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题目:Some people think that environmental problems are too big for individuals to solve. Others, however, believe that these problems cannot be solved if individuals do not take actions. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.



保护环境当然是每个人的责任,只不过政府的责任更大。本文的主体段第一段是写得个人力量有限,主要靠政府的法律和行政权力(legal and administrative power),以及企业的财力和技术。举了几个例子,比如政府颁布法律(enact strict laws),惩罚排放污水(discharge waste water)的企业,开发新技术等等,这些都是个人力量无法做到的。

主体第二段写得是个人可以为保护环境做一些事情,仍然采用举例论证,比如节约用水,减少开车。这些都是individuals 可以做的事情,都可以节约资源,改善城市空气质量。这些素材在之前的环境类话题中也多次写到过。


There is no doubt human society is faced with serious environmental problems and immediate measures should be taken to solve these problems. However, what role ordinary people should play in environmental protection is a topic of debate.

Some people think that the power of the individual is too small and the solution to environmental problems lies with the government and large enterprises. If the government can use legal and administrative power to

curb environmental pollution, the effect would be significant. For example, it is common practice for some factories to discharge waste water into the river. If the government could enact strict laws to punish these factories, this kind of irresponsible behavior would be reduced. Also, the government and enterprises can invest in developing new technology to reduce the impact on the environment, which cannot be done by individuals.

However, some people believe that individuals also have an important role to play in improving the environment we live in. the power of one person seems t be minimal , but with millions of individuals taking action , the effect would be huge. For instance, if every person can save a glass of water, the total amount saved would be considerable in a city with millions of people. Another example is air pollution in cities, which can be effectively tackled by encouraging people to use public transport. If individuals can give up driving private cars, the air quality would be obviously improved.

In my opinion, protecting the environment is an urgent and long-term task that takes the effort of every member of the society. The government plays a leading by making policies , enforcing laws and organizing campaigns . Individuals can also make their contribution by doing small

things in their daily lives.


题目:With the increasing demand for energy sources of oil and gas, people should look for sources of oil and gas in remote and untouched natural places. Do the advantages outweigh disadvantages of damaging such areas?


Based on the quantities of proven oil and gas reserves, we can predict that the supply of oil and gas is unlikely to meet people’s demand for energy sources in the future. Some countries have started to explore more fuel sources in remote areas, but this is not the fundamental solution to the problem of energy shortage.

It is true that looking for more oil or gas is in the interest of the mankind. As people rely heavily on fossil fuels, the newly-found energy sources can be used to support the fast economic development and high living standard . However, it should be noted that the total reserves of fossil fuels are limited and they will be exhausted sooner or later. Only when we shift to using renewable fuels can we extricate ourselves from energy crisis.

Another problemhabitats of animals and plants may be destroyed. Oil drilling may cause some environmental disasters. For example, oil spills occurred many time in the past few years and led to the death of millions of sea creatures.

The last but not least, if more fossil fuels are exploited, it may

accelerate the process of global warming. Burning fossil fuels is believed to be the main cause for climate change and extreme weather. Therefore, to prevent environmental disaster and protect our globe, people should develop clean fuel rather than search for more oil and gas.

To conclude, looking for more oil and gas is not a good strategy for resolving energy crisis. A better way is to encourage the international community to step up its effort to develop and adopt new energy.

写成弊大于利,这样就可以大量使用我们讲的一些环境类的素材和词汇表达。比如石油储量有限oil reserves are limited,开采新的石油无法真正解决能源短缺energy shortage和能源危机energy crisis。还有就是导致全球变暖global

warming ,气候变化climate change,以及极端天气extreme weather。此外,针对这个题目所说的偏远地区,我们还可以补充一些其他方面的环境影响,比如破坏了生态环境damage ecological environment,动植物的栖息地被破坏habitats are destroyed,还有漏油事故oil spills。这类事故近年来经常有报道,比如墨西哥湾的漏油,大连的漏油,如果你想不到具体的地名,就不要点名字了。反正造成的后果非常严重,海洋被污染,海洋生物死亡lead to the death of millions of sea creatures。


题目:The international community must act immediately to ensure that all countries reduce their consumption of fossil fuels, such as gas and oil. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


The burning of fossil fuels is considered as the main cause of a series of environmental problems and the voice against using fossil fuels is getting stronger in recent years. I believe it is necessary for the international community to take action to reduce the consumption of these fuels.

Global warming is a threat to the living environment of the mankind and the solution to this problem is to control the amount of carbon emissions. As the consumption of coal, oil and gas is the major source of carbon emissions, cutting down energy consumption is the most effective way to slow down the process of global warming. Another environmental issue is air pollution and s moggy weather, particularly in large cities, which is mainly caused by the using of cars for travelling and burning of coal for heating. If people do not use so much fuel, air quality would be improved significantly.

It takes the concerted effort of all countries to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Developed countries own most vehicles and factories, while

underdeveloped countries also waste a huge amount of energy due to their large populations and low efficiency of energy consumption. If some countries are not involved in this global endeavor, the effort of a few countries may be futile .

However, the reduction in oil and gas consumption will inevitably affect the pace of economic development and people’s living standard. This is why some countries refuse to make commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Therefore, what is also important is to develop and promote cleaner fuels, so that these countries would rely less on traditional energy.

Overall, to protect the global environment, it is essential for all countries to decrease their consumption of fossil fuels, but meanwhile we need to make an effort to find alternative energy sources.


关于减少化石燃料的使用,属于最基础的环境保护类话题。化石燃料的弊端可以联系到global warming和air pollution,以及最热门的污染话题:雾霾smoggy weather,这些都和使用化石燃料有关。只有减少使用传统的煤、石油和天然气,才能解决这些环境问题。

此题还有一个需要注意的词:International community,需要写一写为什么节能减排(save consumption and reduce emissions)需要全球共同努力。因为这是一个global 的问题,如果某些国家不参与这个行动,那么可能会使得其他国家的努力没有效果(The effort of other countries will be futile)

让步段写的是减少化石燃料使用会影响经济发展和人们生活水平,所以同时我们还需要开发和推广新能源的使用,这样才能让很多国家减少对化石燃料的依赖。(Rely less on fossil fuels )


题目:Developments in science and technology have caused environmental problems. Some people think that a simpler way of life will protect the environment, while others believe that science and technology can solve environmental problems. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.



首先要明白什么是简单生活。简单生活就是少用科技产品,包括电脑、电器(electric appliances )和汽车等等,这样就能够少耗电,节约能源和资源,另外还能够减少垃圾(less rubbish to be dealt with)。每年咱们扔掉的废旧电器就是一个很好的例子对不对?这些内容都是非常生活化的一些词汇,大家可以从范文中看到。

反方的观点认为,科技才是解决环境问题的办法(science and technology is the real solution to environmental problems)。首先反驳了正方观点,简单生活带来不方便,降低了生活质量(lead to inconvenience and lower quality of life)。难道为了省电,你每天就不用电脑不看电视了,只是去公园打打太极拳,做做深呼吸?难道为了减少空气污染,你每天骑单车跨越半个北京城去上班?这些都是不现实的。而且我们也有很多例子来证明科技进步确实能够保护环境。仍然以家用电器做例子,现在的回收技术(recycling technology )使很多配件(component )都能够得到循环利用。

2015-05-09 简单生活VS 现代科技解决环境问题(环境话题)

Modern technologies have brought us better life, but they are also believed to be associated with many environmental problems. Some people suggest that we should adopt a simple lifestyle for the sake of

A simple way of life means that people should use less technological products such as computers, electric appliances and cars. This would reduce the consumption of energy and resources and also, there would be less rubbish to be dealt with. For example, home appliance such as TV sets, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. are commonly used in the household. As a result of this, huge quantities fuels are used to generate electricity and tones of wastes of electric products are produced every year. If people do not use these products and change back into simple lifestyle, the relevant environmental problems can be avoided. this viewpoint is opposed by some people, who believe that since and technology is the real solution to environmental problems. Although simple life can reduce the pressure on the environment, it new technologies to update the old products, we can maintain the living possible to reuse the components of the waste electric products.

environmental pollution and changing our current lifestyle may ease this abandon the use of modern technologies. the best way is to rely on new technologies to develop more high-tech products that are friendly to the environment.