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摘要: 托福范文之大学是一个人生活的最好时光,复习托福写作,托福写作范文是一个很好的材料。托福作文考试想拿到高分非常不容易,但其实很多题目是有关联的,参考并模仿托福写作范文是托



The college years are the best time in aperson’s life. Agree or disagree?



What's the prime time in your life? Ask tenpeople and you will probably receive ten distinct answers. To name just a few,childhood, teenage years, college years or even retirement. In my opinion,however, college years are definitely worth the title of "primetime".


Perhaps the most crucial role college yearsplay in our lives is to help us set a determined goal of the future. It

ismisfortunate but true that most teenagers enter college without a real purposein their mind. However, entering the university does not indicate theachievement of the ultimate goal. It is in the college years that studentslearn to develop their true interests, talents, and hopefully set a goal for theircareer path. Take myself for example. Like many teenagers, I have nothingparticular in mind upon entering. Through taking various general courses, Idecided to take up

architecture as my major, because I gained deeperperspective of my weaks and strongs, which lay the foundation of judging apossible career.

也许大学时代扮演最重要的角色在我们的生活中是帮助我们未来的设定一个确定的目标。misfortunate 但确实是大多数青少年没有真正目的进入大学在他们的脑海中。然而,进入大学并不意味着最终目标的成就。在大学时代,学生学习发展自己的真实利益,人才,希望为他们的职业道路设定一个目标。以我自己为例。像很多青少年一样,我没有什么特殊的进入。通过采取各种通用课程,我决定拿起架构作为我的专业,因为我更深的角度不同,温馨,判断可能的职业生涯奠定基础。

Apart from the tremendous influence oncareer choosing, college has huge impacts on a student's

interpersonalrelationships. Compared with the real society, high school resembles more of a"controlled environment", where students face less threats andobstacles from interpersonal relationships. The college years, in turn, act asa critical transitional period between the two stages. In college, we learn tocommunicate with people from different regions and social classes. We learn totolerate others' religious beliefs, living habits and even different races.Cases like

these are rare in high schools, most of which admit students on aregional basis.


Besides daily communication with studentsand professors on campus, college internships also teach the students a lot.The most obvious advantage is to gain practical knowledge in a real case, whichhelps the students determine whether the goals they set earlier suit them ornot. If so, the students learn to cope with the possible challenges

layingahead in their future career. And if not, they can make appropriate adjustmentsaccordingly. Another significant advantage to internship is learning tocooperate with others, which essentially has nothing to do with career choice,but a desired quality of a good employer in any given field, where the studentslearn to work together with supervisors and peers.


To determine the future career path, todevelop interpersonal skills and to acquire the fundamental quality of a goodemployer are the three reasons for my holding that the college years are thebest time in a person's life.