The diary of a young girl
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Anne Frank was a Jewish girl . When German Nazis started massacre all the Jewish . She and her family hid into a scrap buliding . To live on , they must be very quiet during the daytime . The shortage of the material , the aspiration of go outside , almost made Anne crazy , she was so pitiful , I think , just because she birth age , and the country . She loved the life and never lost hope of life , so she hadthe right to live on . But Nazis just killed them , and never thought about the result . That's too cruel , they deprived Jewish's right of living . So , now I am very felicitate that I live in such a peaceful time , I don't have to experience the war myself , just watch them on TV , but I think the people now who is living in such a peaceful country hardly cherish the life . Countless people killed themselves . They don't have to think about how to live on , they think about — how to live better . That's why they doesn't cherish their life , they think that death is better than living . So , that is "lost thing is the best thing" .No matter how hard the life is , be optimistic in your life , never stop trying hard , tomorrow will be better , I believe .