Clever turtle 聪明的乌龟
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Clever turtle

Actor: F-fox G-frog T-turtle

F:(到处寻找食物)I haven ’t had anything for a whole day . I ’m hungry. I want to eat something.(看见青蛙,高兴极了)Wow! A frog! How fat it is! I’ll eat it. (悄悄接近青蛙) G :(正忙着捉害虫,没察觉到狐狸正在靠近)So many pests! I’ll eat them up.

T:(睡醒后,看到危境中的青蛙)Oh, a fox! He wll eat the frog. Poor Frog, he knows nothing at all. I should help him. But what shall I do? Oh, I have an idea. (伸出头,一口咬住了狐狸的尾巴。)

F: (惊恐地): Oh, what’s that? Who’s that? Who ’s biting my tail?

G: Wow, Fox!(听见狐狸的叫声后立即跳进水里。)

F :(回头,发现是Turtle, 生气地)It ’s you! You bad turtle! I can’t eat the frog. Now I’ll eat you instead. (转过身来。)

T : (飞快地将头、四肢和尾巴缩进壳里)No, I don’t want to be your food.,

F: (气急败坏地) I’ll eat you!(狠狠地咬)Oh, it’s too hard to bite. Wow! I’ll throw you up into the sky and then break you into pieces!

T: (嘲弄地)Oh, thank you! I’m just going to visit heaven!

F:(恶狠狠地)Then I’ll throw you into the fire and burn you to death!

T: (嘲弄地) Oh, that’s wonderful! Thank you . Just do it! I’m cold and want to get warm in the fire.

F: (气急败坏地)Then I’ll throw you into the water, and you’ll drown.

T: (故作慌张地):Oh, no! Mr Fox. Please be kind. Don’t throw me into the water. We turtles are afraid of water. I’ll die if you do that. Please. Mr Fox, please forgive me, OK?

F:(高高举起Turtle, 使劲将它扔进水里)

T :(伸出头、四肢和尾巴,飞快地游到Frog 面前)Hello, Mr Frog. I’m so happy to see you again! G:(拥抱Turtle)Me , too.

T&G:(兴高采烈地)Mr Fox, come on! Catch us! Oh, please come on!

F: (气急败坏地)You bad turtle. I will catch you and eat you!(冲进水里想抓Turtle ,但在水中扑腾了几下就沉入水底。)

T&G:(高兴地)Oh. The fox died. We won!

G: Mr Turtle, thank you for helping me.

T: You’re welcome. Frog, Please be careful next time.