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Actually, I’ve thought about all these. As an independent and active girl, I cert ainly can handle all the problems. I insist on my choice, but I really value my parents’ agreement.


1. 概括短文要点,字数为30词左右;

2. 假设你是这位学生的班主任,该生向你求助,希望你能帮她说服她的父母,请写下你要对家长说的话,字数为120词左右,至少包括以下内容:

(1)客观分析去外地读大学和留在广州读大学的利与弊; (2)陈述你支持这位学生的理由。

3. 标题自拟。

One possible version:

Where to Go for University?

The author described a conflict between her parents and herself on whether to go to Wuhan University. As an independent girl, she wants to experience more in another city while her parents worry a lot.

As her head teacher, I have the responsibility to help solve the problem even without her begging. Firstly, I should admit I really understand your feelings. Parents always love and care for their children no matter how old they are. It actually is a great challenge for a young girl to study in another city. What’s more, when in the 4th year, she may have to come back to Guangzhou several times to seek a good job here.

As an old saying goes, every coin has two sides. If you see it in a more optimistic way, you’ll find more benefits. In my memory, she’s always independent and strong. No matter what happens, she remains calm and intelligent. As a consequence, I believe she could handle everything. Additionally, Wuhan University is a most famous university in China, so, if she spares no efforts to study, she’ll certainly get a dreaming job. Most importantly, it’s a good opportunity to broaden her horizons and make more friends.

All in all, I’m fully convinced that to study in another city is really a good way to enrich one’s life experience.

3. 阅读下面的短文,然后按要求写一篇150词左右的英语短文。

An English proverb goes like this , " Spare the rod and spoil the child ." It implies that in order to enable a child to grow healthily , parents must make him eat bitter foods, do hard work and be sent to places where he can get the fullest training and knowledge.

First of all , eating bitter foods is necessary for a child . Poor food can help cultivate in him the frugal (节俭的 ) habit and make him realize what we eat daily is the fruit of the sweat of the laboring people . Consequently , he will not be wasteful when he grows up . Secondly , parents should also make the child do hard work . Doing hard work will give him an opportunity to taste the bitterness of labor. Moreover, hard work may also enable him to cherish the fruit of other's labor. Finally , children should be sent to somewhere where life is hard if possible . Human society is full of tests and trials . Flowers from a greenhouse can never withstand a storm . Therefore, children should be allowed to face the world and brave the storm . It is in difficult conditions that young people can get the most training and learn how to solve the problems in various circumstances .


1. 概括短文的内容要点,该部分的词数大约为30;

2. 就" 童年时代需要艰难生活的磨砺" 这一主题发表你的看法,该部分的词数大约为120。


(1)描述你的童年生活 (2)你对童年时期的生活有怎样的认识

One possible version:

2).To make the child grow strong, parents should make him eat poor food, do hard work, and experience life in bad conditions, with which a child will value the labour and be capable of facing hardship.

I lived a happy childhood. Not only did my parents love me form the bottom of heart, but also they gave me chances to increase my ability. My parents attached primary importance to the management of my pocket money, which led to the consequence that often I could only watch my friends eating candies with my empty pocket. This experience helped me wake up to the truth that my parents worked hard to earn a life, and so would I in the future.

As the saying goes, "No pains, no gains." it is obvious that the way one lives his childhood plays an important part in his development. If one is brought up in a family that is wasteful, he is likely to be lazy when he grows up. On the other hand, a child who lives a hard life in his childhood, learning that one must be independent and frugal to face challenge, is bound to be strong. On parents' part, they can teach the child to help support the family. More can be done apart from food, hard work and bad conditions.

Instead of being spoiled, children should eat bitter food to learn to be frugal, do hard work to learn to cherish, and be sent to somewhere tough to learn to be brave.

4. 阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇150左右的英语短文。

Honesty is one of the most treasured traditional values in China. The children are taught to be honest when they are very young. At schools the students are also instructed to be honest.

However , with the development of society, we often hear complaints about dishonesty. Reports with the theme of dishonesty often appear in the media. For example, some people try to get rich and live a comfortable life. But they do not work hard honestly, instead they cheat others. They sell something quite ordinary at a very high price. Some people's delaying paying back the loan can serve as another example. Some people, including some college students, get loan from the bank, and promise to pay within, say, 3 years. However, they don't do that.

The dishonest people sometimes can get benefit from their behaviors. So some people assert that dishonesty can bring people benefit, while honesty only makes people suffer. Is that so? Definitely not. It is always true that honesty is the best policy. It pays to be honest. The cheater selling "the treasure" mentioned above will surely be disclosed and punished some day.

On the contrary, if he had been honest, neither the buyer nor he himself would have suffered. The people who do not return money in time will sooner or later become infamous, and will not get the money from others again. If he had acted differently, he would have earned respect and trust, meanwhile, the bank would not have suffered from loss.


1. 以约30个词概括短文的要点。2. 然后以约120个词就“诚实”的主题发表看法,并包括以下要点:


One possible version:

The passage mainly tells us that nowadays many people are dishonest for their own benefit. Because not only they neglect our traditional values, but also they want to escape being punished.

Dishonesty does great harm to our society. It can destroy our good relationship with others, bringing lots of unstable factors to the society. Sometimes, it may even affect people’s health.

Why should we be honest? Firstly, being honest is one of Chinese traditional virtues which we should carry forward. Secondly, friendship is based on honesty. Seeing that the honest person is reliable, most of people are willing to make friends with them. Thirdly, honesty is very important for us to build a harmonious society and realize our spiritual civilization.

As students, we should act honestly every day and never cheat others, including cheat in exams. Besides, we should help those who are dishonest correct their mistakes. Only in this way can we win respect from others.