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(一) My Favorite Pastime

Sample 1:

My favorite pastime is writing. You may not think it is a pastime. But to me it is, because it is a form of relaxation that takes my mind away from other things when I feel tired.

I began to like writing when I was a pupil in primary school. I was imaginative and created many interesting stories at that time. When I told my stories to my friends on our way home from school, they enjoyed them. Then telling a story I wrote on the way back home soon became my regular practice. That made me really happy. I had never thought of writing as entertainment before. Sometimes I wrote down my stories and passed them around among my classmates.

When I was in high school, I began to like poems. This was because of the influence of my best friend. She liked poems very much, so gradually I learned to appreciate poems. When I am writing poems, I can concentrate for a long time, totally losing myself. No matter whether I am happy or sad I start writing poems to express myself.

Let me tell you a little secret. Now I ’m writing a science fiction about time travel. I’m sure it is original and interesting. However, writing definitely takes time, and how I wish I could have more time to pursue this hobby. I may not become a professional writer, but I will always enjoy writing.

Sample 2:

I usually spend my leisure time on various things such as watching TV , reading, swimming and playing table tennis. But if you ask me what ’s my favorite pastime, I would definitely say that it is playing computer games.

I like computer games and surfing on the Internet. Many people believe playing computer games is harmful to one’s health, especially to the eyes. But I don’t quite agree. I think playing computer games benefits me. First, as a way of relaxation, it also gives me a sense of accomplishment. Secondly, I gain a lot of knowledge I cannot find in textbooks. For instance, when I played Civilization II, I began to realize the importance of science, because it was impossible to defeat the enemy in the game if you didn’t develop science. Finally and most importantly, I have to use an English-Chinese dictionary from time to time because most of the games are in English. So the more games I play, the greater progress I make in English. The games are entertaining and instructive.

I also like surfing on the Internet. There is a huge amount of information there. It has become more and more popular and important. It is said that those who control the Internet will conquer the world in the future. That is perhaps an illusion but I want to be a master of the future.

In a word, I like playing with my computer very much. It appeals to my curiosity and my desire to escape from the limited world of my room.

(二) On the Spring Festival Gala

In recent years, attitudes towards Spring Festival Gala have varied a lot. (提出一种社会现象) Some people take it for granted that it should be cancelled or replaced by other programs, while others such as the majority of mid-aged people and senior citizens uphold the importance of the traditional performance. (提出两种人对该社会现象的不同看法) As to me, I am in favor of the latter opinion.(做出自己的选择)提出观点段

Of course, the Spring Festival Gala, lasting about 4 hours, makes some people feel a little bit bored.(承认“我”所不赞同的观点有一定合理性) They hold this opinion because the forms of most programs are familiar to the audience and the programs lack originality.(进一步说明,支持前句的论点) But it is worth noting that most people still have a strong feeling about the Spring Festival Gala and no better programs can replace it at present.(转折指出“我”所不赞同的观点的不足) From my point of view, the Spring Festival Gala should be kept as most people wish. (承上启下,引出“我”的观点)反面论证段

The following reasons can contribute to my argument. (引出对支持“我”的观点的理由的阐述First, the Spring Festival Gala adds to fun and excitement and makes a happy festival atmosphere.(阐述“我 ”的理由一) A good example to illustrate is that cross talks and other comic

performances always bring people a lot of laughter.(举例说明理由一) Second, the directors of the Spring Festival Gala are trying harder to adapt the programs to meet the obvious changes of the audience’s tastes.(阐述“我 ”的理由二) From the foregoing, the Spring Festival Gala is still an indispensable part of the New Year’s Eve.(总结全文,重申“我 ”的观点)正面论证段

(三) My View on Double Degree

1. 现在大学生读双学位的现象十分普遍

2. 分析这种现象出现的原因

3. “我”的看法

My View on Double Degree(现象解释型)

描述现象段(1)开门见山,总述现象Nowadays, many college students would like to take double degree.(2)阐述现象的具体表现或变化 Usually, students who want to get double degree are those majoring in arts. (3)进一步阐述现象,强化主题In addition, business turns to be the most favorable second major. (4)过渡句,引出下文对原因的分析,也可放在下段开头The reasons for this phenomenon are varied. 说明原因段(5)承上启下,列举原因一Among all these reasons, the fierce competition in the job market plays a critical role. (6)进一步说明原因一The fierce competition compels college students to seize any

opportunity which can help them stand a better chance in the job market.

(7)列举原因二 Moreover, the expensive tuition and fees motivate the students to learn more in order to find a satisfactory job after graduation and compensate the expenditure in the college education. (8)列举原因三Besides, quite a few students have to choose a hot second major since their first majors prepare them for a bleak job market.

阐述观点段(9)“我”的态度In my opinion, it’s not so beneficial and rewarding to take double degree.(10)持此态度或出现该趋势的原因一 For one thing, students can’t fully concentrate on the first major, so they can’t have a good command of the professional knowledge. (11)持此态度或出现该趋势的原因二For another, what they learn from the second major is only something skin-deep in that field.(12)重申观点,总结全文 Therefore, it’s not advisable to take double degree.

(四) Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way

1. 怎样理解“有志者事竟成”

2. 试举例说明

Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way

(提出观点段) The proverb “Where there is a will, there is a way ” has been generally accepted.(开门见山,直接提出论点) It tells us that as long as a person possesses a strong will he will certainly accomplish a task no matter how difficult it is.(阐释论点的含义) The truth of it is deep and profound.(强调论点的


(论证观点段) There are numerous examples supporting this argument.(承上启下,引出对观点的论证) A case in point is that Karl Marx, who spent five years on his greatest work Das Kapital, won the respect of people all over the world.(例证一) This is close to suggest that a strong will is a vital factor to one’s final success.(指出例证一蕴含的道理—换种方式表达论点) For another example, Cao Xueqin was confronted with great hardship in his pursuit for literature, but he finally completed his world-famous book Dreams of Red Chamber.(例证二) If he had given up on the half way, we would have no opportunity to appreciate such an excellence.(进一步说明例证二) Moreover, among college students, those who persist in studying hard and make it eventually, are also good examples.(例证三/其他论据)


Judging from the evidence offered, we might safely draw the conclusion that if we wish to succeed, we must firstly have a resolution and remember the saying“Where there is a will, there is a way”(承接上文,重申观点). But what is worth noting is that a strong will should be accompanied by a right direction leading to the success.(指出需要注意或考虑的问题或违背该

观点可能带来的影响) To conclude, whatever you do, please remember “Where there is a will, there is a way”(总结全文,指出正确的做法或态度)

(五). The Ability to Make a Public Speech Is Important

1. 演讲能力十分重要


You should write at least 120 words.

The Ability to Make a Public Speech Is Important

(提出观点段)The ability to make a public speech is of great importance.(开门见山,直接提出论点) For anyone, whether ordinary people or statesmen, the ability to make a public speech directly decides whether they could attract the listeners’ attention. (阐述观点的正确性表现一) No doubt, it also reveals the speaker ’s charming personality and can help the speaker establish a good image.(阐述观点的正确性表现二)

(论证观点段)Many remarkable reasons contribute to this argument. (承上启下,引出对观点的论证) Above all, the good ability to make a public speech can precisely convey the speaker ’s thoughts. (列举论据一) Therefore, he can successfully make himself understood. (进一步说明论据一) What ’s more, a persuasive public speech can help the speaker

win support from the audience. (列举论据二) For example, every four years in America, president candidates compete to win votes by making speeches around the country.(举例说明论据二) In addition, an inspiring public speech can lighten the audience ’s mood.(列举论据三)

(总结观点段)All mentioned above tells us that an excellent public speech has tremendous power. (承接上文,重申观点)The lack of this ability may result in ineffective communication. (分析违背该观点可能带来的影响)Therefore, there is no denying that the ability to make a public speech should be fostered and attached great importance to.(指出应该采取的态度或做法)

(六)On the Spring Festival Gala

1. 许多人喜欢在除夕夜观看春节晚会

2. 有些人提出取消春节晚会

3. 我的看法

(七) A True Friend

1. “我” 所经历的一件最能体现患难见真情的事

2. 事件的经过

3. “我 ”的看法或感受

(八)How I Finance My College Education

1. 上大学的费用(tuition and fees)可以通过多种途径


2. 哪种途径适合我(说明理由)

A True Friend


One summer evening, a huge flood stroke my village.(指出事件发生的背景) It was Li Hong and her family took us out of the floodwater when my family were helpless.(进一步描述背景事件) It made me realize how lucky I am to have such a good friend who is willing to help me in time.(事件带来的影响, 受关注程度或重要性)


At first, the flood damaged the dam near which my family lived.(事件最开始时的情况)Then, it rushed into my house and swept away everything we had.(事件接下来发生的情况) When the floodwater finally receded, my house was standing there with no roof and no walls.(事件的进展) And it impressed me most that Li Hong and her family came to help us out of the

floodwater, though facing a lot of difficulties.(事件的突出表现) As a result, my family was saved and invited to live with Li Hong and her parents until my house was rebuilt.(事件的最终结果)


Such an incident teaches us an important moral, that is, a friend in need is a friend indeed.(“我”从这件事情中得到的感受或启示) Li Hong helped me and my family when we are in need of help(“我”的感受一). Furthermore, she encouraged me and eased my uncomfortable feelings when living with her family.(“我”的感受二) In conclusion, I do believe that a friend in need is a friend indeed.(总结全文, 得出结论)

(九) Making Friends Selectively or Extensively?


2. 另一些人认为应该广泛地交朋友

3. “我”的看法

Making Friends Selectively or Extensively?(对比选择型) (提出观点段) ①(提出要讨论的主题,引出两种不同的观点或选择)When it comes to whether we should make friends selectively or extensively, there is no complete agreement among people. ②(一部分人的选择)Some people take it for granted that we should make friends selectively and carefully.

③(另一部分人的选择)However, others maintain that making friends extensively should be regarded as the better choice.

(对比论证段)④(阐述支持选择一的理由一)Those people who hold the first opinion believe that it ’s sensible to look for friends who have the similar ideal and outlook on life as well as temperament. ⑤(阐述支持选择一的理由二)In addition, they needn’t waste their time dealing with the people they don ’t like and prevent themselves from being affected by those vulgar people . ⑥(引出选择二的理由)However, still others think differently . ⑦(阐述支持选择二的理由一) In their opinions, the more friends we make, the easier our life will be. ⑧(阐述支持选择二的理由二)Besides, they argue we can turn to friends for help whenever we run into trouble and difficulties.

(观点总结段)⑨(表明“我”的个人选择)Weighing up these two arguments, I prefer the former opinion. ⑩(阐述支持“我”的选择的理由一) For one thing, not all friends are suitable for us and easy to get along with. (11)(阐述支持“我”的选择的理由二)For another, friends with similar goals will help us sweep off difficulties. (12)(重申观点或提出建议,总结全文)Considering these, we may reasonably conclude that making friends selectively can bring us a true friend.

(十)The Relationshio Between Love and Study

1. 有些人认为谈恋爱会促进学习

2. 有些人却认为谈恋爱会影响学习

3. “我”的看法

The Relationshio Between Love and Study(对比选择型)

提出观点段(1)提出要讨论的主题,引出两种不同的观点When it comes to the relationship between love and study on campus, there is no complete agreement among people. (2)一部分人的观点Some people take it for granted that love surely has a bad influence on students’ academic performance.(3) 另一部分人的观点However, others maintain that love can promote students ’ study.

对比论证段(4)阐述支持观点的理由一Those people who hold the first opinion believe love will cost students too much time. (5)阐述支持观点的理由二 In addition, love will absolutely draw students’ attention from study.(6)引出观点二的理由 However, still others think differently.(7)阐述支持观点二的理由一 In their opinions, love gives students a kind of power which pushes the lovers to study towards a common object.(8) 阐述支持观点二的理由二Besides, they argue that love can make students ’ spiritual life colorful and arouse their study potential.

总结观点段(9)表明“我”的个人选择Weighing up these two arguments, I think love, if controlled to a proper extend, will benefit students’ study. (10)阐述支持“我”的选择的理由

一 For one thing, a true lover will never stand aside while another falls behind in his or her study.(11)阐述支持“我”的选择的理由二 For another, love brings students pleasure and motivates them to study towards the same goal. (12)重申观点,总结全文Taking above-mentioned factors into consideration, we may reasonably conclude that love and study really don ’t contradict each other.

(十一) On Excessive Packaging

(1)Wandering at the supermarkets, you can never fail to notice the phenomenon that the shelves are filled with fancy and excessively-packaged commodities with high prices, which is especially true when festivals are approaching. However, the problem of excessive packaging has aroused people ’s wide concern.

(2)There are a number of reasons responsible for this phenomenon. (3)For one thing, it benefits manufacturers a lot in terms of profits by raising the prices of those products which are beautifully packaged. (4)For another , chances are that

excessively-packaged goods may satisfy the vanity of those customers assuming that good package is always associated with high quality.

However, (5)from my perspective, despite the fact that excessive packaging does have the effect that both manufacturers and consumers are expecting, it is indeed a waste of resources and may even pose environmental pollution due to careless littering. (6) Thus, manufacturers and customers alike, as well as administrations concerned, should launch a campaign against excessive packaging in accordance with economical society.

(1) 引出过度包装的现象,现在分词结构﹑同位语从句和定


(2) 使用主题句概括了本段的中心思想。

(3) 使用For one thing 从生产商的角度分析过度包装的原


(4) 用For another 引出从消费者的角度分析过度包装的原


(5) 使用常用词语from my perspective 引出作者对这一现

象的看法,despite the fact…结构为高分表达。

(6) 提出建议,期中launch a campaign against, in accordance

with 为高分表达。

44. there have been hundreds of thefts and cases of deliberate

damaging of public property.

45. Things get stolen when it is easy to steal them, because they

are left lying around unwatched.

46. A better way to solve this problem might be for all of us to

be more careful with our things.

87. hadn’t been watered for a long time.

88. one thousand pounds cheaper than mine.

89. as well listen to the music.

90. the light on and the door open

91. have been translated into multiple languages.