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辛苦劳动赚来的东西吃起来格外甜。What is earned with hard labor is eaten with pleasure.

取起精髓,去其糟粕。Discard the dross and select the essential /take the essence and discard the 扬长避短。Enhance the strengths and eliminate the weakness.

适者生存。The survival of the fittest .

利大于弊。 The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages .

幸福首先在于健康。Happiness lies first of all in health .

1. This kind of curriculum is unscientific and lop-sided ,laying undue emphasis on academic

subjects . It is against the basic principles of teaching and law of learning to sacrifice sports class.

2. School life is the prime time of the physical development and acquisition of knowledge of the

students .We shall not lay much weight/emphasis on one aspect and neglect another .

3. Exercises help build up one’s physique ,enhance one’s health and train a strong character and


4. Doing sports regularly helps to improve one ’s performance in study and work /raise one ’s

study efficiency .

5. Sports teach us consideration ,cooperation, self-confidence,judgement and optimism towards


6. In present society full of fierce competition and challenges ,one must be armed with more

knowledge and skills so that one can face the challenges and pursue a better career .

7. Without adequate knowledge ,one can hardly survive in this era of information explosion .

8. There is too much for a student to master in limited class time nowadays ,so it is quite

reasonable and understandable that many schools sacrifice sports classes for the sake of academic subjects ,which have a direct relationship with one’s future .

9. In order to prepare students for a better college and a brighter prospect , many schools even

make full use of the extracurriculum time after school to impart knowledge and skills to their students . maintain a good health build up interfere with

10. It works well to control the size of population and improve the population quality .It is a

symbol of civilization .

梅花香自苦寒来。Adversity leads to prosperity . prominent =evident=conspicuous surmount =overcome reinforce refresh physical fitness

1. Psychological problem : loneliness, Homesickness , Uncertainty and

confusion ,Inadaptability , A strong sense of loss for lack of attention because they are no longer the focus of teachers and classmates .

2. Financial problems : Lake of adequate money for tuition Being unable to afford a better

accommodation Comparison with others fellow students unrealistically .攀比

3. Language and culture problem : Inability to understand the local dialect Misunderstanding

and disputes due to lack a proper understanding of the local culture and customs Local foods disagreeable to one’s taste Climate

4. Problems arising from different educational systems and teaching methods : They find it hard

to adjust to new teacher ’s way of teaching They can not use the teaching facilities at ease .不熟悉

Suggested Solutions to the Above Problems :

1. A college orientation session should be held to familiarize the freshmen with the exciting

college life.

2. Some special advisory and consultative committees should be established to meet the

psychological needs of the new students .

3. Seniors students should be called on to offer help to their new younger school fellows .

4. Different kinds of foods and accommodation should be available to students from different

places and backgrounds .

5. Some campus activities involving new and old students’ participation should be organized to

familiarize the new with the campus life ,such as a welcome party to be held by the school authorities .

On the part of the freshman :

They should try to be independent and self-reliant They should have a better knowledge of the customs and history of the city where their new school life begins . They should not rely on their past glory and achievements and they should look forward and face future challenges .

They should make full preparations for the new school life ,not only academically and financially ,but also psychologically. They should foresee the difficulties and hardships lying ahead . Keep regular emotional contacts with one’s family members and former classmates . Active participation in the campus life is essential to removing loneliness and disorientation.不适应。 They should seek advice and help from the teachers or their older schoolmate and be open to talks .

1. Lay down rigid and impartial laws and regulations and strengthen the rule of the law .

Create a fair environment for business competition . Work out long-term plans for sustainable and smooth development .

Culture And Education : Attach greater importance to the spiritual civilization construction .Upgrade the quality of citizens . Invest more in education . A country without a well-educated population would suffer from poverty and backwardness. Introduce more advance science and technology and allure more talents to work in China . Improve the development of science and technology .促进 harmonious family atmosphere mobilize The Government

1. The senior citizens have contributed all their life and energy to the social development .It is

time they enjoyed a peaceful and comfortable rest life in a carefree manner .

2. It is the unshirkable duty and responsibility of a government to take care of its aged people .

3. The government has the capability and resources to handle this issue well , Forge a social

security network focusing on the elderly .建立

4. The successful handling of this issue is of great importance to the stability of a society and the

cohesion of a nation ,because it enables young people to foresee their future .

5. Release the burden of the family and individuals ,so that they can devote more energy to their

career, thus contributing more to the society .

6. Ensuring a comfortable and meaningful retired life to the old is a stimulation for the young to

work hard for the society .Young people can see that when they turn old ,they are sure to enjoy a happy remaining life .

7. Living together is a spiritual comfort to the old ,because they can feel the warmth and love

from their children,

8. Reciprocating parents ’ unselfish love and care is a basic trait differentiating a human from

animals . 报答

The advantages of city life : modern transport facilities advanced communication means well-staffed and well-equipped schools and well-trained professionals quick and easy access to the latest /up-to-date information Colorful life :various cultural activities organized and more advanced facilities available for children to enjoy .Exhibitions ,galleries ,museums and theatres . better healthcare system a variety of commodities available They are given more chances to get to know more friends and improve one’s adaptability to society .

The disadvantages of city life :worsening living environment heavy traffic deterioration of the order of the day more temptations distracting students’ focus on their study

The advantages of country life : Closer to nature :There is fresh air ,clean and unpolluted water ,and tranquility .It helps them to form an environmentally friendly attitude .环保意识 Unsophisticated and honest human relationships ,Friendly and simple Free from many social evils suffer less from pressure , Rural life is peaceful ,quite ,simple and pleasant

The advantages of country life : The life is too simple and monotonous so those children bred in country may find it hard to adapt to the sophisticated urban life and complex human relationship Poor teaching facilities and lack of well-training teachers Children tend to be a little unenlightened for lack of adequate information 没那么灵活

It offers a good chance for male and female students to better understand one another ,thus removing illusions and wrong impression .There are many striking differences between male and female .By studying together in a same school ,they can complement each other and learn from each other . It encourages benign competition and cooperation between male and female students . Different thoughts based on different genders exchanged in class are helpful to the study . It can lead to intimacy and promiscuity ,which are very detrimental to the development of young people .过分亲昵 Female students may suffer from discrimination and inequality . Coeducation can not ensure an environment conducive to study ,because students are easily diverted from study . School management will be difficult due to the gender difference :more facilities and more teachers needed .

To sum up ,all the above-mentioned suggestions are reasonable and practical .If the governments and ordinary citizens join hands in solving the heavy traffic problem ,I think in the near future we will enjoy a more comfortable and smoother journey every day ,breathing fresher and cleaner air without harsh noises pushing into our ears .

Present situation : Every day there are many traffic jams everywhere ,causing great inconveniences to people ’s daily lives Innumerous traffic accidents occur ,leading to injures and deaths of drivers ,passengers and pedestrians .

Causions :There are more vehicles than the streets can accommodate The streets are too old and narrow to meet the present demand . The present situation attributes partly to lax traffic rules and regulations .

Solutions : More and wider roads should be laid down to relieve the traffic congestion Accelerate the flow of traffic to speed up /lessen the crowding of the stress . Improve the road condition /facilities ,e.g. use of computer monitoring system . Raise the public awareness of the traffic situations . Popularize the education of traffic regulations ,improve the quality of the citizens ..Develop new forms of public transportation ,which are clean ,energy-saving and space-saving .

For (space research ) The space research has already resulted in a large number of products and has found some important applications .For examples; satellite-relayed TV broadcasting l

2.Space exploration opens up new worlds and adds to our knowledge ,enabling human beings to know more about the universe as well as about the earth It is a symbol of human progress and it extends the scope of human thinking It encourages friendly competition in the field of science and technology and promotes /spurs the development of relevant disciplines such as biology ,physics ,astronomy and so on .Some plant seeds have been carried into the outer space and some new various of plants have been bred .

Against :It costs an astronomical sum of money and a huge portion of human resources to carry out the space research .It is not worthwhile and impractical .The enterprise throws huge sums of money into thin air . Up till now ,no visible practical benefits have been achieved in the exploration of space . After so many years of arduous work and efforts and with astronomical investment into space research ,we have not yet attained an adequate understanding of the space . In view of the present science and technology ,it is quite impossible for us to achieve a satisfactory result . The research on the moon is of little value to human beings .Why not use the time ,energy and money on the improvement of the earth environment ,which is closely linked to human life .For example :turn deserts into forestlands and tillable fields 良田;explore natural resources in the ocean. The governments should give priority to the problems of poverty, hunger disease and war . The space research has produced a large amount of space rubbish which contaminates the space environment .

For :The advanced countries enjoy higher level of economic development and science and technology ;therefore they possess the ability to offer assistance to the underdeveloped.

2. It is a kind of international brotherhood . It helps to improve the productivity and living

standard of the nation which receives the aid . It helps narrow the economic gap /disparity of the developed and underdeveloped . It is an unshirkable duty of the developed nations to offer a helping hand to the underdeveloped ones . It helps to maintain the world peace and stability and to prevent some disasters threatening man’s existence . The development of the underdeveloped nations is closely linked to the interest of the advanced ones .If we don’t offer a helping hand to those countries suffering from poverty and backwardness, it in turn undermines our prosperity .

Against :1.Foreign aid ,to some extent ,may encourage indolence/laziness and foster the dependent mentality of the beneficiary nations It more often than not goes to the corrupt officials and benefits little the masses . broaden one’s perspective 开拓视野

For: 1.Beautiful scenery, attractive tourist sports and splendid culture allure tourists from different parts of the world .There are many opportunities to promote exchanges among people from different backgrounds . Get a better and deeper understanding of the local natural conditions and novel customs . Enrich one ’s knowledge and widen one ’s vision /broaden one ’s horizon and enhance mutual understanding .Expand one’s scope of knowledge and enrich one’s experience of life . It is conducive to mutual communication and cooperation , 有利于 Seeing is believing .Only when you are personally on the scene ,can you really appreciate the exotic beauty and charming scenes. Tourism boots local economy and promotes commercial exchanges .Create more jobs for local people .Bring prosperity to the region . Travel creates open-mindedness and more tolerance .

Against : Everyone is in a hurry when on a trip ,therefore there is little chance for exchanges of information and feeling . Poor service may give rise to unwanted misunderstanding . Tourism does great harm to the tranquility and sanitation of the local place .Sometimes it even causes

pollution to the natural environment and even destroys some natural resources and scenery . Tourism sometimes leaves the local people psychologically unbalanced .The tourists’ wealth only makes the local people more aware of their own poverty and even gives rise to jealousy and psychological imbalance .

For: Women should be given more opportunities to exhibit and tap their talents and potentials . 2. It is an irresistible trend that more and more women will to into employment and dind expression for their energy and talent .大势所趋 In an enlightened world ,we shall never adhere to the old concept that women are inferior to men .Instead ,we should create a fair atmosphere in which both males and females cooperation and compete on an equal footing . It increase people’s competitive consciousness and thus promote efficiency .

For (19):With the rapid development of society and economy ,competition is becoming increasingly fierce and acute . With scarcity of job opportunities and the increasing unemployed population ,people have to improve their skills and upgrade their knowledge in order to keep abreast with the social development and face the challenge. Otherwise they can hardly meet the requirements of the modern society and will sooner and later be eliminated in the rat race . People are required to work for longer hours nowadays.,therefore they ,comparatively speaking ,enjoy less amount of leisure time . People have to endure greater pressure from both the family and the society ,because they need to face far more problems than ever .

Against :1.Thanks to the ever-accelerated updating of science and technology ,people’s working efficiency has been vastly improved ,and many strenuous jobs are taken over by computerized machines .As a result ,people begin to enjoy more time for rest and relaxation . Appropriate time for rest and relaxation is a must to ensure better performance at work and higher efficiency . With the rapid improvement of people ’s living standard ,people become more aware of the importance of leisure and recreation .They pursue high-quality leisure activities and recreational forms . With increased automation and laborsaving devices ,women are relieved from household chores and begin to pursue their own interests and careers . But on the whole ,the pros outweigh the cons ,with the increasingly rapid economic globalization and urbanization ,there is a growing worldwide awareness of the need for peace .Through sports events ,mutual understanding ,communication and cooperation between different countries are promoted ,which helps to make the world a better place to live in .

For:1.With the social competition becoming keener ,college students should be well-equipped with practical knowledge which suits the demand of the society .Otherwise ,they will find no place for themselves . Remember the saying :”The survival of the fittest .”We should always adapt ourselves to the development of society ,or we will be eliminated in the rat race . It is the heavy pressure from the job market that forces them to concentrate on such practical courses ,sacrificing their own interests . Everyone has limited time and energy ,therefore it is impossible and unwise to allocate an equal amount of time and energy on all subjects . University and college students lack adequate practical ability and operative skills . Keep abreast with the latest advance of science and technology . In a brand new era of market economy ,the importance of computer science and commerce speaks for itself 不言自明 。Mastery of them adds to one ’s competitiveness in one’s future career . Graduates majoring in some branches of learning which receive little attention find it really hard to get a decent job in the job market .

Against :It is quite natural and understandable to focus more on some practical courses ;however ,it is a fatal mistake to neglect the foundation studies ,because they are the

cornerstones of many subjects . 基石 Without a solid foundation ,all subjects can hardly develop healthily and fruitfully . Superficially ,some basic subjects have no practical value .In fact they play a crucial role in cultivating one’s logical thinking and judgement which are of great importance to one’s further development in other fields .

It can not be denied that the utilitarian knowledge can be easily applied to the reality and it is easily for college graduates to realize their potentials and talents .However ,it would be a fatal mistake to neglect the traditional basic courses ,because they are intrinsically linked to those so-called practical courses .As a modern-day university student ,one should know something of everything . adhere to =stick to all-round =integrated development

For (pulling down the old houses ) Urban reform should be given priority in order to upgrade the status of the city . The maintain of these old houses is costly and meaningless.

Against :The ancient buildings are of high artistic value ,offering us a unique sensuous enjoyment . undoubtedly ,irreplaceable They are the reflection/symbol/representation of our ancient civilization and embody the great wisdom and intelligence of our forefathers . They also serve an educational function: to arouse people ’s sense of pride in human history and their curiosity about his treasures of architecture ,religion ,science ,etc.They are the silent witnesses of our history. They are also great attractions to the tourists from home and abroad . be blessed with 拥有丰富的 contain/embody 包含 激发 fire the imagination 感受savor the unique culture Eight: For: 1. The new customs and habits inject new vitality into our life and work ,and improve our living standard and lifestyle. It contributes to the rapid development of human society and civilization . It helps develop economy ,because it helps remove the obstacles in the way of progress and liberate people ’s minds. It exerts a positive impact on people ’s lives . Some customs and habits are outdated and call for transformation .The social customs and habits should progress with the advance of the modern society .The new customs and habits reflect the development of human civilization .

Against: All these customs and habits have stood the test of time ; therefore they are the essence/prime of one nation ’s culture and history .An indispensable part of culture . They help maintain the social order and safeguard the fruits of social advances . Changes lead to confusion .People will be at a loss confronted with different standards of the new and old customs and habits . (1)Too much indulgence in the computer /the cyberworld may lead to disastrous consequences .People addicted to the computer may be a bit self-centered and eccentric . Too much viewing of TV will lead to a sedentary life 久坐lack of adequate exercises ,which does harm to their health . Modern ways of communication result in the deterioration of human relationship . People become more indifferent and estranged to each other . The modern dietary habit give rise to an imbalance of nutrition ,leading to obesity and many other kinds of other diseases . 肥胖 We should absorb the essence and beneficial material of our long-cherished customs and habits while adjusting ourselves to the fast developing society . hinder=impede=block inevitable essence=prime=cream stimulate the economy .time-honored长期所珍视的

As society develops ,our traditional customs and habits have undergone dramatic changes .Some people warmly welcome these changes .They claim that the new customs and habits reflect the development of human civilization and so we should keep abreast with the world trend .But people who criticize the changes argue that our own unique national identities will be lost if our customs and habits change.They suggest /advice that we should take pride in our customs and

habits handed down from our ancestors ,which reflect our brilliant history and rich culture .In my opinion ,both views are lop-sided .It is wrong to break away from all the old customs and habits .Neither is it right to accept all the new habits and customs .What we should do is to discard the dross and select the essential to make our world more beautiful .

For(advertisements):1.An effective and direct link between manufacturers and customers . An effective way of information exchanges .Informative ,one of the important functions is to help people to keep abreast with the latest development in all fields其中。 Promote and popularize new products and give people everywhere the maximum choice of products and choice . Customers are given a chance to compare the products and get the best one .Help us to make a prudent and wise decision . Create more jobs to relieve the pressure of unemployment . It helps to keep prices within bounds by means of competition . Advertising plays an important role in our economic life and is indispensable to the consumer society . Advertisements have become a beautiful ornament to our life ,making our life colorful with beautiful artistic pictures and works .

Against: It is very disturbing that TV programs are interrupted by advertisements ,and mailboxes are stuffed with rubbish. Advertisements may give rise to unhealthy competition among businessman .

To be honest ,we can not deny that advertisements have brought us some negative impacts .However ,a modern world without advertisements would be more horrible and unimaginable. Therefore ,I suggest that governments should exercise more rigid and comprehensive censoring over the issue of advertisements, while we customers should always be on our guard and judge for ourselves ,never misled by the false ones .If properly supervised ,advertisements bring far more benefits than drawbacks .flying in the face of truth 违反事实Enhance the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses扬长避短 The demerits should by on means make us lose sight of the benefits advertisements have brought to us .

For :Pets are good ,affectionate ,loyal and obedient companions to their masters . Raising pets is beneficial and joyful . They help old people and young children get rid of /drive off their loneliness and kill time .

From what we have discussed above ,we can see clearly that both parents and teachers should play an active role in children’s extracurricular activities, giving them valuable advice and assistance and leading them onto a path to healthy development .If we just let things drift ,we will in the end suffer from our negligence and indulgence .After all ,there are too many temptations from the outside world . senseless=boring Strike a proper balance between work and rest 劳逸结合 Alternate study with rest and recreation 学习休息相结合 The quality of the building is closely bound up with their own interest . 息息相关They are duty-bound to be responsible for the implementation of the building codes ,义不容辞的

With the steady growth in our country’s economy as well as the amazing improvement of people’s living standard ,China has been undergoing a crucial stage of urbanization .There are high buildings springing up everywhere across the country .Now adays an increasing number of people begin to show greater concern over the enforcement of the building safety codes .

For : 1.Whoever violates the law should undoubtedly be punished . They can receive systematic and comprehensive reeducation and rehabilitation through labor under the supervision and guidance of the correction officers . Remoulding a criminal is of equal importance as the training of useful personnel . From the above discussion ,we can safely come to the conclusion that criminals should be locked up in prisons . They deserve it .By putting them together in prisons ,we

can ensure the safety of our society and send out a message to the potential criminals that crime does not pay . combine punitive and curative treatment .

For :Developing industrial skills helps to improve the economic strength .This in turn offers more money for the development of education 2.The rapid economic development ensures/spurs the smooth and wholesome development of educational undertakings. By improving the industrial skills ,we can immediately and quickly promote /increase productive forces /improve productivity . The improvement of the industrial skills brings us greater economic returns /results/efficiency . Helpful to the overall reform on the education system and the modernization of education . The developing countries should be realistic and practical . Improve the industrial skills first and turn out more skilled technical workers in a down-to-earth manner ,which is of vital importance to the improvement of productivity and economic strength . Improving the industrial skills is in a sense improving the quality of workers and the quality of the masses while lessening the unemployment pressure .

For (education):1.Only by means of education can we improve the national quality and enhance the overall national strength/power .Education is the key to the strength of a country . Through the development of educational undertakings ,we can cultivate /turn out more talents and as a result promote scientific and technological development . The elevation of the educational level is the key to the development of a nation .提高 The first priority should be given to education .The improvement of the overall national quality guarantees the successful sustainable development of a country . Science and technology are the prime productive force .No development of science and technology is possible without a sound education system . The improvement of industrial skills is of immediate /short-sighted interest. It is to our long-range benefits for us to boost the development of science and technology through education .threshold 开端

For(modern technology) 1.Modern transport means make it very convenient for people to travel far or near ,thus saving a lot of time and energy .By plane ,people can cover a distance of one thousand miles within hours . Modern household appliances release /free people from burdensome /heavy house chores .Refrigerators ,washing machines ,and microwave stoves have made housekeeping so much easier that women can pursue their own careers without neglecting the duties of a good wife and mother . Modern devices of telecommunications to a great extent facilities and enhance the exchange of information between people ,Modern technology has ushered in a brand new era of global information . Modern science and technology free man from the bondage of Nature and enable the human society to enjoy an unprecedented rate of development in all aspects . Modern science and technology vastly enrich human life with great conveniences and comforts ,enabling people to choose different types of lifestyles . Modern science and technology are emotionally beneficial /helpful .A phone call ,an e-mail or a fax bring people closer and make the world smaller .Modern science and technology have made the world smaller .people can communicate with friends all over the world easily and cheaply via the internet . Modern technology enables us to be informed of the events /affairs worldwide without moving a step away from our home .The human knowledge multiplies at an incredible rate .Modern people enjoy unprecedented access to the information worldwide . Advancing medical science has made it possible for human beings to lead to a much longer life and suffer less from different kinds of diseases .Doctors and scientists have found cures for many diseases formerly regarded incurable and fatal . Without modern science and technology ,life would be no more than the struggle for survival ;there would be no time or incentive to pursue higher things

/letting alone to pursue higher things .

For:simpler technology 1.People used to enjoy larger scope of living and suffer less from fierce competition . People used to enjoy a carefree and leisurely life and a harmonious society .采菊东篱下,悠然见南山。People used to enjoy a better environment and there was little pollution . Compared with the present deterioration of morals and social mood and worsening human relationships ,people used to enjoy a simple and honest human relationship .They were completely free from modern day stress and pressure . Only through the face-to-face contact ,can we really experience the warmth and loving care of our family members and friends .Such emotional exchanges can never be replaced by a cold screen and a wire . Agricultural chemicals 农药 Living in an environment free of pollution and enjoying the gifts bestowed by the nature .馈赠 People would never worry about the risks brought by modern technology ,such as computer virus ,nuclear leakage, global warming ,exhaustion of natural resources and extinction of many species .

For:There is such a possibility that computers can translate all kinds of foreign languages . It releases children from the great strain of language study so that they can spend more to learn what they like and develop their own interests . We can enjoy more kinds of colorful foreign cultures in a light and leisurely manner .

Against :1.Language acquisition is an indispensable stage in one’s intellectual development .In the acquisition of language ,human beings develop their intellectual ability such as the way of thinking and logic reasoning. The computer is a product of man ’s brain and language is the outcome of man’s thinking .结晶 Oral language ,mixed with meaning and human feeling ,can not be fully expressed by machines .丰富的意义和感情。The computer is designed and programmed by human beings to do all the translation work in a comparatively mechanical manner . Human language is ever-changing with the change of society and circumstances . Computer can be great help to human beings but they can never replace human brains or surpass human intelligence . Foreign languages will become more and more important in people ’s daily lives with more international contacts . It is unimaginable that a computer can understand and appreciate human feelings .Communication with the help of machines is too impersonal ,which ruins the pleasure of emotional exchanges . Without programs ,a computer is nothing but a highly complex device . Admittedly ,the computer is of great help to us human beings in the field of translation and makes communications between people speaking different native languages far more convenient .However it can never replace human thinking .Therefore it is advisable for us to encourage children to have a good mastery of some foreign languages so that they can enhance their competitiveness and establish themselves in the future . disinteresting=unmeaning in comparison with incredible=unimaginable appeal to

For: 1.Great opportunities for people from different countries and social systems to get together on an equal basis ,therefore helping to enhance mutual understanding .Remove /clear up misunderstanding/hostility and promote friendship between nations . Sports competition should be a comparatively pure contest of a athletic skills .People are more concerned about the contestants ’ skills and level regardless of their race ,sex ,occupation ,political background and nationality ,all of which should not be related to athletic competition . Only in a peaceful environment can people lay emphasis on sports events .The Olympic Games is a convincing example because it has been canceled several times in its history due to wars . More often than not sports competition is taken advantage of by some countries for some ulterior political goals .

For: The Internet technology has undergone eye-catching development and is becoming more and more advanced The Internet is far more convenient and efficient than the written word or other convenient means of conveying meaning . The Internet exerts a far-reaching influence on all aspects of human life .It enjoys a wider application . By using the Internet ,we can save our natural resources such as forest .It is much more environmentally friendly . It enables us to enjoy greater availability and wider range of information . The knowledge contained in conventional books tends to be more outmoded ,while the Internet spreads knowledge and information at an amazing rate .The Internet enjoys an unlimited storing capacity for knowledge and information ,and it is multifunctional ,compared with the conventional media such as books or tapes . It is an irresistible historical trend and a fashion ,which we should embrace without hesitation . The Internet is an economical way to convey information.

Against: 1.If it is unluckily infected with some viruses ,the network may be damaged and all the information may be lost ,leading to immeasurable loses . Gazing at the cold flickering screen us a disinteresting and tiring experience . When we are reading online ,we can only click the mouse ,and can not make notes in the margins and between the lines .

For(paid labor); 1.Physical labor ,to some extent ,integrates theory with practice and helps children to apply what they learn from the books into practice. They can realize where their strengths and weaknesses lie ,which in turn stimulates children ’s thirst for knowledge . Arouse /Stimulate children ’s interest in labor and help improve /form a correct attitude towards labor . Cultivate children’s independence ,self-determination and sense of responsibility. 自主性 Enable children to be aware of the fierce social competition and realize the importance of knowledge. Help children to further understand the meaning of the proverb:”No ,pains ,no gains ” Children learn to communicate and cooperate with others and thus develop their interpersonal skills .交往 Form a correct attitude towards monetary value and realize that money is hard-earned .Without hardships and pains ,one can not attain what he longs for .

Against: It is incredible that children will develop a correct attitude towards labor and love labor under the influence of money worship bring home to 使意识到

Frankly speaking ,there are merits to both sides of the argument .However ,I would like to take a more balanced view ;that is to say ,we should well combine the academic study and the social practice to achieve self-betterment and prepare ourselves for future career .It is unwise to attach greater importance to one aspect while neglecting the other .

For:One’s success owes much to many factors .It is the result of the combination of one ’s capabilities and arduous efforts . One’s endeavor and arduous efforts count much more than what are acquired in universities and colleges towards one ’s success. 后天的努力 What a person learns in university is theoretical knowledge which takes time to apply to reality .同实际有差距 Against: A university education renders one a comparatively systematic and comprehensive knowledge and various skills ;therefore lays a solid foundation for one’s future success. Era of knowledge-based economy 知识经济时代 miniature

On the surface of it ,it can not be denied that the above point of view sounds well-grounded and there is some truth in their arguments .However ,some other people argue that doctors should not be blinded by material gain ;on the contrary ,they should commit themselves to improving the health of common people ,no matter rich or poor .

On the surface of it ,these reasons sound pretty convincing .But when examining this issue from

another angle ,we easily find that they can not hold water .In the first place ,