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2005年假如你是李华,正在英国牛津参加短期语言培训,计划星期天去伦敦旅游。互联网上有一则广告引起了你的注意,但一些具体的信息不明确(箭头所指内容) 。请给该旅行社发一封电子邮件,询问有关情况。

Dear Sir / Madame,

I am writing for more information about the day tour to London.

As a student of Oxford Uni versity, I’d like to know if you have any special price for students. As for the money you charge, does it cover the entrance fees for visiting the places listed? What about lunch? Is it included? Or do I need to bring along my own food?

How long will the tour last? Since I have to prepare the lessons for the next day, I’d like to know the time to return. Besides, is there any time for shopping? I really want to have a look at the big stores in London.


2 2004年假设你是李华,最近国内一家英文报纸正在讨论北京动物园是否应迁出市区。以下是你所在班级讨论的情况。请你

June3, 2005

Dear Editor,

Some of my classmates are in favor of the move. They say large crowds of tourists to the zoo will result in traffic jams. They also say that once moved ,animals will have more space and better living conditions in the suburbs. However, other students are against the idea, saying that the Beijing Zoo, built in 1906, has a history of 100 years, and is well-known at home and abroad. So it should remain where it is. What’s more, moving may cause the death of some animals.

To move or not, this is a big decision which has to be made by people in Beijing.

Yours truly,

Li Hua


3 2006年


1. 个人情况:年龄、性别、学历。2. 个人条件:英语好、爱好体育、善于交往、乐于助人、熟悉本地情况。3. 承诺:提供最佳服务。

Dear Sir /Madam,

I am a boy/girl of 17 and I am studying at high school now. I am good at English and I can talk with foreign tourists in English freely.

I believe I can do a good job for the Games. First, I like sports and I know the place very well. Second, I get along with othe rs easily, which is especially useful for a volunteer. Third, I’m ready to give help whenever it is needed. My promise is to offer the best service possible to the people at the Games.

Please consider my request, and I am looking forward to your early reply.


4 2006假定你是李华,亚洲冬季运动会将在你居住的地方举办,现正在招募志愿者,你希望成为其中一员。请按要求用英文给组委会写一封申请信。内容应包括:

1. 个人情况:年龄、性别、学历2. 个人条件:英语好、爱好体育、善于交往、乐于助人、熟悉本地情况3. 承诺:提供最佳服务

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Li Hua. I would like to work as a volunteer for the Winter Asian Games. I am nineteen years old. I find it easy to get on well with others. As a college girl student, I can speak fluent English. Last year I won first place in the English Speech Contest. I like sports. In my spare time I often do sports together with my classmates. I have many friends. I think this is because I am an easy-going and warm-hearted girl. What’s more, I am a native here and I know this city very well.

If given the chance, I will treasure the chance and try my best to serve the athletes well. Thank you for your consideration. I am looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes! Yours faithfully,

Li Hua


5 07年

假定你是李华,希望通过外籍教师Peter 找一位英语笔友。请写一封短信,描述一下你理想中笔友的条件,并说明为什么选这样的笔友。具体条件包括:年龄; 性别; 爱好(旅游、运动、宠物等)。

Dear Peter,

I am writing to ask whether you are able to do me a favor.

I want to have a pen friend, hopefully a girl in her early twenties, and with interests similar to mine. In my mind, she is someone who is interested in traveling, swimming, and playing table tennis. Besides, it would be better for her to have a pet dog as I have kept one at home for some time. With such a pen friend, I hope I can share with her our experiences in traveling, taking care of pets, or whatever we have in common. And I believe I will improve my English by doing so and learn more about her country.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Li Hua


6 2007年 一家宾馆新开业,为吸引外国宾客,希望在互联网上进行宣传,请你用英语为其写一篇文字介绍。主要内容应包括: 地点:距白山入口处500米;

1. 房间及价格:单人间(共20间),100元/天;双人间(共15间),150元/天;热水淋浴;

2. 餐饮:餐厅(中,西餐),咖啡厅(茶、咖啡);

3. 游泳池:全天免费开放;4. 欢迎预定。

Welcome to Baishan Moutain Hotel!

Our hotel stands 500 metres away from the entrance to Baishan Moutain. It has 20 single rooms and 15 double rooms, all with hot showers. A single room is 100 yuan and a double room 150 yuan for one night. You are advised to book in advance. The hotel serves three meals a day and there are Chinese food and western food for you to choose from. You can also enjoy yourself at the café drinking tea or coffee in the evening. We also have a swimming pool, which is open all day and free of chare.

All are welcome!


7 2008假写你是李华,从小喜爱大熊猫(panda ),一直通过有关网站(website )关注三年前在美国圣迭哥动物园出生的大熊猫“苏琳”和她母亲“白云”。现在苏琳即将三岁。请根据以下要点给动物园工作人员写一封信:

1. 自我介绍; 2. 祝贺苏琳生日;

3. 感谢工作人员; 4. 索取苏琳三岁生日照。

阅卷得分点:1、自我介绍 2、信息来源 3、祝贺生日

4、感谢照顾5、索取照片 6、合适的结尾

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings from China!

I’m Li Hua, a student in Sichuan. I’ve been a panda lover since I was a child. About three years ago I was delighted to learn that Baiyun gave birth to her daughter Sulin and I’ve been watching her grow on your website. Now she’s going to be three. I’d like to wish her a happy birthday and to express my thanks to you for your hard work, because of which Sulin and her parents are living a happy and healthy life in the US.

By the way, could I have a photo of Sulin taken on her third birthday? Thank you very much in advance.

Yours truly, Li Hua


8 2009假定你是李华, 你的英国朋友Peter 来信向你咨询如何才能学好中文. 请你根据下列要点写回信.

要点: 1. 参加中文学习班; 2. 看中文书刊、电视;

3. 学唱中文歌曲 4. 交中国朋友。

One Possible Version

Dear Peter,

Here are a few suggestions. First, it is important to take a Chinese course, as you’ll be able

to learn from the teacher and practice with your fellow students. Then, it also helps to watch TV

and read books, newspapers and magazines in Chinese whenever possible.

Besides, it should be a good idea to learn and sing Chinese songs, because by doing so you’ll learn and re member Chinese words more easily. You can also make more Chinese friends. They will tell you a lot about China and help you learn Chinese.

Try and write me in Chinese next time.

Best wishes Yours ,

Li Hua


9 2009年假定你是李华,正在英国接受英语培训,住在一户英国人家里。今天你的房东MrsWilson 不在家,你准备外出,请给Mrs Wilson写一留言条,内容包括:

1.外出购物 2.替房东还书

3.Tracy 来电话留言:1) 咖啡屋(Bolton Coffee) 见面取消,此事已告知Susan ,尽快回电

Mrs Wilson,

I’m going out shopping, and won’t be back until about 5:00 pm. I have taken with me the two books you asked me to return to the City Library. At about 1 o’clock this afternoon, Tracy called, saying that she couldn’t meet you at Bolton Coffee tomorrow morning as she has something important to attend to. She felt very sorry about that, but said that you could set some other time for the meeting. She wanted you to call her back as soon as you are home. She has already told Susan about this change.

Li Hua


10 2009年 假定你是李华,你的美国朋友 Sarah 打算暑期来北京旅游,来信询问改建后前门大街的情况。请你写封回信,简单介绍以下内容:1. 简况:长800余米、600多年历史、300余家商铺;

2. 位置:天安门广场南面;3. 交通:公共汽车17、69、59等路,地铁2号线;4. 特色:步行街、当当车、茶馆、剧院等。 参考词汇:步行街 pedestrian street当当车 trolley car Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your letter asking about the rebuilt Oianmen Street. Here is something about it.

Qianmen Street is a famous street of over 600 years old.

Along this 800-meter street, there are more than 300 shops. As the street is in the center of Beijing, just to the south of Tian’anmen Square, it’s very convenient to get there by bus. You may take Buses No. 17, 69 or 59. Subway Line 2 has a stop there too.

Qianmen Street is a pedestrian street, but there are trolley cars to take you not only to the shops, but also to theatres and teahouses where you can experience a truly Chinese way of life. I’m sure

you’ll like it. Yours,

Li Hua

Lined along the street are more than 300 shops

There are more than 300 shops lined along the street.


11 2010年 假设你是育才中学学生会主席李华,你校将举办一次英语演讲比赛(speech contest ), 希望附近某大学的外籍教师Smith 女士来做评委,请参照以下比赛通知给她写一封信。

1. 自我介绍 2. 邀请做评委 3. 演讲主题

4. 比赛时间 5. 参赛选手 6. 联系方式

Dear Ms. Smith,

I'm Li Hua, a chairman of the Student Union of Yucai Middle School, which is close to your university. I'm writing to invite you to be a judge at our English speech contest to be held in our school on June 15. It will start at 2:00 pm in Room 501 and last for about three hours. Ten students will deliver their speeches on the given topic “Man and Nature”. We hope that you will accept our invitation if it is convenient for you. Please call me at 44876655 if you have any questions.

I am looking forward to your reply.


12 2010年 假设你是李华,你的美国笔友Peter 曾表示希望来中国教书。你校现需招聘外教,请给他写封信,告知招聘信息。内容包括:1. 教授课程:英语口语、英语写作、今日美国、今日英国等

2. 授课对象:高中生(至少三年英语基础)


—担任学生英语俱乐部或英语校报顾问(advisor )

Dear Peter,

Our school now is looking for a native-speaker to teach some courses to senior high students. If you come, you can choose three of the following four courses: Speaking, Writing, Britain Today and America Today, and teach 12 hours a week. The students who are going to take these courses have at least three years of English learning experiences. Besides teaching, you will also work as an advisor to our students’ English club or our school’s English newspaper.

Please let me know if you are interested and if you have any other questions. I’d be more than happy to help.


Li Hua


13 2011年 假定你是李华,正在一所英国学校学习暑期课程,遇到一些困难,希望得到学校辅导中心(Learning Center )的帮助。根据学校规定,你须书面预约,请按下列要点写一封信:

1. 本人简介; 2. 求助内容; 3. 约定时间;

4. 你的联系方式(Email:lihua@126.com;Phone:12345678)

(2)书面表达:One possible Version

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m Li Hua, a Chinese student taking summer courses in your university. I’m writing to ask for help. I came here last month and found my courses interesting. But I have some difficulties with note-taking and I have no idea of how to use the library. I was told that the Learning Center provides help for students and I’m anxious to get help from you. I have no class on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons. Please let me know which day is OK with you. You may email or phone me. Here are my email address and phone number: , 12345678. Looking forward to your reply.

Yours, Li Hua


14 2011年 假定你是李华,你所喜爱的Global Mirror周报创刊五周年之际征集读者意见.请你依据以下内容给主编写封信,内容主要包括:1. 说明你是该报的忠实读者 2. 赞赏该报优点:

1) 兼顾国内外新闻 2) 介绍名人成功故事

3. 提出建议:刊登指导英语学习的文章

Dear Editor-in-Chief,

I’m a regular reader of your newspaper. I like it very much mainly for the following two reasons. First, it covers both national and international news so that, by simply turning the pages, I can learn all important things that have happened during the week. Equally attractive are the success stories of world-famous people, which help me understand how a person can work hard to make the world a better place.

As a young student, I suggest that Global Mirror carry articles to guide us in our English learning, and I hope that it will become even more popular.

Sincerely yours,

Li Hua


15 2012年 假定你是李华,从互联网(the Internet)上得知一个国际中学生组织将在新加坡(Singapore)举办夏令营,欢迎各国学生参加。请写一封电子邮件申请参加。

内容主要包括:1. 自我介绍(包括英语能力);

2. 参加意图(介绍中国、了解其他国家);3. 希望获准。 Dear Sir or Madam,

I'm Li Hua, a middle school student from China. I read the announcement of the summer camp that you have posted on the Internet and I am interested in it. I know that you welcome students from different countries and I'd like to take part in it. I've been learning English for 10 years, and I speak fluent English. What is more, I'll be able to tell students from other countries about China and learn about their countries as well. I hope I will be accepted as a member of your summer camp.

Looking forward to your reply!


Li Hua


16 2013年 假定你是李华。请你给笔友Peter 写封信,告诉他你叔叔李明将去他所在城市开会,带去他想要的那幅中国画,同时询问他是否可以接机。信中还需说明:李明:高个子,戴眼镜 航班号:CA985到达:8月6日上午11:30

Dear Peter,

How are you doing?

I’m writing to tell you that my uncle Li Ming is going to your city for a conference, and I’ve asked him to bring you the Chinese painting you’ve asked for before.

Also, I’d like you to do me a favor. Would you please meet my uncle at the airport and take him to his hotel since this is his first visit to the U.S.? Thank you in advance!

His flight number is CA985, and it will arrive at 11:30 am, August 6. My uncle is tall and he is wearing glasses. And he will be in a blue jacket.

Looking forward to your reply.


Li Hua


17 2013年 假定你是李华,自制一些中国结(Chinese knot )。给开网店的美国朋友Tom 写封信,请他代卖,要点包括:

1. 外观(尺寸、颜色、材料)2. 象征意义3. 价格

Dear Tom,

How are you doing? I wonder if you could sell some Chinese knots for me. I made them myself with red silk threads, cloth and other materials. They look really beautiful in the shape of a diamond, about 5 inches long and 4 inches wide. In china, these knots stand for friendship, love and good luck. People can either give them as gifts to friends or hang them in their houses. They are only 12.99 US dollars each. If anyone wants to know more about the knots, let them write to me. Also, do let me know if you need further information. Thank you!

Li hua.


18 2014年 一家英语报社向中学生征文,主题是“十年后的我”、请根据下列要求和你的想象完成短文、

1. 家庭 2. 工作 3. 业余生活

One Possible Version:

I often imagine what my life will be like in the future. I think my life will be very different in ten years. I will be twenty-eight years old by then. I will have my own family, probably with a lovely child. I hope I’ll work in a computer company as a program designer. I’ll enjoy my work and get along well with my colleagues. I’ll do a good job in whatever I do. In my free time, I’ll continue to take regular exercise, such as swimming, running and various ball games. On my holidays, I’ll travel around the world. In a word, my life will be much richer and more colorful.


19 2014年 假如你是李华,计划暑假期间去英国学习英语为期六周。下面的广告引起了你的注意。请给该校写一封信,询问有关情况。(箭头所指内容)

I am a student in China and I plan to go to Britain to attend a

summer school during the vacation. I have seen your ad and I’d

like to know something more about your six-week English course. First, when will the course start and how many class hours are

there per week? Besides, I wish there would not be too many

students in a class. I’d also like to know how much I have to pay

for the course and whether accommodations is included. Would

there be host family or university dormitory?

I am looking forward to your early reply.

Yours faithfully,

Li Hua


20 2014年 假如你是李华,计划暑假期间去英国学习英语为期六周。下面的广告引起了你的注意。请给该校写一封信,询问有关情况。

2016年 假定你是李华,暑假想去一家外贸公司兼职,已写好申请书和个人简历(resume )。给外教MS Jenkins 写信,请她帮你修改所附材料的文字和格式(format )。

注意:1. 词数100左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,已使行文连贯。


21 2015年 假定你是李华,你校英文报“外国文化”栏目拟刊登介绍美国节日风俗和中学生生活的短文。请给美国朋友彼得写信约稿,要点如下:

1. 栏目介绍;2. 稿件内容;3. 稿件长度:约400词;4. 交稿日期:6月28日前。

Dear Peter,

I’d like to ask you to write an article for our school’s English newspaper.

The “Foreign Cultures” section in our newspaper is very popular among us students. It carries articles written by foreign friends about the cultures of their home countries. Would you please write something about the culture in your part of the United States? And we would especially welcome articles about how Americans spend their holidays and festivals, and the life of American high school students. You can write anything relevant so long as it’s interesting and informative. 400 words would be fine. Could we have your article before June 28?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Li Hua


22 2015年 假如你是李华,计划和同学去敬老院(nursing home)陪老人们国重阳节(the Double Ninth Festival)。请给外教Lucy 写封邮件,邀她一同前往,内容包括:

1. 出发及返回时间; 2. 活动:包饺子、表演节目等。 注意: Dear Lucy,

I’d like to invite you to join us for a visit to the nearby home next Saturday for the Double Ninth Festival. It is the day for the elderly in our culture. We’ll go and make dumplings and cakes with the elderly people there. We’ll also spend some fun time together singing, dancing and playing games, which we hope will make them happy. We should be back around 4 o’clock in the afternoon.If you are able to come with us, please let us know and we’ll wait for you at the school gate at 9 in the morning. Looking forward to your reply.


Li Hua


23 2016年 假定你是李华,暑假想去一家外贸公司兼职,已写好申请书和个人简历(resume )。给外教MS Jenkins 写信,请她帮你修改所附材料的文字和格式(format )。


1. 词数100左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,已使行文连贯。

Dear Ms Jenkins,

I’m Li Hua from your English writing class last term. I'm writing to ask for your help. I’m applying for a part-time job at a foreign company in my city during the summer vacation, and I have just completed my application letter and resume. However, I am not quite sure of the language and the format I’ve used. I know you have a very busy schedule, but I’d be very grateful if you could take some time to go through them and make necessary changes. Please find my application letter and resume in the attachment.

Thank you for your kindness!


Li Hua


24 2016年 假定你是李华,你校摄影俱乐部(photography club)将举办国际中学摄影展。请给你的英国朋友Peter 写封信。请他提供作品。信的内容包括:







Dear Peter,

Our school photography club is going to hold an International High School Student Photography Show. The theme of the show is environmental protection. It will start from June 15th and last three weeks. Any students who is interested in welcome to participate.

I know you take good pictures and you've always wanted to do something for environmental protection. I remember you showed me some photos on that theme the last time you visited our school. This is surely a good chance for more people to see them. If you want to join, you can send your photos to

intlphotoshow@ gm. school. com.

Hoping to hear from you soon.




25 2016年 假定你是李华,与留学生朋友Bob 约好一起去书店,因故不能赴约。请给他写封邮件,内容包括:

1. 表示歉意;

2. 说明原因;

3. 另约时间。


1. 词数100左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

Dear Bob,

I’m sorry to say that I cannot go to the bookstore with you on Friday afternoon. I have just found that I have to attend an important class meeting that afternoon. I hope the change will not cause you too much trouble.

Shall we go on Saturday morning? We can set out early so that we’ll have more time to read and select books. If it’s convenient for you, let’s meet at 8:30 outside the school gate. If not, let me know what time suits you best. I should be available any time after school next week.

Looking forward to your early reply.


Li Hua


26 2017年 书面表达(满分25分)

假定你是李华,正在教你的英国朋友Leslie 学习汉语。请你写封邮件告知下次上课的计划。内容包括:

(1)时间和地点; (2)内容:学习唐诗;


Dear Leslie,

How are you? I’m writing to tell you about your next Chinese lesson.

We ’ll still meet at my school, but not on Saturday as usual, since I’ll have to participate in a sporting activity that day. So let’s make it three o’clock on Sunday afternoon.

As you know, in order to acquire a good knowledge of Chinese, you should learn more about Chinese culture and history. Therefore, this time I will introduce Tang Poetry to you, which is of great help in learning Chinese. I advise you to learn about the brief history of the Tang dynasty in advance. It will surely help you in learning the poems.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


27 17年全国 II 卷

假定你是李华,想邀请外教Henry 一起参观中国剪纸(paper-cutting )艺术展。请给他写封邮件,内容包括:

1. 展览时间、地点;2. 展览内容。

Dear Mr. Henry,

I’m Li Hua, a Chinese student of yours. I’m writing to invite you to join me in visiting a paper-cutting exhibition, where you can have a close look at traditional Chinese culture as you always wish.

The exhibition will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. next Friday in Renmin Park, which is just two blocks away from our school. We can get there by taking Bus Line 101 or Subway Line

2. As is advertised, there will be all sorts of paper-cutting peculiar to China shown on the exhibition, and whoever is present will be given a work of a paper-cutting as a gift. For someone so fond of Chinese culture like you, it is absolutely a great opportunity you can’t miss.

Looking forward to your early reply.

Dear Henry,

I’m Li Hua. I’m writing to invite you to see the Chinese paper-cutting exhibition. It is a Chinese folk art with a long history.

The exhibition will be held in the City Museum, located in the north of the city. It will start from June 16th and last for more than a week. It’s said that a large number of paper-cut works by experts throughout China will be on show, and some of them are made by


28 famous artists. The paper cuts are about animals, plants, people and other things. Visiting this exhibition, we will not only enjoy the folk art works, but also learn a lot.

If you’re interested in the Chinese fold art, please e-mail me. We can make it any day to visit the exhibition.

Looking forward to your reply.


Li Hua

17年全国 III 卷

假定你是李华。你所在的校乒乓球队正在招收新队员。请给你的留学生朋友Eric 写封邮件邀请他加入,内容包括:

1. 球队活动; 2. 报名方式及截止日期。


Dear Eric,

I am Li Hua. Occasionally learning that you are addicted to tennis, I am writing to sincerely invite you to join the table tennis team in our school aimed at developing our interests and improving our skills.

Considering the enormous benefits, which we can earn steadily from tennis practice, including preventing us from getting shortsighted and keeping physically healthy, we are lost in training course. Definitely, as for the activities, we will be honor to be given high-level training by a professional coach every Friday around 3-5 pm. Meanwhile, we would be divided into several


29 groups to conduct competitions every two weeks.

If you are interested in what I have stated above, sign up on our school website before September 1st.

I’m looking forward to your reply even your appearance in our training center soon.