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1. 经典替换词

1. individuals, characters, folks 替换 people, persons

2. positive, favorable, rosy, promising, perfect, pleasurable, excellent, outstanding, superior 替换 good

3. dreadful, unfavorable, poor, adverse, ill 替换 bad (如果bad 做表语,可以用be less impressive 替换)

Eg. An army of college students indulge themselves in playing games, enjoying romance with girls/boys or killing time passively in their dorms. When it approaches to graduation, as a result, they find their academic records are less impressive. 很多大学生平时都沉迷于网络游戏、谈恋爱、宅在宿舍消磨时光,结果一旦临近毕业他们就发现自己的学习成绩太不尽如人意。

4. an army of, an ocean of, a sea of, a multitude of, a host of, many, if not most 替换 many

注:用many, if not most 一定要小心,many 后一定要有词。

5. a slice of, quiet a few 替换 some

6. harbor the idea that, take the attitude that, hold the view that, it is widely shared that, it is universally acknowledged that 替换 think(因为是书面语,所以要加that)

7. affair, business, matter 替换 thing

8. shared 替换 common

9. reap huge fruits 替换 get many benefits

10. for my part, from my own perspective 替换 in my opinion

11. increasing(ly), growing 替换 more and more(注意没有growingly 这种形式,所以当修饰名词时用increasing/growing修饰形容词,副词用increasingly)

Eg.Sth. has gained growing popularity. 某物已经越来越受欢迎。\ Sth. is increasingly popular with the advancement of sth. 随着某物的发展,某物也越来越流行。

12. little if anything或little or nothing 替换 hardly

13. beneficial, rewarding 替换 helpful

14. shopper, client, consumer, purchaser 替换 customer

15. overwhelmingly, exceedingly, extremely, intensely 替换 very

16. hardly necessary, hardly inevitable„替换 unnecessary, avoidable

17. indispensable 替换 necessary

18. sth. appeals to sb, sth. exerts a tremendous fascination on sb. 替换sb. take interest in / sb. be interested in

19. capture one's attention 替换 attract one's attention

20. facet, demension, sphere 替换 aspect

21. be indicative of, be suggestive of, be fearful of 替换 indicate, suggest ,fear

22. give rise to, lead to, result in, trigger 替换 cause

23. There are several reasons behind sth. 替换 reasons for sth.

24. desire 替换 want

25. pour attention into 替换 pay attention to

26. bear in mind that 替换 remember

27. enjoy, possess 替换 have(注意process 是过程的意思)

28. interaction 替换 communication

29. frown on sth. 替换 be against , disagree with sth.

30. to name only a few, as an example 替换 for example, for instance

31. next to, virtually impossible 替换 nearly, almost impossible

32. regarding, concerning 替换 about

33. crucial, paramount 替换 important

34. 第一(in the first place, the first and foremost);第二(there is one more point, I should touch on, that„) ;第三(the last but not the least)

35. assiduous 替换 hard-working

36. arduous 替换 difficult

37. underdeveloped, financially-challenged 替换 poor(因为poor 通常含有贬义)

38. demonstrate, manifest 替换 show

39. invariably 替换 always

40. perilous, hazardous 替换 dangerous(写社会类作文时常用,说什么社会现象是不好的,有害的)

41. formidable 替换 difficult

42. quintessential 替换 typical(举例时常用,例如:a quintessential example should be cited that=for example; for instance)

43. distinguished 替换 famous

44. feasible 替换 possible

45. consequently, accordingly 替换 so

2. 写作之衔接词


to begin with 首先

【例】To begin with, smoking should be banned in public areas. 首先,在公共场合应该禁烟。

first of all 第一,首先

【例】First of all, many people in remote areas still live in poverty. 第一,在偏远地区许多人还生活在贫困中。

in the first place 首先

【例】In the first place, she can read at the rate of 100 words a minute. 首先,她能每分钟阅读100字。

generally speaking 总体上讲

【例】Generally speaking, the more you practice, the more skillfully you can write in English. 总体上讲,练习地越多,你英文写作时就越熟练。


therefore, thus 因此

【例】Thus, taking morning exercises regularly may reduce the chances of getting sick. 因此,定期进行晨练可以减少生病的概率。

in conclusion 总之,最后

【例】In conclusion, universities should give larger amount of money to libraries. 最后,高校应该给图书馆大量拨款。

in brief, in a nutshell 简言之

【例】In brief, birth control is of vital importance in China. 简言之,计划生育在对中国来说是十分重要的。

to sum up 总而言之

【例】To sum up, out of sight, out of mind. 总而言之,眼不见,心不烦。

in a word 总之

【例】In a word, country life is more beneficial than city life. 总之,乡村生活更优于城市生活。


first 第一 second 第二 next 其次,然后 eventually 最后,最终 since then 自此以后 afterward 以后,随后 meanwhile 同时 therefore 因而 immediately 立刻 finally 最后,最终

【例】Finally, the country must not again go through the war. 最终,这个国家必须避免再次遭受战争。


accordingly 于是 for this reason 由于这个原因 as a result of 由„„结果 in this way 这样 consequently 结果,因此 due to 由于„„ therefore 因而 because of 因为 thus 因为

【例】It rained, for this reason, the game was cancelled. 由于下雨,游戏取消。


in contrast with 和„„成对照 similarly 同样 whereas 然而 on the contrary

相反 different from与„„不同likewise 同样 equally important 同样重要 on the other hand 另一方面

【例】Different from Jane, Mary is interested in Maths. 和简不同,玛丽对数学比较感兴趣。


a case in point 恰当的例子 for example 举例 namely( that is ) 即,这就是说 for instance 举例

【例】A case in point is the water control project along the Yangtze River. 一个恰当的例子就是长江沿线的水控项目。


during this time 在此期间

【例】During this time, more women took various jobs. 在此期间,更多的妇女找到了各种各样的工作。

apart from 除了„„之外

【例】Apart from the figures, the information below the table also suggests the growth of production. 除了数据之外,表格下面的信息同样也反应了生产量的增长。

compared with 与„„相比较

【例】Compared with the percentage of the base year, it jumped by 15 percent. 与基准年相比,上升了百分之十五。

from the above table/ chart/ graph 根据上图(表) 所示

【例】From the above chart, it can be seen that changes do occur in the society. 从上面的图表来看社会确实发生了变化。


furthermore 此外 moreover 而且 besides 此外 in fact 实际上 also 而且,也 indeed 的确 again 另外,还 in particular 尤其,特别 naturally 当然,自然,必然

【例】Naturally, he denied that he had committed the crime. 他必然不承认自己犯罪了。


先后次序关系:second, last but not the least, seeing„

原因、结果关系:so „, as a result of this, consequently, in consequence

转折关系:even though, though, regardless of

并列关系:also, as well as, either„or „

递进关系:not only„but also„, in order to do it„, accordingly

比较关系:when in fact„, similarly, compared with

对比关系:on the contrary, contrary to, conversely

举例关系:as he explains, like, put it simply, for one thing„for another„

强调关系:particularly, to be true, other things being equal

条件关系:if so, if possible, provide that

归纳总结关系:in brief, in short, the conclusion can be drawn that

3. 必背点睛佳句

1.Chances are that man will eventually land on Mars.


2.The likelihood for peace in the Middle East remains questionable.


3.The necessity for nuclear nonproliferation seems clear.


4.It is perhaps more accurate to consider the family as a blanket of security, rather than a cloak of bondage.


5.While generalizations are dangerous, it is quite safe to present solid evidence.


6.It seems almost certain that China will achieve this year's economic growth targets.


7.Reaching this year's growth targets is almost a certainty.


8.The urgency of the situation makes it necessary to reiterate the monumental problems of population growth.


9.A recent study revealed the surprising fact that many students pass examinations by relying on nothing more than rote memorization. It is horrifying to think that students graduate without a thorough understanding of the subject matter.


10.Needless to say, advertising sells products. Where would we be without it? Shelves would be empty, consumers would have few choices and products information would disappear.


1.There is absolutely no reason for us to believe that a brighter future for the world is an impossibility.


2.Meteorologists offer computer models leaving little doubt that this year's El Nino phenomenon has disappeared.


3.Facts prove the unjustifiability of claims that China will be unable to feed itself by the year 2020.


4.Previous explanations of the rising divorce rate in China are simply untenable. The fact is that many marriages were simply based on convenience and wives are no longer willing to accept the

abusive domineering attitudes of husbands.


5.Claim that entering the Chinese market offers foreign companies an immediate road to profits are grossly misstated and have been proven wrong time and again. The key to entering China rests with the phraseology vast potential market, and how long one is willing to wait for returns.


6.Parents are not wrong in enforcing good study habits, but they must not do so at the expense of stifling normal child development.


7.It is quite reasonable to assume that modern science and technology (S&T) will continue to advance. It is no less reasonable to believe that S&T will radically improve the way we live. However, the same reasoning cannot be applied to improving social interaction.


8.Belief in the wonders of modern medical science is quite understandable. It is also quite possible that our faith in the ability of scientists to find the key for prolonging life are

well-founded. Yet, the wisdom of prolonging life remains in question when considering the already massive global population and projected future growth.


9.It is one thing to support euthanasia, but quite another to offer any justification for genocide.


10.Claiming the need for censorship is one thing, but rationally proving its redeeming values represents a quite different issue.


1.Claiming something is true misses the point, while presenting verifiable fact proves its



2.Suggesting that one thing …… is better than another thing …… bears no more significance than insinuating that black is better than white.


3.Ignoring cause and effect is exactly the same thing as failing to look both ways when crossing a busy intersection.


4.One who advocates the rights of homosexuals should not be surprised by the belligerent stance of opposition forces.


5.The greatest problem with political and religious zealots is their total inability to consider the views of others.


6.The basic stumbling block to global peace rests with the self-serving ambitions of many nations.


7.The overemphasis on one particular aspect of a problem often obscures the relevance of other issues.


8.Any presumption that smoking is in anyway beneficial is totally preposterous.


9.The fallacies of many arguments are quite obvious.


10.Arbitrarily dismissing the direct link between increasing sexual promiscuity and the rapid spread of sexually transmitted diseases would be foolhardy. An even more foolish mistake would center on denying the need for extensive sex education programs worldwide.


1.There is undoubtedly an element of truth in assertions that capital punishment is necessary, but proponents seem to ignore the fact that the practice has failed to deter heinous crimes.


2.Many people assume that the extinction of a plant or animal species is of little consequence. Careful examination, however, reveals that the extinction of any one species disrupts the food chain, and the loss of a plant species leads to the disappearance of a key ingredient which might yield a cure for cancer.


3.At first glance, the characteristics of Bugs BUnny seem comical. However, a closer examination reveals the cartoon character never creates a problem, and instead simply hopes for quiet and peaceful life. This suggests that cartoons most often teach children the difference between good and evil.


4.Logically, calls for a New World Order sound valid, and I whole-heartedly agree with some points, but the absurdity arises when considering that the world's 200-odd nations have diverse agendas when it comes to development and diplomacy.


5.In spite of claims to the contrary, it is common knowledge that corporal punishment most often has the exact opposite affect intended.


6.We were brought up to believe that the role of a man was to provide and the role of a woman was to care for the household and family. Today, however, role reversal is becoming increasingly commonplace.



7.Some people tend to tenaciously cling to the misguided concept of racial superiority. Their persistence in doing so, however, does readily reveal the inferior mentality and social

incompatibility of certain human beings.


8.Some people claim the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) far exceeds that of Western-style pharmaceuticals. More often than not, however, the exact opposite is true.


9.Workers commonly complain that causes for labor disputes rest solely on the shoulders of management. Quite likely the opposite is true.


10.There are those who claim that competition brings out the best in people. Others contend it simply forces one person to prove he/she is better than another. Advocates vociferously support one position or the other. I suggest the former proposition bears greater relevance than the latter.


1.While the inclination to procrastinate is common, one must fully consider the detrimental impact of unnecessary delays.


2.The tendency to take things for granted is understandable, but the need for one to rationally evaluate the circumstances of any situation is absolutely essential.


3.Most people are under the illusion that a college degree guarantees success. There is no such guarantee without hard work.


4.Some stubbornly hold to the correctness of traditional practices, but in so doing they seem to totally ignore the fact that progress depends on change.


5.Generally speaking, previous parliamentary policy debates ignored the relevance of transparency.


6.A precise definition of poverty is actually very difficult to determine. Where does one draw the line between those who are poor and those who are not?


7.Admittedly, bribery and corruption are endemic to our political and economic systems, but it doesn't necessarily follow that all politicians and business people resort to illicit behavior.


8.There's little doubt that a third World War is avoidable, but it is highly unlikely that regional conflicts will disappear in the foreseeable future.


9.Some people assume that investing in stock is a safe pursuit, but their assumption fails to hold water when considering the substantial risk involved.


10.Some people have called for accelerated across-the-board changes. Their approach quite frankly ignores the need for gradual but effective changes.