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第二节 开放作文(15分)


In your English class, you are asked to describe the

following picture and explain to your classmates how you

understand it.

开放作文 One possible version:

In the picture we can see two kids looking at the sun

shining far away behind the mountains, to which a winding

path leads. Obviously they are expecting a promising future,

but there is a long way to go and they will meet with some

difficulties and challenges on their way to their dreams. The

key to success is great determination and a strong will. Like

the two kids, we are faced with difficulties and challenges every day. It is only when we make up our minds and work heart and soul that we will Live our lives to the fullest and reach our goals at last.


In your English class, the teacher shows this picture and asks the class to discuss the implied meaning (含义) in it and support it with a good example in everyday life. Now it’s your turn to describe the picture and tell the class how you understand it.

One possible version:

In the picture, we can see it rains hard. But to our surprise, a gentle man is watering flowers, holding an umbrella in his hand!

The picture reminds me a lot. In everyday life, a lot of people take an unnecessary action just like the man in the picture. For example, some parents of middle school students care too much

about their children. Some even accompany the children to and from their school, which makes

them more and more dependent. This is really unnecessary and will leads to an undesirable result in the long run.