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The way we cook is important. In many countries, the two choices are (nature) gas or electric-powered stoves.

The World Health Organization warns that millions of people (suffer) from indoor air pollution at present time, which results from the use of (danger) fuels and cook-stoves in the home.

WHO officials say nearly three billion people are (able) to use clean fuels and technologies for cooking, heating and lighting. As a result, more than seven million people die from exposure to indoor or outdoor air pollution each year. Most of the deaths are in (develop) countries, such as lndia, China and Latin American countries.

WHO officials say opening a window or door (let) out the harmful air will not correct the situation. will only pollute the outdoors.

Nigel Bruce, is a professor of Public Health at the University of Liverpool, says researchers are developing good cook-stoves and other equipment to burn fuels a more efficient way.[来源:学科网ZXXK]

But, this is just a start. It is urging developing countries to use (clean) fuels and increase access to cleaner and more modern cooking and heating appliances(用具).


61.natural 62.are suffering 63.dangerous 64.unable 65.developing

66.to let 67.It/That 68.who 69.in 70.cleaner


It is a common thing to forget to return a book to the library after you’ve borrowed it. Maybe, you’ll realize it has been some (month) since you borrowed it and decide to return it. (similar), when Ron Webster borrowed a book from the library of the University Of Liverpool, he too forgot to return it. When he was 30, back in 1953, he was working a research assistant in the university. It was during this time he loaned a book titled “Structure and Function in Primitive Society.” Shortly after he borrowed this book, he (call) to London to continue his research. Just as you might have expected, Ron Webster completely forgot the whole thing.

Ron had a (success) career and worked for Ford before retiring and leading a relaxed life. Recently when he took look at his collection of books, he discovered the old book borrowed 61 years ago. He contacted University officials to tell about the (possible) of returning the book.

University Librarian (amaze) to see Ron arrive at the University Of Liverpool, (try) to return a book that he borrowed 61 years ago.

Just in case you were wondering, the total fine that Ron Webster had accumulated over the years amounted to £4,510.


1. months 2. Similarly 3. as 4. that 5. was called 6 .successful

7. a 8. possibility 9. amazed 10. trying


soccer player alive today. At a young age, he ___to Spain and now plays when he was 11 years old, he found out he had a sickness which would prevent him from growing have enough money to pay for his medical needs. So, they looked around for a soccer club be able to do this for them. The clubs in Argentina couldn’t help him, but the the bills. The Messi family happily took the offer and moved to Spain. In the Barcelona soccer club, Messi was one of the best his teen years. Messi has surprised the world incredible talent. He has led Barcelona to many victories and earned his place among the greatest players ever.


1.a 2.moved 3.professionally 4.owned 5.taller 6.but

7.that/which 8.to accept 9.players 10.with


You may like reading novels for fun. But you need to get a novel for school. Here (be)a few tips.

First, pay attention to characters. What do they do in the novel? What do they want? Everything is about a character can help us to understand him, from his (appear) to the kind of food he eats.

Besides, the order of the story and the plot are read, you make quick note of what happens in each chapter. This will help you bring the things you have noticed about the character, setting, language and so on together. It's also an enormous help for you to retell the story after you have read it.

is a must to get the hang of the theme if you want to fully appreciate the novel. Perhaps love is a major theme, or justice, or (survive).

(make) their novels work. They may use metaphors, invent symbols, or show different characters’ personalities through their speech styles.


1.organized 2.are 3.that 4.appearance 5.equally 6. a 7.It

8.survival 9.of 10.to make


Nowadays, more and more schools in China have rules making students wear school uniforms to School .A lot of Chinese students complain about (wear) their school uniforms every day students get annoyed about their uniforms, too? American high schools is about requirements for students' dressing. Boys at school (luck) than boys, they have more flexible__ (choose) than boys. They can either dress similarly to the wear a dress. In general, it takes a student 10-15 minutes every morning (dress) up for class. As students do in China, plenty of American students also have their complaints about school uniforms. What if students really dislike the dress code and want to get rid of it? Instead of getting punished,

(actual) there're ways to do that. At my school, "dress down" tickets (sell) on school days If students are willing to buy a ticket, they don't need to wear school uniforms the following day. I have a strong (believe) that one day Chinese students can buy these tickets, too


61. wearing 62. do 63.which 64.luckier 65.choices 66.or

67.to dress 68. actually 69.are sold 70.belief


I 感谢信

假设你是李华,最近去英国参加了一起英语夏令营活动,住在Mr.Smith 家中,他们提



1. 感谢Smith 夫妇;

2. 你的感受;

3. 邀请Smith 夫妇来华旅游;


1. 词数120~150;

2. 适当增加细节,使行文连贯;

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

How are you doing? I am writing these few lines to express my heartfelt gratitude to you(表达对你衷心的感谢) for offering accommodation when I was in England.

When I look at those pictures, I just can't help thinking of you.(忍不住想你) It was so kind of you to(It was so kind of you to do sth take care of me (你是如此友善去照顾我)when I was not used to the weather there. Besides, you bought Chinese food for me, which really surprised me. What's more, I shall always remember those ancient stories you told me, considering that, they helped me know more about your culture and history.

Nothing will be able to erase our wonderful memories, (没有什么能够擦去我们美好的回忆)and I will cherish them forever. (我会永远珍惜它们) I wish to have a chance to repay you. (我希望有机会去抱到你)I will feel very honored and pleased if you can come to China for a

visit (如果你能来中国,我感觉非常光荣和高兴)and I will be your guide.(我会成为你的导游) Would you kindly let me know if you can make it?

Thanks again for what you have done for me. (再次感谢你为我所做的一切)May you be blessed in everything you do.(希望你做的一切事情都被祝福)

Yours truly,

Li Hua

II 邀请信

假定你是李华,你的一位美国的朋友Jane 在中国学习中文两年,即将回国。现在由你给她发E-mail ,邀请她参加为她举办的欢送会,要点如下:



3.地点:阳光俱乐部(The Sun Club)302房间





3.参考词汇:欢送会farewell party

Dear Jane,

Congratulations on your passing all the exams .I am delighted you have really made great progress in your two years of studying in China.All you have gained is the result of your hard work .We are proud of you and we all appreciate your help with our English .We’ll always remember the wonderful time we spent together.

It’s a pity that you have to go back soon! So a farewell party for you will be held in Room 302 in the Sun Club this Saturday evening .Could you come by 6:00p.m.? We’ll have dinner together .By the way, you may take Bus No.332 in front of your hotel and it will take you directly to the club.

I wish you success and fulfillment in the years ahead!

Yours faithfully,

Li Hua

III 自荐信


1. 个人信息

2. 性格、爱好与特长

3. 学习情况


1. 词数100左右;

2. 信的开头已为你写好 (不计入总词数) ;

3. 可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

4. 参考词汇:自主招生 independent recruitment

Dear Sir,

My name is Li Hua, from Hope High School. I’m glad to get the news that Hong Kong University will have independent recruitment in mainland, so I would like to apply for it.

I am eighteen, studying in Senior 3. I am sociable, easy-going and good at communicating with others. Besides, I am quite independent and it is easy for me to adapt to a new environment. As a senior student, I have been working hard at my lessons and managed to get high grades. All these will enable me to continue my study in your university. What’s more, my hobbies are playing basketball and football and I am also good at playing the violin.

Looking forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua

IV 申请信


点(箭头所指内容) 写一封申请信。

注意:1. 词数100左右; 2. 可适当增加细节使行文连贯;

3. 开头已经给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Mr. Smith,

I've read your advertisement for an assistant teacher for a children's summer camp. I am quite interested in this position. I am outgoing, energetic, well-organized, and responsible; and most importantly, I love working with children! In the past two years, as a monitor in my class, I have proved myself to be an excellent helper to my teachers. I speak English fluently, which enables me to help native English teachers communicate freely and effectively with students in an English-only environment.

I will soon have a long summer vacation, so I have no problem working evenings and weekends. I can start my work next week. I would be pleased to assist both the teachers and students in this challenging and rewarding environment.

Looking forward to your early reply.

Yours ,

Li Hua

V 道歉信

假定你是李华,你校外教Mr .Brown 邀请你周日上午去听关于英国文学的讲座,但你因故不能参加。请根据以下提示,写封邮件向Mr .Brown 说明。








Dear Mr. Brown,

I’m so sorry that I won’t be able to attend the lecture on the British literature this Sunday morning. But an old classmate of mine will come to see me that day. We haven’t seen each other for quite a long time and I have promised to meet him at the railway station, for he is not familiar with this city.

As you know, I’m deeply interested in the British literature, so it’s really a pity to miss the lecture. But I wonder if I could borrow the record or have a copy of the PPT. It would mean so much to me to watch the record or PPT and learn what’s covered in your lecture.

Best wishes to you.

Yours sincerely, Li Hua