Oasis in my heart 我心里的精神小屋
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Oasis in my heart

Each time I talk with my friends about my middle school--Lihe middle school in my hometown, I always feel very proud, because it is situated at the foot of a hill and by the side of a stream; it has the most fantastic landscape. I spent three years living and studying there, and I think it’s an oasis in my heart.

There stands a tall cedar in front of the old teaching building, which located in the center of the school and has only four floors. The most enjoyable place is the poplar forest in the east of the campus. I often came down a path paved with cobblestones with my schoolmates after class. We read books or sang songs very loudly while walking through the path, and we may have a rest at the stone table if get tired. The dormitaries are in the west of the campus. They are bounded with a wall in order to get seperate form the teaching region. And all of them are the old single-storey houses. From classroom to the dorm, we often go through a red circular door, which looks like the door we often find in the costume piece. Along the wall, there are many verdant bamboos. I loved them so much at that time.

Now, it has been 6 years since I graduated form middle school. I saw lots of tall and splendid buildings in the city, but I like my “oasis” most. I gain much knowledge and the real friendship there. It is the most natural and beautiful place. Sadly, the school has been rebuilt, and it is not like the school as before, but its image will exist in my heart forever. Every year, I come to my hometown, the countryside, to see my oasis, to find the old memories.