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Charity: An Undertaking for All

(More Commitment to Charity)

1. 近年中国慈善事业发展很快。

2. 有人认为慈善是有钱人的事情。

3. 我的观点。

【Sample 1】

Currently a phenomenon is drawing wide attention in society/among the public: over the past few years there has been a boom/rapid growth in charity undertakings in China. According to a recent survey, the number of the population who get involved in charity is steadily on the rise. Indeed, charity has become part of many ordinary Chinese people ‟s lives.

However, (opinions vary widely.) Some argue that charity is just related to/ has much to do with the super-rich people. In their eyes, ordinary people are not able to donate a lot of money to charity.

As I see it/ Personally, I am not in favor of such view. It is true that those super-rich people have sufficient (financial) resources to make generous donations. However , that does not mean that average people don ‟t have to care about charity. On the contrary, charity is related to everyone ‟s life, because the nature of charity is not quantity but care and love/affection/ sympathy / kindness. (Therefore, what really counts is not how much you donate but the time and energy you have put in the undertaking.) Moreover, charity means more than giving out money; it also means that you can help the strangers who are in need, or that you can contribute your time to volunteer to help those who need your help.

Of course, there is much room for improvement./Charity in China is far from perfect/mature. Several things deserve our effort. First, individuals / ordinary people should be aware that they should take on the

responsibility for helping the needy. Besides, the super-rich should set good examples by offering more. Most importantly, the government should issue favor policies to motivate more citizens to join in the rank of charity. / should monitor/ supervise/ regulate the operation of the charity institutions/organizations. I am confident that as long as we show affection and sympathy / kindness to those in need, we will certainly live in increasing harmony.

【Sample 2】

As is accurately demonstrated in the table/chart, we can get an overall picture of charity in mainland China. The percentage / ratio of people who donate, who help the stranger and who contribute time is 11%, 28%, and 4% respectively. And in terms of comprehensive index, China just falls behind most countries. What is conveyed in the table is obvious/ is a grim reality: our charity is still

underdeveloped/ far from perfect/mature.

It is true that over the past few years, ordinary Chinese citizens have donated billions of yuan to charity. A good case in point is the Project Hope, which aims to assist the education of the disadvantaged children who live in remote poverty-stricken areas. Another example is disaster relief efforts in Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. All this suggests that sympathy and kindness are deeply rooted in our culture.

However, quite a few people are indifferent and reluctant to render help to the needy. First, there is not an efficient, convenient system to motivate people to donate. Second, the operation of some charity institutions is not so transparent, which … / thus doing … Most importantly, many super-rich people fail to set good examples by donating actively, which chill the enthusiasm of public in charity undertakings.

As I see it , it is time something was

done to address the problem. First, individuals should be aware that charity can be part of our routine and that good deeds should not be confined to the super-rich. Besides, top achievers should set good examples for the public by offering more. Most importantly, the government should issue favor policy to motivate all charitable deeds. Only in this way can our charity undertakings develop healthily. / At any rate, we had better bear in mind that good deeds not only benefit others, but also those who do it. / Anyway, involvement in charity may bring peace to the heart. Whether big or small your contribution (is), what really counts is that we bring about change, in our small ways. (336 words)


Living in High-rise Buildings

1. 越来越多的中国人搬到高楼居住。

2. 高楼生活的优点和缺点。

3. 我的建议。

Currently, a phenomenon is causing wide concern in society: the Chinese in ever-increasing numbers are moving to tall buildings in cities and towns. While decades ago, most average Chinese people were used to living in terraced/row houses, now the number of those fond of high-rise apartment accommodations is on the rise.

Obviously, tall buildings can benefit us in several ways. …1) save space / population 2) reduce cost / accommodate more

However, the side effects cannot be ignored/ deserve our attention. 1) lack of personal contact and communication among neighbors 2) lack close contact with nature

As I see it, it is a growing trend for … to choose high-rise accommodation as urbanization continues. 1)中立法:Evidently, there exist merits and defects in terms of high-rise buildings. 2)表态法:Personally, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. As

long as we take a sensible attitude towards this issue, we will ensure a better life ahead.





Life /History is filled with countless examples.

A good case in point is (Person), who …

Another good illustration is …



As is vividly depicted/described in the chart/picture, (笼统描写). (具体描写). The message conveyed in the chart is self-evident/thought-provoking/intriguing: (主旨).


It is significant to explore the reasons why…

This phenomenon is due to a couple of factors.



T ask 1

Should We Promote Car Ownership?

1. 有人主张大力发展私家车。

2. 有人则认为应优先发展公共交通。

3. 你的观点。

When it comes to car ownership, people’s views vary widely. Promoters of private cars take it for granted that owning a car is a symbol of personal prosperity and social progress. T o their mind, it is advisable for every Chinese family to have a car. On the other hand, people in increasing numbers begin to be aware of various hazards of promoting private automobiles and appeal to society to give priority to public transportation.

Personally, I am in favor of the latter view . It is true that the private car does provide convenience and increase people‟s mobility significantly. It is also true that many people view owning an expensive car as a sign of their social status. However, the side effects the car causes should not be underestimated . The increase in private cars leads to polluted air, traffic congestion, and injuries and fatalities. Most important of all, if we take China ‟s situations into account, we‟ll decide that our nation cannot afford to provide most of our people with a car. We don ‟t have sufficient parking space in the city; nor do we have cheap fuel to feed millions of cars. On the other hand, promoting public transport repairs/remedies the deficiencies mentioned above.

In brief, as I see it, the disadvantages of promoting private cars far outweigh the advantages. So I strongly recommend limiting the number of private cars and investing more resources in public transport. Only in this way can we develop our transportation and improve our lives.

T ask 2

College Graduate Self-employment

1. 现在鼓励大学生自主创业。

2. 自主创业的益处和挑战。

3. 我的看法。

The past few years have seen a remarkable increase in the number of college students as a result of enlarged enrollment. However , young college graduates find themselves faced with a tight job market after graduation. Recently, the government has issued some policies encouraging college graduates to establish their own businesses right after leaving school.

Obviously, both graduates and society can benefit a lot from the policies. In the first place, young people can integrate themselves into society more quickly in the process of running a business. Moreover, the young can enjoy more freedom and are more likely to fulfill their ideals. Most important of all, the practice will help relieve the pressure of employment.

However, this practice will create some problems. The biggest headache comes from lack of fund and experience, which may lead to failure in running a business. Another barrier lies in the young people ‟s impatience; they are often too thirsty for success, forgetting that overnight success is almost impossible.

As I see it, several parties involved should coordinate their efforts to cope with the issue. On the part of the young, they should prepare better in their college study. On the other hand, university authorities can provide more practical programs about self-employment. Most

important of all , the government at all levels should issue more favor policies to motivate the young to establish and run their businesses. Only in this way can the young people fulfill their dream of becoming useful people to society.

T ask 3

Should Pop Stars Be Banned from Commercials?

1. 现在明星商业广告泛滥。

2. 你认为明星商业广告应禁止吗?

The commercial advertising by stars is getting more and more pervasive. Turn on your TV and chances are that a famous movie actor is boasting of the enormous benefits of using a shampoo or a pop singer is convincing us how a medicine cures his sore throat. Obviously, the impact on the public cannot be ignored and due consideration should be given to this rampant phenomenon .

It is true that the stars can take advantage of their popularity to influence customers, and in this way the manufactures are likely to make huge profits. However, problems arise when the famous figure makes irresponsible advertising by exaggerating the performance and effect of a product or service. In fact, the stars‟ action of this kind misleads the consumers and represents a breach of their rights.

Personally, I am against stars advertising in public media. It is high time something was done to remedy the situation. First, the public figures should give priority to the public‟s interest and practice self-discipline in face of temptation. Moreover, consumers should become more sensible and rational by developing good shopping skills and identifying the traps set in some commercials. Most important of all, the government and relevant institutions should set up laws and regulations to ban some star-centered advertising, such as medicines and drugs. Only in this way can we create a healthy shopping environment.

T ask 4

Rush for Civil Service

1. 很多在读和应届大学生热衷于考公务员。

2. 分析其原因。

3. 我的看法。

The recent years have seen a remarkable growth in the number of college students who enter for the qualification test for civil servants. According to a recent survey, the percentage is strikingly high: nearly half of the senior students have the intension of working in a government agency.

The factors for this phenomenon are complex. For one thing, a civil servant has a high social status. Y oung people think it easier to make contributions to our nation than they work in a company. And it is associated with “guan ”—an all-too-traditional image in numerous people ‟s minds. Second, it is comparatively securer. A government employee may stay in the job for life, free of the fear of being laid off, and enjoy a carefree retired life. Third, it offers appealing prospects of advancement and promotion. Usually government agencies are more generous than businesses in sending employees to have on-the-job retraining. Last but not least, the pay and benefits are very satisfactory.

As I see it, it is a healthy trend for young graduates to take civil servant jobs. Anyway, everyone has his own ideal and ambition. However, there exist other alternatives to it, for path to a government agency is not wide enough to accommodate a flood of people. As far as I‟m concerned, I will choose to work with a business or corporation, for I feel my personality enables me to be better suited to a non-government organization. I can‟t stand inefficiency, and I welcome challenge and variety. I am convinced as long as I take a responsible attitude towards this issue, I be sure to become a useful person to society.


In my view , we should give good consideration to two factors before deciding on our

career . For one thing, our personal ideals should be combined with the reality of our country. The interest of our nation should be ranked first. For another, starting up a business of one ‟s own should be encouraged, for now labor supply overtakes the demand of job market. Being a self-employed worker means sharing the burden of our country.

Do you think fresh college grads should be excluded from government jobs?

Y es:

1. Entry-level jobs in the public sector in particular require lots of interaction with ordinary

people. Fresh graduates lacking in social experience and interpersonal skills cold easily make mistakes and hurt the image of the government.

2. College students may find government jobs more complex than they expect; as a result, the

frustrating stress this complexity entails is more than they can mange to deal with.


1. While young graduates in general may not have a lot of social experience, many of them have

developed internships and on-campus employment. Moreover, their integrity makes them even better candidates for government jobs.

2. All fresh graduates have to start gaining experience and expertise from somewhere. If all

employers turn them down with the same excuse, they will never have an opportunity to get a foot on the career ladder and properly enter society. Government jobs are a good way to improve their interpersonal and service sector skills. So it is simply unfair to deny college grads the opportunity to have public employment without giving them a try.

T ask 5

My View on Idol Worshipping

1. 许多青少年将娱乐明星当作崇拜偶像。

2. 分析此现象的原因。

3. 你的建议。

Idol worshipping is not a new phenomenon, but currently there is a trend for the youngsters to take pop stars for their most admired figures. Some irrational teenagers even went as far as to commit suicide for their idols. Obviously, due consideration should be given to this pervasive phenomenon.

It is true that moveie stars, pop singers and all other entertainers usually live in comfort and receive considerable publicity. They often represent a lifestyle the young desire to have. However, young people are readily blinded by the surface of things. What they fail to see is that behind every successful story lies in hard work and commitment. They see applauses on the stage but ignore the tear and sweat. Moreover, some pop stars themselves lack virtues and do not deserve to be their peers ‟ idols. We often read negative news about some actors and actresses who don ‟t qualify as our role models. Last but not least, the mass media is to blame, for their reports often give partial stories and fail to lead the young properly.

Therefore, it is high time something was done to cope with this issue. First, the young should develop a more meaningful outlook on life. Moreover, mass media must stop focusing on the appearance of some stars ‟ life. Most important, the school authority should readjust the educational framework. After all, there must be something wrong when the youngsters develop irrational craze for pop stars.

T ask 6

1. 越来越多的新词出现在我们日常生活中,如“本本族”。

2. 有人认为应保持语言的纯洁性,也有人主张应持开放的态度。

3. 我的想法。

Does Chinese Need New Words?

Do you think we should add newly created expressions into our language with ease?

Y es:

Language is a living organism and it is also a tool. As long as people use it to communicate efficiently, new words and expressions should be incorporated into our language to keep it fresh.

It is useless to try to stop language from changing. Just look at how different modern Chinese is form classical texts. News things and new situations emerge, and there has to be new language to describe them.

There are ways we can maintain the beauty and purity of our national language while constantly updating it. Certain slang words and expressions that are deemed by most as vulgar can be discouraged, but other useful new elements should be maintained.

Changes in our daily language are occurring too fast. We have to be careful about what new elements we incorporate, or they will vulgarize language and cause confusion.

New words and expressions are being coined by the minute, especially on the Internet, and they can become obsolete just as rapidly. Many of us have never heard things like “benben zu”. What ‟s the use of making such an expression official? This will only cause confusion when people communicate.

Not all change is good. Instead of just listing new expressions, the authorities should take a stand and tell people what exactly bad usage is and what should be discouraged. People can‟t take just any new expression for granted.

T ask 7

1. 大城市找到一个好工作越来越难。

2. 有很多人选择到中小城市生活工作。

3. 我的看法。

Is The Big City Good Enough?

Y es:

Quality of life is not just about clean air, less traffic and cheaper food and housing. For younger people, there are also higher-paying jobs, better universities, bigger museums, more movie theaters, Karaoke bars and shopping malls. Smaller cities can‟t compete with that.

As urbanization increases, government and society are also making an effort to improve standards of living in big cities by reducing pollution and improving traffic. Urban life in the long run will improve.

What other problems cities bring, nobody can deny that education and job possibilities are much greater there than in small ton or the countryside. This advantage alone has caused millions of people to give up the other comforts to move to cities.


Life is less stressful there in second- and third-tier cities. The cheaper housing in smaller cities is a major plus.

Anybody can see that pollution and traffic problems are getting worse in big cities. This is unlikely to change in the future. Health is an important factor in quality of life, especially in the case of children and older folks. That‟s the reason for the suburbanization trend, where the richest move out of cities.

Big cities don‟t‟ provide equal opportunities to everyone. When rich people move into cities, they cause costs to go up and the urban poor find everything, especially housing, too expensive. Eventually some of them will be forced to move to smaller, cheaper cities because they have no


T ask 8

1. 很多城市设立“无车日”。

2. 有人认为没有必要。

3. 我的看法。

Is “No Cars Day” Worthwhile?

Do you think the „No Cars Day” campaign is worth the effort?

a total of 108 cities around the country have participated in the “No Car Day” recently. The aim: to dissuade people from driving cars and to promote public transportation in big cities.

Y es:

1. In concept and practice, the idea is new to millions of Chinese city-dwellers. The campaign

was successful in that it alerted people to the serious problems of pollution and traffic congestion.

2. At the very least, it is a good start. If people are convinced that they are contributing to a

worthy cause, they will gradually change their behavior, and that is the goal of the campaign. No:

1. A one-day government-led campaign can hardly generate enough long-term influence to

change people‟s behavior.

2. The cost of the campaign is probably greater than its economic and environmental gains. We

should resort to more practical and effective methods to cut back on auto use, like building more subways and putting more buses on the road, even charging a “congestion tax” for cars.

3. The campaign is a voluntary one with no binding power. People took part for one day and

keep on driving their cars the other 364 days of the year.

T ask 9

1. 有人认为名人应约束自己在社会上的一举一动。

2. 也有人认为名人享有和普通人一样的自由。

3. 我的看法。

Should Celebrities Be More Careful?

Do you think public figures need to practice restraint?

Y es:

1. Public figures enjoy many privileges and have great influence over the public. As a result,

they need to take extra responsibilities to ensure that they play a positive role in society.

2. TV and movie stars particularly influence young fans, who often look up to them and imitate

their behavior.


What celebrities do in their private lives is their own business, as long as they don‟t break the law. 相关话题:越来越多的名人申请外国国籍。有人认为这是不爱国,也有人认为这无可厚非。你认为呢?

T ask 10

1. 在很多大学实施考试前签诚信书以防作弊。

2. 我的看法。

Should We Force Honesty?

Will a pledge of credibility stop students from cheating?

Some universities asked the students to sign a pledge of credibility, stating that they would not cheat in the exam. Those who refused to sign the statement were barred automatically from the exams.

Y es: Credibility is a habit, not a born characteristic. Students can be taught to be honest.

1. In the face of rampant cheating in exams and other unethical behavior, a policy reminding

students of their moral responsibilities is better than nothing.

2. It ‟s a good start to educate students properly on how to behave. If one makes a promise but

knowingly breaks it, the signature can be used to shame him/her when caught cheating.

3. The policy provides an immediate punishment for those who refuse to commit to honest

behavior. It sends a clear signal to students about what is right and what is wrong.

NO: A single-minded, involuntary statement cannot foster credibility. This measure only undermines its intended purpose.

1. Credibility is only established when a person willingly commits and keeps to it. If university

authorities force students to sign the statement, its‟ meaningless and fruitless.

2. This mandatory format of “credibility statement ” in itself could offend some students,

prompting them either to sign it reluctantly or refuse to sign it. This won‟t help eliminate dishonest behavior; it will just have the opposite effect.


Plagiarism (plagiarist/plagiarize) on campus

1)an intrusion to intellectual property

2)harmful, dangerous academic climate on campus

3)cheating in nature

T ask 11

Should We Let Entertainers Speak on Campus?

1. 有些知名大学邀请娱乐明星去作讲座或授课。

2. 针对这一现象有不同的观点。

3. 我的立场。

Y es: It can make campus life more colorful and helps diversify students‟ lives.

1. The spirit of university education should be liberal. Universities shouldn ‟t be afraid to

embrace all kinds of ideas.

2. Those pop stars are pop icons admired by millions of young people nationwide. College

students have the right to know about fashion.

3. Inviting outstanding entertainers to talk about what they excel at doesn‟t necessarily mean

university will lower its standard.

No: The primary purpose of a university is academic training. Universities, especially prestigious ones, should maintain their standards and resist commercialism.

1. Such commercial events could easily distract students from their studies and disrupt the

academic atmosphere on campus. Keeping fit and dressing in style, two topics which are often the focus of these entertainers‟ speech, should hardly be college students‟ chief concern.

2. Most stars are not academically qualified to give a speech on college campus. Our sacred

podium should be reserved for masters and great minds.

T ask 12

1. 越来越多的学者上电视演讲。

2. 对此有不同的观点。

3. 我的看法。

Should Scholars Present Themselves on TV?

Y es:

1. It is a good way to popularize classic works for the ordinary people, who either have little or

no time to read volumes of ancient works or are unable to appreciate our ancient wisdom.

2. It helps academicians improve their fame. Conventionally scholars are confined to ivy tower.

3. The move enhances the qualities of TV programs, which are filled with too much shallow

entertainment. Anyway, TV has a larger coverage than any publications.

4. Scholars may gain a sense of achievement when they are recognized by a parade of devoted

viewers. Meanwhile they also gain financially.


1. Strictly speaking, academic research has its own rules and principles. Focus on simplifying

hard classic works may lead to inaccuracy and misunderstanding among the ordinary viewers.

2. Some scholars are accused of turning academia into a sensational show by using many vulgar

expressions to appeal to the common people, thus lowering the quality of scientific research.

T ask 13

1. 现在各地在大兴土木。

2. 越来越多的传统建筑被拆被毁。

3. 如何看待传统建筑的保护。

Should We Preserve Our Traditional Architectures?

Currently, a phenomenon is causing wide concern: more and more ancient and traditional architectures in old neighborhoods are gradually replaced by brand-new high-rise buildings made of steel, glass, cement and elevators. Thus, a controversy arises: should we continue to live in old houses or make them give way to modernized tall buildings?

I think there is a mistake neglected in the debate: this issue is not an either/or preposition. Rather, preservation and development can go hand in hand, and if handled properly, it would be a win-win result for both tradition-oriented citizens and property developers. The guiding principle is: any development should be achieved at the cost of sacrificing tradition. It is true that high-rise building ensures modern lifestyle, but a city‟s vitality consists not merely in skyscrapers but also those “humble-looking ” buildings, which reflect a part of our past, our culture, our history. Pulling down old buildings amounts to removing a memory of the past. A good case in point is in Western countries, where people spare no efforts to protect ancient architecture by means of education and legislation.

Only by wisely combine preservation with developing shall we able to hand down to our offspring the cultural heritages which have survived thousands of years. Never should we allow them to be lost in our hands.

T ask 14


Dear Mr. Blackheart,

I am writing/venture to put in a request for a pay raise which I think I should deserve.

There are about three reasons for my request. First, I‟ve been working in the company since 2000. In the seven years I got one raise in 2003, when I was promoted to head of a 12-person sales team. I understand there is a rule of our company that a competent clerk is likely to get a raise every two years. Second, since I was in charge of the sales team, I took great pains to increase the sales. Last year, our team ranked first in terms of sales. I think achievement should not be ignored and should be encouraged. Only in this way can the staff become more and more highly-motivated and devote themselves to the growth of the company. Third, I find several of my colleagues who hold equal positions to mine have got promoted or pay raised. Personally, I believe my performance is comparable to theirs.

I like my job and always think our company is a great place to work. My work has been acknowledged by the staff. I am determined to use my talents for the growth of the company. So please let me grow with the company.

I‟d appreciate it very much if you would consider my request and give me a response/reply. Y ours sincerely,

Li Hua