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The Changes after The Reform and Opening-up Policy in Transportation Once my grandpa said to me :”you are so lucky. In my time, we were so happy to get a bike. We were afraid to use it ,we were afraid of damaging it. It often took us two or three hours to walk to school . We just walked to everywhere .Now you can take whatever you want .You go to school by bus .I did not dare to think ever .You should treasure it .”Form this words ,I can know so many changes have taken place in China .

30 years ago , it is difficult to go out ,buy tickets and take cars .At that time ,people in the city went out just by bus and bicycle .China has been called “the Kingdom of Bickcles”.People in the countryside are harder to go out .People did not want to look back the memories that it is difficult to wait for the bus .and now traffic is convenient . It is not difficult to go everywhere .We can see a vibrant and modern urban there are a variety of transportation . The well-known cars in the world can pass by inadvertently .The bus lines are added .The double-decker bus appeared .Many cars also installed the mobile TV .When you waved your hand the taxi will stopped immidiately .The number of cars increased at an astonishing speed .Taking buses and taxis are no longer difficult .

The public transportation in urban

For example , in the early 1990s ,it is common that buses only speeded 8km per hour at the downtown main road .But in 2007 ,there are 927 bus lines and 16944 buses in the city .

The rail transportation in the underground city

For example , in 1969 the project of building the underground railway has been finished in beijing .There are 16 stations from Beijing station to Guchenglu station .The operating line is 21km long .on january 15 ,1971 , Beijing metroline began to operate .People bought tickets by the introduction letter and they could go to the bus station to buy it .It was 0.1 yuan to buy a one-way fare .On june 9 ,2008 ,Beijing metro went to the days when checking tickets used the automatic mechine .in 1980 ,there are only 140 frame in the civil aviation and most of them are “sushi” 14 which could only take 20 passengers or 40 passengers made in the 1950s or 1940s .There are only 17 big planes which could take more than 100passengers . There are only 79 airports .in 1980 , the number of transportation of passengers is just 3,430,000 in China’s civil aviation .It runk the 35th in civil aviation of the world .In the first half of 2007 ,the China’s civil aviation industry jumped in the higher level .

Water transportation

In the 1980s ,the bus of changjiang river is important tool to the people in the changjiang river area .Once it appeared the tensional situation that it is difficult to get a ticket for the ship .In 2007 water transportation has transported 22.2 billion tons products .By the end of 2007 there are 9,322 ships which was transporting in the coast in the whole country .there are 180,000 in inland waterway .

Railway trasportation

In 1980 the basic framework of the railway was formed .Till the end of 2006 China was the number one in Asia .In the 1980s there were nearly no private cars in China .To the end of 2007 ,there are 56,970,000 national civil cars .And it included

35,340,000 private buses and 19,580,000 private cars .


In the 1980s ,there were 7,300,000 bicycles in Beijing .And nowadays , riding bicycles is not only a health style which can exercise our bodies ,but also to make contribution to improve the air quality of the city .


In 1949 ,we learned and improved the chinese traditional bridge .We built many stone arch bridge .Until the middle of 1960s ,we got a chance to absorb foreign experience of building bridge .We began to build the steel bridge .It made a big improvement in bridge construction .After the reform and opening-up policy, China has changed the way we used to use that bridges were built by the country to the way that you should pay for passing the bridge .Bridge construction entered into a new developed period .China built a large number of long-span new bridges . With the deepening of the reform of the reform and opening-up policy .China’s economic developed rapidly .There are many highways now .That many bridges will be built across major rivers has become the inevitable trend in history .

The reform and opening-up policy makes transportation unprecedented developed .Nowadays there are also a variety of transportation in the countryside .Road are broaden .There are many kinds of buses ,like luxury bus ,pakistan ,medium-sized buses ,taxismotroized tricycles and so on .It is convenient for people to see their relatives ,to go out for business and travel .In the old time ,it took us one or tow days to go to the city .and now it only takes us 5 hours by the luxury bus .it is convenient and comfortable .With the improvement of living standards ,travelling outside ,enjoying the beatiful scenery and enjoying our motherland become new fashion pursuited by people .

In my opinion ,for example ,in wuhan there are so many buses ,we can go everywhere .The main problem is that there are so many people in wuhan .We can get into the bus easily ,but it is difficult to get a seat .But compared with the old time ,we are so lucky because we can take bus ,taxi and so on .and in the old time people is difficult to go to other places .Then can only rode bicycles and walked .With the development of China ,transportation will be more convenient .Our living standards will be improved and we will live a easier life .It will come true soon .













1980年底,全国铁路网骨架基本形成,到2006年底,我国居亚洲第一位。 私家车