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关于母爱的英语作文 Love is water, cleaning the water spirit; love is a mountain, you can rely on the mountain; maternal love is the wind, blow down wind; motherly love is thunder, thunder impact life.


As the saying goes, the woman is made of water, that I said that my

mother is god. Mother is very love cry, tears like spring rain, in an unbroken line. Watch TV, my mother was often moved to tears; scary stories, mother sometimes cry; however, when I do something wrong, mother's love cry. I am very naughty, always love to do something wrong. Once, I and my

grandmother bickering, the grandmother gas straight said to his mother:" see, this is you teach the good son." In the evening, and everyone else to sleep, my mother came to my room, wake me up, tell me a reason, but I still have a little impatient, my mother said, tears as the bead curtain, I feel anxious, saw her mother look, I will get up immediately went to grandma house grandma's

apology, grandmother laughed, then point behind, I saw my mother at the door secretly laugh, from now on, my mother's eyes became my life buoy. Motherly love like water, my mental errors washing clean out completely.

The wind

The spring wind is blown green willow, the wind in the hot summer, the autumn wind blowing yellow rice, winter wind blowing the white earth, a wind blowing up my soul.

The exam is every student work achievement exhibition, performance of the direct impact on students' mood. After final exam, transcripts of home that day, I'm disappointed urgently, my English result is 78 points, after reading the report, I will not to utter a single word to lie in bed, staring at the ceiling ... ... I do not know how long after, the door suddenly opened, mother came in and sat down beside me, not looking at me, suddenly, on my mother angrily

shouted:" you stay in bed doing? You failed the exam is you don't work hard, can this strange who ... ..." Waiting for her to finish, I cried.

Tired of crying, to dry the tears, I looked at my mother. The mother saw my heart calm down, she also restored the true colours, say affectionately to me:" the exam is important, but your subjective effort is more important, as

long as you try your best, your life is no '. '" ... ..." My eyes are bright, spirit lifts, confidence and back to me again. Love is like the wind, take my bad mood was not the least trace was found. Blowing, my mind blowing a fresh.

Love is not just water, wind ah ah ... ... She is the greatest power in the world. Meng mu, Nu Wa human this revelation, there is another kind of wealth -- that is love.







In that faraway village, small mountain village ... ..." Ears suddenly echoed the" mother's kiss" this song, my heart cannot calm, reminds me of the great maternal love.

A mother's love is like a tired work well, when you are weak and feeble, a few bites refreshed; motherly love like helpless when hands, when you don't know what to do, just hold on its difficulties will be smoothly done or easily solved; maternal love as the sun in winter, when you cold despair, as long as bathed in the warmth of love, all the disappear in smoke in a moment. A mother's love is like a pastoral poem, remote, pure, and elegant light; a

mother's love is like a deep love song, melodious, lead a person to endless aftertastes; motherly love is like a landscape painting, quiet and beautiful, tranquil and elegant. The maternal love is a growing Yanyinqipan children; maternal love is concerned about their children before bed anxious; motherly love is drifting continuously miss the Earth children; maternal love is the sons and daughters of life concomitant joke.



I sing of motherly love, I praise the maternal love, because love makes me grow sturdily.

It is a harvest season, mom helped grandma corn, accidentally got hurt in the foot, walk with a limp, every step to clench one's teeth, is very difficult. One day at noon, I go home from school, found the table is not what I expected" good food", I was very angry, kept his mouth whispered to complain about his mother,. A second time in the past, I have to go to school, but my mother had not come home cooking, I worried, at that time, only heard on the stairs, who ran pant for breath, open the door to look, mom. I really doubt is it right? I got it wrong, my mother foot into it, how can you run? " Oh! I just changed some

medicine, delayed, don't worry, I'll cook for you." Mother pale forehead is full of sweat, she gasped and I'm sorry about the. Then have a look she wears white socks at this time has been red blood painted several irregular graphics in the morning, tears blurred my eyes, the hot tears drop in my hand, hot I was unable to move. I eat with that expected for a long time" delicacies", at this moment, the taste is good astringent, bitter astringent, has been into the bottom of my heart. Mother kept aside to chase: feeble." Soon had to go to school, go home at night I gave you good."

In the evening one enter the house, the fragrant meal came, but did not see mom, dad said, mother was too big, just wound opened up again, she just as I finished dinner, rest, my heart suddenly been stung. In a trance, I saw Mother tall image, finally see: the original love is to sacrifice the children of selfless behavior.

From now on, I will for the autumn has a special feeling, because it records the mother to my little drops of the love, cherish it a let me unforgettable memories, it reminds me to try my best to repay the endless love.