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12月第一版 Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay based on thepicture below. You should focus on theimpact of social networking websites on reading.

“I love reading. I read about 3 hours aday.

My favorite book is Facebook.” *Facebook is the name of a social networking website.

第一段: 描述漫画内容. 强调网络阅读的趋势和现象 第二段: 分析网络读书的原因. ( 或 阐述不同的人的不同观点) 在这一段,既可以把网络阅读的影响力归结为利大于弊,也可以归结为弊大于利,自圆其说即可。

第三段:双面总结,得出结论. The picture describes a conversation between two people, one of them said: “I read about 3 hours a day. My favorite book is Facebook.” The picture intends to inform us that the Internet has exerted an important influence on reading for the modern citizens. The phenomenon involves many factors, which can

be listed as the follows. To begin with, with the rapid development ofscientific technology, The Internet has become indispensable in our daily life.Undoubtedly, it provides people with many advantages and makes our life morecomfortable and efficient, including the way of reading. What ’s more, it is a moreadvanced way to get information needed by people, and an efficient way to searchfor materials. “I have hardly ever bought any books since 2003. I have beenreading online in recent years.” said professor Wang from Peking University.“With the click of the mouse, any stories or information that I want at anygiven time or place, is there. ” she said. This may well explain why so manypeople now prefer to embrace the wonders of the Internet than read print copiesof book or any other reading material.

Every coin hastwo sides, reading in social networking websites is no exception. Admittedly,there is false and useless information on the social networking websites, it isadvisable that we read more critically and carefully.

第二版 For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay based on the picture below. You should focus on the difficulty in acquiring usefu l information in spite of advanced information technology. You are required to write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words. The picture describes a conversation among several people, one of them complains: “we havelots of information technology; we just don ’t have much useful information. ” Itis safe to figure out that our lives are full of information technology, but weare supposed to have the ability to distinguish the useful ones from theuseless ones. The human beings are stepping into theinformation society. The information industry develops very rapidly, so does theinformation technology. Information technology brought us many benefits, as well as theunexpected side effects. First, when we search for information on the Internet,it comes out that the useful information and useless ones appear together. Italways takes us long time to separate them. What makes things worse is thatsome information on the Internet even misleads the people who cherish the hopeof acquiring the useful knowledge from the Internet. Thus,information technology becomes an impending important issue.

Through the above analysis on information technology,I believe that the positive aspects far outweigh its negative ones though thetechnology does bring us some unwanted information. As college students, weshould enhance the awareness of recognizing the useful information when we are surfingthe net.


第一段: 描述漫画内容. 强调误导信息的存在对我们的影响.

第二段: 误导性信息对我们的影响的阐述. (可以结合具体的例子.)

第三段: 提出方法解决这一问题

It can be clearly seen that the coupleare discussing the information on the Internet, one of them said: “I just feelunfortunate to live in a world with so much misleading information. ” Theconversation of the cartoon picture conveys the message that people attained informationfrom the Internet, some of which might be misleading.

Along with the development of societyand technology, an increasing number of problems are brought to our attention, one ofwhich is that misleading information exists on the Internet. Here is an exampleI got from my friend, which works well in the case. She expected to discover acure from the Internet when her mother got a certain disease. Unfortunately,that so called “cure ” from the Wechat moments did not work at all and hermother’s healthy condition got worse. Such misleading information often wastepeople’s time and may result in even severe consequences.

In view of the problem, effectivemeasures should be taken. For one thing, it is high time that we realized theimportance of ability to separate the useful information from the misleadingones. Thus, critical thinking is of great importance. For another, thegovernment should issue strict laws and regulations to put the situation undercontrol.

Being Great by Doing Small Things

There is no doubt that many people want to be great and successful, but only a few can climb to the top and be admired by the world. However, it doesn’t mean that most of us are losers. Actually everyone can achieve high by doing small things in a great way.

We have to admit that there are something that we cannot accomplish right now, but it isn ’t the excuse for us to stop trying. Being great needs time and patience, so only when

all small accomplishments add up can many impossibilities gradually turn to possibilities. At least, one won’t regret for not making effort to achieve the goal. For example, one may doesn ’t have the resources or training on how to be a world-class musician, but by constant practice of every short piece of music, he can still bring happiness, comfort and inspiration to his family members and friends, then this person is great in the eyes of the audiences.

Therefore, never cease the pace on the road to our dreams. As long as we stick to our goal and be serious to whatever related to it, we can be considered as great.

The Impact of Interest on People’s Success As is known to all, the success of a person needs the right guidance and interest is undoubtedly the best teacher. Even Albert Einstein, the world-renowned physicist, said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” So it is high time that people explore and cultivate their own interest.

Passionate curiosity can be developed in one ’s childhood or in one ’s sixties, but once it is ignited, it can change people ’s way of study, work and living. On the one hand, interest makes one ’s pursuit of knowledge successful and enjoyable. For instance, the pianist Langlang, who plays piano with great love, is awarded a lot of prizes at home and abroad. On the other hand, curiosity helps to resolve difficulties constantly. A worker with curiosity is more likely to dig into the essence of the problem and thus accomplish more creative tasks.

I would like to end up with the famous educator Herbert Spencer’s words which I can’t agree more, “If the interest and enthusiasm among us are cultivated smoothly in the first place, most people willbec ome talents or geniuses.”

Practice is the Key to Knowledge Nowadays almost every person has a clear notion about the importance of knowledge, with which we can make gre at difference to our world. However, the contribution of practice should also be awarded.

Practice is considered significant bec ause it can turn abstract ideas into tangible results. Only through practice can we truly develop our own understanding about the essence of the new knowledge, or else the treasure of knowledge would still be words printed on papers. Moreover, the vilification of new theories requires us to focus more on the practical side, which helps people to learn better compared with the mechanical way of reading and memorizing. In addition, practice makes people acquire information in an active way, thus more innovative thoughts are likely to be generated in the process and then applied to make our future life more exciting.

As far as I am concerned, practice is essential for people to understand, to review and to optimize the information we receive. It is practice that produces enjoyable life and makes knowledge truly valuable.




China is playing an increasingly important role in helping the international community to eliminate extreme poverty by 2030. China has lifted as many as four hundred million people out of poverty, since the implementation of the reform and opening up in the late

1970s. In the next five years, China will provide supports to other devel oping countries in reducing poverty, development education, agricultural modern ization, environmental protection and medical care, etc.China has seen notable improvements in reducing poverty, and has made unremitting efforts in promoting economic growth. This will encourage other poor countries to strike back challenges when developing themselves. When pursuing the developing path with their own characteristics , these countries can learn from China’s experience.

工业升级 最近,中国政府决定将其工业升级,中国现在涉足建造高速列车、远洋船舶、机器人,甚至飞机。不久前,中国获得了再印度尼西亚(Indonesia)建造一条高铁的合同; 中国还与马来西亚(Malaysia)签署了为其提供高速列车的合同。这证明人们信赖中国造产品。中国造产品越来越受欢迎。中国为此付出了代价,但这确实有助于消除贫困,同时还为世界各地的人们提供了就业机会。这是一件好事,值得称赞。下次你去商店时,可能想看一看你所购商品的出产国名。很有可能这件商品是中国造的。 Recently, the Chinese government has decided to upgrade its industry. China is now getting into the construction of high-speed trains, ocean-going vessels, robots, and even air crafts. Not long ago, China

gained a contract to build a high-speed railway in Indonesia, and China als o signed a contract with Malaysia to provide high-speed trains. This proves that people rely on products made by China.

They are becoming increasingly popular.China has paid the price for this, but it does help to eradicate the poverty and create job opportunities for people worldwide. This is a good thing and worthwhile praising. you may possibly want to take a look at the name of the origin of the product. Probably, it is made in China.


在中国 父母总是竭力帮助孩子,甚至为孩子做重要的决定,而不管孩子要什么,因为他们相信这样做是为了孩子好。结果孩子的成长和教育往往屈从于父母的意愿。如果父母决定为孩子报名参加一个课外班,以增加其被重点学校录取的机会,他们会坚持自己的决定,即使孩子根本不感兴趣。然而在美国,父母很可能会尊重孩子的意见,并在决策时更注重孩子的意见。中国父母十分注重教育或许值得称赞,然而他们应向美国父母学习涉及教育时如何平衡孩子和父母间的关系。

Parents in China are always trying to help their children, even to make the most important decision for them, regardless of what the children real ly want, because parents believe it ’

s all for the benefit of their children. This has led to the result that the children ’s growth and education tend to give way to their parents ’ wishes. Once the parents decide to sign up an after-school class for their children in order to increase their chance of being admitted to a good s chool, they will stick on their decision, even their children have no inter est in it at all.In America, however, parents tend to respect their child ren, especially when making decisions. Perhaps it is commendable that Chinese parents lay much importance on education, but Chinese parents still need t o keep the balance between the parents and children in the perspective of education as the American parents do.


试卷一:中国宴席 题目:



The traditional Chinese hospitality requires food diversity, so that guests w ill be full before eating up all the dishes. A typical Chinese banquet men u includes cold dishes served at the beginning, followed by hot dishes, suc h as meat, poultry, vegetables, etc. At most banquets, the whole fish is c onsidered to be essential, unless various kinds of seafood have been served already. Today, Chinese people would like to combine Western specialties wi th traditional Chinese dishes. Therefore, it is not rare to see steak being served as well. Salad is gaining popularity, although traditionally the Chi nese people generally do not eat any food without cooking. There is usually at least a bowl of soup, served at the beginning or in the end of the dinner party. Desserts and fruit usually mark the end of the feast. 试卷二:中国城市化 题目:

2011年是中国城市化(urbanization )进程中的历史性时刻,其城市人口首次超过农村人口。在未来20年里,预计有3.5亿农村人口将移居城市。如此规模的城市发展对城市交通来说既是挑战,也是机遇。中国政府一直提倡“以人为本”的发展理念,强调人们以公交而不是私家车出行。它还号召建设“资源节约和环境友好型”社会。有了这个明确的目标,中国城市就可以更好地规划其发展,并把大量投资转向安全、清洁和经济型交通系统的发展上。


The 2011 is a historic moment in Chinese urbanization process, when the urb an population surpassed the rural population for the first time. During the next 20 years, it is estimated that about 350 million rural population wi ll move to cities. Such large-scale of urbanization is both a challenge and an opportunity to the urban traffic. The Chinese government has always bee n advocating “people-oriented ” developing concept, emphasizing that people sh ould travel by buses instead of by private cars. It also calls for the co nstruction of “resource saving and environment friendly ” society. With this explicit goal, China can have a better-planned urbanization process, and th erefore divert more investment to the development of safe, clean and economi cal transportation system.

试卷三:汉朝 题目:



The Han Dynasty is one of the most significant dynasties in the history of China and it attained lots of remarkable achievements during the reign. Th e Han Dynasty is the first in opening its door to other cultures, with th e foreign trade prosperous. The Silk Road exploited in Han Dynasty lead to the central and west part of Asia, even Rome. The schools of art also p resent a state of flourish, springing up lots of monumental works in litera ture, history and philosophy. The first dictionary in China was compiled and finished in 100 A.D., which not only contains nine thousand Chinese charac ters, but also offers paraphrases and examples of different writing skills. Science and technology also made much progress during this period. People in vented water clock, sundials and the instruments that can predict the earthq uake. The Han Dynasty witnessed four hundred years and went to doom because of governors ’ decadent.