happiness 快乐的定义
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Happiness between My Father and Me

Happiness varies from one to another.For me,happiness is to be myself,convey myself,and create at my age.However,for my father it includes good health,harmonious family,and promising children at his age.

For me,happiness is pure:convey myself and create what I want,such as taking photograpyhy and flower arrangement.For example,taking photos is conducive to creating the effect I want to show on the picture and convey the feeling I want to express,thus revealing my perception of surroundings and the world.Once I hung out in a park,soft sunlight, flourishing camphors,and masses of green drove me not only to record the scene,but also to add gream effects to pictures,like images in The Wizard of OZ,or Alice in Wonderland,and bring viewers surrealism.Similarly,flower arrangements make me happy because I can express my taste and create beauty spontaneously.My happiness is to express and create.

For my father,his happiness is comprehensive and more complicated:good health,harmonious family and promising children.Clearly,he is one of fiftysomethings;happiness for him is no more than these.He is an integral member in my big family,in which there are the old and the young,his parents,sibilings,and only child.He is the most competent one among peers.Hence, only with good condition and harmonious family can he lead the family better and live a happier life.Furthermore,if I,his only child,live a happy life,he will live a happy life.His happiness is in good health,harmonious family and promising children.

What I think the reason of difference between his and mine is due to age and social role.He has more familial responsibility to shoulder,while,to some extent,I am more carefree;most importantly,at present,it is forming my own personality that ranks first.

1. phenomenon

When it comes to whether …,opinions are divided/ther is no consensus/there is no complete agreement.

When asked the question whether…,different people hold different views.Nowadays there has been a heated debate/has triggered a heated discussion recently.

People ’s opinions vary as to/with regard to the question whether…

There has been much controversy over …in the past decades,with each part making convincing arguments.

2. different views

While some people believe/applaud the idea that …,others hold quite an opposite view/strongly oppose it.

Some people are for this idea while others disapprove of it.

Those who hold the former view believe that+原因1.In addition,they insist that+原因

2.Others,however,think differently.Intheir opinion,+原因1.besides,+原因2

3. my point of view

Weighing these two arguments,I incline to the former/latter one.For one thing,+我的第一点理由.For another,+我的第二点理由

Taking all the above-mentioned factors/From the analyses made above,we can safely arrive at the conclusion that…