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给李华的一封信 A Letter to Li Hua Dear Li Hua,

Glad to hear from you. How is everything going now? From your last letter, you said you were just home from a trip to Hawaii with your family. I am so happy for you to have such a great trip. From your description, I realize how a beautiful place Hawaii is. I hope I can travel there one day. I am a little stress now, because I am going to take my final exam for this term. I am confidence in English, Chinese and math, but I am afraid I can’t do well in chemistry. You know that I am always bad at chemistry. I am afraid I will screw the whole final exam. Oh, forget my trouble. Christmas day is coming. You must busy preparing for it. I wish you Merry Christmas in advance.





美丽心灵 A Beautiful Mind

Today, in the English class, my teacher presented us the movie A Beautiful Mind. The movie told a story about a brilliant professor John Nash’s struggle with the mental illness all his life. The story was written according to a real professor John Nash. He made so many brilliant achievements in his life. At his old age, he won the Nobel Prize, which proved that his great breakthrough had affected people deeply. John had the serious mental illness when he was young, he refused to take the medicine which could make his mind think slowly, so he was doing his research while struggling with his delusion. The lucky thing was that his wife supported him all the time. Because of the support from family, John could work on his job. After winning the Nobel Prize, he thanked his wife in the first time. 今天, 在英语课上, 我的老师给我们放映了这部电影《美丽心灵》。这部电影讲述了这样一个故事:一位才华横溢的教授约翰纳什一生与精神疾病斗争。这个故事是根据一个真实的约翰纳什教授写的。在他的一生中他做了很多杰出的成就。在他年老的时候, 他获得了诺贝尔奖, 这证明他的伟大突破深深地影响了人们。约翰有严重的精神疾病, 当他年轻的时候, 他拒绝吃药,药会让他思考缓慢, 所以他一边做他的研究,一边和他的幻觉做斗争。幸运的是, 他的妻子一直支持他。由于来自家庭的支持, 约翰可以继续他的工作。获得诺贝尔奖后, 他第一时间感谢他的妻子。

万圣节活动 Activities in Halloween

Halloween is on the last day of October, it is very popular in the western country. On that day, people will dress in the horrible style, especially for the kids, they will knock from door to door. If people don’t give them the candy, the children will play tricks on them. But in China, more and more young people like to follow this trend, they will play the roles and find some fun. As for me, I’d like to join some activities on the Halloween. My friends always have some funny costumes, so I will borrow one from them. Then we dress together , when night comes, we will come to join the party. We sing and dance. It is such a fun night. Before the midnight, we will get together and take some drinks. We talk about the happy hour. I like these activities.

万圣节在10月的最后一天, 它在西方国家很受欢迎。在那一天, 人们会穿着恐怖风格的服装, 尤其是孩子们, 他们会挨家挨户敲门。如果人们不给他们糖果, 孩子们就会捉弄他们。但在中国, 越来越多的年轻人喜欢追随这个潮流, 他们会扮演角色,找到乐趣。至于我, 我喜欢在万圣节参加一些活动。我的朋友总是有一些有趣的服装, 所以我会借一件。然后我们一起打扮, 夜幕降临时, 我们将会来参加聚会。我们唱歌跳舞。这是一个有趣的夜晚。在午夜之前, 我们会聚在一起, 喝饮料。我们谈论快乐的时光。我喜欢这些活动。

外貌与能力 Outlook and Ability

Beautiful outlook indeed attracts people’s attention, if people have the beautiful outlook, of course they will give people deep impression, just like the saying that everyone has the mind of appreciating beauty. But we must figure out the fact that outlook can’t decide everything, only the ability can do it. The good example is Mariah Sharapova, she is a famous tennis player. Early in her career, people noticed her beautiful outlook, but more and more beautiful female tennis players come into being, only Mariah gets famous all the time, the reason is that she is outstanding amongst these girls. She has won so many championships, which makes her the most attractive girl. Beautiful outlook opens a door for people, but only the ability makes them standing all the time. People will get the genius respect for their hard working instead of their attractive faces.


时间都去哪儿了? Where Has the Time Gone?

In Chinese Spring Festival Gala, the song of Where Has the Time Gone became popular. The words are so touching that when people listen to this song, many memories will come out. For our parents’ generation, they married, raised the kids and then watched them become independent, how time flies. It is just like that they became parents yesterday, and then they become grandparents today. Time flies so fast that they don’t realize they are old. I am so thankful to my parents, for they do so many things for me. I want to return their love, so I must become more independent and mature. So that my parents will be less worried about me and can go travel to enjoy their lives. For me, I want to cherish every moment, enjoy my own life and let the time go more slowly.