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It is said that innovation sustains the progress of a nation. The same is true for individuals. The hurdle race the picture depicts is symbolic of an innovation race. In the course of clearing the hurdles, every athlete is consciously looking over his or her shoulders at opponents for fear of lagging behind others. Strangely, practically no one focuses on hurdles at his or her feet.

As a matter of fact, innovation should involve two sides: We should not only surpass others but surpass ourselves endlessly. The athletes the picture describes, however, just set their minds on the former and shut eyes to the latter. If the results of our innovation are only small steps ahead of others but bring no fundamental shifts to ourselves, then this innovation is only improvement of a kind but not a breakthrough in a real sense. This kind of innovation lacks vitality whose gradual weakening, disintegration and perishing are only a matter of time.

Judging from this aspect, I would argue setting up a two-way, reasonable and effective innovation mechanism is sorely needed. This system should not only correctly evaluate external competitions innovations are faced with but also put self-improvement on its agenda. In terms of the evolution of the whole nation, innovation is not so much a means as one of the ultimate objectives. Only by putting innovation at a level of surpassing others, especially ourselves, can we hope to stay ahead of the increasingly fierce competition.



其实,创新应包括两个方面:不仅对外要不断超越他人,对内更要无止境地超越自身。然而这幅图片所描述的运动员们恰恰只侧重前者,对后者则置若惘然。如果我们创新的结果只是领先别人一点点,而相对于自身没有本质的变化,那这一创新仅仅是某种形式的改良,而不是真正意义上的突破! 这样的创新是没有生命力的,其接下来逐渐地弱化,瓦解,灭亡仅仅是一个时间上的问题。



确评估创新的外在竞争,更要将其对自身的提升纳入日程。 创新就整个国家的发展而言,与其说是一种手段,不如说是最终目的之一。只有将创新置于超越他人,尤其是超越自己的高度,我们才有望在日益激烈的竞争中立于不败之地。



Perseverance is crucially important. In this picture, a man in his middle adulthood is watching a stream of drops drip across an opening on the edge of a cliff, flushing and rather confused, seeming to be pondering: how can these insignificant drops wear the stone?

What the picture tries to convey is obviously a spirit of perseverance. This truth is self-evident to everyone, but not everyone would put it into practice. Perseverance is a long-term slow process, often without outstanding advancements during the course although you have made painstaking efforts. This drains a wealth of people's patience, dishearten them and makes them give up in the end.

But for people hoping to make some achievements in study and career, perseverance, I would argue, is the most basic standard of behavior. Any attainment is accumulated by little matters in ordinary life. No one will get on in life overnight. Although the process of perseverance is boring

and back-busting, it is a wealth to remember in life, not to mention the fruits for which you have

been craved. Always bear in mind: Rome was not built in a day.



显然这幅图画要传达的是一种持之以恒的精神。任何人都知道这个道理,但是并非每一个人都会付诸实践。 持之以恒是一个长期缓慢的过程,期间往往没有突出的进展,尽管你付出了一定的艰辛努力,这使得许多人逐渐失去耐心,继而灰心,最终放弃。




Virtually all young adults aspire to be independent, no matter in entertainment or study or survival. Ironically, some of them, vividly depicted by the picture, are unable to live on themselves. It is obvious that the muscular man shown in the picture is calling his mother just for an easy problem: washing the socks.

Indeed, we are treated to a wealth of ridiculous spectacles, which are now more than ever in ample supply: students planning on sharing a nanny are rising in numbers; some prominent professors only stress theoretical knowledge and a large portion of their students lack basic living skills; countless families across the whole society are, without disguise, accepting and boasting such a prejudice: youngsters capable of doing housework are not promising. Even there are media

which keep trumpeting some child prodigies by outdated standards which place a high value on

external scores over internal quality. Therefore, it is no surprising when we take a look at the picture again.

Confronting such a worsening phenomenon, we should engage ourselves in self-reflection. So does the whole educational circle. It is my strong conviction that it is essential for the administration to reform or establish a novel educational system, which will contribute to heightening young folks’ capacity of adapting to practical living. Plus, average educators should shift conventional notions in an effort to give out a signal that scores are no longer God. After all, quality is superior to scores. Healthy, ambitious and independent youngsters are the intrinsic driving force behind the sustained growth of the future. Lastly, young people should learn how to cope with the most basic daily routines on their own and see evading such duties as a disgrace.






In this cartoon, a student in his dormitory is phoning his mother and asking her how to wash socks. His heavy dependence on his mother reflects a widespread phenomenon in China Mainland now. How to make their children independent concerns a majority of parents.

A only child is always like a flower in a glasshouse which can't weather any storm. There is a widespread impression that these children are not strong enough to overcome various difficulties. These little emperors are indulged and protected by their parents. And excessive care and love always would produce an adverse effect. They are always puzzled about how to lead an independent life when they reach adulthood.

Parents should teach their children how to deal with various situations, especially awkward ones. Children should take every opportunity to improve their problem-solving abilities and gain real independence. We all fervently hope that these children have less reliance on their parents and become independent economically and mentally.







1. phone<vt>: to speak to someone by telephone [= telephone]-在电话中通话

<e.g.>I'll phone you this evening.-今天傍晚我将打电话给你。

2. heavy dependence: 严重依赖

3. concern<vt>: to make someone feel worried or upset-让某人担心或烦躁

<e.g.>Issues like food additives do concern me.-诸如食品添加剂之类的问题实实在在地困扰着我。

(How to make their children independent) concerns a majority of parents.


4.only child: 独生子女

5. weather<vt>: to come through a very difficult situation safely-历经艰险

<e.g.>The company weathered the storm of objections to the scheme.-这个公司历经了反对此方案的风暴。

6. widespread impression: 普遍印象

7. produce an adverse effect: 产生反作用、适得其反

8. They are always puzzled about (how to lead an independent life when they reach adulthood). 加括号部分为介词about 所接的宾语从句。

9. Parents should teach their children (how to deal with various situations, especially awkward ones).

teach sb sth-教某人某事,加括号部分为动词teach 的直接宾语部分,是宾语一个从句。

Section IV: Writing


The definition of love is broad and shouldn't be confined to the relationship between lovers. Love is a common language around the planet. This picture's hidden meaning is easy to grasp: the harder times one experiences, the more valuable others' help is.

Project Hope is a classic example demonstrating the crucial importance of love to us. Many children in underdeveloped regions in China drop out of school so as not to burden their families of low economic status. For most of them, their dreams are shattered after they quit school. A considerable majority of them start their careers as a migrant worker. This project, designed to help them further their studies, attracts great attention from society. A growing number of people are getting involved in this worthy cause. The sufficient financial support and widespread public concern resulting from this project allow many children in poverty-stricken areas to return to school.

The best way to express love, in my eyes, is to offer a hand to whoever is in desperate need of help. The power generated by love is immeasurable. We hope that love shines a light in every corner of our hearts.





【重点词汇】 意思为“行星”,常用来特指地球。around the planet即表示“在全世界范围内”。

<e.g.>a unique mix of backgrounds and cultures from around the planet(blogspot.com)-来自全球的背景和文化的独特混合 (vt): to keep someone or something within the limits of a particular activity or subject(Longman)-限制


<e.g.>Immigration problems aren't confined to U.S(statesman.com).-移民问题并不局限于美国(其他国家也有)。 完全理解 (vt): to place a weight or burden on(Webster) -使受负担或重量

<e.g.>College students are burdened with huge tuition fees.-大学生承受着巨额学费的负担。 (adj): trying to help other people(Longman)-努力帮助他人的

<e.g.>The money will go to a worthy cause.-这些钱将用于一项扶助事业。 : 受贫困所困饶的 表示受自然灾害袭击的、受某事物纠缠困扰的。<e.g.>Relief efforts have been aimed at providing the necessities for local residents in Anhui's flood-stricken areas.-在安徽洪水受灾地区,救援工作瞄准在提供生活必需品给当地居民上。 (vt): to help something progress or be successful(Longman)-帮助某物进步或成功

<e.g.>He dedicated his life to furthering the cause of world peace.-他为推动世界和平事业倾注全生。 (adj): used to emphasize that something is too big or too extreme to be measured (Longman)-不可估量的

<e.g.>The refugee problem has now reached immeasurable proportions.-难民问题(的严重性)已到达了不可估量的程度。




underdeveloped--poverty-stricken: 欠发达的、贫穷的

region--area: 地区

drop out of school--quit school: 辍学

further one's studies--return to school: 继续完成学业--重返校园

a considerable majority of--most of: 大部分

attention--concern: 关注



grasp->understand: 理解

around the planet->in the world: 在全球、全世界范围内

<+>其他的表示同样意思的用法有:around the globe/earth, globally;形容词“全球的、国际的”单词有:global/international/worldwide

in my eyes->in my opinion: 在我看来

<+>其他的表示相近意思的用法有:in my judgment /in my view/from my perspective families of low economic status ->poor families: 经济贫困的家庭

a growing number of->more and more: 越来越多的


in (desperate) need of sth->(desperately) need sth: (亟)需某物


further one's study->continue one's study: 继续学业


1. 文中搭配


broad definition: 宽泛的定义 common language: 共通语言 hidden meaning: 暗含的意思 hard times: 困难时期 classic example: 典型的例子 crucial importance: 至关重要 underdeveloped region: 欠发达地区 economic status: 经济地位、经济状况 considerable majority: 很大一部分 migrant worker: 民工

great attention: 热切的关注

worthy cause: 扶助事业

financial support: 财政支持

widespread concern: 广泛关注

desperate need: 亟需

immeasurable power: 不可估量的能量


grasp the meaning: 掌握含义 shatter one's dream: 粉碎某人的梦想 quit school: 退学 start a career: 开始工作 further one's study: 继续完成学业 attract attention: 吸引注意力

express love: 表达爱、示爱

offer a hand: 伸出援助之手

generate power: 发电、产生能量

shine a light: 发光、闪光

名词+介词 介词+名词

importance to: 对... 的重要性 in one's eyes: 在某人看来、某人的观点是


confine sb/sth to: 把…局限在某个范围以内 result from: 因... 而产生、发生

2. 补充搭配



pay one's attention to: 关注

direct one's attention to/towards: 关注

concentrate/focus one's attention on sb/sth: 将注意力集中于

attract/call/capture/draw/grab + one's attention: 吸引注意力

shift/turn one's attention to: 将注意力转移至

distract one's attention: 分散注意力


full/undivided + attention: 十分集中的注意力、专心致志


serve as an example: 作为例子


characteristic/classic/prime/typical/representative + example: 典型的例子、具有代表性的例子 excellent/good/fine/perfect/superb/wonderful + example: 好例子



big/great/huge/substantial/vast + majority: 绝大多数

overwhelming majority: 压倒性多数

bare/narrow/slim + majority: 微弱多数


power plant: 发电厂


produce/generate + power: 发电、产生能量

provide/offer + power: 供电、提供能量


<1>This project, designed to help them further their studies, attracts great attention from society. 句子的主干是:The project attracts attention;designed to help them further their studies是修饰主语the project的定语。designed to do sth:直译应为“被设计用来做某事”,中文“旨在”可表达同样的意思。

<e.g.>The Three Gorge Project is designed to ease Chinese energy crisis.-三峡工程旨在解决中国能源危机。

<2>We hope that love shines a light in every corner of our hearts.

此句援引一句歌词。以下是Katrina and the Waves专辑Hip Spiritual Lounge中的部分歌词:Love, shine a light in every corner of my heart. Let the love-light carry, let the love-light carry. Light up the magic in every little part. Let our love shine a light in every corner of our hearts.