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说明 :根据下列信息拟一张贺卡。


To **

Best wishes for…

From **


Best wishes for…



Best wishes for…

Your brother

Words for reference: (赠to ;祝 wish ;敬上 sincerely )

Best wishes for………

Best wishes to you………

Best wishes for A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Merry Christmas! \ May you have the best Christmas ever !

May the joy of Christmas be with you thougout the year!

May the blessings of Christmas be with you today and always !


Best wishes for the new year !\ I wish you a happy new year .

Allow me to wish you a bright and prosperous new year .

A happy new year to you and many of them!


Take good care of yourself .We all love you ,Mom.

You are the nicest mom in the world.


you have been a great teacher and an even better friend .

I send you everlasting feelings of gratefulness and thankfulness .


Accept my sincere congratulations on your marriage with Mr./Miss……. 特殊成就贺词

Your years of hard work have paid off .Congratulations!

Please allow me to congratulate you most heartily on your success in your scientific research.

I am very glad to hear that you have succeeded…….

I am delighted to hear that ……

I was greatly pleased to hear that……


中国国际进出口公司 王天望(总经理)

地址:上海北平路1122路36号 邮编:201104

宅电:(021)64059993 办公室电话:(021)62450331

电子邮件:wang 2002@sina .com.cn

China International Import-Export Company

Wang Tianwang

General Manager

Address No.** Home phone **

Beiping Road Shanghai Office phone**

Zip Code 201104 E-mail



Dear Mr.Liu:

I shall be very happy to call at your office at about nine 0’clock tomorrow morning to discuss the cooperation program.

Yours sincerely






Lost and Found

A lady has picked a wrist watch in the shopping center and turned it over to our office .The owner of the wrist watch may come to claim it with his or her

identity card .

Lost and Found Office



1. 内容:现代信息管理模式 2. 时间:3月12日晚6:30-8:00

2. 地点:多媒体演讲厅





Mr.Wang,the general manager of Shanghai Golden Palm Computer System Limited Company, will give a lecture on Modern Information Management Motel at 6:30p.m. on March 12.The one-hour-and –a-half lecture will be held in the Multi-media Lecture Room, .Students of Information Management Department are invited to attend the lecture.

Information Management Department


1 来电人:THREE 饭店人事部经理Mr.. Skalsky

2 来电时间:5月7日上10:20

3 事由THREE 饭店餐饮部需要5名男生3名女生,希望张处长回电

Telephone Message

Date:May7 Time:10:20am

From: Mr.. Skalsky





Message:Mr.. Skalsky,Human Resources manager of THREE hotel called to say that F&B department needs five male and three female students .You are expected to call back.

Signed by :Lili 感谢信


I am writing this letter to thank you for doing …/ show my gratitude/appreciation

for …


I am very thankful/grateful for your help/assistance


Thanks again for everything you’ve done for me.

Many thanks for what you’ve done for me.

I really appreciate your help/what you’ve done for me.



I have just learned/heard the good news that you have been admitted by Peking University. I write to show my sincere congratulation.


I have known that you have been dreaming of studying in Peking University and you have been working hard towards this goal. And now your efforts have paid off.


As your friend, I am very proud of you! I am sure you will achieve greater success in the future. I wish you good luck.



Everything will be better soon.

Tomorrow is another day.



I hope that you will recover soon.

I hope you are completely yourself.

说明:健旺刚听说bob 因病住院,他认为bob 查出病因是明智之举。他希望bob 看到他信时已经好多了,并祝bob 不久痊愈。请你以健旺刚之名给bob 写封慰问信。

Dear Bob,

I’ve just heard that you are in hospital .I think you are very wise to find out once and for all what’s causing your trouble ,and get it over.

I hope that by the time this note reaches you ,you’ll be feeling a great deal better .I’ll sure that now it won’t be long before you are entirely and completely yourself again.



Tom and I send our love and our deepest sympathy to you both .

Please accept my most sincere sympathy and best wishes .

I cannot tell you how sorry I felt when I was informed of your illness. All of us are hoping for your quick return to health .

It is with great sorrow to hear of your illness . I should like to know how you are getting on now.





you are cordially invited to the dinner party.

We should be very pleased if you could honor us with your presence. Will you do us a favor by joining our party?

It would be an honor to me if you would accept our invitation.

I would like to invite you to…

I would like you to …

I am looking forward to hearing from you/seeing you/your early reply. Dear huihui,

We are planning a dinner party to celebrate our baby’s birth at Hilton hotel and we want you to come. It’s next Saturday, January at six pm at Hilton hotel. We do hope you can make it as we are looking forward with great pleasure to seeing you.

Dear Lele,

It’s a great honor to receive your invitation. I’ll be very glad to be at the party next Saturday, January 11 at six pm at Hilton hotel.

Nothing could give us more pleasure than accepting your kind invitation. I am very glad to be at your party.

It is with great pleasure that we shall come to your … at that time.

Please accept my sincere regrets for not being able to join you at your birthday party.

Dear jane,

Long time no see. how are you? I’d like to invite you to spend some days in Beijing this coming summer holidays. As you know, there are lots of interesting places to see such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and so on. I’ll accompany you to visit each of these places.

I sincerely hope you would like to spend a pleasant holiday with me here. Please tell me when you could come for such a visit.

Dear zhang,

Nice to hear from you! Your invitation is great! Surely, I’ll come. People often say that the best time for enjoying sightseeing in Beijing is in July, in autumn, the harvest season. You know, I like the golden leaves of trees, the climate and the food. Let’s meet at Beijing Airport, the first Saturday of July. 道歉信

please accept my sincere apologies.

Please accept my sincere apologies for (the lateness of my birthday greetings.)

I’ m sorry I missed your…

I’ve to offer you an apology for not coming to your party.

Dear carole,

I am very sorry that I was out when you called yesterday morning. Could you come again tomorrow evening as I have something important to discuss with you?


1. purpose

2. detailed description

3. request

Dear Mr Gao,

As a customer of your store, I’m now writing to you to complain about the bad quality of the color TV set which I bought this morning.

When I came home and switched on the TV, I found that it had no picture at all. So I contacted the salesman of your store at once and asked him to deal with this unpleasant thing as soon as possible. But he insisted that the problem was caused by my incorrect operation. At last, he promised to have the TV repaired for me.

I feel it is unacceptable to solve the problem in this way. In my opinion, there ’s no difference between an old machine and a new one which has been repaired. According to relevant regulations, I have the right to return the machine and get a new one in such case. Therefore, if you refuse my request, I’ll have to submit the dispute to the local consumers’ committee.

I look forward to hearing from your reply. Yours sincerely,


Advertisement 招聘广告

1. introduction

2. requirements

3. benefits

4. ways of contact

Application letter求职信

I am writing to do sth

I am writing to apply for the job/position advertised in the (name) newspaper of /on(date)…/offered by…


Accountant, interpreter, secretary, computer programmer, journalist/reporter, editor, shop assistant, librarian, cashier, engineer, electrician, driver, waiter/waitress, receptionist, nurse, doctor


Bank, factory, library, hospital, company, newspaper, department store, supermarket, restaurant, hotel, import and export company

Names of newspapers

Daily, evening, weekly, periodical

Useful words and expressions:

Personal data, graduate from/graduation major(v/n.)/specialize(v.) in , work experience, hobby, interest, be good at/be capable of doing sth/ specialization(n), resume/cv, application form, application letter, interview, enclose

I am looking /look forward to hearing from

And appreciate your consideration of my application

1. Personal date

2. Work experience

3. Study

4. Hobbies

5. Advantages: be good at/do well in/be capable of doing sth