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一、 结构篇


Sample one(适用于有一些背景or 有一个中心词而且编得出来那个quotation 的所有情况(二选一,agree or disagree,除了个别) ;

On contemporary society(一般的背景)/ With the advent of the technologically advanced society (the information explosive era(与科技有关的背景),XX (中心词) serves as a catalyst for our future success/ XX is synonymous with knowledge and the road to success/XX plays an essential/increasingly important role in.../XX is enjoying an increasingly high popularity among people./很简单的一句背景 , However, people (universities, government, citizen, society, government,) are/is invariably faced with such a question/ can't help wondering:改写题目

1.Confucian (Yu Qiuyu, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare), (one of) the greatest and most influential Chinese philosophers (scholars, educators, writers, thinkers, statesmen), has insightfully commented, "___编____"I cling to an unshakeable belief that his comment gives the answer to this question: 改写题目2.

Among countless factors which contribute to my position are following conspicuous ones(最后一定排比结尾, 且如果字数够了这一句就不要).


Sample two:(如果sample one的名言编不出来或者不适合编如leisure time,就用下面的) On contemporary society(一般的背景)/ With the advent of the technologically advanced society (the information explosive era(与科技有关的背景))/ On account of ...,XX (中心词) serves as a catalyst for our future success/ XX is synonymous with knowledge and the road to success/XX plays an essential/increasingly important role in... /XX is enjoying an increasingly high popularity among people./ 很简单的一句背景( 如so...that.../not only...but also). However,when it comes to the choice between AA and BB/When asked about whether改写题目1, people get into a dilemma. According to my personality and experiences/As far as I am concerned/From my perspective, I cling to an unshakeable belief that改写题目2. 以下最后决定怎样写:Among countless factors which contribute to my position are following conspicuous ones(最后一定排比结尾)/AA not only...but also(2)/There are various merits AA brings about, first of all, to...; secondly, to...;and lastly...(3).



Basic to any understanding of the benefits we can get from

_______ is that__________/ First and foremost,

On one hand_________, On the other hand_________

Besides/ What's more/ In addition.



Further lending credence to my position is that____________

(简单阐述/例子字不够就多讲点废话)I can think of no better illustration than the example of(典型例子)/ A case in point is that(不是很典型)________,.....(例子见后面) 一句话总结例子:As a result,强调句/倒装句/表利弊的句型/反面论证如果没有会怎样


Agree or disagree: Admittedly,_____,to some extent, may directly or indirectly ____ /has its undeniable detriments. For instance, _______

However, the valuable merits of_______ considerably overshadow the drawbacks/ on no account________./

二选一:Admittedly,BB also has certain merits which deserve some words here. For example, ____(字数不够就多讲点) However,BB 的缺点或AA 也可以做到. Compared with AA, (which 可以总结所有优点或针对BB 的一方面, )it pales.


Therefore, due to the above mentioned reasons, which sometimes correlate with each other to form an organic whole and thus become more persuasive than any single one of them(字不够了用), I reinforce my stand point that 改写题目3

Only via(by/through /with/when/after) ___can we__________;

only via(by/through /with/when/after) ___can we________;

and only via(by/through /with/when/after)___can we_______

Or It is A that...;it is A that...;and it is A that...(不好写或显得累赘就不要了)

二、 语言篇

1、 基本句型

* 因果

On account of/owing to/due to+ N

For the reason that/as/since+句子

It is due to____that

eg:It is due to his persistence and perseverance that he eventually reached his acme.(强调句) derive/arise/stem from来源于

eg:His success derives from his persistence and perseverance.

ascribe A to B 归结于

eg: His success can be ascribed/attributed to his persistence and perseverance

* 条件

A serves as a catalyst for B(our further success)

If/on condition that/provided that/as long as________

* 让步

Despite the fact that/regardless of

2、 经典句型

* 倒装

1) Only via(by/through /with/when/after) __do/did/can we__

ef: Only after going to the beach of Hawaii will I know about American typical type of spending leisure time.

2) Hardly/Seldom/Scarcely can__

ef: Hardly can we imagine a world/our life without/devoid of

3) So +adj+主谓倒装+that__

4) Not only 主谓倒装 but also...

eg: Not only should education prepare children to compete

Not only do people care their economic needs,they but also want to meet their spiritual needs.

5) On no account 主谓倒装(决不.... )

* 强调

It is/was....that/who(m)....

* 插入语

1) 限定性副词 probably/directly or indirectly/to some(a large) extent

2) N+,ving,+v

3) 同位语

3、 经典中的经典

* 排比

1) It is tourism that gives me the opportunity to know the culture of this dynamic, robust and alive country.

2) It is computers that make our life diverse,convenient,dynamic/ vibrant, without which our life would probably pale.

3) A/which needs to be/In this way, A can be readily accepted, respected,appreciated and advocated.

4) Only via university education can we have systematic knowledge concerning arts and science.Only via university education can we know the essence of symbiosis and collaboration. And Only via university education can we meet the demands of society and make our future success inevitable.

* 十大副词

1) Considerably

2) Invariably

3) Undoubtedly/indisputably/incontrovertibly

4) Increasingly

5) Most/exceedingly/exceptionally 格外地

6) Insightfully 富有见底地

7) Regrettably

8) Effectively and efficiently

9) Gradually and eventually

10) Readily

* 其他

1) It is not difficult for us to imagine that 不难想象

2) B makes it possible for us to have an universal access to A/A is readily available. A容易得到

3) In order to survive and thrive in this fiercely competitive society, people have no choice but to work and study hard.

4) Ruthless and relentless无形/fierce and intense competition

The ruthless and relentless competition imposes an unprecedented pressure on each and every individual, and therefore, there is no exaggeration to say that our innovative and inventive ability can lay a solid foundation for our future, enabling us to survive and thrive in the modern world.

5) Inspiration, aspiration and perspiration

6) Vision,passion and mission

7) 其他词语见最后清单p120

三、 论证篇(详见讲义)

1、 模糊论证

Range from...(其他见讲义)

2、 举例论证

* 自己的例子

I can think of no better illustration than the example of my own visit to Singapore. Only after going shopping on Orchard road, the main shopping district in Singapore,did I realize what "a paradise for shopping"really was. Only after roaming in the City Hall,the financial center of Singapore, did I experience the quick pace of modern life. Only after lying on the beach of Sentosa did I know about the Singaporean typical way of spending leisure time.

* 名人的例子(Yu Minghong,。。。)

* 社会的例子

For example, on account of the advent of the technologically advanced society, employers tend to hire people equipped with a wide range of knowledge rather than the ones with limited knowledge.

* 瞎编的例子

3、 数据论证

I can think of no better illustration than the statistic. Experts from the Department of Sociology in Peking University pointed out that the average sleeping time an adult has everyday, compared with 8 hours in the 1970s, has decreased to 6.8 hours due to the busy work and study.

4、 引用论证(开头)

5、 假想论证

Imagine/visualize/picture/suppose ....

(一) 对立观点式

1. 给出两个对立的事物或者一个事物对立的两个方面,要求考生支持一方并进


例1 Some people like A; others like B. Which one do you prefer - A or B? Give specific reasons and examples to illustrate your answer.

下面是模式化形式,请考生在实际写作中根据题目将它们各自代表的内容填入。 模式1 Some people hold the opinion that A is superior to B in many ways. Others,

however, contradict A. Personally, I would prefer_____________ (表明自己的观点:赞 同A)because I think A has more advantages. There are numerous reasons why________ (赞同A 的句子), and I would in here explain a few of the most important

ones. The main reason is that _________(赞同A 的原因之一). It can be given a concrete example __________(举例说明原因之一). Another reason why I advocate the

attitude of A is that ____________(赞同A 的原因之二). Take the case of a thing that__________(举例说明原因之二). One very strong argument for A is that_______

(举例说明原因之三). This demonstrates the undeniable fact that___________(表明A 的优势). Of course, choosing B also has advantages to some extent,__________(列出B 的1~2个优势).

But if all these factors are contemplated, the advantages of A carry more weight than those of B. From what has been discussed above, we may finally draw the conclusion that ___________(总结观点).

模式2 As students we always face the circumstances: A or B. There are advantages and

disadvantages on both sides. According to my personality and fondness, I would prefer A rather than B. Although _________(B 的优势). There is no evidence to suggest that B is

always better than A. What is more, if you see that ______(举例说明选择A 的第一个原因), you can understand it more deeply. Another reason for me to choose A is that______

(选择A 的第二个原因). We can see that _______(举例说明选择A 的第二个原因). Furthermore, ___________(选择A 的第三个原因). So, as I see it, _______(总结观点). Such experience will definitely be helpful in one's later life.

模式3 In my point of view, A is as important as, if not more important than B. So why not

choose A.The reasons are quite clear. Above all, _________(支持A 的第一个原因). Perhaps the most important example of A is that _________(举例说明原因之一). A further reason why I prefer A is that __________(支持A 的原因之二). There is good

evidence to show that ________(举例说明原因之二).The third and very important reason is that ______(支持A 的原因之三). Finally, ________(支持A 的原因之四). So from what has been discussed, one can reach only this conclusion_______(重申观点).

模式4 No doubt, I choose A, because there are too many benefits that outnumber its disadvantages not to choose it. But B, on the other hand, has advantages no more than its

disadvantages.The most important benefit of A is that ________(A能带来的第一个好处). To achieve the same effect, B will______ (B带来的坏处). Another benefit of A, which B almost cannot achieve, is that ______(A能带来的第二个好处). Although B also has its seemingly profound advantages, it can be only achieved conditionally because ______(B的局限性). After understanding the reasoning above, it is quite safe now to say: to choose A is a wise action.