The night of the lantern
初三 其它 720字 190人浏览 晨曦下的吸血鬼

Today, is the Lantern Festival, we all watch a flower to the moon, but flowers are fireworks.

The moon is round, like a big rice balls, put in the sky in the big KB. Moonlight hazy, because the moon girl shy to by the veil.

The air, fireworks bloomed, colorful was so much beauty, some like chrysanthemum blossom a layer of countless petals, some like little snake winding to extend to the middle of sky, and like a fountain and spitting out of countless colorful waves...... , the whole sky is a beautiful big garden, is also a big concert hall pleasant-sounding rolled out a tune, listen to! Popping! Yi yi! Product! ...... Is the silver flowers.what a lantern, thriving ice!精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:

Finally, we put a kongmin light, it took us ?