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1 1.On Overseas Study(出国留学)

1. 有人认为出国留学是个人发展的最佳选择;

2. 也有人坚持在国内也能实现自己的理想;

3. 我的看法。

With the deepening of reform and opening-up of our country, many people dream of going abroad for further study. They insist that there are more modern research facilities, world famous professors and excellent environment in some foreign colleges and universities, which lay a perfect foundation for their future development.

However, there are still many people who favor studying at home. They argue that studying abroad is too expensive and therefore doesn’t pay. They also point out that there are no language and cultural barriers if they study in our country.

Just as the old saying goes, "Every advantage has its disadvantage." Both opinions are acceptable in some sense. If students have the chances and financial resources, they should seize the opportunity to go abroad and broaden their eyes. On the other hand, if conditions don’t permit, they can pursue their studies at top universities in our country. What counts is not the place where they study, but what they can learn.

2.Please Observe Traffic Rules(请自觉遵守交通规则)

1. 据统计,13%住院治疗的人是因为车祸;

2. 举例说明不少行人、骑车人、驾驶人不遵守交通规则;

3. 呼吁为了自身和他人的安全,请人人自觉遵守交通规则。

According to the latest statistics, 13 percent of inpatients are hospitalized as a result of traffic accidents. The problem is getting worse with a rapid rise in the number of vehicles on the roads and increased violations of traffic rules by drivers, pedestrians and bicycle-riders.

It is upsetting to see the continuing commission of traffic offences and growing ignorance of traffic rules. Driving in wrong directions, making unsafe turns at will, running red lights, using the wrong lane to overtake and walking on motor lanes, just to name a few, are common daily practices. Moreover, the ignorance of traffic rules is so popular that one may find himself the only person to wait for the green lights while the majority of people will go straight ahead even when the red light is glaring.

This is a big problem in cities since a modern city needs not only skyscrapers, but also civilization in its people. If all people are willing to comply with traffic rules, our planet will be a much safer place to live on.

2 3.The Significance of Waste Sorting(垃圾分类的重要性)

1. 垃圾对居住环境的威胁越来越大;

2. 垃圾分类的重要性;

3. 提倡垃圾分类从自我做起。

People are producing waste every day, which is a large burden on the planet’s habitat. Some waste is not degradable naturally, which will exist forever, but some waste can be recycled and reused again.

Waste sorting can help divide the reusable waste from the rest. And there are two reasons for doing this. Firstly, the earth is limited in its natural resources, which cannot be generated by nature in a short period of time. Simply dumping this kind of products is wasting resources. Secondly, some part of the waste is of value. To reuse and recycle this kind of waste is to save resources to a large extent, which also contributes to environmental protection.

Sorting waste is a meaningful deed. If everyone can do it, small things can make a big positive impact on the environment.

4.On Energy Shortage(能源短缺)

1. 很多城市出现能源短缺现象;

2. 分析原因;

3. 提出建议。

Energy shortage is a huge problem for modern society, and it has a negative impact on people’s daily life and economic development.

Many elements account for energy shortage. Firstly, rapid economic development prompts an increase of energy consumptions in different industries. Secondly, population growth leads to greater demands for household energy usage. Thirdly, people have yet to develop the sense of energy conservation. They just take the energy supply for granted, but they seldom think of a fact that maybe one day, money just buy limited energy at an incredible high price.

Actually, we can do a lot to save energy in daily life. Turn off the lights and fans when nobody is in the room; design buildings with the concept of energy saving; use public transit system instead of private cars in rush hours… It is very easy for us to do these things as long as we have the sense of energy conservation, and we should do it right now!

3 5.Stop Playing Truant(大学生逃课)

1. 现在很多大学里学生逃课现象严重;

2. 分析这种做法的不智之处和危害性;

3. 呼吁大学生要珍惜青春、对得起父母和国家的培养。

Students' playing truant is a growing phenomenon on campus. Unexcused absences from classes are very popular among college students, which has a negative impact on students, colleges and the society.

First, truants inevitably fall behind their peers academically, which may lead to their low self-esteem. Some of them may drop out because they can't catch up with other students. Second, low attendance may cause a drop in teaching quality, for teachers will be less enthusiastic about teaching after finding that their classes are not popular. As a result, all the college education suffers. Finally, those who play truant are actually taking up precious resources for college education, which means that others who do want to receive college education are denied the chance. The waste of education recourses is harmful to the whole society.

Therefore, we college students should treasure our university days and never play truant. Only by hard work and full use of our time can we pay back our parents' cultivation and our motherland's expectation.

6.On College Students' Mental health(论大学生的心理健康)

1. 当前大学生的心理健康问题受到普遍关注;

2. 解决这一问题需要校方、老师、专家各方面共同努力;

3. 学生自身也要采取预防措施。

Students' mental health has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. Several tragic events in these days have aroused a general discussion about this issue. Indeed, it is widely accepted that it has gained growing concern among people in all walks of life.

Obviously, it is necessary that effective actions should be taken to prevent problems. Authorities in universities play a critical role in the situation. To begin with, schools, such as colleges or universities, can provide chances for the young men to ease their attention. What's more, some are physically strong, but psychological problems are able to bring potential threats. Teaches may have a chance to find them in advance. Besides, specialists in this field are to be required to make full preparation for cases in time. Facing the crisis, experts can deal with it in a professional way, which means they have more or better opportunities to save us than others.

From the factors mentioned above, we may safely draw the conclusion that we can free ourselves from mental illness by taking certain precautions. For example, if you have pains or puzzles in mind, finding a friend to express these is a good way to release pressure. Certainly, there is little doubt that further attention will be paid to the issue.

4 7. 段落翻译练习题

1. 剪纸(paper cutting)是中国最为流行的传统民间艺术形式之一。中国剪纸有一千五百多年的历史,在明朝和清朝时期(the Ming and Qing Dynasties)特别流行。人们常用剪纸美化居家环境。特别是在春节和婚庆期间,剪纸被用来装饰门窗和房间,以增加喜庆的气氛。剪纸最常用的颜色是红色,象征健康和兴旺。中国剪纸在世界各地很受欢迎,经常被用作馈赠外国友人的礼物。

2. 每年农历七月初七的七夕节,简称七夕,俗称乞巧节,是中国传统节日中最具浪漫色彩的一个节日。传说每年的七月初七是牛郎、织女相会的日子。在这一天,人间的喜鹊(magpie )要飞到天上去,为牛郎和织女搭一座鹊桥,好让二人渡过天河相见。在这一天的晚上,如果静静地躲在葡萄架下,就能听到牛郎、织女说的悄悄话。



5. 旅游业是现代发展最快的产业之一。的确,旅游业的增长率通常超过全球经济的增长率。旅游业发展成一个大规模的产业,依靠的是快速廉价的现代化交通工具。例如,国际旅游业发展最快的时期正是航空运输业的发展时期。旅游业不仅有利于航空公司、旅馆、餐饮、出租车等行业,而且还有利于旅游商品的制造业。旅游业不是一个单一性行业,而是由向游客提供各种服务的许多不同行业所组成的综合性行业。

6. 中国的传统节庆膳食是节日必不可少的伴侣。例如,我国的端午节(the Dragon Boat Festival )是纪念古代诗人屈原的日子。那一天,人们通常要赛龙舟、吃粽子(zongzi )中秋节是观赏满月的日子。圆圆的月亮象征着圆满,象征着家庭团聚。因此,中秋节(The Mid-autumn Festival )的特制食品是一种圆形的月饼。春节是中国的农历新年(the Chinese lunar New Year’s holiday), 除了常见的家禽和肉类之外,人们还要按各自的地方习俗烹制传统食物,如饺子和年糕。

7. 北京有无数的胡同(hutong )。平民百姓在胡同里的生活给古都北京带来了无穷的魅力。北京的胡同不仅仅是平民百姓的生活环境,而且还是一门建筑艺术。通常,胡同内有一个大杂院,房间够4到10个家庭的差不多20口人住。所以,胡同里的生活充满了友善和人情味。如今,随着社会和经济的飞速发展,很多胡同被新的高楼大厦所取代。但愿胡同可以保留下来。

8. 过去的七年,中国的房地产(real estate )业经历了前所未有的高速增长。对于月薪较低却渴望在大城市拥有一套属于自己的体面、舒适的栖身之所的人来说,高昂的房价是他们无法承受的负担。鉴于这种状况,政府近来采取了一系列的措施来防止房价过快增长,包括提高利率及增加房产税等。目前,这些措施在部分大城市已经取得了初步的成效。