A Trip to Mountain Tai泰山旅行小作文
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A Trip to Mountain Tai

Last summer vacation, I had an exciting trip.|

I went to climb Mountain Tai with my good friends. We took a bus there. We saw some farms and villages along the way. When we got there, we were so excited that we began to climb the mountain at once. In the mountain, the air was really clean and fresh, and there were many beautiful flowers and old trees on the way. At noon, we had a great picnic, and the food was very delicious. After that we took quite a lot of photos. At the end of the day, we were all tired but we really had a good time.

All in all, we felt happy and relaxed during the trip. Mountain Tai is an interesting place to have fun. If I have another chance, I hope to go there again.

A Relaxing Weekend

My best friend, Lucy, had a relaxing time last weekend. Let me tell you what she did on the weekend.

On Saturday, she camped by the lake with her classmate. In the morning ,they took the bus from their school to the lake. They saw lots of forest along the way. When they got there, they were so excited that they put up the tent quickly. At lunch, they had a picnic by themselves, but the food tasted delicious. In the afternoon, they also flew the kites. It was fun to fly kites. In the evening, they told stories about history. Then they went to sleep quickly.

She said it was an exciting day. I also think so. If I have a chance, I hope to go there.



A :Hello, Helen speak?

B :Hello, Helen, 1. A :Not bad. Are you at home now?

B :Yes, I am.

A :B :I am ready a storybook.

A :.

B :Yes, I’d love to. I know there is a new cinema in town.

A :B :it ’s on Long Street and across from the back of China. We can ride our bikes there. A :B :Ok! See you in the front of the cinema.


A :Morning, Linda!

B :Morning.

A :B :I live in a village.

A :B :It ’s about ten kilometers from my home to school. I think it is far. I need to get up early. A :B :I usually get up bat 5:40.

A :B :Yes, I eat breakfast at home.

A :B :I always walk to school. Sometimes, I take the bus.

A :I think walking is good for your health.

B :You are right. I like walking very much.


A :Do you know Li Yuchun?

B :Li Yuchun? I don’A :She ’s a popular singer.

B :A :She ’B :Look! Who’s that woman over there?

A :Which one?

B :The woman with long blonde hair.

A :The one with long blonde hair? She’s our English teacher.

B : A :She ’s kind to us.

B : A :Yes, we all like her.