Thanksgiving Day
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感恩是什么?感恩是感激别人对自己的恩惠。在社会生活中缺少不了感恩,所以我们要学会感恩。在此无忧考网为大家整理的庆祝感恩节的英语黑板报:Thanksgiving Day的文章,供广大家查阅!!更多最新信息请点击节日作文大全

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important festivals in America. It’s most closely connected to the earliest history of the country. The dinner of Thanksgiving Day is totally a feast, because it’s a day to celebrate and give thanks to the blessing of harvest. A roast turkey is essential. It is usually stuffed with bread and vegetable to absorb the tasty juices. Of course, turkey is the traditional main course. There are many other delicious dishes to celebrate this festival, such as sweet potato and pumpkin pie. This is the most important meal in a year for the Americans, so it’s a time for family gathering.