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1. 用副词开头,常见的情形有:

(1) 副词修饰全句

Luckily, he didn’t know my phone number; otherwise, he would bother me.

Incredibly, Helena got straight A in her school report this semester.

Interestingly, cats and dogs can hardly get along well in a house.


obviously undoubtedly

apparently fortunately

clearly unfortunately

incredibly luckily

unluckily surprisingly


这些副词大多数表示说话人对全句的看法,在意思上相等与 “It is ... 形容词that ...” 。 e.g:

Obviously,he is nervous about the test. =It is obvious that he is nervous about the test.

Unfortunately,he tripped over and fell in the mud. =It is unfortunate that he tripped over and fell in the mud.

(2) 强调副词

Hurriedly,the man drew me a scratch map to show me the direction.

Dangerously,the drunkard sped down the street.

Slowly and gently,snowflakes were drifting down from the sky.

(3) 副词表示某一地域或某一领域

Geographically,Canada is the biggest country in the world.

Financially,she is independent, but emotionally she is dependent.

2. 用插入语开头,表示说话人的态度,或使句子的意思更加准确:

Strangely enough,Jennifer does not enjoy sunshine and beach.

Generally speaking,winter in Vancouver is gloomy.


no wonder no doubt

in other words in my opinion

in conclusion in fact

as a matter of fact

3. 用形容词、并列形容词或形容词短语开头,修饰句子的主语,表示主语的特征或状态:

Frantic,the young mother rushed out the door with the baby in her arms.

Tasty and crisp,potato chip are a favorite snack for both children and adults.

Happy at his good marks at school,the little boy skipped on his way home.

Desperate and hopeless,the poor man committed suicide.

4. 用分词、分词短语开头:

(a) 修饰句子主语,表示主语所处的状态或主语同时进行的另一个较谓语动词次要的动作:

Scared,the girl moved timidly and cautiously into the dark room.( 状态)

Chased by my dear pet cat, the mouse dashed into a small hole.( 状态 )

Spoiled by his parents,the naughty boy always insists on things he wants.( 状态)

Puffing and hugging,he finished his run.( 另一动作)

Looking at herself in the mirror,she fingered her silk scarf on her shoulder.( 另一动作)

(b) 修饰谓语动词,表示原因、时间等

Lying down on the couch,he felt much relaxed.( 时间)

Feeling bored,she turned on the TV and switched from channel to channel.( 原因)

Wanting to find out the business hour,she called the store.( 原因)

Having completed the form,he mailed it out immediately.( 时间)







托福写作开头运用提问的方式,可以让你的开头段与众不同的托福写作方法。提问法是以问题为导向,引起读者兴趣,引导你的读者跟随你的思路走进你的思维世界。利用提问的方式,还能够引发读者的思考,从而让读者能够对这个问题产生共鸣。此外,提问的表达方式有时还能够起到强调的作用,利用反问的方式,能够帮助考生强调自己的观点。例如:There has been undesirable trend in recent years towards the worship of money. A recent survey showed that X percent of respondents ranked getting rich as their top priority,compared to X percent only a few years ago. Why do people fail to realize that wealth does not necessarily bring happiness?从这个开头段中可以看出,首先也是题目要讨论的话题,但是最后一句用一个“反问”的方式,提出要讨论的话题,还起到了强调的作用,能够引起读者共鸣,引发思考。



1、According to the first graph, it can be seen that ______________, it can also be concluded from it that


2、There is an interesting and instructive picture which goes like this: ______________.

3、Nowadays there is a growing concern over ______________. Many people like ______________, while others are inclined to ______________.

4、Nowadays, it is common to ______________. Many people like ______________ because ______________. Besides, ______________.

5、 ______________, just like many other things, are preferred by ______________. While being attacked by the idea that ______________, some people consider ______________. They point that ______________.

6、Everything has two sides and ______________ is not an exception, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

7、For years ______________ had been viewed as ______________. But people are taking a fresh look at it now.

8、It has stipulated by the government that ______________. To this stipulation, many people respond actively because ______________.

9、______________ is a common occurrence in our daily life. Whatever we do, ______________ can't be avoided.

10、______________ has become a hot topic among people, especially among the young, and heated debates are right on their way.

11、Recently, ______________ has become the focus of the society, and in this way.. People swarm to


12、______________ has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. It has brought us a lot of benefits but created some serious problems as well.

13、Man is now facing a big problem-______________, which is becoming more and more serious. First,

______________ second, ______________.

14、Nowadays more and more people are beginning to be aware of the seriousness of ______________.

15、It is only during the last years that man has become generally aware that ______________.

16、There is an old saying, ______________. It's the experience of our forefathers, however, it is correct in many cases ever today.

17、The English proverb says, ______________. This is quite true because ______________.

18、______________ is now______________, and at the same time ______________. These two factors have caused ______________. Then what shall we do to solve ______________ in the face of such a situation.

19、One of our ancient philosophers said, ______________. Chinese people have always been holding this idea to be one of their standards of morality.

20、One of the great early writers said that ______________. If this is true, the present situation should make us ponder over ______________.