Friendship 友谊 英文作文
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Charlotte ’s web

A girl, a pig and some other animals looking at a tiny spider with hope-it is the cover of the book, Charlotte’s web, which really makes me confused about this book. But in the end I was completely touched by the story.

E. B. White told us the story in plain English, without fuss or affectation: A little pig Wilbur was born in a happy farm. As he grew up, Charlotte, a lady spider, became his best friend. Everything went well until Wilbur knows his destiny-he will be a tasty dish on the table. Charlotte decided to save his friend’s life. She made a large web with words on it saying how gorgeous Wilbur was. Wilbur got famous all over the state and he was saved. However, Charlotte used up her thread, she lost her life to save her friend…

Charlotte is only a tiny spider. She was small and weak. She only ate insect, she could only spin webs to get food. However, she was smart and powerful too. She could save her friend, she could give her friend all the things she had including her life.