My Hometown
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My hometown is very big. I am going to show you around my hometown. First, here is my house. I live in a small house, we have a garden. My mother grows vegetables and flowers in the garden. Outside the garden the garden is a bus stop. It takes about twenty minutes to get to the nearest town. There are lots of buildings there. There is a shopping mall, a youth center and a cinema. There is also a park near the center of the town. My favorite place is the youth center. I often go there with my friends after school. There are lots of things to do there and I am always busy. I like going into town on my bicycle. The town is near the sea. I sometimes go swimming in summer when it’s warm and sunny. There is not much pollution in the town because cars cannot go into the center of the town. I have lots of friends here: I think it’s a wonderful place to live in. I hope you can come and visit it soon.