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Advertisements are forcing their way into people‟s lives. People refer to

advertisements in their daily lives because they are consumers. The advertisers are usually manufacturers, retailers and salesmen. Their merchandise needs to be advertised to bring it to the attention to the customers. Thus nearly every product is advertised in some way. To a large extent, good advertising leads to success while bad advertising can mean failure.

There are many ways to advertise and „ads‟ come in different forms. Newspapers carry advertisements. Some products are publicized on TV and radio which bring them into notice of a wide audience. Billboards also carry advertising. Advertising is a big industry now and many agencies have been set up to furnish a variety of forms.

However, advertising is not always truthful. A product is often misrepresented. The advertiser exaggerates the benefits of the merchandise he wants to sell. Thus, he

misrepresents the truth. The consumer falls victim to such advertising. Millions of people have bought advertised products and have been dissatisfied with them。





The Most Impressive Classmate in My College

The first time for me to go into the campus, I was so excited about the college life, at the same time, I also worried about the person I met. Now the fact is that I meet the good guys and I make a good friend. She is my classmate and she is so brave and never hesitates. I am so impressive about her.

In the college, I meet my roommate, her name is Lily, she is also my classmate. As we live together, we always have some contradictions, but Lily considers me in the first place. She will let me do what I want and what she does will never make me uncomfortable. I am older than her, but in front of her, I just like a kid. Lily is fearless and I admire her so much. When there is the performance or competition, Lily takes no hesitation to be part of it, while I am afraid of losing face. Lily said she is enjoying the moment and that is the youth, she doesn‟t want to regret when she is old.

Lily is such a brave friend, I am so lucky to be her friend.





Smoking and Health

There are so many people smoke in the world, though they know smoking is harmful to their health, they just could not get rid of it. The number of smoker increases very year, the worse thing is that some smokers don‟t realize they had bad effect on others. For the health, we should stay away from smoking.

Once people smoke, it is hard for them to get rid of it. Take my father for example. My father started to smoke when he had the job annoyance at the age of 30. Since then, he smoked now and then, the tried to quit many times, but he never made it, because his mind told him smoke all the time. My father is a typical smoker, many smokers like him have given up quitting smoke.

Smoking not only hurts one‟s health, but also brings bad effect on others. The

second-hand cigarette is harmful to the people who are around the smokers. The innocent people should not have to suffer from it. For everybody‟s health, it is our duty to keep away from smoking.





毕业生的压力 The Pressure of Graduate Students

Now I am a post graduate student, I will graduate next year, so I start to find jobs recently, I feel so much pressure, though I have good education, I still get rejection from the companies. The pressure of graduate students are so heavy, the competition is so fie rce that many students can‟t get the ideal jobs. They should adjust their strategies. 现在我是一名研究生,我明年就毕业了,因此我最近开始找工作,我感受到了很大的压力,虽然我有着高学历,但是我仍然受到了一些公司的拒绝。毕业生的压力是很大的,竞争是如此的激烈,以至于很多学生无法找到理想的工作。他们应该调整一下策略。

The pressure of graduate students is so heavy. On the one hand, they don‟t have experience, so they don‟t know how to get the job interview and miss many chances. On the other hand, there are more and more students have high education, some have

received higher education, some have studies abroad which make their resumes stand out. Those average students don‟t have advantages over the above mentioned ones.


Average students need to make their resumes specially, so they can have the chance. They can describe their characteristic to fit the job, the employers will see this and give you the chance. Students can also make their internship experience stand out, because the employers pay special attention to it.


The job pressure is heavy for every graduate student, if the students take the wise strategy, they can have more chances to get the job.


保护环境 Protect the Environment

Stepping into the new century, environment pollution has become more serious than ever since. There are different kinds of pollution. Such as, water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution and so on. It seems that we live on a planet which is full of pollution. Where all these pollution comes from? To a large extend, the environmental destruction is the heavy price that we pay for the rapid development of economy and the growing population. In order to have more fuel, people cut down trees and dig more corals. But the growing needs for energy are hardly to meet. Countless private cars on the street, the gas stations are short of gasoline, even the government has raise the price so many times in order to control the needs of gasoline, but it‟s still not working. Overusing the natural resources has already affected the ecological balance. However, the factories still release the toxic air into the sky and the polluted water into the rivers. People still lack of the conscious of protecting the environment. I think it‟s time for all of us to do something.

进入新世界以来,环境污染比任何时候都要严峻。有各式各样的污染:水污染,空气污染,噪音污染等等。看起来我们活着一个四周都是污染源的星球。那么,这些污染是从何而来的呢?在很大程度上,环境被破坏就是我们为快速的经济增长和人口增加所付出的惨烈代价。为了得到更多的能源,人们砍伐树木,挖更多的煤矿,但是还是难以维持日益增长的需求。不计其数的私家车充斥着公路,加油站的汽油严重短缺,政府多次上调油价也未能阻止私家车对汽油的需求。自然资源的过度利用已经影响到了生态平衡。然而,工厂依旧向外排放有毒气体,把工业废水倒入河里。人们依旧缺乏保护环境的意识。我认为人们应该做些事情了。 The government should put forward some more strict laws to prevent the environment from being further polluted. And they should let people know more about the importance of environment protection. And we should find the balance between the economic growth and environmental protection. Plant more trees in the deserts and stop cutting down the forest. Forbid the factories to pour the waste water into the rivers directly. Encourage people to use public transportations to work. Both government and ordinary people should join hands together to make our home clean and fresh again. Only in this way, our earth could be a better place to live in.


We all have many dreams, we want to travel around the world, have a taste of all

kin ds of food, be an engineer and so on. We are saying these because we can‟t realize these dreams in some time, we have to face the reality, it frustrates us to fulfill our dreams, in order to succeed, we need to find the balance between idealism and realism.


We live in a society that we can‟t abandon its restrictions. If we achieve our dreams at the cost of ignoring the present situation, we probably fail at last. Thinking about this, your family is poor, they can‟t afford for your further education, but you want to go on it, so you choose to further study, ask for your parents to offer all the things you need. At last, you will find your parents can‟t satisfy all your needs, what should you do? Seeing this, it is clearly that if we ignore the conflict between idealism and realism, fail comes at last. 我们生活在社会里,不能不受束缚。如果我们是以不顾现时情况的代价来实现理想,很可能我们最后会失败。想象一下,你的家庭贫穷,无法支付你深造学习,但是你想要继续,所以你选择深造,向你的父母要所有你需要的。最后,你会发现父母无法满足你的一切,你应该怎么办呢?看到这些,明显地,如果我们无视理想和现实的冲突,会以失败告终。

How to balance the conflict is a big problem that needed to figure it out. In my opinion, we have to face the reality at first. Facing the realism doesn‟t mean giving up our dreams, we need to earn our living, on this basis, and we mustn‟t give up dreams. To face the reality is to pursue our dreams better.


The conflict between idealism and realism exists all the time, only we manage the conflict, find the balance, can we succeed.


写信还是打电话 By Letter or Phone to Communicate with Others

As phones are spreading into everywhere in our life, we use it quite often to contact our acquainted people. Less people would like to write letters to their friends as for contact purpose. Some people believe that phone call or message is faster than letters. But others don‟t think so. They tend to communicate with their friends by letter for they think letters can fully express their emotions. For me, I agree that phone is convenient than letters. Reasons are listed below:


First of all, communicate with others by phone is faster than by letters. We can call our friends in a minute and get the latest information about them. But if you want to write a letter , then it takes you minutes to write a letter for them and you will also get the outdated information about them.


Secondly, phone is convenient than letter. If we call others, all we need to do is to dial their number and make phone calls no matter where are you. But if we write letters to others, then we need time to write words down and send letters. Compare with the phone call, letter seems to do more work than make phone call.


All in all, phone is much convenient and saves us time to contact or communicate with others comparing with letters. Therefore, an increasing number of people tend to use phone instead of letter.


大学毕业后你愿意出国深造吗?Would You Like to Study Abroad After College Education?

Nowadays, parents trend to send their kids to study abroad, they think foreign education is better than our country‟s, so most parents like their kids to gain foreign education. After college education, some choose to work, while some choose to study abroad, will you prefer the latter?


On the one hand, study abroad can enhance our English oral and we can learn the native culture. When we are in a foreign country, it is naturally that we have to speak in English, in the long run, we will speak good English. We also can have access to the local culture and get to know more about the country.


Second, your parents have to spend a lot of money. It is known to all that study abroad is very expensive, parents have to store for many years. You also will feel lonely in a strange circumstance. When you live abroad, you have to leave all your friends and relatives, struggling in a different place.


Study abroad needs to be measured, if your parents are rich, you can choose, but if not, you have to consider the scholarship, the work you do and so on.


奢侈的浪费Extravagant Spending

Nowadays, with the fast development of the economy, Chinese people have live a better life, they have enough money to buy what they want. We see from news that people over spend their money, they fly to European country to buy the branches, wasting a lot of money to chase for the material stuff. This is extravagant spending, they can use the money to do better thing.


Last week, I saw the news from the Internet that Chinese people buy a lot of discount branches in New York, the picture is vividly presenting the satisfied faces in them. Most of the buyers are fromChina, it is clearly satire Chinese people that they spend a lot of money to buy the products while the foreigners are not interested. During the latest years, indeed, most people become rich, as the fortune comes so fast, people have no idea where to spend the money, so they chase for branch. Such phenomenon has been criticized by the public, people think that they should spend the money to do helpful thing, such as donate money to help the disabled or help the poor village to build schools. These are much meaningful.


Money is something when it is rightly used, it is better to do something meaningful that wasting it. The behavior extravagant spending should be critical, people should spend money in a proper way.


在大城市工作是否更好? Is it Better to Work in the big City?

Everyone needs to make choice sometimes. For most university graduates, they have difficulties in making choice for job. After all, not everyone is born and lives in the big city. For those students whose family is in the small town, they have to choose their working place. To work in the big city or not? Different people have different opinions. In my opinion, every coin has two sides.


One the one hand, working in the city is full of temptations. There are more

enterprises, especially famous company in the big city. It is certain that they will have more opportunities, which is most young people wants. They have the chance to own a good place to show their abilities, so that they can earn a promising future for themselves. However, if they work in the small town, they may not have such opportunities. In most cases, big city is a better place for fighting.


On the other hand, working in the big city also has its disadvantages. With the

increasing force competition of the society, people will have more stress living in it. For example, the increasing house price, product price, and the competition between the people in the same industry. But working in the small town will have less possibility to stand that kind of pressure. Their life will be more comfortable.


In conclusion, working in the big city has advantages and disadvantages. It depends on different people‟s choice and their life purpose. I hope everybody can make their proper decision according to their own situation.


论私家车My View on Private Car

With the development of society, people‟s living standard has got great improvement. There are more and more people having private cars. Almost every family has one car. But every coin has two sides. Private car bring many advantages to our human beings, but it also brings many disadvantages to us. There are several reasons counting for my view. 随着社会的发展,人们的生活水平得到了很大的改善。有越来越多的人拥有私家车。几乎每个家庭都有一辆。但是每枚硬币都有正反两面。私家车给我们人类带来很多的好处,但也给我们带来了很多劣势。有几个理由可以支持我的观点。

On the one hand, private car bring great convenience to us. We can go everywhere we want with a private car. We don‟t need to queue for a bus and squeeze in the bus. We also don‟t need to worry about the distance of our destination. We can make it without striking a blowing with a private car. Besides, staying in the private car is very comfortable. We won‟t face the sunshine and rain directly and we can have air -conditioning in the car . Owing a private car has so many benefits.


On the other hand, private cars also left many problems to us. The most obvious is that it joins hands in the traffic jam. As there are many private cars on the road, in the street, but the road is too small to hold them, so traffic jam comes out. Traffic jam affects everyone out. We all know that the off-gas from private car is harmful to the air that we breathe. Because of it, many people get ill.


In a word, though private car brings pros to us, it also brings cons to us. For the sake of our human beings‟ long term development, we need to use cars properly, take the bus to work more.


大学生追求时尚College Students Pursue the Fashion

When students go to college, they are much free than before and can have time to do what they want. Without the school‟s regulation, college students can wear the fashionable clothes. As they are affected by the commercial ads, more and more college students pursue fashion. But they need to measure their situation.


On the one hand, college students have the right to pursue fashion. They are young and full of energy, it is good for them to dress out their styles. The skill to dress in different situation is the course for them to learn. They will learn how to dress in the process of pursuing fashion.


On the other hand, the crazy about fashion is not proper for them. As students, they don‟t have much money, they are relying on their parents, so it is not right to spend parents‟ money to pursue fashion. What‟s more, students‟ main duty is to study, focusing too much on fashion is not right for them.


College students can pursue fashion, but they should not be crazy about it. They need to measure their situation and make the wise choice.


关于人际关系Interpersonal Relationship

For college students, the stage of going to college is like the turning point of their lives. If they study well and have clear aim about their future, then they can get successful much more easier. But the interpersonal relationship can‟t be ignore, it is also the very important lesson for students to learn.

对于大学生来说, 大学阶段就像他们生活的转折点。如果他们好好学习, 对他们的未来有明确的目标, 然后他们可以更加容易取得成功。但人际关系不能被忽视, 这也是学生学习中很重要的一课。

When students come to college, learning the knowledge is not their only purpose, they also need to learn how to get along with others. We are not the only person in the world, it is necessary for us to make connection with others. It is very important skill to make a living. 当学生进入到大学, 学习知识并不是他们唯一的目的, 他们也需要学习如何与他人相处。我们不是世界上唯一的人, 有必要与他人进行交流。这是非常重要的技能谋生。

In the college, interpersonal relationship can be tracked in the small issues, such as how to get along with your roommates. Most students never stay away from their parents, so they don‟t know the rules to live with so many persons. It is important to be tolerant and nice to others, we need to consider things from the common interest. If we can handle this well, then we have the good social skill.

在大学, 人际关系可以从小的方面关注, 比如如何与你的室友相处。大多数学生从未远离他们的父母, 所以他们不知道和这么多人住在一起的规则。重要的是对他人宽容和友好, 我们需要从共同利益考虑问题。如果我们能处理好这个, 然后我们就会有良好的社交技能。 So having the social skill is the indispensable lesson for us.