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There are four seasons in a year.

They are spring ,summer ,fall and winter.

I love spring best.

Because spring is a beautiful season.

When spring comes ,everything begins to grow.

The weather is warm and sunny .The trees turn green .The flowers come out .They are very beautiful.And people begins to do exercise .Look! In the park , Some old people are warking near the river.Someyong people are running around the road.

Some children are playing games under the big trees.They are very happy. My humorous friend

She doesn’t have long hair, but big eyes ,a small mouth . She is very slim .Her hobbies are taking photos , speaking English , playing badminton and reading books . There’re a lot of books in her bookshelves . She is very interested and humorous .

Today , she went to the south sea square . She met a man . The man said :‘Miss , can you help me ?’ ‘Ok, what can I do for you ?’ ‘Can you look for my dog ?’The man said :‘Oh!’Shesaid :‘A dog ! A dog! Go left and at the corner of the cafe shop , you can see it !’ ‘;Oh! Dear !’ The man came up to the corner and picked his dog . She came to the dog and told it‘Buby , be careful next time ! Don’t lose your master again . The man smiled and left her .

Yes , this is my best and humorous friend .

Do you line her?

My day

Today is Sunday. It is sunny. I don't go to school. I want go shopping. I get up at half past seven in the morning.I have some cereal and an egg

for breakfast. I go out at 8:00. The shop is near . I go there on foot. Many people are in the shop. I buy a pencil .

At 12:00 I go home for lunch. I have some vegetable and meat for lunch. I read a book in the afternoon. I eat some noodles and fruit for supper. After supper, I do my homework. then I watch TV. Later, I play on the sport. I lie on my bed. I listen to the radio.

I have a happy day .

Special Holiday

I had a fun and special holiday。On Monday,I did my homework and read some interesting story-books 。Tuesday morning,I went to a big nice supermarket 。I bought a lot of food 。Then I ate them 。Oh ,they were yummy !In the afternoon,I played ping-pong with my father。I won the match。I was so happy 。Wednesday morning ,I played chess with my mother 。My mother won the game。But I was not sad。Because it was only a game 。We played,we had fun。Wednesday evening,I watched TV with my parents。My parents are always busy 。They have no time to play with me 。But that night we were very close,very happy!

I love this special holiday!



My hobby

Do you know what’s my hobby? Swimming? Playing compute r games? No, they are not my hobbies.

To tell you the truth, my hobby is collecting all kinds of coins.

I have got coins from more than ten regions except Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao .There are four albums for keeping the coins. The coins are in different shapes. Circle, hexagon and octagon.Even erose ones.

Some coins are from my trip, such as Singapore coin, Malaysia coin, some coins are from my parents’ trip, such as Brazil coin, Korea coin and America coin. Some coins are from my parents’ friends, such as France, India and Finland.

I like the Euro best of all these coins. Look at this Germany coin! Brandenburger Tor(布兰登堡大门) is on one side of it. And Spain coin! There is the Cervantes(塞万提司) head portrait on one side of it. Different European countries have different designs on their coins. I like the Denmark coins too. I think they are lovely. Because there are some heart shapes on each coin. And there is a small hole in the centre of the coin.

The American coins are the most interesting ones. Do you know? Different states have different designed coins. So there are fifty-two kinds of coins in America!

Since starting collecting coins, I have learnt much knowledge from them. I knew Brandenburger Tor(布兰登堡大门) is one of the most famous building. It is the representation of classicalism building in Germany. I also knew Cervantes(塞万提司) is the writer of <<Don Juan>> and a known poet in Spain at the same time. I understand the America history of about 300 years. I hope I can set foot on this land. I can enter the hometown of Andersen ------ Denmark and enjoy the little mermaid(美人鱼铜像)„„and so on. I like collecting coins and I will continue this hobby. I hope I can collect the coins from all over the world.

My life

Good moring,everyone.Today I will tell you a story about My life.

Hello!I'm Pan Tao.I'm a girl and I'm nine.I'm from Tai Ming school.I study very hard.I like English lessons very much.I like spors and music.I can ride a bike and speak English.Peaches are my favourritefruit.I feel very happy,my life is very intersting!

A rainy Sunday

Last Sunday, It rained and rained .

I was at home ,In the morning , I was happy ,First , I finished my homework .Then I watched TV .Next I played the piano .After that , I danced in the living room , In the afternoon ,I painted a pictue . I listened to music.

I palyedchess .

How about you ? What did you do on Sunday ?

A Bee and A Candy

On e day, a bee saw a candy. He asked the candy:” Do you dare to fly with me?” The candy thought a little while and said:” OK, Let’s do it!” The bee said: “Let’s do it tomorrow. The destination is your master’s bed.”

The next day, before the competition, the bee bit the face of the candy’s master. The master got very angry. He threw the candy towards the bee. The candy whizzed past the bee, the bee was right after the candy, but he could not catch the candy, the candy got the championship.

一天,一只蜜蜂看见一颗糖果。他问糖果:“敢和我比飞行吗?”糖果想了想,回答道:“敢,而且要赢你!”蜜蜂说:“那就明天比吧,终点是你主人的床!” 第二天,比赛之前,蜜蜂不小心叮了糖果的主人,主人很愤怒,他拿起糖果就向蜜蜂扔去,只听“嗖”的一声,糖果飞了出去,没有砸到蜜蜂,却远远地超过了蜜蜂。蜜蜂在后面使劲地追着,但他失败了,糖果得了冠军。

My English teacher

My English teacher is Miss White. She looks young and very nice. She is tall and thin. She has short black hair and a small nose.. She has blue eyes and a big mouth .she has two small ears. She likes yellow and blue. She likes wearing(穿着) a blue dress . She likes bread,eggs,apples and fish very much.

She likes reading books. She often goes to the library . She likes

listening to music and playing sports,too. She is very friendly .After class she plays games with us. She is a good teacher. We love her very much.

My Last Winter Holiday

I was very busy last winter holiday. On February third,I did my housework. In the morning, I washed the clothes . In the afternoon , I cleaned my room. On fourth ,I painted pictures and listened to music. On fifth , I went to Gucheng with my parents. We bought many beautiful clothes and many good food. We ate good food in Gucheng .I was very happy. On sixth . I did my winter holiday homework first. Sometimes I played football and made a snowman with my friends.

I had a lot of fun on my winter holiday .I love winter holiday. my summer vacation

My summer vacation this year went to Wuhan Han River in Xiangfan.

Swimming there people with swimming circle, because there is a depth of 60 meters, where there is a diving platform.

Some small children lined up in an orderly one by one.Lookat!They play more fun ah.

I took the swim ring and my father came to the river in the middle. Now look down.

It is so deep.I'm river middle was amused, but I was very afraid.

A poster

Welcome to Jinqiao center primary school. There is a library in our school. It is big. There are many books in it. We can read books in library„„ Do you want to know more about the school? Welcome to our school! ----by Alice

My School Day

Now let me introduce one day in my school for you . My school day is very wonderful . We have Chinese , Math , English and some other interesting classes .

Yesterday , all the students sang and danced in the music class. I like my lessons ,my friends and my teachers .

What about you ? Can you tell me ?

My self

Hello! I'm zhangzhishan. I'm 11 years old.

I'm active and tall.Ihave two big eyes and a small nose.I like grapes, Thay are sweet and sour. I ofentwath TV and read books.

I can sweep the floor,cook the meals, clean the bedroom, empty the trash , wash theclothes, set the tadle, make the bed, do the dishes, put away the clot hes, use a computer. But I can‘t play cless .

I can helpful! What can you do?


crow felt very thirsty.

He looked for water everywhere.

Finally, he found a pitcher.

But there was not a lot of water in the pitcher.

His beak could not reach it.

He tried again and again, but still could not touch the water. When he was about to give up, an idea came to him.

He took a pebble and dropped it into the pitcher.

Then he took another and dropped it in.

Gradually, the water rose, and the crow was able to drink the water. Walking to School

I think going to school on foot is good for us. First of all, walking to school is a wonderful way to exercise and it’s good for our health. Second, it’s fun to walk together with my classmates on weekdays. We can talk about some thing funny and know each other better. What’s more, if we walk, our parents won’t need to drive us to school. It can save gasoline and less carbon dioxide will be released, our city will be cleaner. The streets won’t be as crowded as they are now. I do hope more and more students will go to school on foot.

The Great Wall

Since I was small, I have heard about the Great Wall, it is very long, a lot of people come to Beijingto watch it. In China, there is an old saying“One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero”. As it is so famous, I want to the site when I have a chance. I see many pictures about the Great Wall on the books, I also watch it through TV. Every time I see it, I feel so eager to reach there. My father traveled there once, he took many pictures, this is the first time I feel so close to the site. I must work hard, so I can have money to go to there.

I Like Riding Bicycle

When I was very small, I felt so envious to see the children riding bicycle, I thought they were so cool. So I tried so hard to learn how to ride it. I still remembered the day when I could ride bicycle and I was so proud. Today, bicycle is still my favorite transportation. On the one hand, I can exercise my body. I ride the bicycle to go to school, it is true that I do have the strong body, because I barely feel sick. On the other hand, riding the bicycle can protect our environment. Bicycle works with our legs instead of the gasoline. The gasoline burns and it lets out the air which can pollute our environment. So taking the bike is a good way to protect our environment. I think I will continue to keep bike as my favorite transportation.


Yesterday was my birthday, so some of my classmates sent me presents. Mother prepared a tea party for me. I invited all of them to come and take part in it. The tea party began at half past six. There were cold drinks and refreshments. We ate, talked and laughed. We felt that we were the happiest men in the world. Time passed quickly. In a twinkling, the clock on the wall struc k nine. We could not but say “Good-bye” to one another. My dog will be dead. She is very old. We have kept her for ten years. Now her hairs are falling. And she always lies on the ground. She can’t see very clearly. She eats a little. She becomes thin. She was very strong before. She is still guarding my family. She is one of my family member. Now we are all uneasy because she will die. I think you may know my thinking. Even if it is a dog, you can’t forget it. So these days, we feet her the best.