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1. shuren army officer who, not only is his body, and so do not trip. ((don) yao)

2. the victory of the day in the future, we may be alive, may have died, but our agenda is to last forever, and it will make the liberation of all mankind. (liebknecht)

3. to check for other people's minds, plato asked him to have three things: knowledge, kindness and courage. (montaigne)精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

4. fatalism of those who lack an excuse for the weak. (la rochefoucauld)

5. than i am with my own life more seriously and respect for the sacred, to love our country. (shakespeare)

6. people do not respect, first of all that is not respected its own. (whitman)精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

7. gentlemen to think of teaching endless, allow people without border security. ( "book of changes")

8. we are the masters of the country, it should be everywhere for the sake of the country. (lei feng)

9. no matter what, i always think of in, as long as i have the energy to allow me, i must first of all for my motherland. (pavlov)精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

10. when people live in the truth, and self-sacrifice. (pangtuobidan)

11. our motherland is not a paradise on earth, but each of the chinese people have a responsibility to her building between adult theme park. (ba jin)

12. zhuangxin for reclamation, kudan worry for days. (wen)精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

13. ruler of the world is caused by human resources, as the world's only in education. (hu yuan)

14. tsatsa its governance, its lack of the public.

15. yong not to succumb to heavy-hearted, it is necessary to have resisted, or else it will be used to push for too much change. ((the british) smith)精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

16. if i had more or less inspired a number of people work hard, we work more or less had less to expand the scope of human understanding and thus to the world adding much joy that i have satisfied on the (edison)

17. song of the yangtze river east stop u-turn, the group suimi branch to serve the poor. 10 years facing the wall map broken, it is difficult to pay drowning was also a hero. (zhou enlai)

18. chuncan wire to the death to do, people to have a view over the health, to be a battle to set aside areas for young people. (wu)精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

19. delicate things tied together on the firm. (english proverb)

20. people are the imf, the valley life for the people. ((chinese) wang fu)

21. individuals must work together with the rest to perfect, continue to do its utmost to expand and increase in the forward direction of the flow of traffic. (arnold)精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

22. genius is not long since self-deep in the wilderness lin's monster, by the growth of talent can make people have a long education out, there is no such people, there will be no talent. (lu)

23. nature is a great, great human beings, however, is full of noble spirit of humanity, is of especially great in the great persons. (mao dun)

24. although the world is at once too, but not immediately rule. ((don) li shimin)精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

25. i do not know there were officers at home in order to observe 000; official in the home who do not know, in order to make copies. ((qing) the sakura)

26. yin-based government in order to get that rule to go for the dirty works. ((song) sima guang)

27. not to participate in the struggle against social change, the ideal is always a mirage. (wu duo yun)精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

28. patriotism is thousands of years down the country on its own one of the most profound feelings. (lenin)

29. kill "," will kill "the future." is the future of their children and grandchildren of the times. (lu)1.官者庶人之师,其身既正,不令而行。 ((唐)姚崇) 2.将来胜利之日,我们可能活着,可能已死去,但我们的纲领是永存的,它将使全人类获得解放。 (李卜克内西) 3.对于要检查别人心灵的人,柏拉图要求他具备三样东西:知识、仁慈、胆量。 (蒙田) 4.宿命论是那些缺乏的弱者的借口。 (拉罗什福科) 5.我怀着比对我自己的生命更大的尊敬神圣和严肃,去爱国家的利益。 (莎士比亚) 6.对人不尊敬,首先就是对自己的不尊敬。 (惠特曼) 7.君子以教思无穷,容保民无疆。 (《易经》) 8.我们是国家的主人,应该处处为国家着想。 (雷锋) 9.我无论作什麽,始终在想着,只要我的精力允许我的话,我就要首先为我的祖国服务。 (巴甫洛夫) 10.人当活在真理和自我奉献里。 (庞陀彼丹) 11.我们的祖国并不是人间乐园,但是每一个中国人都有责任把她建设成人间乐园。 (巴金) 12.壮心欲填海,苦胆为忧天。 (文天祥) 13.致天下之治者在人才,成天下之才者在教化。 (胡瑗) 14.其政察察,其民缺缺。 15.永勿屈服于悲愁,要一直抗拒,否则这习惯变会得寸进尺。 ((英)史密斯) 16.如果我曾经或多或少地激励了一些人的,努力,我们的工作,曾经或多或少或少地扩展了人类的理解范围,因而给这个世界增添了一分欢乐,那我也就感到满足了 (爱迪生) 17.大江歌罢掉头东,邃密群科济世穷。面壁十年图破壁,难酬蹈海亦英雄。 (周恩来) 18.春蚕到死丝方尽,人至期颐亦不休,一息尚存须努力,留作青年为范畴。 (吴玉章) 19.纤弱的东西捆到一起就刚强。 (英国谚语) 20.民为国基,谷为民命。 ((汉)王符) 21.个人必须带着其余的人一起走向完美,不断地尽其所能来扩大和增加朝这方面迈进的人流的流量。 (安诺德) 22.天才并不是自生自长在深林荒野里的怪物,是由可以使天才生长的民众产生、长育出来的,所以没有这种民众,就没有天才。 (鲁迅) 23.自然是伟大的,人类是伟大的,然而充满了崇高精神的人类的活动,乃是伟大中之尤其伟大者。 (茅盾) 24.天下虽得之马上,但不可以马上治。 ((唐)李世民) 25.在家者不知有官,方能守份;在官者不知有家,方能尽份。 ((清)金樱) 26.政以得贤为本,治以去秽为务。 ((宋)司马光) 27.不参加变革社会的斗争,理想永远是一种幻影。 (吴运铎) 28.爱国主义就是千百年来固定下来的对自己的祖国的一种最深厚的感情。 (列宁) 29.杀了“现在”,也便杀了“将来”。将来是子孙的时代。 (鲁迅)