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In order to prevent diseases and keep healthy,what shoud you do?Here are some suggestions.

It's of great importance to protect yourself from illnesses.In order to keep healthy,you can first exercise every day to make your body strong enough.Also,a balanced diet is also beneficial,you can get nutrition from what you eat. What's more,don't go to crowded places,where you may be infected with illnesses.Last but not least,drink more boiled water and often change your clothes,which do good to your healthy.

From the aspects of society and the country, prevention is better than cure. Out of a country’s health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventative measures. First of all, many kinds of diseases are preventable and preventing a disease is usually much cheaper than treating it. For example, people could prevent catching a cold if they dress warmly and get good rest when the weather first gets cold in the winter. But many people get sick because they fail to do so and have to spend much more money seeing a doctor . Small things such as smoking less or eating more healthy food would have kept millions of families from becoming bankrupt if the patients took measures for early cancer prevention. In additi on, health education also plays a key role in improving people’s health. By giving people more information about health, countries could help people understand the importance of disease prevention and ways to

achieve it. However, emphasizing on disease prevention is not downplaying the significance of medical treatment. After all, prevention and treatment are just two different means toward the same effect. In conclusion, we could save money in health care and treat patients more successfully if our country uses more money on health prevention and education.

Astronomers all over the world are very enthusiastic about outer space exploration now. some even hope to find aliens in the outer space. but according to eminent physicist stephen hawking, making contact with aliens would be a very bad idea indeed.Hawking said:"if aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the native Americans". what is your opinion? write a passage in about 200 words explaining how you feel about aliens.

世界各地的天文学家都非常热衷于外太空探索。有些人甚至希望找到外星人在外层空间。但根据著名物理学家斯蒂芬·霍金, 接触外星人确实将是一个非常糟糕的主意。霍金说:“如果外星人拜访我们, 结果将是哥伦布在美洲登陆的时候, 没有了对印第安人”。你的意见是什么? 写一段约200字说明你觉得外星人。

Is Outer Space Worth Exploring

Almost everyday we may see something in the newspaper or on TV about the latest exciting developments in space exploration. There is an immense pride in our science and technology and a sense of its importance for the welfare of mankind.

Not everyone , however, shares this feeling. Ever since space research began, it has been criticized as a huge waste of money and other resources, which might be used to help to relieve the suffering of the earth’s starving millions. It has also been felt that the space program might lead to the total destruction of the earth.

Despite these disadvantages and potential dangers, the advantages are far greater. We have already succeeded in using satellites for communications, weather forecast and oil exploration and with further space research, more problems we are having now can be solved. For instance, with the success of space shuttles and the feasibility of living in other planets, we may solve the population problem on the earth. Space projects will also enable us to find a few chemical elements to cure presently incurable diseases.



然而, 并不是每个人都分享这种感觉。自从空间研究开始, 它被批评为一个巨大的浪费金钱和其他资源, 这可能会被用来帮助来缓解地球数百万挨饿的痛苦。它也认为, 太空计划可能会导致地球的毁灭。

尽管有这些缺点和潜在的危险, 更大的优势。我们已经成功地使用卫星进行通信、天气预报和石油勘探和进一步的空间研究, 可以解决更多的问题我们现在拥有。例如, 航天飞机的成功和生活在其他星球的可行性, 我们可以解决地球上的人口问题。空间项目也将使我们能够找到一些化学元素治疗目前无法治愈的疾病。

太空探索不仅有助于改善人类生活质量, 而且还对我们理解万物相互依存的, 因此, 需要采取更好的照顾彼此。

Man has been fascinated by outer space for thousands of years. It has been almost over forty years since man's first landing on the moon.

Now, some people believe that space exploration is a sheer waste of time and money. They point out the fact that it cost billions of dollars to carry on the space research, but a little information was brought back.

However, every coin has two sides. There are still a majority of other people who believe that space exploration has more advantages. And I agree with those people. Many new products, such as weather and communication satellites, are also products of space programs, and they have benefited people all over the world. And what's more, scientific knowledge about outer space has been acquired by mankind.

We believed that it wi!/bring more benefits in the future, which we can not even imagine now. Space exploration is a challenge to human beings. That's why several nations try hard to carry out space exploration continuously.





ones were mostly funded by private enterprises for commercial uses.


星凝视和好奇心的空间来自远古时代的人类历史, 这并不是新的。1957年10月4日, 苏联(苏联) 成功发射人造卫星, 太空卫星送入地球轨道, 但第一个载人航天是直到1961年, 当再次, 苏联宇航员尤里加加林推出了他们的第一个宇宙飞船。

从那时起美国和苏联之间的太空竞赛是不间断的, 两国大量成本。苏联的分手后, 太空竞赛已经成为俄罗斯反对美国, 但后来的迟到者, 中国也加入了乐趣。

随着事实上太空探索这些年来没有先进lot.It 一直局限于内部和附近空间由于limitness 太空旅行的技术。主要和获得的最有用的事情, 这都是派遣satilites 进入地球轨道的通讯使用和其他用途。自从我第一人造卫星被发送到太空, 现在我们的地球轨道捣毁了无数各种各样的卫星, 除了通信卫星, 气象卫星, 地球科学卫星、军用卫星等等。这类空间卫星除了军事使用的大多是由民营企业为商业用途。