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Assignment #2

The beach is a good place to visit in the summer, so we can see a lot of people to play on the beach every day. But when people left they always discarded a lot of garbage on the beach, small pieces of trash for trash such as water-bottles, ripped Styrofoam plates, cigarette buds, and pieces of coal and so on. And some of us often throw rubbish into the sea. So the seas are polluted seriously.

Last week, I participated in Heal the Bay and helped clean up Dockweiler Beach. This is a very meaningful thing for me, I am very appreciate my teacher X. Hernandez to give me this opportunity. When I got there, the teacher put me and other two students in a group, and we were given plastic bags, gloves, and a paper with a checklist to check the objects we would find. Then we began to cleaning up. When I saw our garbage into full, I feel very happy but also very frustrated. Because I did something I can do for protect the environment but I also have witnessed the people damage to the environment at the same time. The activity is really instructive. It made me aware of the importance of environmental protection.

Who is willing to drink the polluted water? It can cause us to be ill and even to die. We can't wait for a moment to protect our water sources. I had read an article in world Daily. It reports that water pollution exists not only in sea it also in some rivers and lakes. The water we use comes from oceans,

lakes, rivers or streams. But many of these water sources are getting seriously polluted. Towns and cities are pouring dust into the water. Many people are throwing all kinds of dirty things into the water. Factories are pouring waste material into the water. Therefore, water sources have become so badly polluted that some of the water is unfit to drink or to use. Furthermore, wherever we go today, we can find rubbish carelessly disposed. Now it is high time that we should do something to protect our water environment from being polluted.

The environmental protection is the most major problem which in the modern life the humanity faces. If we want solve this problem we must start from foundation. First, we should stop throw rubbish and being poured continuously into the sea. Second ,we should make improvement to clean aspect ,we need to pick up litter around us. You'd better join a programmed to protect our environment. Finally, we can plant more trees. For Earth's tomorrow, we must start from the now diligently, will want the well local constable to protect the environment.

The earth is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for our later generations. We must face the situation that exists and take actions to solve our environmental problems. We've done a good deal of work, but there's still a long way to go. We must keep on fighting until we find ways to protect the environment from being polluted, and do away with pollution. We are sure that we'll win the battle.