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假设你是中华中学一名中学生,最近你正在参与一个研究性学习研究调查,调查课题为―关于父母是否对孩子感到骄傲‖。 1. 简要描述这些数据 2. 分析该原因

A study has been carried out recently on whether parents take pride in their children. Having surveyed the students of our school and their parents, we finally got the results, as is shown in the chart. 80% of the parents surveyed said that they did, while 60% of the student subjects gave the same answer.

Where dose the twenty percentage go? From my perspective, two factors contribute to it. On one hand, in the Chinese traditional educational pattern, parents would rather show their pride behind children’s back for fear that they might be too over-confident to behave well. When it comes to face-to-face conversations, parents prefer to point out mistakes, ignoring the fact that sometimes child needs more encouragement than criticism.

On the other hand, children are also to blame for their impatience and less attention to parents. We work hard and are so desperate to win praise and applause. When we don’t get what is expected, we easily are drown into disappointment, become angry, start complaining, and lose the patience to calm down and think deeply. Naturally, we fail to find out how deep our parents love us and how proud they are knowing we achieve a lot.

The missing twenty percentage mirrors the generation gap. Luckily, as long as parents and children make joint efforts, we can finally bridge the gap, understand each other and share a common idea.


学校即将举办 “读书节”, 目前正广泛征集 “读书节” 宣传册图片。 假设你是该校学生潘阳, 你已找到以下三幅图片, 决定给读书节组委会写一封信, 推荐其中一幅, 。你的信须包括以下内容: 1. 简单描述你想推荐的那幅图片; 2. 阐述你用这幅图片宣传 “读书节” 的理由。


Dear Sir/ Madam,


Word came that a reading festival would be held by our school and there is a need for a picture for advertisement and I am writing to give my opinion. From my perspective , I am in favor of the picture in the top right corner.

As is vividly depicted in that picture, around the table sit three kids with a couple of books in their hands, having a heated discussion about the contents and sharing their thoughts for the themes, which shows their dedication and passion for reading.

Basically, several reasons are listed for my preference. First, nothing is more attractive than a proper and realistic picture. This picture serves as an epitome of our daily reading scene in the school and it is apt to let students recall the joy and harvest while reading.

Second, this picture stands for the fun of sharing and exchanging ideas. With regard to reading, there is a saying that there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. After reading, bits and pieces of thoughts will appear in our mind, so it is beneficial to have a better understanding after comparing notes about what we have read.

From what is mentioned above, I, undoubtedly, approve of the picture in the top right corner. Thus, I would appreciate it if you could take my proposal into consideration and I wish this festival a complete success.


Recently, having been delighted to see the notice that there is a need of our reading festival to make a choice among three creative pictures for advertisement. After a long time comparison, the picture on the bottom right corner earns my favor.

As is clearly depicted in the picture, there sits a foreigner in front of the library who is concentrating on the books, immersing himself into the world of literature and feeling peaceful and satisfied, which turns out to be thought-provoking and enlightening.

Part of the reasons for my choice is that it vividly reveals the significance of reading books to students, which provides you with the power to escape from the hustle and bustle in the metropolis. For instance, whenever you feel puzzled, confused or stressed, you can always refer to books and consequently find peace and satisfactory solutions in them.

I’d, however, perfectly appreciate your considering my selection if you feel that choice and reason are in lined with your requirements and best wishes for your reading festival.


What a pleasant surprise it is to know that our school will hold a Reading Festival! Hearing that the committee need select a picture as the publicity photo, I intend to voice my opinion that I am fond of the one on the left corner.

Actually, the three photos are equally attractive to us students. If we must elect one to publicize, I prefer the one that is composed of books, coffee, musical notes and instrument, which creates the an agreeable and relaxed atmosphere.

―Read a good book, just like a noble people in conversation.‖, which is said by Gerd, reveals that books play an essential role in our life. Creating an atmosphere by music and coffee,it appeals to students to start reading. Moreover, the image could imply that reading has the function of nurturing spirituality and purifying mind.

I hope that my suggestions will prove of some value in your consideration, and that reading books will be more popular among us students.





1. 你建议去除的栏目及去除的理由;

2. 你建议增加的栏目及增加的理由。

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m writing to express some of my opinions towards our school’s English newspaper.

In my point of view, among health, entertainment and culture, I would choose ―entertainment ‖ to be the one to be eliminated. Although it’s necessary for students to get some relaxation, I’m worried that the main news the entertainment column offers will eventually turn into celebrity gossip, which is neither helpful to the growth of students nor to the development of our school. We are already living in a world that is crammed with useless information, and there’s no need to add some more. The main focus of the newspaper is supposed to be placed on the students –not Brad Pitt’s new movie.

As for the column to be added, I highly recommend the ―career planning ‖. I know that right now a large number of students still have absolutely no idea about what they truly want to become in the future, so it’s quite urgent and necessary to give students basic understanding of what different kinds of jobs are like and what kind of qualities are required for different jobs. This may help students gain a better understanding of their strengths and weakness and thus figure out their goals. To me, it’s much more meaningful than ―fashion ‖ or ―readers ’ feedback‖. I’m looking forward to your reply.

Many thanks

Chen Fei

Dear Sir/Madam,

As an avid热心 reader of your newspaper, I'd like to offer some suggestions for changes that hopefully could be made to your future editions. A section that I think you can do without would be Culture and, in the meantime, a section that I suggest adding to the newspaper is Career Planning. My reasons are as follows.

Since this newspaper is intended for students, a relaxed tone and light-hearted topics would get in good graces with讨得欢心 us. Culture seems a rather serious section, which isn't really necessary considering our school curriculum has done an excellent job imparting给与 to us various cultures in the world.

Besides, culture and entertainment are inextricably 错综复杂 linked —that is, we can subconsciously learn about western culture through listening to English songs and watching American or British TV series. For example, Big Bang Theory has shown us how Americans now regard "smart is the new sexy," and Sherlock has shown us how the wry 嘲讽humor of Brits can actually strengthen the bond between two detectives.

The reason why I'd like to see a Career Planning section is that high schools in Shanghai seldom offer career guidance, something that should be made indispensable to the curriculums. Employers often complain about graduates' lack of skill and, more importantly, mental preparedness to do things professionally. I think that it's part of a school's responsibility to help students build links between academic subjects and employable skills. These are not mutually exclusive entities实际存在物, but rather a mutually dependent whole. Book knowledge bolsters支撑 our qualifications and confidence necessary for a successful career, while proper career planning will be beneficial in directing our limited time and energy to what really matters to us personally. Better still, it would be fantastic to read about other people's reflections on job seeking and career development.


It is time we made the newspaper breezier to its readers and gave some practical tips on finding work and building a career.

Many thanks

Chen Fei



1. 简述你写信的目的及你对场所的选择;

2. 说明你的理由(从便利性,专业性等方面对这两个场所进行对比)

I’ve read about your poster about selecting the location of an exhibition of famous paintings, and I suggest that the museum is a nice place.

First of all, compared with those libraries, the museum is an excellent place which inspires our eagerness for knowledge. It’s certain that visitors will be more absorbed in the fantastic surroundings. By contrast, I don’t think those normal libraries in communities match well with paintings with great fame an high prices.

While some of my friends insist that libraries are more convenient, I maintain that since the transportation system in Shanghai is very advanced and the museum is located in the city centre, it’s not a bit difficult for us to reach the show.

All in all, I am firmly convinced that the museum is a better place for this grand painting exhibition, and it will be a great honor if I could study those wonderful paintings in the best museum in Shanghai. I hope that you will accept my suggestion.


上周一,你在一所小学观摩了小女孩Amy 所在班级的两堂绘画课(如图所示),回家后你用英语写了一篇日记,内容包括:

● 对两堂绘画课的具体描述;

● 你从中获得的启发。

Today I spent two periods of time in Amy’s class in a primary school, watching the pupils learn how to paint. What impressed me most was Amy’s painting. In some way, it broadened my horizons..

Looking back at the two pictures drawn by her, I have to say it was of great amusement to see her unique way of painting. At first, she tried making a nice design with both of her feet on a broad piece of white paper/ blanket ,which ,frankly speaking, was no painting at all, for you could see no art but one footprint after another.

Actually, even Amy herself was not satisfied with it. Surprisingly, she didn’t give up or feel frustrated as I had


expected but stopped to think for a while, looking at her teacher eagerly .Then, with her blueprint in mind plus the teacher’s guidance, she changed the way, using her hands instead. Painting –brush in hand, she sat properly/straight at a desk, paying more attention to her work. Much to my joy, this time she managed to draw some birds flying high in the sky/sun, which obviously demonstrated / reflected her remarkable progress.

Simple and funny as it seemed, on second thought ,what the pupil did was well worth thinking . It’s generally accepted that students , especially little children have great potential in their growth and development. Nevertheless, when it comes to gaining knowledge or skills , personal efforts can make a difference even though timely care /help from others such as parents or teachers is necessary. Had Amy given up halfway following an unsatisfactory semi-product, the successful work accomplished by her later would have been unthinkable /hard to imagine .


假如你是启明中学(Ming Qi Middle School)的李明,想申请一个扶贫项目,帮助贫困地区的儿童。根据以下启事,写一封申请信(信中不能提到真实姓名和学校)。

Version A

Dear Sirs,

Hello ! I’m Li Ming, a student from Mingqi High School of Shanghai. As I’ve always been interested in charity , I’m writing to you in the hope that I could be given the 2,000-yuan fund to carry out my project to help children in poverty-stricken areas.

My poverty-relief program is divided into three parts. In the initial stage, I’ll try to purchase textbooks for subjects such as English and Maths. Given that new books are usually expensive, I’ll be on the look-out for good-quality second-hand books. The second stage of my program is to recruit high school students who have a strong desire to help pupils in poor areas. Surely they should be armed with relative knowledge to be qualified teachers. Lastly, we will set out for primary schools, which are selected and contacted in advance, to carry out our program.

As to how to allocate the money, I’d like to use 1,000 for textbooks, and the rest to pay for the travelling fee of volunteers.

I am looking forward to your reply, thanks !

Yours ,

Li Ming

Version B

Dear World Child Foundation organizers,

My name is Jerry Lu, a student currently studying at Shanghai XX High school. I am writing, on behalf of my classmates, to apply for the 2000 yuan's worth of fund in a bid to initiate a program aimed at helping those students who are financially disadvantaged.


Being raised in families that don’t have to worry about putting food on the table need not mean oblivion to our less fortunate peers. On this account, we would appreciate it if you could sponsor our poverty-relief endeavor. The following is how we would go about using the money. We would spend 1500 yuan purchasing some

stationery for the needy students in a poverty-stricken area. It is worth noting that we would inform them to pick up the school supplies themselves instead of us ―doling out‖ the supplies so that we wouldn’t end up embarrassing those who we want to help. The remainder of the fund would be used to invite a motivational speaker who was to talk about how to lift oneself out of poverty by making right academic and professional decisions.

At the end of the day, our efforts might only trigger a ripple in the lives of some young people, but who knows what butterfly effects these young minds may have on tomorrow's world?

We would be much obliged if you could reply at your earliest convenience.

Yours Sincerely,

Jerry Lu


下图是小学新生的课堂一脚,对照你当时的上课情况,作出比较并谈谈你的感受。你的作文必须包括: ●描述图片里学生上课的场景



As is described in the picture, a group of foreign students are raising their hands to give answers to the question in a joyful and active way. The purpose of the picture is to show us how active the class performance is in the foreign country.

Compared with the class performance in local China, the difference is quite obvious. We Chinese students stay quiet in class, keep taking notes and listen to what teacher is talking in a careful way.

I ask myself what causes lead to the phenomenon? Why class performance of Chinese students is quite

different from that of foreign students? Possible reasons can be listed as follows. Most important of all, education system in China is the key reason. The first day we become the primary student, our teachers tell us to obey the rules in class. We put our hands back and stay quiet in class. Lecture-model teaching is the traditional way in Chinese class. Teacher is the leading actor or actress and student is always the supporting roles. Gradually we get into the habit of staying quiet in class and lose the ability to raise questions and give the answers.

The second point to be mentioned is that Chinese students hold different attitudes toward study. In our minds, we always think what we should learn instead of how we should learn knowledge in a smart way. We behave us as a passive listener, but foreign student act as a active learner.


As a saying goes, it is better to teach to fish rather than give a fish. Taking what has been discussed above into account, there is no doubt that we need to think it over whether we are supposed to be a leaner or a quiet listener. 问题: 题目强调了入学新生,能不能从刚入学时,我们还对上课充满热情,然后和高中时的课堂沉闷情况相比较,从而发现问题?


某海外学校举办英语夏令营,开设了如下课程:园艺(gardening ),烹饪(cooking ), 防身术(self- defence),护理(nursing )。假如你是王跃华(不可以用自己的真实姓名),写一封申请信,报名参加其中一门课程的学习。信的内容必须包括:




It is said that a summer camp is to be held by your school and a few courses are available to choose from. I am interested in gardening, in that I believe it features my character and personal benefits.

During the learning period, I expect to gain some unexpected knowledge. A radical technique I’d like to obtain is to know how to tell difference species of plants and flowers apart. This helps me to have a clearer

outlook of those in my garden. Furthermore, the proper cutting time and frequency to water are some other skills I want to learn. A little knowledge concerning choosing suitable soil or reasonable positions will also be a good choice.

The main reason why I choose gardening is that I want to help my parents with their work in the domestic garden. In addition, I find that we students generally lack the knowledge of gardening, missing a chance to have a word with nature, so that knowing the surroundings is imperative. Last but not least, by attending the courses, I will have a meaningful summer vacation, and drowning myself between plants will by all means add a brilliant touch to my life.


你班将组队参加学校组织的集体舞比赛(group dancing competition),班长希望大家积极参加。对此谈谈你的看法。你的文章必须包括以下内容:



Version 1:

A group dancing competition will be held in our school and the monitor calls on everybody to take an active part in it. While most of my classmates are still hesitating whether to participate, I have said yes to our monitor with great pleasure.

Generally speaking, there are two reasons for my decision. First, it is a good opportunity for me to relax myself, which will enable me to study more efficiently. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so goes the saying, which clearly shows us the importance of relaxation. Besides, I think I am a good dancer after learning dance for more than five years. Participating in the contest will be a golden chance for me to show my dancing skills and make some contributions to the class.


For the two reasons mentioned above, it is no surprise that I have such a strong enthusiasm on the group dancing competition.

Version 2:

Today the monitor calls on everybody to take an active part in the group dancing competition which will be held in a couple of days in our school. But after some careful consideration, I have decided not to participate.

There are a number of reasons for my decision. First and foremost, as the College Entrance Exam is just around the corner, study is the top priority for me. Participating in the group dancing competition has to give way because it might take me too much time. What’s more, without any experience of dancing, I don’t think I can be a good dancing partner. I am afraid my poor dancing skills will probably spoil the performance of the whole class. In this case, it’s better for me to be a spectator cheering for my classmates.

For these reasons, it seems more appropriate for me to watch the competition than to dance myself.



1、 你送礼物的对象及所送的礼物;

2、 该礼物对他(她)可能产生的影响或带来的变化。

It is universally acknowledged that a good present is of great value to a person and even prone to his or her life. As for me, one of the most impressive presents that I have given is an album to my best friend, who will leave for America in August.

This album which includes our songs and photos recorded the good days we happily spent together. As he opens the album, the season of happiness and the period of sorrow we shared will be unfolded, thus locking the merry moments into his permanent memory. In addition, I hope that such a present will help him remove his loneliness in the foreign country. When he misses his motherland and his friends , this album will free him from homesickness.

Anyway, I do hope that he will like the present, and it will bring him a good luck and motivates him to fight for a brighter future.



Version A

Of the two universities listed above, I prefer the one in the north. The main reason is that the tuition is only 5,000 RMB for the university a year, compared with 8,000 RMB for the university in the south. This makes a big difference for a family like a mine, because my father is peasant and the only breadwinner in the family. Studying at the northern university can save my father big money.

Another reason I take into consideration is the preference policy the northern university offers. Any candidate who chooses to study there may gain an extra 20 points, which greatly raises the possibility of my being admitted to this university. Of course, it doesn't mean that it will be quite easy to pass the entrance exam because this university has limited the number of qualified candidates to 10 only. However, I have been doing quite well in school, so I believe I can pass the entrance exam with flying colors.

Version B


Compared with the northern university, the southern one is more to my liking. It is true that in terms of tuition the former is 3,000 RMB cheaper than the latter. However, that's not a problem to me because I can work my way through college once I get admitted. What counts is the reputation it has. Once I enter this school, my future career is guaranteed.

Also, the university in the south recruits 20 new students instead of 10, which means that I will stand a better chance of getting admitted. The competition is very keen, though, as you can see because this university doesn't give candidates any extra points. So all I can do now is study hard, pass the tough entrance exam, and qualify as a student of the university of my choice.


古人云:―天生我材必有用‖ 请你描述你生活中的一件事,说明人各有所长,无论才能大小都能成为有用的人。

Many people, especially those who think they are not as talented as others, tend to give up in their undertakings and thus complain about life. Such people will certainly end up getting nowhere. Notice that most successful people are not unlike us. What makes them stand out is their devotedness to the job they are doing, which is typical of the story of Li Dahua, a neighbor of mine.

Dahua was brought up in a poor family. Since he didn't do well in school, he joined his father in collecting garbage for a living soon after he graduated from elementary school. His neighbors shook their heads whenever they saw him, thinking that this boy would by no means carve out a bright future. Years passed by, and Dahua kept collecting garbage, but he took one step further. Through books he knew how to sort out the waste he had collected and have it recycled. You know what? He has set up a recycling factory and become the richest man in town! His success proves the ancient Chinese saying: "There must be a use for my talent."