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假设你的朋友Tom 写信向你询问你最近的学习生活状况,请你以Li Hua 的身份给Tom 回信,内容应包括以下要点:


1. 目前的学习生活状况。

2. 高中的苦与乐,对未来的打算。

3. 英语方面学习有困难,希望得到一些帮助。

4. 邀请对方来中国玩,期盼早日收到回信。

Dear Tom,

Thank you very much for your last letter.How’s everything going?I’m writing to tell you something about my school life.

As far as I ’m concerned,my school life is busy but meaningful.I am busy preparing for the coming exams.I have to do much homework every day so that I have little time to enjoy the sunshine.However,I have made many friends with my classmates.We get on well and help each other with our studies.In addition,my dream is to study computer science in a university and become an excellent computer engineer in the future.I am sure I will realize my dream.What’s more,I just wonder if you could help me and give me some advice because I have trouble in studying English.I find it hard to study English.Could you give me some advice?

I hope you will come to visit China and I will be glad to be your guide.I ’m looking forward to your reply.


Li Hua



非常感谢你的最后一封信。一切都好吗? 我写信是想告诉你一些关于我的学校生活。

就我而言, 我的学校生活是忙碌而有意义的。我忙着准备即将到来的考试。我每天都要做许多家庭作业, 这样我没有时间享受阳光。然而, 我认识了很多朋友和同学。我们相处得很好, 互相帮助学习。此外, 我的梦想是在大学学习计算机科学在未来成为一名优秀的电脑工程师。我相信我将会实现我的梦想。更重要的是, 我只是想知道你是否可以帮助我, 给我一些建议, 因为我在学习英语有困难。我很难学习英语。你能给我一些建议吗?

我希望你会来访问中国, 我将很高兴成为你的向导。我期待着你的回复。

你的 李华

2 2


1. 课程安排;

2. 外出参观活动;

3. 生活方面(天气、交通、住宿等);

4. 其他。


1. 词数100左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

3. 开头和结束语已为你写好。

Dear Sir/Madam,

I ’m Li Hua,a student leader from No.1 Middle School,who is going to study at your school.Now I’m writing to ask for some information about our three-week stay three.

Firstly, could you tell me something about the arrangement for our study?I am wondering what subjects we will study and how many classes we will have every day.Secondly,are there any organized trips around,through which we can learn more about your culture and customs?Next,we’d like to know whether we will stay in the dorms or at home.Besides,what will the weather be like?

I ’ll be grateful if you write back soon.Look forward to your reply.

Yours, Li Hua 翻译:


我是李华, 来自第一中学的学生领袖, 谁会在你的学校学习。现在我写信是想询问一些信息关于我们三周保持三个。

首先, 你能告诉我一些关于我们的研究的安排吗? 我想知道我们将学习的课程每天会有多少类。其次, 有组织的旅行, 通过它我们可以了解更多关于你们的文化和习俗吗? 接下来, 我们想知道是否将呆在宿舍或家里。此外, 天气怎么样? 我将感激不尽如果你尽快回信。期待你的回复。

你的, 李华


3 假设你是李华,你的英语老师Mr.Black 要求你们周六下午去听一场关于英语历史的讲座,但你因故不能参加,请你根据以下提示,写一封邮件想Mr.Black 请假。


1. 表示歉意:

2. 去机场接一位家乡的老朋友;

3. 对英语历史很感兴趣,为不能去听而感到遗憾;

4. 询问是否有录音,以便补听讲座。


1. 词数100左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

3. 邮件开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Mr.black ,

I am so sorry that I won’t be to attend the lecture on British history this Saturday afternoon.An old friend from my hometown will come to see me and I have promised to meet her at the airport.

You know I am deeply interested in British society and history.It’s a pity to miss the lecture.I wonder if it is possible for the lecture to be recorded.If so,could I borrow the tape?It would mean so much to listen to the tape and learn what is covered in the talk.I would appreciate it if you could allow me to ask for a leave of absence.Thank you!

Look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely, Li Hua



我很抱歉, 我不能参加这个周六下午关于英国历史的讲座。一个老朋友从我的家乡来看我, 我已经承诺在机场去接他。

你知道我对英国社会和历史非常感兴趣。很遗憾错过这个讲座。我想是否有我们讲座的记录呢。如果是这样的话, 我可以借磁带吗? 这将意味着有很多的录音需要我去学习。我会很感激如果你能允许我请假缺席。谢谢你!


你的真诚的, 李华


4 国际文化交流中心将组织一次更国学生参加“和平、友谊”夏令营活动,要求报名者提交个人简历。假如你是王珊,请根据下列信息写一篇个人简历。 姓名:王珊 性别:女

年龄:16岁 学校:昆明阳光中学

其他:爱好音乐、摄影;善与人交流,乐于助人;热爱自然,热爱和平 参加夏令营目的:结交朋友,了解外国文化。

My name is Wang Shan.I’m a 16-year-old girl studying in Kunming YangGuang Middle School.I like music,especially classical music.I’m also interested in

photography because it allows me to record the beautiful moments in my life.I’m good at communicating with others and always ready to help other people.

Furthermore,I love nature.Whenever I’m free,I’ll travel to beautiful natural

attractions to experience natural wonders with my family .In addition,I love peace,and I hope all nations in the world can live in a peaceful environment and lead a happy life.

The purpose of my intending to join the Peace and Friendship Summer Camp is to make more friends from foreign countries,and to have an access to the insight of foreign cultures I hope I can do something for the world peace.I’m sure I’m be learning a lot from the Summer Camp.


我的名字叫王珊。我是一个16岁的女孩在昆明阳光中学学习。我喜欢音乐, 尤其是古典音乐。我也对摄影感兴趣, 因为它能让我记录下在我的生命中美丽的时刻。我擅长与他人沟通, 并且随时准备帮助别人。

此外, 我爱大自然。每当我有空时, 我将前往美丽的自然景点和家人经历自然奇观。此外, 我热爱和平, 我希望世界上所有国家都生活在一个和平的环境, 人们才能过上幸福的生活。 我打算参加和平友谊夏令营是为了让我结交更多的外国朋友, 和有一个访问了解外国文化的机会, 我希望我能做一些对世界和平有帮助的事情。我相信我可以从夏令营学习到很多。


5 5月1日,高二(3)班的聊天学生志愿者Li Yue和Zhang Hua去阳光敬老院(Sunshine Nursing Home)开展志愿活动(送水果、打扫、)。假如你是校英语报的记者李华。请按下列要点用英语写一则100个词的新闻报道。注意:

1. 时间、地点、人物活动;

2. 老人们的反映;

3. 简短评价;

4. 报道的标题和记者姓名已给出(不计词数)

Student Volunteers Brought Sunshine to the Elderly

On May Day,Li Yue and Zhang Hua, students from Class Three,Grad Two,went to Sunshine Nursing Home and did some voluntary were work.Upon their arrival,Li Yue and Zhang Hua warmly welcomed,and respectfully ,they presented the elderly with flowers and fruits.then,they started working at once,cleaning the windows and

sweeping the floor.Everything done,they sat in the yard chatting with elderly people. When it was time for volunteers to leave,the elderly people thanked them for their kindness.They said it was such a beautiful day that they would remember it forever. Li Yue and Zhang Hua were very happy.What they did has brought joy to others and enriched their own lives.



5月的一天, 来自高二(3)班的李越和张华去阳光疗养院欢迎, 和做一些志愿工作。当他们到达, 李越和张华受到了热烈欢迎, 和尊重, 他们给老年人带去了鲜花和水果。然后, 他们马上开始工作, 清洁窗户和扫地。一切完成后, 他们坐在院子里和老人聊天。

志愿者离开的时候, 老人感谢他们的好意。他们说这是一个美好的一天, 他们将永远记住它。



6 请用1000个左右的单词写一篇关于学生假期该不该帮助父母做家务的短文。要点如下:

1. 有些学生认为学习最重要,学习时间宝贵,做家务浪费时间。

2. 也有些学生认为做家务能让他们更好的了解父母:

3. 陈述你的观点并给出理由。(至少两条)

Should students do housework during vacations?Some students think the most important thing they need to do is to study well.It’s unnecessary for them to spend their precious time doing housework .But some other students think that doing housework gives them chances to get to their parents better.

Well,in my opinion,I believe that students should do some housework during vacations.Here are some of my reasons;

First,we should help our parents during the holiday as they have done so much for us.Second,doing housework after studying for a long time can relax us.In

addition,doing housework can help us develop a sense of responsibility.


假期期间学生应该做家务吗? 一些学生认为他们需要做的最重要的事情就是好好学习。花费宝贵的时间做家务是不必要的。但是一些学生认为做家务给他们去更好的了解他们的父母的机会。

是的,在我看来, 我认为学生应该在假期做些家务。下面是我的一些原因;

首先, 我们应该帮助我们的父母在假期, 因为他们为我们做了这么多。第二, 长时间的学习之后做家务可以放松我们。此外, 做家务可以帮助我们开树立一种责任感。


7 每个人都需要朋友,但每个人选择朋友的标准会有所不同。请你用英语描述自己眼中的理想朋友。注意:词数100左右。

Everyone needs friends.For me,a true friend is someone who I have great trust in.He or she should be someone who is honest,loyal,and is willing to help,because friendship is not to take,but to give.Of course,it’s better if me share the same interest so that we can communicate with each other better.Besides,friends should respect each other and help each other.A true friend will never leave you when you are in trouble.As a famous saying goes:A friend in need is a friend indeed.


每个人都需要朋友。对我来说, 一个真正的朋友是我很信任的人。他或她人应该诚实, 忠诚, 和愿意帮助他人,因为友谊不是索取, 而是给予。当然, 最好是我们可以共享相同的利益, 这样我们可以彼此沟通的更好。除此之外, 朋友应该互相尊重, 互相帮助。一个真正的朋友永远不会离开你, 当你遇到了麻烦。一个著名的谚语是这样说的:患难见真情。


8 请以“怎样保持健康”为题写一篇100词左右的短文。

1. 保持健康很重要

2. 怎样保持?

3. 具体给出几方面的建议,如; 好的生活习惯,运动健康饮食等。

It ’s very important for us to stay healthy.

Personally I think we have many things to do in order to be healthy.First,taking exercise is very important.We can do sport such as swimming,running,and playing basketball at school.Such sports not only make us happy but also keep us energetic. Secondly,we should have a good lifestyle.It is important to go to bed early and get up early.Besides,we need to have a healthy and balanced diet.It is bad for us to eat lots of chocolate or meat,which contains much fat and sugar.It is very necessary that we eat all kinds of healthy food such as fish,eggs,vegetables and a lot of fruit.As you know,you are what you eat!



我个人认为为了保持健康我们有许多事情要做。首先, 锻炼是非常重要的。我们可以做运动, 如在学校游泳, 跑步, 和打篮球。这种运动不仅让我们快乐, 也让我们精力充沛。

其次, 我们应该有一个好的生活方式。早睡早起是重要的。此外, 我们需要有一个健康和均衡的饮食。对我们来说吃大量的巧克力或肉是不好的, 它们包含很多脂肪和糖。我们吃各种各样的健康食品, 如鱼、鸡蛋、蔬菜和水果是非常必要的。如你所知, 那你应该吃什么!