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The day before, Shanghai city held the "Magnolia Award" awards ceremony, Chinese fly fly 50 foreigners at the Kiel Institute expert Sergei Zekk etc. from 19 countries to receive this award. Sergei, chairman of the company since August 2013, employed in the Chinese commercial fly as director of the designer. He provides professional analysis technologies and solutions for the development of the ARJ21-700 aircraft and C919 aircraft, and actively participate in the future of new project development work, and to teach young designers experience by colleagues praise. In Chinese fly before, Sergei Kilzek has been employed at the Ukraine Antonov company and Ukraine forward technology limited liability company, and in the Epic LLC limited liability company and Aeroprakt Co., part-time as director of design engineer. The work relates to the overall aerodynamic, structural strength and marketing across the field, relates to design and development of large transport aircraft, large civil aircraft and business jets and other types of aircraft, with a solid professional knowledge and rich experience.

At present, Sergei Kilzek and his family lived in Shanghai, they are very love Shanghai, not only love the famous scenic spots, more like Shanghai antique historic buildings and rich style of the old alley. I work, in addition to walking in Shanghai, they also pay attention to physical exercise. Sergei Kilzek is delighted that Shanghai has so many stadiums. He said that moderate exercise can not only maintain a healthy, more able to maintain a flexible mind, whether it is for life or work, Shanghai is a charming city.

This is the "Magnolia" Magnolia "". You may be a big prize at the Shanghai TV Festival "at the film and television industry are familiar with Magnolia" award, which is an important Chinese film and television industry awards. The "Magnolia Award" is not a small background, is set up in Shanghai's foreign recognition awards, awarded annually for a time, aims to encourage and recognize outstanding contributions to the economic construction and social development in Shanghai and foreign exchange and foreign nationals. Prior to this, China fly company has a number of foreign experts won the "Magnolia award".



在来到中国商飞前,谢尔盖€€基尔泽克先后受雇于乌克兰安东诺夫公司和乌克兰前进技术有限责任公司,并在Epic LLC 有限责任公司和Aeroprakt 有限公司兼职担任主任设计工程师。工作涉及总体气动、结构强度和市场营销等跨专业领域,涉及大型运输机、大型民用客机和公务机等多种类型飞机的设计研发,具有扎实的专业知识与丰富的从业经验。


此“白玉兰”非彼“白玉兰”。 大家可能都熟悉影视界的一大奖项€€€€上海电视节“白玉兰”奖,这是中国影视界的重要奖项。而“白玉兰纪念奖”更是来头不小,是上海市设立的对外表彰奖项,每年颁授一次,旨在鼓励和表彰对上海市经济建设、社会发展和对外交流等方面做出突出贡献的外籍人士。在此之前,中国商飞公司已有多位外籍专家获“白玉兰纪念奖”。

In September 22, 2015, the company held the 2015 Chinese fly Overseas Talent Forum, to further promote the overseas talent real Gang, enhance the cohesion of overseas talent, to play a greater role in the development of the company and the construction of model development. Jin Zhuanglong, general manager of China business flying company chairman, party secretary He Dongfeng attended the meeting. Liu Linzong, deputy general manager of the company presided over the meeting.

Forum, from the company's various units, the seven departments of overseas talent around the company's development and model development, combined with their own work experience to talk about experience, experience and suggestions. The foreign experts thousands of people plan expert and National Friendship Award winner, flying the core competence of Technical Director Institute of airworthiness Engineering Center Panqi Bao said, with overseas experts gradually integrate into the local team, the work carried out more smoothly, "I will cross the center to provide the impetus for the cooperation". Bao suggested that more foreign experts to participate in technical decision-making, from experience, these opinions often have a positive impact on the results".

Shanghai City, thousands of people plan expert, Chinese taking flight department supplier management experts in the Jing Company proposed company should be more detailed research to master track every overseas talent ability background and occupation career, in order to achieve the best use of this resource, develop the largest experts to do, "just now" that will help the company to make good use of talent, more effective and assessment for overseas talents to work performance.

Shanghai City, Magnolia Award winner, flying hospital general pneumatic C919 control law IPT team member Marlow Geoff said recently, the flying hospital general aerodynamic Department opened a specialist training class, effectively enhance the overseas experts and local staff cooperation. "I call it the real Technology University, Marlow Geoff believes that such cooperation should be further strengthened, can increase the number of communication meetings or activities, let the designer from Ukraine who play a better role for Chinese large aircraft.

"As a strong man, we have to face all kinds of difficulties." The central people plan expert, North Research Center Deputy Director of Digital Simulation Laboratory Engineer Xu Shuhong Chinese women's volleyball coach Lang Ping said recently in a statement that he China on large aircraft business sentiment. He believes that in order to better play the role of overseas talents, from the view of the company, shall do everything possible to provide a platform and resources, improve work processes and procedures of examination and approval of overseas talent; from the perspective of their own, you need to adjust their mentality and style, more actively integrate into the Chinese business flying this big family.

The "thousand person plan" and "Shanghai people plan expert, the flying Hospital of State Key Laboratory of power plant expert Zhang Yuhong believes that" a Chinese fly there should only be one "language", the "language" is the standard. He suggested that the company to further improve the standard process and specifications, better to change the market demand for engineers to achieve the design and market unity.

The foreign experts thousands of people plan expert, on the fly large passenger project department project management expert Denis work in the field of aviation for 36 years, participated in the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 project, and working experience in rolls royce. He hoped that the company will be able to better promote the implementation of overseas talent to use, I am very

happy to help the company's young people to solve their problems encountered".

The foreign experts thousands of people plan expert and National Friendship Award winner, flying hospital general pneumatic C919 noise level 2 IPT team project manager Xie said, "the combination of knowledge" is he considered the best work, learning method. "Only to ride a bike to ride a bicycle, civil aircraft manufacturing industry is the same reason." Thanks to the proposal, so that more young people get the opportunity to practice, so as to be further improved in practice. In listening to their speeches, Jin Zhuanglong said, "the company wide world of excellence, to create a civil aircraft Albert, achievements wonderful life" concept of talent and learning the general secretary of the "world of excellence and choose to use" agree without prior without previous consultation and highly consistent. To fully understand and grasp the civil aircraft industry human resource scarcity, global competition, and create a distinctive characteristics, adhere to the "rely on talent development projects, relying on the project of" talent training "concept of talent, the development of civil aircraft industry according to the characteristics of international cooperation, put forward an important strategic measure of poly global wisdom", for the world to recruit outstanding talent. We want to "treat equally, real post use", the purpose is to further create conditions, to better play the role of the firm in the COMAC to create a business confidence.

For overseas talents, Jin Zhuanglong stressed that one should adhere to the "one goal", working together to build a civil aircraft safer, more economical, more comfortable, more environmentally friendly; two to sit "a boat", carry out their duties, to pull together in times of trouble on the other side of the ideal, driving up to a total of three pick "; burden", hope overseas talents can cherish the opportunity, the courage to play, to have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, the cause of large aircraft in the shoulders, and all my colleagues Chinese fly together, climbing over the ridge, woe, cause a pressure, achievement sharing, sharing.

Dongfeng responded to some specific issues of concern on behalf of overseas talents at the meeting, and put forward from the headquarters of organizational structure adjustment, the IPT team to further improve the optimization of core competence, team construction, test ability construction, system construction, system construction and other aspects of technology to improve, to the sea

2015年9月22日,中国商飞公司召开2015年海外人才座谈会, 以进一步推进海外人才实岗使用, 增强海外人才凝聚力,在公司发展建设和型号研制中发挥更大作用。中国商飞公司董事长、党委书记金壮龙,总经理贺东风出席会议。公司副总经理刘林宗主持会议。 座谈会上,来自公司各单位、各部门的七位海外人才围绕公司发展建设和型号研制,结合各自工作实际谈体会、说经验、提建议。中央“外专千人计划”专家、国家“友谊奖”获得者、上飞院适航工程中心核心能力技术总监鲍盼麒表示,随着海外专家逐渐融入本土团队,各项工作开展正越来越顺利,“我将尽力为跨中心级合作提供助力”。鲍盼麒建议,让更多外籍专家参与技术决策,“从经验来看,这些意见往往对结果有着积极的影响”。


上海市“白玉兰奖”获得者、上飞院总体气动部C919控制律IPT 团队成员马洛佐夫表示,近期上飞院总体气动部开设了一个专家培训班, 有效加深了海外专家与本土员工之间的合作。 “我把它称为真实的技术大学”,马洛佐夫认为,应当进一步加强这类合作,可以

增加一些交流的会议或者活动,让来自乌克兰的设计师们更好地为中国大飞机发挥作用。 “作为强者,我们必须要面对各种困难。”中央“千人计划”专家、北研中心数字仿真实验室副主任研发工程师许澍虹用中国女排主教练郎平最近说的一句话道出了他对中国大飞机事业的感悟。他认为,为了更好发挥海外人才的作用,从公司角度,应当千方百计提供平台和资源,完善工作流程和审批手续;从海外人才自身角度,则需要调整自己的心态和处事风格,更积极主动地融入中国商飞这个大家庭中。

中央“千人计划”、上海市“千人计划”专家,上飞院国家重点实验室动力装置专家张玉宏认为,“一个中国商飞应该只有一种‘语言’”,这个“语言”就是标准。他建议公司进一步完善标准流程和规范,更好地把市场需求转变为工程师的需求,实现设计与市场的统一。 中央“外专千人计划”专家、上飞院大客项目部项目管理专家丹尼斯在航空领域工作了36年,参与过空客A350和波音787项目,还有在罗罗公司工作的经验。他希望公司能够更好地推进落实海外人才实岗使用,“我非常乐意帮助公司的年轻人,解决他们遇到的难题”。 中央“外专千人计划”专家、国家“友谊奖”获得者、上飞院总体气动部C919噪声2级IPT 团队项目经理谢里表示,“知行结合”是他认为最好的工作、学习方法。“只有骑上自行车才能学会骑自行车,民机制造业也是同样的道理。”谢里建议,让更多年轻人得到实践的机会,这样才能在实践中得到进一步提高。

在认真聆听大家的发言后,金壮龙表示,公司“广纳天下英才,共创民机伟业,成就精彩人生”的人才观与习总书记的“择天下英才而用之”不谋而合、高度一致。要充分认识和把握民机产业人力资源稀缺性、竞争性、全球性和开创性的鲜明特点,坚持“依靠人才发展项目,依托项目培养人才”的人才理念,根据民机产业国际化合作的发展特征,提出“聚全球之智”的重要战略举措,面向全球招揽优秀人才。我们要“一视同仁,实岗使用”,目的就是想进一步创造条件,更好地发挥大家的作用,坚定在COMAC 开创事业的信心。


贺东风在会上回应了海外人才代表关切的一些具体问题,并提出将从总部组织机构调整、IPT 团队进一步完善优化、核心能力团队建设、试验验证能力建设、系统工程建设、技术体系建设等方面加以提高,为海外人才创造更好的工作环境,让海外人才发挥最大的专业能力。




The importance of innovation

Innovation has been a hot word for a long time and we

cannot emphasize the importance of innovation too much( the importance of innovation can’t be too emphasized). As far as I am concerned, the importance of innovation can be seen in the following aspects.

Firstly, innovation has been and is always in our daily life. It is misunderstanding of the innovation that we are lack of innovation. In fact, innovation exists in our daily life, such as, a new way of solutions, a fresh idea of reform and a different view of development. In another word, we are not lack of the innovation but the practice. Innovation is so active that we cannot be short of it.

Secondly, innovation makes our life more wonderful. Innovation refers to the creation and it can bring us different ideas and feelings from the past. That is to say, with innovation, our life can be more colorful, meaningful and of passion for people are always curious about new things. This can be proved by renaissance and today’s cultural prosperity.

Last but not least, innovation will bring us a better future. Innovation means the refine of the traditional thoughts and ways. No doubt, innovation is always based on the

accumulation of knowledge and experience which is the birth-place of innovation. On the other hand, when innovation gets out of the tradition, it can lead to a more creative and effective future, which means with better understanding of the past, we can create a better future by innovation. The Industrial Revolution and Information Age both witnessed the above importance.

Above all, it is innovation that changes the past, refines the present and creates a better future. We all should respect the importance of innovation and try our best to fulfill it.