生活在现代社会不仅是一个“学习生活”的过程也是一种“活学”的过程。“活到老, 学到老”的口号最能反映这一概念在中国未来的功能。


1. 电脑和网络技术促进了新的教育形式的产生。

2. 网络教育能帮助我们实现终身教育的观念。

3. 网络教育的前景。

The Role of Cyber Education

Traditionally, learning occurs among a group of learners with a teacher giving them face-to-face instruction in classroom. Yet, in contorting the many challenges that future holds in store, more and more people realize that the existing education system cannot satisfy people ’s demands for their endless self-development. Thanks to computer and network technologies, a new from of education-cyber education-has emerged.It is now playing a significant role in improving the educational system.

As cyber education is based on the concept of “open education ” and “lifetime education ”, it creates many opportunities of professional training for those who wish to update their knowledge or professional skills. Those who have kids at home can still further their studies via the Internet. Even retired people can follow a online program either for recreational or education purposes. In one word, cyber education provides learners with the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere at their own pace. Besides, one may also pursue academic degrees via the Internet since many “cyber universities ” have been set up throughout the world.

Indeed, cyber education is thriving in every part of the world today. It is believed that its potential will be further tapped and more and more people will benefit from it in the days to come.

传统上, 学习发生在一群学习者与老师在课堂上给他们面对面教学。然而, 在扭曲的许多挑战未来, 越来越多的人意识到现有的教育系统不能满足人们的要求, 他们无休止的自我发展。由于计算机和网络技术, 一个新的改善教育体系中扮演重要角色。

网络教育的概念是基于“开放教育”和“终身教育”, 它创造了许多机会在线课程的专业培训, 更新他们的知识或专业技能。那些孩子们在家里通过互联网可以进一步研究。即使退休人员可以遵循一个在线项目用于娱乐或教育目的。总之, 网络教育为学习者提供随时学习的自由, 按照自己的节奏。除此之外, 一个很多人还追求学位通过互联网因为很多“网络大学”在世界各地建立了。

事实上, 网络教育是今天在世界各地蓬勃发展。相信其潜力将进一步被挖掘和越来越多的人将从中受益。


1. 世界各国都在举办奥运会。

2. 举办奥运会的好处。

3. 你的看法

Benefits from Hosting the Olympic Games

July of 2001 witnessed a wave of national excitement in our land. Beijing had won the bid to host the 2008 summer Olympic Games. It symbolized the strength of our country and roused our national pride. This is also the reason that many other countries compete to win the chance of hosting the Olympic Games.

Since then a lot of changes would take place in the hosting cities. Citizens of the host cities would enjoy better transportation facilities, and the physical environment would improve significantly. With the construction of athletic venues, municipal infrastructure and other relevant facilities, new job opportunities would been created.

A boom in Olympic-related business and industries would take place not only in the hosting cities, but also elsewhere in the host countries.

In my opinion, hosting the Olympic Games is also a mega culture event .It is a good opportunity to increase the international profile of the host city. Even before the Olympic Games more and more people would be drawn to the host city, and there would appear a new boom in tourism. Preparations for the Olympic Games would give rise to numerous cultural and educational programs focusing on the citizens ' , commitment and dedication to this international event such programs would not only generated a widespread interest in sports but also promote the citizen’s social, cultural and ethical visions. We must try our best to capitalize on this opportunity as fully as we can.

2001年7月的见证了一波又一波的国家兴奋在我们的地上。北京赢得了申办2008年夏季奥运会。它象征着我们国家的力量, 唤醒我们的民族自豪感。这也是原因, 许多其他国家赢得竞争举办奥运会的机会。

自那以来发生了很多的变化会主办城市。市民将享受更好的交通设施, 物理环境会显著提高。体育场馆的建设、市政基础设施和其他有关, 将会创造新的就业机会。奥运会的繁荣商业和工业不仅将主办城市, 而且在东道主国家的其他地方。 在我看来, 举办奥运会也是一个大型文化活动。这是一个很好的机会提高主办城市的国际形象。越来越多的人将会主办城市所吸引, 也会出现一个新的旅游热潮。筹备奥运会将产生大量的文化和教育项目关注公民, 承诺和奉献这一国际事件这样的项目不仅会产生一种普遍的体育兴趣, 也促进公民的社会、文化和伦理视野。我们必须尽力尽可能充分利用这个机会。