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1. Birthday and birthplace(生日和出生地)

be born on/in...(on+具体每一天、in+地点/年月)

如: Jay Chou(周杰伦) is a great singer as well as a gifted composer(作曲家), who was born in Taiwan,China on January 18th 1979.

2. Family background(家庭背景)

如:He/She is a child of a poor/rich/happy/art family 他/她生长在一个贫穷的/富有的/幸福的/艺术家庭

He/She lived in a happy/simple/hard...life

His/Her parents are workers/artists......


At the age of ...,he/she studied in/at ... /he began to learn.....

be admitted to 被... 录取

graduate from 毕业于......

go abroad for further studies 出国留学

have little schooling (education) 几乎没有受过教育

如:Born in a poor family, Charles Dickens had little schooling. 4.Big events in his or her life(重大事件)


1)work hard at… 在…工作努力

2)fight for 为…而斗争

3)devote one's lifetime/oneself to… 献身于…

4)concentrate on… 专注于…

5)do research about/ into… 做关于…的研究

6) have a gift/ talent for …有... 天赋

7)be selected to/ become a member of… 被选为… /成为…的一员

8) set /break a world record of … 创造/打破一项... 世界纪录

9) win (won) a gold /silver/... medal 获得金牌/银牌...

10) win the Nobel Prize for… 因…而获得了诺贝尔奖

如:At the age of 15, he took part in the 2000 Olympic Games (蝶泳).

5.Evaluation (评价)

短语: 1)one of the best … 是最佳... 之一

2)set a good example for…为…作了好榜样

3)be highly thought of…被高度评价

4)be honored/remembered as ...被誉为/被铭记...

5)make great contributions to…为…作出巨大贡献

如:Lu Xun is one of the greatest novelists in China and will be remembered as an outstanding man forever.

Jay Chou is a great singer as well as a gifted composer, who was born in Taiwan,China on January 18th 1979.

Showing great talent for music when he was very young ,he began to learn piano at the age of 3. By age 16, he was writing songs for popular artists of that time. In 2000,He released his first album Jay , which much to everyone’s surprise became an instant hit.He is devoted to pop music and mixed the traditional Chinese music with R&B,composing many famous songs. His music is highly thought of by people all over the world ,which brings him lots of awards and the title Asian pop .







1. 关于职业

主编chief-editor, 编辑editor, 记者reporter, journalist, 摄影师photographer

2. 关于版面:

版面version/section,首页frontpage, 标题headline, 栏目column

3. 关于出版周期

周刊weekly, 日报daily, 月刊monthly, 半月刊half-monthly

4. 与报刊内容有关的名词:

话题topic, 题目title, 文章article,essay ,信息message,information, 奇闻异事anecdote, 热门消息hot news,最新信息the latest news ,连载continued story

国际大事nternational events;

国内/国际新闻home/international news,news at home and abroad

5. 关于报刊的创刊、出版、发行等的动词:

be founded by...in/on在.....(何时何地) 被创办

采访cover, interview, 挖掘dig ,报道report, 编辑edit,

评论make comments on,review,印刷print, 出版publish,come out,发行issue, 更新update,

6. 描述报刊作用的动词:

offer sb.sth/provide sth.for sb. 为... 提供...

benefit sb.对... 有益

help sb. improve/develop sth. 帮助某人提高/发展...

broaden one's horizons/拓宽... 的视野

be intended for/be designed for/to do 专为... 而创办/设计的

7. 评价报刊的词汇和短语:

严肃serious, 丰富多彩colourful, 娱乐性的entertaining, 有意义的meaningful,

生动的vivid, 有帮助的helpful, 有吸引力的attractive, 有教育意义的educational, 有影响力的influential

被高度评价be highly thought of受... 欢迎be popular with,有... 发行量have a circulation of... 常用句型:

1.It is a/an... newspaper ,which was founded by...on/in...

It has sections of different kinds, including...

3.It provides... (the latest information about some international events,) and has a strong influence on...

4.It is very popular with...,which is regarded as/to be...

5.It is the (second/third)largest... ,which has a (weekly) circulation of ...

请根据下面信息以“The New York Times”为题,用英语简要介绍《纽约时报》。 创刊时间:1851年9月18日

原名:The New York Daily Times

创始人:Henry.Jarvis 和George.Jones

地位:美国第三大日报, 有相当的影响力

风格:严肃,被称为“灰色女生”(The Gray Lady)



The New York Times

The New York Times is an influential American newspaper. It is the third largest daily newspaper in America,founded by Henry.Jarvis and George.Jones on September 18,1851. It was called The New York Daily Times at that time.The New York Times is so serious that it is often called “The Gray Lady”.

It has covered many important international events.What's more, it has won many awards since it was started.Unfortunately, it earns less from advertisements these days , as a result of the reduced circulaton, it may have to stop printing its newspapers in the future and publish only online.Readers can read news on the website by paying some money.

how to write a film review如何写影评


内容:片名;导演(director );主演(leading actor/actress);背景(setting );情节(plot )简介;个人观点(opinion )等。


1.title 题目

2.chief introduction 主要介绍

3.summary of the plot 情节概述(时间、地点、背景)

4.your opinion 你的观点

5.conclusion 结论

影片类型:文艺片literary film ,喜剧comedy, 悲剧tragedy, 爱情片affectional film, 动作片action film科幻片 science fiction film


导演(动词)direct; 导演(名词)director; 男/女主演leading actor/actress;

情节plot; 场景scene; 图画picture, 背景音乐background music;

画面和声音images and sounds;

发生happen;take place;以... 为背景be set in;根据...be based on

惊险的breathtaking; 优秀的excellent/magnificent;艺术的artistic;

感人的touching/moving;伤心的heartbreaking; 有趣的amusing;

在我看来in my opinion/view,I believe/think,as for me,as far as I can see 总之in a word,to sum up; all in all


It is directed by... 由... 导演的

It is set in...(in the 1920s.)/The story takes place...故事以... 为背景/发生在

It is based on a novel/play/book by... 根据小说/话剧/一本书(改编的)

It tells a story about...讲述了一个... 故事

be moved/touched by 被... 打动

be impressed by 对... 印象深刻

be amused by 被... 逗乐

be frightened by...被... 吓坏

The scenery is beautiful;moreover,the background music is perfect in the film.


The acting is really excellent. It is well worth seeing.


All things considered,this is a masterpiece.


假设你是李东, 上周末你和同学们一起观看了电影《唐山大地震》。







Reviews on Aftershock

Last week,I,together with my classmates,saw the film Aftershock . It was directed by Feng Xiaogang,a famous Chinese director.

The film is set in the 1976 Tangshan Earthquake.It tells a story about a family of

four.During the earthquake,the father died and the rest of the family survived.The film follows the life experiencesof the mother and her twin children over the next 32 years. Xu Fan and Zhang Jingchu star in this film.Their acting is excellent. I was deeply moved by the plot of the film. In a word,the film is moving and it's well worth seeing.




结构:1. 描述过去的情况 2.承上启下 3.描述现在的情况 4.总结

1. 描述过去的情况:

It used to be a small fishing village. Most people made a living by fishing , so life was really hard at that time.

这里过去是一个小鱼村,大多数人以打渔为生,所以在那个时候生活真的非常艰苦 In the past,it was just a small town with narrow and dirty streets, what`s worse,there was almost no industry.People had to struggle for life.


The pollution was serious, rubbish was seen everywhere and it wasn't convinient to go anywhere at all.


2. 承上启下

Great changes have taken place in my hometown over the past few years.


With time going by,my hometown is no longer the village it used to be.


With the development of society,my hometown has greatly changed.



To make things better, new schools,factories and shops have been built.In addition,streets have become wider and cleaner.


Villagers have moved into big bright houses. Many people have their own cars and they are living a happier life.


People pay more attention to protecting the environment. The mountains are becoming greener, water much cleaner.


It is convenient for people to travel and communicate with each other.



With the rapid development of China, we are living a rich and happy life there.


Thanks to the correct leadership of our party, I believe people in my hometown will live a better life in the future.




Great changes have taken place in my hometown over the past few years.My hometown used to be a backward village, because it was deep in the mountains, where there were no nice buildings and the roads were so narrow and dirty. People lived a poor life. However,with the development of society, my hometown is no longer the village it used to be.

Nowadays, the roads in my hometown are getting much wider.

Trees and flowers are planted on either side of the roads.

Many people have had their own cars. Modern tall buildings can be seen everywhere.The sky becomes cleaner and brighter. What's more, the living conditions have been greatly improved . People are enjoying a comfortable life now.





① east, south, west, north , northeast , southwest, eastern, western, southern, northern … ② in the middle\centre of ③at the foot of\on the top of


1. ...be located\situated in…, 坐落在...

2....lie in\on\to+方位... 位于。。。

3.... lie\be on the coast of\on the ...River...在... 海岸/河畔

4.... borders sth……\ neighbors sth.……与... 接壤/相邻

5....stands at the foot of\on the top of\... 在... 脚下/顶上

6....be surrounded by\with... 被... 环绕

1.China lies in the east of Asia and on the western coast of the Pacific Ocean.


2.It neighbors Russia in the west and Mongolia in the north.



1. …has/covers/takes up a total area of … square kilometers/ metres.

覆盖/占地面积... 平方(千)米

2.....be made up of /consists of…由... 组成的

如Hainan Province consists of Hainan Island and neighbouring isles as well as wide sea areas. 海南省由海南岛和附近的小岛及广阔的海域组成。


1....is the political/commercial/cultural centre of... 是... 的政治/商业/文化中心

2....is the capital of...是... 的首都/首府

3.... is the (second) largest…. . in...是... 最大/第二... 大...

4....plays an important part in...在... 中起重要作用


1. It has a large/ small population (of …) 有... (大/小)人口

2..… percent of the population are…百分之... 的人口是...


cold,warm, dry, rainy, sunny, cloudy, stormy, snowy, windy… with four-distinct/ clear-cut seasons, typical tropical/... climate

如:It's like spring all the year round. 四季如春

The average temperature ranges between ... and ....平均气温在... 和...

The weather is neither too hot nor too cold.冬暖夏凉

There's plenty of sunshine and rain.阳光雨水充沛

...has a favourable climate.气候怡人


1. It is a city/town with a history of…有... 的历史

3. ...date back to / date from..追溯到...

4....has witnessed too much… in history. ....目睹了历史的变迁

如:China has a history of over 5,000 years.

Egypt is an Arabian country with a long history.


1....be famous/well known/distinguished for..., 以... 而闻名

2. ...is home to...是... 的家园/发祥地

5....be rich in natural /traveling... resources.有丰富的自然//旅游资源

如:Guangzhou is rich in traveling resources, such as the famous “eight scenery of YangCheng”and it attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.


1. 青岛位于山东省东部,总面积一万多平方千米,人口700多万。

2. 气候适宜,冬暖夏凉,以蓝色的大海,美丽的海滨而闻名,是旅游和避暑胜地。 3. 每年夏天来自世界各地成千上万的人们到这里沿海漫步、游泳、购物、观赏秀丽的青岛景色。

4. 近年来青岛城市发生巨大变化,对发展我国对外贸易起着重要的作用,成为国际港口城市。

Dear Tom,

I'm glad to hear from you. Now I will tell you something about Qingdao. Qingdao is situated in the east of Shangdong Province, it covers an area of more than 10,000 square kilometers and has a populition of over 7 million. As a coastal city, Qingdao has a favourable climate, neither too hot in summer, nor too cold in winter.

It is famous for the blue sea and beautiful beaches. It is one of the best places for people to tour and a wonderful place for summer holidays. Many people visit Qingdao every summer. They walk along the beach, go swimming or do some shopping. They can see fine view of the city. Great changes have taken place in Qingdao in recent years. It has played an important part in the development of the foreign trade of our country. It has become an international port city. Looking forward to your coming.


Li Hua




1. 格式:英文日记和中文日记的写法大致相同。一般是第一行写日期、星期、天气状况。日期通常顶格写,后面是星期,天气状况写在右上角。表示天气情况的词一般用形容词,如:fine ,cold ,rainy ,windy ,cloudy ,sunny ,snowy ,foggy 等。正文部分另起一行。

2. 人称:日记要用第一人称写。

3. 时态:常用一般过去时。但如果要记叙天气、描写景色、展望未来、议论某事或对话引语等,可以使用一般现在时或一般将来时,以生动再现当时的情景。

4. 日记的写作顺序:日记一般按照时间顺序或事情的经过来写。语言要清楚、自然,内容要连贯、完整。

5. 类型:日记可分为记事型、议论型、描写型以及抒情型等。记事型日记,就是用所学





布告式通知(通告) 上方居中写上Notice 字样作为标题;无称呼语,通知中用第三人称;出通知单位或负责人名字应写在正文最后的右下方,(或放在标题之上,作为标题的一部分,这样最后不再署名);出通知的日期写在正文左下方,应在单位名的下一行。通知一般使用一般将来时和一般现在时。



通知的正上方通常要有一个标题。口头通知常用Announcement ,书面通知多用Notice 或NOTICE 。




口头通知往往要有呼语,如Boys and girls,Ladies and gentlemen,Dear friends,Comrades 等。



口头通知开始往往要用上“Attention ,please ,或“May I have your attention,please? ”或“Be quiet,please ”,其后可以加上I have an announcement to make,结束时可加上“That ’s all”,“Thank you!”之类的客套话。对举行活动的书面通知,常用“sth will/is going to be held+地点+时间”或“There will/is going to be+sth+地点+时间”结构。结束语前常用“Please attend it on time”,“Do be present on time”或“Everyone is/All are welcome/expected to attend it”,“Don ’t be late”之类的句子。





时间:5月4日下午2:00(风雨无阻) 。

参加人数:每班10人(欢迎教师参加) 。



In order to carry out the keep-fit program throughout the country,our school has decided to hold a 10,000-metre race on the afternoon of May 4.Whether it rains or not,the race will start at 2:00pm .Ten students of each class are asked to take part in the race.Those who want to take part in the race should gather on the school playground at 1:30.Don ’t be late .All the runners will run along the Renmin Street to the traffic lights and then turn right .Go on running until reaching the post-office and turn right again.Take the second turning on the right. Go along the river and finally return to the school.All the teachers in our school are welcome to join us.

The Students’ Union

May 1,2003

例题2. 口头通知李竹月是英语科代表,英语教师要求她用英语发表一个口头通知,内容是周一下午3点,在学校会议室举办一个讲座,特地邀请北京外国语大学张教授来讲解怎样激发英语学习兴趣,提高英语成绩。请同学们提前到场,并做好记录。讲座结束后,每个同学写一个学习英语的计划。

Boys and girls,

May I have your attention, please?I have something to tell you. There is an English lecture in the school meeting-room, at 3:00 on Monday afternoon. Professor Zhang, from Beijing Foreign Studies University, will be invited to give us a lecture on how to become interested in English and improve our English. All should be present ahead of time. Do remember to take a

notebook and a pen with you. After the lecture, everyone should make a plan for English study. That’s all. Thank you

• 如何写便条


【实例一】假设你是李华, 你的美国老师Miss Catherine 要求你们明天上午去听一个关于美国音乐的讲座,你因故不能参加。请你根据以下要点,写一封短信向 Miss Catherine请假。

【分析】内容要点: 1. 表示歉意2. 理由:去机场接人3. 询问:是否有录音,以便补听讲座。4. 注意:字数100左右;可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

【范文】Dear Miss Catherine,

I am so sorry that I won’t be able to attend the lecture on American music tomorrow morning. My uncle is returning home from France, and I have promised to meet him at the airport at 10:00 tomorrow morning.

I am very much interested in American music. I wonder if it is possible for the talk to be recorded, and if so, could I borrow the tape? It would mean a great deal to me to listen to the tape and learn what is covered in the talk.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua

【实例二】假如你叫李明,在你父亲工作的合资企业里的美方工作人员John Willian夫妇对京剧(Beijing opera) 很感兴趣。你送给他们两张第二天晚上在梅兰芳剧院演出的戏票,那是一场由著名演员演出的京剧,很值得观看。恰巧John Willian夫妇外出。请你写个便条,并顺便告诉他们,你已经读过他们送给你的两本书,很有趣。你正忙于考试,不能一起去欣赏京剧了。

【范文】Mr and Mrs John Willian,

I ’ve come to give you two tickets for tomorrow evening’s Beijing Opera in Mei Lanfang Theater. I learn that you are interested in Beijing Opera,but it’s a pity that you happened to be out. I have to leave the tickets with this note. The opera will be put on by some famous players and it is well worth seeing.

By the way, I’ve read the two books you gave me. They are very interesting. This week, we are busy reviewing our lessons in order to pass the exams. So I can’t go to the opera together with you.

I hope you will have a good time.


Li Ming


(2014 高考英语作文全国I) 假定你是李华,计划暑假间去英国学习英语,为期六周。下面的广告引起了你的注意,请给该校写封信,询问有关情况(箭头所指内容)

范文:Dear Sir/Madam, I am a student in China and I plan to go to Britain to attend a summer school during the vacation. I’ve seen your ad, and I’d like to know something more about your six -week English course. First, when will the course start and how many class hours are there per week? Besides, I wish there would not to be too many students in a class. I’d also like to know how much I have to pay for the course and whether accommodation is included. Would there be host family or university dormitory? I’m looking forward to your early reply. Yours,

Li Hua


1.I am writing to see if it is possible for you to provide me with information concerning„( 我写信是希望得到„„的信息)

2. I should be obliged if you would be so kind as to provide me with certain essential information regarding the following aspects. (若能获悉„„,将不胜感激)

3. I am writing to seek for your assistance in„„ ( 我写信是要请求您的帮助)

4. I would appreciate it if you could provide us with... (如果您能为我们提供„我将不胜感激) 5 The questions I need answering are listed below. (下列是我想咨询的问题)

6. Will you please send me the relevant information and application forms. (您能给我寄相关的资料和申请表吗?)

7. Should I need to send further materials, please let me know.(我是否需要再寄其他资料给你,请及时告知。)

8. Could you be so kind as to send me some relevant booklets on the above-mentioned aspects.(能否针对上述的问题寄些相关的小册子给我。)

9. I am eagerly awaiting your reply to this matter.(期盼回复)

10. I am looking forward to a favorable reply at your earliest convenience(期盼回复


英语书面表达专题-----保护环境 Protect the environment


1. 环境污染 environmental pollution

2. 释放有毒气体 give off/release poisonous gas

3. 受到严重污染 be seriously polluted

4. 对„有害 do harm to / be harmful to

5.(不) 注意环保 pay (no) attention to environment protection

6. 多植树plant more trees

7. 垃圾分类sort the rubbish/回收垃圾recycle the rubbish

8. 受益良多benefit a lot

9. 保持生态平衡keep the balance of nature

10. 防止人们污染河流prevent people from polluting the rivers

11. 引起全球的关注arouse global concern

12. 越来越糟get worse and worse/ get from bad to worse/ get more and more serious

13. 改善环境刻不容缓It’s high time that we did sth to improve the environment

14. 提高.. 的意识raise awareness of sth

15. 承担保护环境的责任bear the responsibility to protect our environment

16. 呼吁某人做某事call on / call for/ appeal to sb to do sth

17. 努力做某事make all efforts to do sth

18. 采取行动/措施去take action /take measures to do

19. 改善目前的状况improve the present situation

20. 关注某事show concern for sth

21. 不惜任何代价at all cost

22. 承担做某事的责任take the responsibility of doing sth

23. 以牺牲环境作为代价at the cost/ expense of our environment


1. 近来环保已经引起了全球的关注。Environmental protection has caused global concern recently.

2. 我们应该马上采取措施来保护我们的环境免受污染。It’s high time we took immediate measures to protect our earth from being polluted.

3. 每个人都应该提高保护地球的意识。Everybody should raise the awareness that it’s our duty to protect our mother earth.

4. 你不难发现每个人都在伤害地球,然而他们可能自己都没有意识到这一点。

You cannot difficultly see that everybody actually is causing damage to the mother earth, which , however, they may not be realizing.

5. 无论如何我们不应该牺牲我们的环境来发展我们的经济。On no account should we develop our economy at the cost of our environment.


We can’t deny that everybody has done something to damage the nature, so we can’t deny that everybody should take the responsibility for protecting our living planet.

7. 为了提高生活质量, 环境保护变得越来越重要In order to improve the quality of our life, it becomes more and more important to protect the environment.

8. 随着科技的进步, 环境污染越来越严重With the development of science and technology, more and more pollution is produced.

9. 我们应该立刻采取措施与污染作斗争We should take immediate action / steps to fight against environmental pollution.

10. 唯有这种方式我们才能享受新鲜空气, 活得健康Only in this way can we enjoy fresh air and live a healthy life.




Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world. For example, cars have made the air unhealthy for people to breathe and poisonous gas is given off by factories. Trees on the hills have been cut down and waste water is being poured continuously into rivers.Furthermore, wherever we go today, we can find rubbish carelessly disposed. Pollution is, in fact, threatening our existence. The earth is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for our later generations. Fortunately, more and more people have realized these problems. Measures have been taken to cope with these problems by the government. Laws have been passed to stop pollution. I hope the problem will be solved in the near future and our home will become better and better.

二:6月5日是世界环境保护日,我们周围的环境变得越来越糟糕,污染越来越严重...... 。假如你是学生Jone. ,你校要进行" 如何保护我们的环境?" 专题演讲比赛。要求:1、举例说明环境存在的问题1-3方面; 2、如何保护好我们的环境,采取怎样的措施,举例1-3方面进行说明,字数80左右。

Dear headmasters, teachers, classmates and friends:

I'm very proud that I have been chosen to speak to you all today.As we all know, the environment around us is getting worse and worse . In some places we can't see fish swimming in the river or trees on the hills. some people even have no clean water to drink. soI think we must take effective measures to protect the environment.But what can we do? How to protect our environment ?For example ,we can go to school on foot or by bike . we can use shopping baskets instead of plastic bags when we go shopping. Besides,we can use both sides of the paper when we write .In a word ,if everyone pays more attention to our environment , there will be less pollution and our lives will be better.

"There is only one earth", I hope everyone will protect our environment well. thanks!