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英语祝贺信范文, 为朋友升迁表示祝贺

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dear ruth,

sincere congratulations to you. your expertise and dedication will bring out tbest of everyone on your staff. they ’re learning from a real professional. i wish you still further success.

sincerely yours,

ma lin








英语中,祝贺信使用的频率很高。凡是遇到重大的喜庆节日,如圣诞节、年、婚礼和生日等等,亲友间要写祝贺信。当亲友晋升、毕业、考试成功出国留学时也要写祝贺信。祝贺信相对而言是比较容易写的,但用词必须切有礼、表达出真诚的喜悦感情。具体写作步骤:首段:表达听到喜讯的情。主体段落:对喜讯进行积极评价。结尾段:表达衷心的祝贺之情。 必背模版句型

congratulations, all of us feel proud of your remarkable achievements!祝贺你 我们都为您所取得的巨大成就感到骄傲。

i am so pleased and happy to hear that...听到„„我真的非常高兴。 i write to congratulate you upon...我写信来祝贺你„„。

i offer you my warmest congratulations on your...对于你的„„我表示热烈的贺。 we are just as proud as can be of you and send our congratulations.我们为你感由衷的自豪!祝贺你!

i wish you still further success!预祝你取得更大的成功。

we look forward to bragging about you in the years ahead.我们希望在未来的月中能骄傲地谈起你。

please accept our most sincere congratulations and very best wishes for all thegood future in the world.谨向你表示祝贺和最良好的祝福。 祝贺信范文


当朋友有了喜事,如结婚、高升、获奖的时候,你可以向他写出一封祝贺信,表 达你的祝福与恭贺。

mechanical engineering departrnent

dalian university of technology

dalian 116023

liaoning, 中国

november 28,1999

mr. wang ximing

mechanical engineering department

massachusetts institute of technology

cambridge, mass. 02139


dear mr. wang,

thank you for your letter of november 3,1999. i am sorry not to have written back earlier but time seems to pass so quickly.

i learnt from your letter that you had received your masters degree. i would like to congratulate you on your splendid success.

in this letter i am bringing you a piece of good news: your wife gave a birth of a boy last week and she is in good health now. the baby weighed eight jin at birth. yesterday my wife and some other neighbors went to the hospital to see your wife and to congratulate her on the birth. she told them that she had been nursed with the best care since she was in hospital.

now im taking the visiting school test in beijing. if i pass the examination, ill leave for america soon. if not, ill wait for another chance. ive never been to the u.s.a, and i know little about the institutions and customs there. i hope that you will write to me and tell me more about them.

with best regards to you and your classmates.

yours sincerely,

zhang jiao

dear mary,

since you have already decided not spend the christmas at

home, we feel regret to not be able to wish you a happy

holiday to you personally.

therefore, by this letter we wish your whole family a peaceful

and merry christmas and also wish you all a happy new year

and healthy one too.

best regards,


congratulation letter

dear stan,

sincerely yours


1、贺生日 congratulations on a birthday

dear babs:

so youre a year older today —— or dont you want to be reminded? anyway, congratulations and best wishes.

if you feel like holding a celebration, will you let me take you to dinner and the movies, as a sort of birthday treat? you name the day. and in the mealtime, many

happy returns!





2.、祝贺朋友大学毕业 congratulations on graduation

dear mr. li:

i learned from wang ying that you were graduated with high honors from huabei university yesterday. i can well imagine how proud of you your parents are now, who have been anxiously hoping to witness your brilliant success. as i understand, you will continue studies in the united states soon. i wish you greater success in your studies and research work.

with best wishes.

yours sincerely,




3.、祝贺朋友在运动会上获胜 congratulations on winning a game

dear jerry:

mother sent me the clippings about your success at the swimming meet. naturally, i am not surprised at all, but i thought id just say “congratulations ” where are going to find room for another silver cup? some of our girls may be going up to the tri-state meet. if the tape uolls straight, and there i shall expect to see you win again.

when were all home for thanksgiving vacation, well have to hold a real celebration.

your one-time swimming rival.





4.、祝贺新年 a letter extending new year greetings

dear mr. barton:

as the new year is quickly approaching, i take this opportunity to send my greetings and best wishes to you for 2005.

yours faithfully,