unit5 作文训练
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Where there is a will, there is a way.

Unit 5 The power of nature写作训练

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1. 学会用 主语 + 不及物动词(S+V)和 主语 + 系动词 + 表语(S+V+P)翻译句子

2. 了解故事叙述类作文的写作要素和时态要求。



Step1. 基本句式训练

【句型1】主语 + 不及物动词(S+V) 【例句】

(1)I hesitated for a moment.

(2)The next day, we set off early in the morning. 练一练:






【句型2】主语 + 系动词 + 表语(S+V+P)

常见的系动词有:be, seem, appear, become, go, get, grow, turn, look, sound, feel, taste, smell 【例句】

(1). As the saying goes, eyes are the window of our hearts. 众所周知的是,眼睛是心灵的窗户。 好处:谚语的使用增光添彩。 (2). Everyone is born equal. 每个人生来平等。 好处:意思表达准确。



(2)我们以我们的朋友而自豪。 (3) 从上面两篇故事中我们可以看出,没有什么事情是不可能的。



Step 2阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇150词左右的英语短文。

Everyone has an experience they would rather not forget. Some are embarrassing, some are moving, and some teach us a lesson. Here is a story of mine.

Last Sunday I went fishing. After setting up my fishing rod with bait, I sat down on the bank of the lake. But two hours later, I didn’t catch any fish. I got very angry and began to pack up my stuff, preparing to go back home.

Just then, I saw an old man sitting near me. To my surprise, his basket was full of fish, so I went over to him, wanting to know why. “Excuse me, but how long have you sat here?” I asked. “About four hours,” he answered. “Four hours?” I couldn’t believe my ears. “Yes. It’s very important to be patient,” the old man said. “Don’t consider fishing a tiring sport. Just enjoy it.” Suddenly, I understood what he said. I must learn to be patient. Then I sat there and waited for fish patiently. I felt a fish touch the bait, but I didn’t move and waited for the right moment to reel it in. At last, I caught it. This made me very happy. In the following six hours, I caught over 10 fish.

On my way home, I thought what had happened on the bank. I gradually realized that the secret of success was patience.


1) 以约30个词概括短文的要点;

2) 然后以约120个词写一篇记叙文,描写你认识到耐心的重要性的一次经历,并包括如下的要点:

a) 叙述你认识到耐心的重要性的一次真实或虚构的经历; b) 你是如何认识到耐心的重要性的; c) 耐心对你的生活、学习有什么影响。 [写作要求]

(1)可以参照阅读材料的篇章结构组织故事,但不得直接引用原文中的句子; (2)标题自定。 [评分标准]

概括准确,语言规范,内容合适,篇章连贯。 [写作指导]


Where there is a will, there is a way.


共汽车、学写毛笔字、学习英语、学钢琴等。想好例子后,也可以按上面的表格去构思。现Step 3根据汉语提示用适当的短语把下列故事补充完整

鱼时), through which the writer (意识到耐心是重要的). )

I have a similar experience. Once I at the stop for 30 minutes, no bus came. 我不能再等了 and decided to walk to school. 如果我再多等一分钟,我就能赶上了). If I wanted to take the next bus, I would have to wait for another 30 minutes. __________________________ __________________________(在那时我才意识到耐心的重要性) 。. Being impatient will waste all the efforts that we have made. Patience also plays an important part in our study and life. With it we can achieve greater.

Now, whenever I am to lose my patience, I’ll think of the experience of waiting for a bus. 课后作业: 翻译以下句子: 1. 你应该回国。

2. 我的父母渐渐变老了。

3. 冬天就要来了。

____________________________________________________ 4. 因为全世界正变成一个地球村,所以英语将变得越来越重要。 5. 我的英语还可以。