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假如你是Jack ,你的朋友Jim 给你写信诉说他的烦恼:他喜欢上网,有时候


1. 青少年普遍存在这样的问题,不要着急。

2. 作为一名学生,学习是首要的,不能沉迷于网络。

3. 向父母道歉,不应该和他们争吵。

4. 坐下来和父母好好谈一谈,商量何时可以上网。

Dear Jim,

I’m sorry to hear that you have some problems. It’s normal for teenagers to have such problems. You said you argued with your parents. I really don’t agree with you. I think your parents are right. It’s bad for your health to surf the Internet until late at night.

In my opinions, studying is the most important for a student. Firstly, I think you should say sorry to your parents, because what they did is good for you. Secondly, why don’t you sit down and talk to each other? You could tell them you’ll work hard, and you can get online only on weekends. Also, you could do some other things in your free time, like reading books.

I hope things work out.

Yours truly,