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汉朝是中国历史上最重要的朝代之一。汉朝统治期间有很多显著的成就。它最先向其他文化敞开大门,对外贸易兴旺。汉朝开拓的丝绸之路通向了中西亚乃至罗马。各类艺术一派繁荣,涌现了很多文学、历史、哲学巨著。公元100年中国第一部字典编撰完成,收入9000个字,提供释义并列举不同的写法。其间,科技方面也取得了很大进步,发明了纸张、水钟、日晷(sundials )以及测量地震的仪器。汉朝历经400年,但统治者的腐败最终导致了它的灭亡。


The Han dynasty is one of the most important dynasties in Chinese history. There are lots of remarkable achievements during the reign of the Han dynasty. Being the first dynasty to open the door to other cultures, it excelled in foreign trade. The Silk Road opened in the Han dynasty led to Central and

Western Asia, even Rome. With all sorts of art schools flourishing, there appeared many great works in literary, history, and philosophy. In 100 AD, China’s first dictionary was completed, which included 9,000 characters, providing definitions and different ways to write the characters. During that period, the science and technology had also made great progress, with paper, water clocks, sundials and

instruments used to measure earthquakes invented. Though the Han dynasty had a history of 400 years, the corruption of its rulers finally contributed to its collapse.


词汇考查:本篇是六级三套试卷中词汇考查最侧重的一篇,有朝代(dynasty ),统治(reign ),对外贸易(foreign trade),丝绸之路(the Silk Road),中西亚(the West Asia),罗马(Rome ),哲学(philosophy ),巨著(masterpiece ),编撰(compile ),水钟(water clock ),测量地震的仪器(earthquake detector),腐败(corruption ),灭亡(downhill / demise )。


(旅游业) 随时代进步而不断发展 (tourism) has been developing all along with the progress of the times. 和……展开合作 develop cooperation with


as a country with a long civilized history, China is also one big oriental country full of modern vitality. 在……取得丰硕的成果 fruitful results have been achieved in

提高生活水平 improve living standards

造成/防止/应对污染 cause/prevent/tackle pollution

赈灾救济金 disaster relief funds

人口 population

人口分布 population distribution

流动人口 transient population

城市人口 urban population

农业人口 agriculture population

出生率 birth rate

自然增长率 natural growth rate

负增长率 negative growth rate

普查 census

户口册 household register

计划生育 family planning/planned parenthood

优生优育 ensure good prenatal and postnatal care

自治区 autonomous region

民族 ethnic groups

少 数 民 族 ethnic minorities/ minority peoples

中国共产党 Communist Party of China

中华民族 Chinese people

民族的 national






Since ancient times, the Chinese people have celebrated harvest in the middle of autumn, which is quite similar to the custom of celebrating Thanksgiving in North America. The tradition of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival became popular throughout China in the early Tang Dynasty. The Mid-Autumn Festival, falling on August 15th of the lunar calendar, is a day when people worship the moon. On this day, with the bright moon high in the clear sky, families reunite and enjoy the moon together. In 2006, the Mid-Autumn Festival was listed in China’s cultural heritage list, and in 2008, it was designated as a public holiday. Moon cakes, as indispensable delicious food of the Festival, are given as gifts to relatives and friends or enjoyed at family gatherings. Traditional moon cakes are stamped with Chinese characters with meanings of “longevity”, “happiness” or “harmony”, etc.


工艺品 handwork/handicrafts

文物 cultural relics/antiques

国宝 national treasure

龙的传人 Descendants of Dragon

祖先 ancestor

传说 legend

起源于 originate

起源 origin

起初的、开始的、原创的 original

独一无二的 unique (adj. ) uniqueness (n)

大大促进 contribute greatly to

文明 civilization


古老的 ancient

扫墓 sweep graves of one’s ancestors or loved ones

赛龙舟 dragon-boat racing

粽子zongzi (sticky rice dumpling wrapped in reed or bamboo leaves) 月饼 moon cake

赏月 appreciate the glorious full moon

赏菊 admire the beauty of chrysanthemum

登高 climb mountain

迷人的风光 attractive / charming/ fascinating scenery/ landscape 当地的 local

旅游景点 tourist attraction

书法 calligraphy

孔庙 Temple of Confucius

火药 gunpowder


造纸术 paper-making

指南针 the compass


儒家文化 Confucian culture

道教 Taoism


佛教 Buddhism

春节 the Spring Festival

元宵节 the Lantern Festival

清明节 the Tomb-sweeping Day

端午节 the Dragon-boat Festival

中秋节 the Mid-autumn Day

重阳节 the Double-ninth Day

七夕节 the Double-seventh Day

营养 nutrition

有营养的 nutritional

谷物 grains



玉米 corn

大豆 bean

月饼 moon cake

年糕 rice cake

油条 deep-fried dough sticks

豆浆 soybean milk

馒头 steamed buns





China’s innovation is having a great boom at an unprecedented rate. In order to catch up with and

surpass the world’s developed countries in science and technology as soon as possible, China’s research and development funds have risen considerably in recent years. Universities and research institutes in China are actively carrying out innovative researches. These researches cover all kinds of high

technology fields, ranging from mass data to biochemistry, from new energy to robots. They are also working collaboratively with the science and technology parks from all the corners of the world to commercialize the innovative achievements. Meanwhile, in order to adapt to the constantly changing

and growing demand of the domestic and foreign consumer market, Chinese entrepreneurs are making great efforts to become the pioneers of innovations, either in their products or business models. 话题词汇预测

电子商务 e-business

信用卡 credit card

信息时代 information age

研究开发 research and development

高新技术 innovative and high technology

创新 innovation

尖端科技 state-of-the-art technology

网上购物 online shopping

高科技园 high-tech park

工业园区 industrial park

信息港info port

信息革命 information revolution


人工智能 artificial intelligence (AI)

生物技术 bio-technology

克隆 cloning

基因工程 genetic engineering

转基因食品 genetically modified food (GM food)

三维电影 three-dimensional movie

光谷 optical valley

虚拟银行virtual bank

新兴学科 new branch of science; emerging discipline

生态农业 environment-friendly agriculture

技术密集产品 technology-intensive product

数码科技 digital technology

办公自动化 Office Automation (OA)

信息高地 information highland

信息检索 information retrieval

电话会议 teleconference

无土栽培 soilless cultivation

超级杂交水稻super-hybrid rice

科技发展 scientific and technological advancement

重点项目key project

国家重点工程 national key projects

可持续发展 sustainable development








In China, parents always try every means to help their children, and even make important decisions for them. They never care what their children really want, because they believe that it is good for them. As a result, children’s growth and education tend to surrender to the wills of their parents.

If parents decide to sign up for their children to take an extra class to increase their chances of being admitted to a key school, they will stick to their decisions, even if their children are not interested in. While in the United States, parents are likely to respect their children’s opinions, and pay more attention to their opinions in making decisions.

It may be worthy of praise for the Chinese parents to attach great importance to education. When it comes to education, however, they should learn how to balance the relationship between parents and their children from American parents.


必修课 required/ compulsory courses

选修课 elective/optional course

基础课 basic courses

专业课 specialized courses

课程表 school schedule

教学大纲 teaching program; syllabus

学分 credit

充电 update one’s knowledge

初等教育 elementary education

大学社区 college community

高等教育 higher education

高等学府 institution of higher education

综合性大学 comprehensive university

文科院校 colleges of (liberal) arts

高分低能 high scores and low abilities

九年义务教育 nine-year compulsory education

课外活动 extracurricular activities

适龄儿重入学率 enrollment rate for children of school age

素质教育 quality-oriented education

填鸭式教学 cramming method of teaching

希望工程Project Hope

研究生 graduate student; post-graduate (student)

应届毕业生 graduating student; current year’s graduate 校园文化 campus culture

学汉语热 enthusiasm in learning Chinese

学生减负 alleviate the burden on students

应试教育 exam-oriented education

职业培训job training

智商 intelligence quotient (IQ)

应试教育 exam-oriented education system

义务教育 compulsory education

初等教育 elementary education

中等教育 secondary education

高等教育 higher education

职业教育 vocational education

普 通 高 校 regular institution of higher learning 重点大学 key university

减轻学生负担 reduce burden for students

毕业设计 diploma-winning design /graduation project 毕业论文 graduation thesis

毕业证书 graduation certificate

同学 schoolmate/classmate

校友 alumni

科教兴国 rejuvenate the country through science and education



北京计划未来三年投资7,600亿元治理污染,从减少PM2.5排放入手。这一新公布的计划旨在减少四种主要污染源,包括500万辆机动车的尾气(exhaust )排放、周边地区燃煤、来自北方的沙尘暴和本地的建筑灰尘。另外850亿元用于新建或升级城市垃圾处理和污水(sewage )处理设施,加上300亿元投资未来三年的植树造林(forestation )。



Beijing is planning to invest 760 billion yuan to control pollution in the next three years, starting from reducing the emission of PM 2.5. The newly announced plan aims at reducing four major sources of pollution, including exhaust emissions of over 5 million motor vehicles, coal-burning in surrounding areas, sandstorms from the north and local construction dust. Another 85 billion yuan will be used to establish or upgrade the facilities for municipal waste treatment and sewage treatment. Besides, 30 billion yuan will be invested in the forestation program in the coming three years.

In order to improve the environment, the municipal government also plans to construct a number of water-recycling plants and to ban illegal construction. In addition, Beijing will impose tougher punishments on those who violate the emission-reduction regulations.


保护环境 protect the environment

改善环境质量 improve environmental quality

防止空气污染 prevent air pollution

重视环境保护 attach more importance to environmental protection

提高环保意识 enhance the awareness of environmental protection

保持生态平衡 maintain ecological balance

生态系统 ecosystem

生态示范区 ecological demonstration region

自然保护区 nature reserve

可持续发展战略 sustainable development strategy 节能 save energy

减排 reduce greenhouse gas emissions

全球变暖 global warming

低碳经济 low carbon economy

清洁可再生能源 clean and renewable energy sources 核能 nuclear energy

太阳能 solar energy

二氧化碳 carbon dioxide

环境恶化 environmental deterioration

毁林 deforestation/clear —cutting

过度开采 overexploitation

水土流失 soil erosion

荒漠化 desertification

人口增长 population growth

野生生物保护 wildlife conservation

濒危物种 endangered species

捕捞过度 overfishing

自然灾害 natural disaster

大灾难 catastrophe

沙尘暴 sandstorm

旱灾 drought

水灾 flood

暴风雪 snowstorm




到2014年,深圳的人均(per-capita )GDP 已达25,000美元,相当于世界上一些发达国家的水平。就综合经济实力而言,深圳居于中国顶尖城市之列。由于其独特的地位,深圳也是国内外企业家创业的理想之地。


Shenzhen is a newly-developed city in Guangdong Province of China. Prior to the reform and opening-up policy, Shenzhen was no more than a fishing village only with a population of more than 30 thousand. In the 1980s, Chinese government established Shenzhen Special Economic Zone as the experimental plot to implement the market-oriented economy with socialist features. At present, Shenzhen has a population of more than 10 million and the whole city has witnessed tremendous changes.

By 2014, the per-capita GDP of Shenzhen had amounted to $25,000, which is equivalent to the level of some developed countries in the world. When it comes to the overall economic power, Shenzhen ranks among the top-class cities in China. Due to its unique status, the city is also an ideal place for the entrepreneurs at home and abroad to start up their business.


共同富裕 shared prosperity

社会保险 social insurance

小康社会 a well-to-do society

人民生活 people’s livelihood

生活水平 living standards

生活质量 quality of life

提升竞争能力 strengthen the competitiveness

具有中国特色 with Chinese characteristics

宏观经济macro economy

矿产资源 mineral resources

众多人口 a large population

特有的 distinctive

城市人口 urban population

贫困地区 poverty-stricken region

改革开放 reform and opening-up

公务员 civil servants

居委会 neighborhood committee

民族精神 national spirit



1. at the thought of一想到…­

2. as a whole (=in general) 就整体而论-

3. at will 随心所欲

4. (be) abundant in(be rich in; be well supplied with) 富于,富有-

5. access(to) (不可数名词) 能接近,进入,了解-

6. by accident(=by chance, accidentally)偶然地,意外

Without accident(=safely) 安全地

7. of one’s own accord(=without being asked; willingly; freely)自愿地 ,主动地-

8. in accord with 与…一致

out of one’s accord with 同…不一致-

9. with one accord (=with everybody agreeing)一致地-

10. in accordance with (=in agreement with) 依照,根据-

11. on one’s own account­

1) 为了某人的缘故, 为了某人自己的利益-

2) (=at one’s own risk) 自行负责-

3) (=by oneself)依靠自己-

12. take…into account(=consider)把.. 考虑进去-

13. give sb. an account of 说明, 解释 (理由)-

14. account for (=give an explanation or reason for) 解释, 说明-

15. on account of (=because of) 由于,因为

16. on no account(=in no case, for no reason)


17. accuse…of…(=charge…with; blame sb. for sth. ; blame sth. on sb. ; complain about)指控,控告-

18. be accustomed to (=be in the habit of, be used to)习惯于

19. be acquainted with(=to have knowledge of) 了解

(=to have met socially) 熟悉-

20. act on 奉行,按照…行动

act as 扮演

act for 代理-

21. adapt oneself to(=adjust oneself to) 使自己适应于-

22. adapt…(for) (=make sth. Suitable for a new need) 改编, 改写(以适应新的需要)-

23. in addition (=besides) 此外, 又, 加之-

24. in addition to(=as well as, besides, other than)除…外-

25. adhere to (=abide by, conform to, comply with, cling to, insist on, persist in, observe, opinion, belief ) 粘附; 坚持, 遵循-

26. adjacent(=next to, close to) 毗邻的, 临近的-

27. adjust..(to) (=change slightly)调节; 适应;-

28. admit of (=be capable of, leave room for) …的可能,留有…的余地。-

29. in advance (before in time) 预告, 事先-

30. to advantage 有利的,使优点更加突出地-

31. have an advantage over 胜过-

have the advantage of 由于…处于有利条件-

have the advantage of sb。知道某人所不知道的事-

32. take advantage of (=make the best of, utilize, make use of, profit from, harness)利用-

33. agree with 赞同(某人意见) agree to 同意-

34. in agreement (with) 同意, 一致-

35. ahead of 在…之前, 超过…;……………. ahead of time 提前-

36. in the air 1)不肯定, 不具体. 2)在谣传中-

37. above all (=especially, most important of all) 尤其是, 最重要的-

38. in all (=counting everyone or everything, altogether) 总共, 总计-

39. after all 毕竟,到底; (not) at all 一点也不;-

all at once(=suddenly)突然; once and for all 只此一次; above all 最重要的; first of all 首先; all in all 大体上说; be all in 累极了; all but 几乎-

40. allow for (=take into consideration, take into account) 考虑到, 估计到-

41. amount to (=to be equal to) 总计, 等于。-

42. answer for (undertake responsibility for, be liable for, take charge for) 对…负责。-

43. answer to (=conform to) 适合,符合。-

44. be anxious about 为…焦急不安; 或anxious for-

45. apologize to sb. for sth. 为…向…道歉-

46. appeal to sb. for sth. 为某事向某人呼吁. appeal to sb. 对某人有吸引力-

47. apply to sb. for sth. 为…向…申请; apply for申请; apply to 适用。-

48. apply to 与…有关; 适用-

49. approve of (=consent to, be in favor of, favor, agree to, consider good, right) 赞成, approve vt. 批准-

50. arise from(=be caused by) 由…引起

51. arrange for sb./sth. to do sth. 安排…做…­

52. arrive on 到达; arrive at 到达某地(小地方); 得出,作出; arrive in 到达某地(大地方);

53. be ashamed of (=feel shame, guilt or sorrow because of sth. done) 以…为羞耻-

54. assure sb. of sth. (=try to cause to believe or trust in sth.) 向…保证, 使…确信

55. attach(to) (=to fix, fasten; join) 缚, 系 ,结-

56. make an attempt at doing sth. (to do sth.) 试图做…­

57. attend to (=give one’s attention, care and thought)注意,照顾;attend on(upon)(=wait upon, serve, look after) 侍候,照料-

58. attitude to/ toward …对…的态度。看法-

59. attribute…to…(=to believe sth. to be the result of…)把... 归因于..,. 认为... 是... 的结果-

60. on the average (=on average, on an average) 平均-

61. (be) aware of (=be conscious of , having knowledge or consciousness)意识到,知道

62. at the back of (=behind) 在…后面-

63. in the back of 在…后部(里面); on the back of 在…后部(外面); be on one’s back(=be ill in bed) 卧病不起

64. at one’s back(=supporting or favoring sb.) 支持,维护; have sb. at one’s back 有…支持, 有…作后台-

65. turn one’s back on sb. (=turn away from sb. in an impolite way) 不理睬(某人), 背弃,抛弃-

66. behind one’s back 背着某人(说坏话)-

67. be based on / upon 基于-

68. on the basis of 根据…, 在…基础上-

69. beat…at 在…运动项目上打赢-

70. begin with 以…开始. to begin with (=first of all) 首先, 第一(经常用于开始语)-

71. on behalf of (=as the representative of) 以…名义-

72. believe in(=have faith or trust in; consider sth./sb. to be true) 相信,依赖,信仰-

73. benefit (from) 受益,得到好处

74. for the benefit of 为了…的利益(好处)-

75. for the better 好转-

76. get the better of (=defeat sb.) 打败, 胜过

77. by birth 在出生上,论出身,按血统 at birth 在出生时; give birth to 出生-

78. blame sb. for sth. 因…责备某人 . blame sth. on sb. 把…推在某人身上-

79. in blossom开花(指树木) be in blossom开花(强调状态) come into blossom开花(强调动作)-

80. on board 到船上, 在船上, 上火车或飞机-

81. boast of (or about) 吹嘘-

82. out of breath 喘不过气来-

83. in brief(=in as few words as possible)简言之-

84. in bulk 成批地,不散装的-

85. take the floor 起立发言-

86. on business 出差办事。-

87. be busy with sth。于某事。 be busy doing sth. 忙于做某事-

88. last but one 倒数第二。-

89. but for (=without) 要不是. 表示假设-

90. buy sth. for…money 用多少钱买-

91. be capable of 能够, 有能力-

be capable of being +过去分词:是能够被…的-

92. in any case(=for love or money, at any rate, at any price, at any cost, whatever happens; anyhow)无论如何

93. in case (=for fear that) 万一

94. in case of (=in the event of)如果发生…万一-

in the case of 至于…, 就…而言-

95. in no case在任何情况下都不(放句首倒装句)-

96. be cautious of 谨防-

97. center one’s attention on(=focus one’s attention on) 把某人的注意力集中在…上-

98. be certain of (=be sure of) 有把握, 一定。-

99. for certain of (=for sure )肯定地,有把握地-

100. by chance(=accidentally, by accident)偶然


1. 不用说?…

It goes without saying that子句

= (It is) needless to say (that)子句

= It is obvious that子句

= Obviously, S. + V.

例︰不用说早睡早起是值得的。It goes without saying that it pays to keep early hours.

2.…是不可能的; 无法…

There is no Ving

= There is no way of Ving.

= There is no possibility of Ving.

= It is impossible to V.

= It is out of the question to V.

= No one can V.

= We cannot V.

例︰不可否认的? 成功的事业关键在于健康的身心。There is not denying that successful business lies in a healthy body and mind.

3. 我深信…

I am greatly convinced (that)子句

= I am greatly assured (that)子句

例︰我深信预防是于治疗。I am greatly convinced that prevention is better than cure.

4. 在各种…之中?…

Among various kinds of …, …

= Of all the …, …

例︰在各种运动中? 我尤其喜欢慢跑。Among various kinds of sports, I like jogging in particular.


It can be easily proved (that)子句

例︰时间最珍贵是很容易证明的。It can be easily proved that nothing is more precious than time.


… cannot be overemphasized

例︰交通安全的重要性无论如何强调都不为过。The importance of traffic safety cannot be overemphasized.

7. 就我的看法?…;我认为…

In my opinion, …

= To my mind, ….

= As far as I am concerned, …

= I am of the opinion that子句

例︰就我的看法? 打电动玩具既花费时间也有害健康。In my opinion, playing video games not only takes much time but is also harmful to health.


(A) 每个人都知道…

Everyone knows (that)子句

(B) 就我所知?…

As far as my knowledge is concerned, …

例︰就我所知? 下列方法对我帮助很大。As far as my knowledge is concerned, the following ways are of great help to me.

9. 毫无疑问地?…

There is no doubt (that)子句

例︰毫无疑问地? 近视在我国的年轻人中是一个严重的问题。There is no doubt that near-sightedness is a serious problem among the youth of our country.

10. 根据我个人经验?…

According to my personal experience, …

= Based on my personal experience, …

例︰根据我个人经验? 微笑已带给我许多好处。According to my personal experience, smile has done me a lot of good.

11. 在我认识的人当中? 也许没有一个人比…更值得我尊敬。

Of all the people I know, perhaps non deserves my respect more than …

例︰在我认识的人当中? 也许没有一个人比我的英文老师张老师更值得我尊敬。Of all the people I know, perhaps non deserves my respect more than Miss Chang, my English teacher.

12. 在我的求学过程中? 我忘不了…

In the course of my schooling. I will never forget …

例︰在我的求学过程中? 我忘不了学习英文所遭到的大困难。In the course of my schooling. I will never forget the great difficulty I encountered in learning English.


(A) 随着人口的增加…

With the increase/growth of the population, …

(B) 随着科技的进步 …

With the advance of science and technology, …

例︰随着台湾经济的快速发展? 许多社会问题产生了。With the rapid development of Taiwan's economy, a lot of social problems have come to pass.


(A) 在这信息的年代…扮演重要的角色。

In the age of information and communication, … plays an important role.

(B) 在今日工业社会中?…是生命不可或缺的。

In today's industrial society, … is indispensable to life.

例︰在这信息的年代? 计算机扮演非常重要的角色。In this age of information and communication, the computer plays an extremely important role.

15. 在讨论…?一个人不得不承认…。

In dealing with …, one cannot but admit (that)子句

例︰在讨论未来的职业? 一个人不得不承认尽早决定未来的职业很重要。In dealing with one's future career, one cannot but admit that it is very important to decide one's future career as early as possible.

16. 世上没有什么比…更令我高兴。

Nothing in the world can delight me so much as …

例︰世上没有什么比到快餐店吃汉堡更令我高兴。Nothing in the world can delight me so much as having hamburgers in fast-food restaurants.


… 是必要的

It is necessary that S (should) V

… 是重要的

It is important/essential that S (should) V

… 是适当的

It is proper that S (should) V

… 是紧急的

It is urgent that S (should) V

例︰我们当保持公共场所清洁是应当的。It is proper that we (should) keep the public places clean.



Whenever I hear …, I cannot but feel excited.

每当我做…? 我就忍不住感到悲伤。

Whenever I do …, I cannot but feel sad.


Whenever I think of …, I cannot but feel nervous.


Whenever I meet with …, I cannot but feel frightened.

每当我看到… 我就忍不住感到惊讶。

Whenever I see …, I cannot but feel surprised.

例︰每当我想到我家附近那一条清澈的小溪? 我就忍不住感到悲伤。Whenever I think of the clean brook near my home, I cannot but feel sad.= Every time I think of the clean brook near my home, I cannot help feeling sad.



It is said (that)子句


It is thought (that)子句


It is known (that)子句


It is reported (that)子句


It is expected (that)子句


It is estimated (that)子句


It is believed (that)子句

例︰一般相信阅读增加我们的知识、扩大我们的心胸。It is believed (that) reading increases our knowledge and broadens our mind.


The main reason why ….. is (that)子句

例︰青少年犯罪的主要理由是社会环境日一败坏。The main reason why the juveniles commit crimes is that social environment is becoming worse.

21. 俗语说得好:「…」。

Well goes an old saying, "…"

= As an old saying goes(runs, says), "…"

= An old saying goes, "…"

= It's an old saying (that)子句

例︰俗话说得好:「诚实为上策」。As an old saying goes, "Honesty is the best policy."


(A) …用下列方法… …

in the following ways.

(B) …有三个主要理由。

… for three major reasons.

(C) 要…?至少我们可做三件事。

To …, there are at least three things we can do.

例︰(A) 我用下列方法增加信心。

I increase my confidence in the following ways.

(B) 人们学外语有三个理由。

People learn a foreign language for three major reasons.

(C) 为了维护健康? 我们每天至少可做三件事。

To keep healthy, there are at least three things we can do every day.


1) 关于……人们有不同的观点。一些人认为……There are different opinions among people as to …….Some people suggest that …….

2) 俗话说……,它是我们前辈的经历,但是,即使今天,它在许多场合仍然使用。There is an old saying…….It is the experience of our forefathers,however,it is correct in many cases even today.

3) 现在,……,它们给我们的日常生活带来了许多危害。首先,……;其次,……。更为糟糕的

是……。Today,……,which have brought a lot of harms in our daily life.First,……,Second,…….What makes things worse is that …….

4) 现在,……很普遍,许多人喜欢……,因为……,另外……。Nowadays,it is common to …….Many people like ……because……Besides,…….

5) 任何事物都是两面性,……也不例外。它既有有利的一面,也有不利的一面。Everything has two sid es and ……is not an exception.It has both advantages and disadvantages.

6) 关于……人们的观点各不相同,一些人认为……,在他们看来,……People's opinions about ……vary from person to person.Some people say that …….To them,…….

7) 人类正面临着一个严重的问题……,这个问题变的越来越严重。Man is now facing a big problem……which is becoming more and more serious.

8) . …已成为人的关注的热门话题,特别是在年轻人当中,将引发激烈的辩论。……has become a hot topic among people,especially among the young and heated debates are right on their way.

9).…在我们的日常生活中起着越来越重要的作用,它给我们带来了许多好处,但同时也引发一些严重的问题。……has been playing an increasingly important role in our daily life.It has brought us a lot of benefits but has created some serious problems as well.

10) 根据图表/数字/统计数字/表格中的百分比/图表/条图形/成形图可以看出……。很显然……,但是为什么呢?According to the figure/number/statistics/percentages/ in the chart/bar graph/line/graph, it can be seen that…….Obviously,……,but why?


1. 那就是(说)…;亦即…

That is to say, …

= That is, …

= Namely, …

例︰我们生活需有规律。也就是说? 早睡早起? 戒除烟酒。We need to live a regular life. That is, we can keep good hours and refrain from smoking and drinking in the daily activities.


(A) 基于这个理由

… For this reason, …

(B) 为了这个目的

… For this purpose, …

例︰基于这个理由? 我已决定把行医作为未来的职业。For this reason, I have decided to take practicing medicine as my future career.

3. 我们有理由相信…

We have reasons to believe (that)子句

例︰我们有理由相信体罚应该严格禁止。We have reasons to believe that corporal punishment should be strictly prohibited.

4. 事实上…

As a matter of fact, …

= In fact, …

例︰事实上? 健康才是最重要。As a matter of fact, it is health that counts.

例︰然而? 很可惜的是他总是临时抱佛脚。However, it is a pity that he should always cram at the eleventh hour.

9. 换言之?…

in other words, …

= to put it differently

例︰换言之? 我会尽最大的努力达成我的目标。In other words, I will try my best to attain (gain, live up to) my goal.

10. 别人可能认为这是事实? 但我不是。我认为…

It may be true as assumed by others, but I don't. I believe that子句

例︰别人可能认为这是事实? 但我不是。我认为…It may be true as assumed by others, but I don't. I believe that if you have strong determination and perseverance, the success will certainly come to you in the end.

11. 从此之后? 我已发现…

Ever since then, I have found that子句

例︰从此之后? 我已发现…Ever since then, I have found smile the best way to avoid any possible conflicts in our daily lives.

12. 这样说来, 假如... 当然毫无疑问地…

In this light, if…, there can surely be no doubt (that) 子句

例︰这样说来? 假如我们能善用时间? 当然毫无疑问地我们会成功。In this light, if we can make good use of time, there can surely be no doubt that we will get somewhere.

13. 更严重的是…

What is more serious is (that)子句

例︰更严重的是? 我们不珍惜野生动物。What is more serious is that we do not cherish the wildlife.

14. 鉴于社会的实际需要…

In view of the practical need of society, ….

例︰鉴于社会的实际需要? 愈来愈多人对学英语有兴趣。In view of the practical need of society, there are more and more people interested in learning English.


1. 如果能实践这三点…

If one can really put the three points into action (practice), …

例︰如果能实践这三点…If one can really put the three points into action(practice), he will surely be able to live a healthy and happy life.

2. 做这些简单之事,我们一定可以…

By doing these simple things, we surely can ….

例︰做这些简单之事? 我们一定可以快乐出门平安回家。By doing these simple things, we surely can go out of the door happily and come back home safe every day.

3. 如此, 我相信…

In this way, I believe (that)子句

例︰如此, 我相信大家能够像我一样, 享受乘坐公车的乐趣。In this way, I believe that all the people may be able to enjoy the bus ride like me.

4. 实践这些…

By putting them (the above) into practice, ….

例︰实践这些? 在智育方面我一直能不断进步。By putting them(the above) into practice, I have been able to make constant progress in intellectual education.


(A) 唯有符合此三项要求, 我们才能…

Only by living up to the three requirements, can we ….

(B) 唯有通力合作, 我们才能…

Only with combined efforts, can we ….

例︰唯有通力合作? 我们才能期望台湾不久有新的面貌。Only with combined efforts, can we expect Taiwan to take a new face in due course.

6. 最后, 但并非最不重要…

Last but no least, ….

例︰最后, 但并非最不重要, 教育上的缺失是助长青少年犯罪的原因。Last but no least, the shortcoming in education is the cause contributing to juvenile delinquency.

7. 这证据显示~的重要性在怎么强调都不为过

This evidence shows that the importance of ~ cannot be overemphasized.

例︰这证据显示交通安全的重要性在怎么强调都不为过。This evidence shows that the importance of traffic safety cannot be overemphasized.

8. 由于这些理由, 我…

For these reasons, I ….

例︰由于这些理由, 我认为在台湾接受大学教育是明智的。For these reasons, I think that receiving college education in Taiwan is wise.

9. 总而言之…

In conclusion, …

= To sum up, …

例︰总而言之, 好国民应该遵守交通规则。In conclusion, a good citizen should abide by traffic regulations.

10. 因此, 我们能下个结论, 那就是…

We can, therefore, come to the conclusion (that)子句

例︰因此, 我们能下个结论, 那就是世上自由罪珍贵。We can, therefore, come to the conclusion that nothing is so precious as freedom in the world.

11. 如果我们能做到如上所述, 毫无疑问地…

If we can do as mentioned above, there can be no doubt (that)子句

例︰如果我们能做到如上所述, 毫无疑问地, 我们就能精通英语。If we can do as mentioned above, there can be no doubt that we can master English

12. 因此, 这就是…的原因

Thus, this is the reason why ….

例︰因此, 这就是我重感冒的原因。Thus, this is the reason why I caught a bad cold.

13. 所以, 我们应该了解…

Therefore, we should realize (that)子句

例︰所以? 我们应该了解学英文不能没有字典。Therefore, we should realize that in learning English we cannot do without a dictionary.

14. 因此, 由上列的讨论我们可以明了…

We, therefore, can make clear from the above discussion (that)子句

例︰因此, 由上列的讨论我们可以明了毅力可以克服任何困难。We, therefore, can make clear from the above discussion that perseverance can overcome any difficulty.



From the ~ point of view, ….


According to ~ point of view, ….

例︰从政治的观点来看? 这是一个很复杂的问题。

From the political point


1.From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that …


2. Taking all these factors into consideration, we naturally come to the conclusion that…把所有这些因素加以考虑,我们自然会得出结论…

3.Overall, there is compelling evidence that …, and it follows that in this respect …总的说来,令人信服的证据是…,而且在这方面随之而来的是…

4.The analysis we have made leads to a sound idea that …由我们的分析得出一个正确的见解,即…

5.Taking into account all these factors, we may reasonably come to the conclusion that …考虑所有这些因素,我们可能会得出合理的结论…

6. Therefore, we can reach the following conclusion … 因此,我们可以得出这样的结论…

7.The evidence upon all sides leads to a just conclusion that …基于各方面证据,就产生这样一个公正的结论。

8.All the analysis justifies an unshakable view that …所有分析证实了一个不可动摇的观点,即…

9.All reliable evidence points to the fact that …所有可靠的证据都表明这一事实…

10.All the evidence supports an unmistakable conclusion that …所有的证据都支持一个毫无疑问的结论…