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My family

There are five people in my family,my father,my mother,my younger

brother,my younger sister and I.We live together happily.(2个一般现在时) When I was young,my mother often told us to be honest.On my age of ten,my father beat me heavily for I lied to him.(2个过去时)

My little brother is eighteen this year,and he will go to another place for study next year.My sister is going to be a doctor after she graduation.(2个将来时) I am still living here for my study.(1个现在进行时)

I love my family.


It's raining outside.i'm doing my homework,my dad is reading the

newspaper.my mum is watching tv.grandpa is watering the flowers(浇花)。grandma is washing the clothes.sisiter is listening to the music.brother is playing computer game.Everyone is busy.


Hello, everyone. My name is Kelly. I am friendly and honest.I am good at English and maths. I like surfing the internet,playing computer games,

watching TV and traveling. I also like playing table tennis and I am good at it ,too. I often play table tennis with my friends on weekends. And I want to be a famous table tennis player when I grow up. What I like most is to see the

seagulls flying freely in the sky so I often go to the sea in summer. My favourite colour is white because I think white is symbolize purity. 大家好 我的名字叫KELLY .我很友好、诚实。我擅长英语和数学。 我爱上网、玩电脑网络游戏、看电视 和旅游。我也喜欢打乒乓球。我经常和朋友们在周末打乒乓球,长大了我想当一个乒乓球运动员。最喜欢在海边看着海鸥自由自在的飞翔,因此在夏天我经常去海边。白色是我的最爱。因为我觉得白色是纯洁的象征。


In ten years,I think I"ll be a reporter.As a reporter, I think I "ll meet lots of interesting people.And I can also travel all over the world.I"ll live in Beijing because I went to there last year and fell in love with it.And I will keep a pet pig,because I like it very much.

But now I cannot ,because my mom hates it.I will live in apartment witn my best friends , because I don't like living alone.

This is my life in ten years, I think I must be very happy in the future.

1.I go to a interesting place .There are lots of peopel.It's too crowded.I see many beautiful flowers.And there are many animals.I see some tigers.They are

very scary.I also see two elephints,they are petty heavy and big.And I see some birds,they are samll and cute.I'm very happy

2.On Wednesday, I went shopping with my cousins. We bought some brand name t-shirts and pants. In the afternoon, my cousins gave me a fun ride on the city highway. They also taught me how to drive their fancy car, so I tried to do some turning and parking. It was not easy first. But I learnt quick.

Dear Mike,

Thank you very much for your letter! I'm the same age as you and I live in Nanjing.

I would love to tell you more about my school life here, but my English is not that good. And I'm so afraid that I can't express myself clearly.

I got an A in Chinese. My teacher thought that my essay writing was very good. I also got As in Math, Science, and History, but I need to continue to improve in those subjects. My history teacher encouraged me to read more stories, and I need to pay attention to the small things in math! I didn't do quite as well in Physics. I got a B, but my teacher said that she has confidence that I can do better. My worst mark was a C in English. Language is very difficult for me, but I know if I keep working hard, I can do much better.

I think I will continue to work hard on all my subjects, especially on my English. Could you give me some advice on learning the language?



There are many many foods we can eat, such as apple, banana, pear, carrot, onion, orange, potato and many others. My father likes to eat very thing,

expect it is not be able to eat. My mother likes to eat vegetables and fruits, she usually eat some meat. I like to eat meat, and fruits, too, but I do not like to eat vegetables, and apple is favorite food.

It is very tasty and has many things, which our body need; they also can clean our teeth. Some of them are red, some of them are green. I like to eat the red ones, because they look nicer than the green ones. Apples are very useful, someone say apple can make people more beautiful and strong. I do not think apples can make us more beautiful and strong, but I believe someone who always eats apples will be more health than someone who does not like to eat apples will not be very strong!


I like different kinds of food.I like dumplings,rices and so on.

But my favorite food is mooncakes.I like them very mush.It is very delicious and popular.

Mooncakes are delicious round cakes.Some have eggs or nuts in it ,and some have meat.People usually buy them in a food shop.They look like the moon,so we call them mooncakes.On the Mid-autumn Day Chinese people like having mooncakes.At night,we often stay in the open air.We look the moon,eat mooncakes and talk about happy things.We always have a good time.

I like mooncakes best.Do you like mooncakes,too?

tom 在学校总惹麻烦让妈妈们生气。这不这次违纪使得原本生病的妈妈病情,他认识到了自己的错误。根据下类内容提示,帮他写一封信告诉妈妈他以后的打算。




Dear Mom ,

Please forgive me ,I know I have done a lot of things wrong .I promise you that I will corret my mistakes conscientiously.At first, I will not fight with my classmates any more and make get along with them.Then , I will study hard to make my dream come true .No matter what difficulties in the future ,I will never give up. At last , I wish you can get well earlier.

Your faithfully,


以My favourite singer为题写一篇英语作文 十个句子,四个时态(现在进行时,一般现在时,过去时,现在完

My favourite singer

Hey ,I like this pop star also an idol to many kids around the world~~~Of

course he is the worldwide star——————Justin Bieber。He was borned in Canada 。When he was small, he liked to sing and dance,then he posted videos of him singing and got signed buy a record company。He is so talented,and really hot。 We are so hoping he will come to China someday,how exciting !This is my favourite singer,what about yours?

My Good Friend

My good friend is Mei. She’s a girl. She is my classmate.

Mei is tall and thin. She has two big eyes and long hair. She likes listening to music and reading books. Sometimes we listen to music together. She likes summer. Because she can swim in the summer holiday. She likes pink and white. She is in Class Four, Grade Six with me. She usually goes to school by motor cycle. Sometimes she goes to school on foot. We often go shopping together on the weekend.

We will be good friends forever.

My Good Friend

I have a good friend.She is my classmate,her name is Tracy.She is a pretty girl.

She studies in Tiandong No.2 Middle school,she is in Class 1,Grade 1.She studies hard all day.And she can speaks Japanese English and Chinese very well.So she often help my English and Japanese.I thank you for her help. And I help her math, too.Because my math is very good. We learn from each other and help each other.

Tracy often in a white T-shirt and a black skirt.We are all think shi is a lovely girl.And Tracy likes sports very much. She likes playing

basketball,bassball,ping-pongball and badminton very much. So we are often play them.

Tracy has a big famili,there are nine people in her family.They are her

mother,her father,her brother sister,her uncle,her aunt,her grandparents ang her.She loves her family very much.

My good friend

My name is Michelle. In my class, there is a girl. She has a round face, a small nose, two big eyes, a small mouth and two big ears. Her eyes look like grapes. Her hair is short and black. She is tall and beautiful. She looks like a middle school student. Do you know who is she? Yes, she is Fanny, one of my good friends.

Fanny is a good girl at school. In class, she listens to her teachers carefully. She studies English very well. She often helps us to solve problems. She is very quiet, sometimes she is very active. When class is over, she goes out of the classroom to play games with her classmates. She is very friendly to them. She is a good girl at home, too. After supper, she always helps her mother clean the room. Then she watches TV for a short time if mother permits.

She seems to have a special interest in music. Any time she hears the music, she will dance. Though she dances badly, she still loses herself in the music. I think she will be a dancer in the future. But she wants to be a writer.

This is my good friend. We feel happy when we are together. What about your good friend? Can you tell me something about your good friend?

It was Sunday. I got up at seven o'clock. After breakfast I cleaned my room. Then I did my homework. I went shopping with my mother by bike in the afternoon. I met one of my best friend Li Lei and talked with her for a while. Before supper I played table tennis with my father. In the evening I surfed the internet and read books. I really had a busy and meaningful day.