If I dont lose
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One day, when Jack was taking a walk in the street, he heard a voice. He found a girl crying in the street.

Jack asked, “Why are you crying, my little girl?”

The girl answered, “I've lost my doll.” Jack said, “Don't cry, little girl. I'll go to the shop and buy a doll for you,” so the little girl followed Jack to the shop, and Jack bought a very nice doll for the little girl. The little girl began to be happy again. Jack said to the little girl with a smile, “Goodbye, my angel.” “Bye-bye!” said the little girl.精彩内容,尽在百度攻略:http://gl.baidu.com

But a few minutes later, Jack heard a voice again. Jack asked the little girl, “Why are you crying again?” The girl said, “If I hadn't lost my doll, I'd have two dolls!”