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1. 计划2. 我的某某3. 英语学习4. 优点和缺点(关于电视)5. 运动(关于体育锻炼)6. 最喜欢的某某(我最喜爱的一本书)7. 书信83. 我喜欢的季节6. 生活在大城市7. 失败是成功之母8. 我的梦想9. 健康和饮食10. 一次难忘的经历11. 压力

1. 计划

范文.My Plan for the National Day Holiday国庆假期计划

The National Day Holiday is coming. 国庆假期要到了。It is a very important festival in China. 这是中国一个非常重要的节日。Everybody has his or her plan for the National Day Holiday. 每个人对于国庆节都有自己的计划。I have a plan, too. 我也有一个计划。My plan is as follows: 我的计划如下.

First, I’ll take a good rest, as I’m always busy with my work. 首先,我要好好休息一下,因为我平时工作很忙。Second, I want to stay with my parents. I’m not usually together with them. 第二,我想陪陪父母。我并不是经常与他们在一起。Third, I want to meet some of my friends and relatives, as these days we don’t see each other often. 第三,我想见见一些亲戚朋友,因为我们现在不怎么有机会见面。Fourth, I want to give my room a good cleaning. 第四,我想好好打扫下房间。Finally, I will study English for the coming examination. 最后,我想为即将到来的考试学习下英语。

This is my plan for the coming National Day Holiday. 这就是我对即将到来的国庆假期的计划。

2. 我的某某人

范文一.My Teacher我的老师

My English teacher is Miss Wang. 我的英语老师是王老师。She is a beautiful lady. 她很漂亮。She has a round face and bright eyes. 她长着一张圆脸和一对明亮的眼睛。She is always smiling. 她总是在微笑着。

Miss Wang is a good teacher. 王老师是一位好老师。She works very hard. 她工作非常努力。Every day she comes to the school early and is always the last one to leave. 每天她都很早到学校,总是最后一个离开。She speaks very good English and she teaches well. 她英语说得很棒,教得也很好。She also tells us what are the right things to do. 而且她还告诉我们如何明辨是非。She is a motherly teacher. 她是慈母般的老师。She treats us as her own children and takes good care of us. 她把我们当作自己孩子看待,细心照顾我们。She is so kind that everyone loves her.她人很好,大家都喜欢她。

This is Miss Wang, my favorite teacher. 这就是王老师,我最喜爱的老师。I feel so lucky to have her as my teacher. 我为有她这样的老师而感到幸运。I hope that someday I can be a teacher just like her.我希望有朝一日我也能成为像她这样的老师。

范文二.My Mother我的母亲

My mother is an English teacher. 我的母亲是位英语老师。She is a beautiful lady. 她很漂亮。She has a round face and bright eyes. 她长着一张圆脸和一对明亮的眼睛。She is always smiling. 她总是在微笑着。

My mother is a good teacher. 我的母亲是一位好老师。She works very hard. 她工作非常努力。Every day she comes to the school early and is always the last one to leave. 每天她都很早到学校,总是最后一个离开。She speaks very good English and she teaches well. 她英语说得很棒,教得也很好。She also tells her students what are the right things to do. 而且她还告诉她的学生们如何明辨是非。She is a motherly teacher. 她是慈母般的老师。She treats her students as her own children and takes good care of them. 她把学生当作自己孩子看待,细心照顾他们。She is so kind that everyone loves her. 她人很好,大家都喜欢她。

This is my mother. 这就是我的母亲。I feel so lucky to have her as my mother and I love her. 我为有她这样的母亲而感到幸运,我也很爱她。I hope that someday I can be a teacher just like her. 我希望有朝一日我也能成为像她这样的老师。

作文模板3. 英语学习

范文.How I Study English我是如何学习英语的

English is an international language. 英语是一门国际性的语言。It is very useful. 它非常有用。I like English very much.我非常喜欢英语。 And this is how I study English.我就是这样学习英语的。

First, I remember 30 English words every day. 首先,我每天背30个英文单词。Second, I go over the grammar points regularly. 第二,我定期复习语法要点。Third, I read articles in English newspapers and I read simple novels in English. 第三,我阅读英文报纸的文章以及简单的英文小说。Fourth, I listen to English radio programs and watch English TV programs. 第四,我听英语的广播节目,看英语的电视节目。Finally, I listen to English music and watch English movies.最后,我听英文音乐,看英文电影。

This is how I study English. 我就是这样来学习英语的。As a result, I’m more and more interested in English and my English has improved greatly. 结果,我现在对英语更感兴趣了,英语也有了很大的进步。Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。If I keep practicing, I believe that my English will be better and better. 如果我继续不断练习的话,我的英语将会变得越来越棒。

4. 优点和缺点

范文About Television 关于电视

TV plays the vital role in ours life. 电视在我们生活中扮演重要角色。TV can be seen everywhere in our daily life. 电视在我们生活中随处可见。Almost each family has one TV set. 每个家庭都有电视。However, there is a good side and a bad side to everything, and TV is no exception.然而每件事都有他的两面性,电视也不例外。

TV has its advantages. 电视有它的优点。TV is very important to help me to get information and knowledge.电视能帮我获取信息 Various TV programs make me get to know the world and help me with my studies.丰富的电视节目让我不断的了解世界帮助我学习。

However, TV also has its disadvantages.然而电视也有缺点。 Watching too much TV program can waste a lot of time. 看太多电视浪费时间Some programs are boring and useless, and they can bring us bad information.有些节目无聊没用,并且会给我们带来坏的信息。 So, every coin has two sides, we should choose the right one.总之,一个硬币有它的两面,我们要选择好的那面。

5. 运动

范文 About Doing Physical Exercise关于体育锻炼

Everyone hopes to live happily in the world. 每个人都想在这个世界上获得快乐。There is famous saying: ‘life lies on exercise’.俗话说生命在于运动 So exercise can help you live longer and more healthily.运动可以让你的生命延续活的更快乐。

First, exercise is good for us to build our bodies. 首先,运动能够迁建身体。It makes the heart beat faster and make us stronger. 让心脏跳动加快促使我们强壮。Sports can also make us eat more than usual which contributes to our bodies.运动能让我们比平时吃的更多让身体强壮。 Second, exercise can make us happy. 第二,运动能让我们快乐。Some sport like basketball is interesting.有些运动比如篮球很有意思 So playing basketball can bring us into happiness. 所以打篮球能带给我们快乐。

Third, exercise can help us get rid of our bad habits.第三,运动可以帮我们改掉坏习惯。 We will not be lazy after a period of exercise.一段时间的运动之后我们就不再懒惰。

In a word, exercise is important, helpful and absolutely necessary.总之,运动很重要,很有用也绝对必要。

6. 最喜爱的某某

范文My Favorite Book我最喜爱的一本书

My favorite book is My Childhood. 我最喜欢的书是《童年》。The reasons are as follows. 原因如下。

Firstly, it brings me happiness. 首先,它给我带来快乐。It always cheers me up when I am in a bad mood. 在我忧郁时,它总能让我舒展笑颜。

Secondly, I learn a lot from it. 第二,我从中学到了很多知识。It contains a lot of information about life and the world. 它包含很多人生和世事的哲理。It teaches me many new things. 教会了我很多新知识。

Thirdly, it makes me stronger. 第三,它让我更强大。It helps me find confidence in myself. 它让我找到了自信。With confidence I overcome all the difficulties I meet. 拥有了自信,我克服了种种艰难困阻。

Fourthly, it helps me realize my self worth. 第四,它让我实现自我价值。It enables be to find my place in life. 它帮我找到了人生的位置。I learn how to set a goal, work continuously towards the goal and embrace the future. 我学会了如何制定目标,不断努力,拥抱未来。 To sum up, I like My Childhood best. 总而言之,我最喜欢《童年》。

7. 书信

April 1st, 2015


Dear Tom, 亲爱的汤姆.

Haven’t heard from you for some time! 很久没收到你的来信了。How are you doing? 你还好么?Everything is fine with me except that the final examination is getting nearer and nearer and I’m busy preparing for it. 我一切都挺好,只是期末考试越来越近了,我现在忙着准备复习迎考。 I’ve got some problems in my English study, especially in grammar. 我英语学习有些问题,尤其是语法方面。My teacher recommended me a grammar book. 我的老师向我推荐了一本语法书。The book is called Advanced English Grammar. 这本书叫做《高级英语语法》。But it is not sold here in my town. 但我这里没有卖的。Since you are in Beijing, could I you buy one for me? 既然你在北京,不知我能不能麻烦你帮我购买一本呢?I’d be very grateful if you could help me. 如果你能帮我这个忙的话,我将不胜感激。

We haven’t seen each other since last time we met. 自从上次相逢,我们再也未曾相见。I hope that you will visit my hometown again sometime if possible. 希望你如果有可能的话找个时间再来我家乡看看。So much has changed that you could barely recognize it! 它的变化很大,你几乎都认不出来了!And it would be great to be together with you once again. 而且,如果能与你再次相聚,真是太好了。 Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 盼复。

Best wishes! 祝好!

Yours 此致

Alice 爱丽丝

3、My Favorite Season

1). 说明自己最喜欢的季节;

2). 陈述喜欢这一季节的原因,可以描写这一季节的景色,或是记述在这一季节最让人难忘的经历。

例文:Among the four seasons, my favorite season is winter. It lasts from December to February. Although winter means cold weather, I love it all the same. In winter, the days are very short. When it comes, the leaves fall from the trees. When it snows, the ground is white with snow. Every time it snows, I will remember an old saying, "When winter comes, can spring be far away?” We can wear warm clothes and go outside to make snowmen. It is a good season for skating. Therefore, I like winter best.

4、How to Overcome Difficulties in My English Studies1).你在英语学习中遇到什么困难;2). 你如何克服这些困难。参考模板3

5、The Computer1).计算机的用途;

2). 计算机给人们生活带来的变化。参考模板4

6、Living in a Big City生活在大城市

1). 住在大城市的优点;

2). 住在大城市的缺点。参考模板4 例文:

Different people have different views on life in city or suburb. Some people prefer to live in city while others prefer to live in suburb.It is true that living in big city is convenient and entertaining. There are restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls in your neighborhood. You can easily buy any stuff you need. In contract, living in suburb is quite different. It serves fresh air and beautiful scenery and the most important thing is quietness. For me, I like to live in big city because of the colorful life and convenience for working.

7、Failure is the mother of success(失败是成功之母)


All of us experience failure every now and then. Although some people will avoid failure at all costs, some people welcome it. Failure can be a good teacher. It always teaches us to be better the second time around. As they say, "The more you try, the more you'll succeed." There is some wisdom to be learned from failure. If we can learn to turn a failure to our advantage, we will have learned another secret to success. Failure is the mother of success and success that comes after failure is so sweet.

8、My Dream1).你的梦想是什么;

2). 如何实现你的梦想。 例文:

dream to have a house in Shanghai. My dream house should be very big. There should be three bedrooms in the house, because I would like to live with my parents. I would like my parents to live in a bedroom, my wife and I live in another bedroom and my son live in the third room. There should be a big kitchen. I like eating very much. With a big kitchen, I can cook a lot of good food to eat and enjoy my life in Shanghai.

9、Health and Eating Habits1). 健康和饮食习惯的关系; 2). 你的看法以及理由。 例文:Nowadays more and more people are concerned about their health, but how to keep healthy? First, it is necessary to take some exercise every day. Research shows that getting plenty of exercise makes the heart beat faster and the lungs work harder. Second, eat more fruits, vegetables and less meat. Third, getting rid of bad habits like smoking and drinking is also an important way to keep healthy. Smoking and alcohol drinking injure one's health a great deal, and therefore should b e given up. If people follow these three ways of keeping fit, they’ll greatly improve their health.

10、An Unforgettable Experience1).介绍你的一次经历; 2). 为什么那次经历令你难忘。

例文:It was March 12th, 2014. Our teacher Mr. Zhu led us to a park near the school. We went there to take part in voluntary labor. We got there at 9 a.m. Mr. Zhu divided us into three groups and then we began working. Group One was responsible to plant trees and water flowers. Group Two were busy collecting litter left by the tourists. I was in Group Three. We went to the children’s playground and cleaned all the equipment there. We worked very hard. After a day’s work, I felt tired but very happy because I offered my service. I will never forget the day in my memory.

11、Is Stress a Bad Thing?1).你对压力的看法; 2). 阐述你的理由。

例文:Quite a number of men and women choose to do things less competitive. They are afraid that the stress of work will rob them of joy and happiness.In fact, however, stress isn’t the bad thing it is often supposed to be. Above all, unless it gets out of control, a certain amount of stress is vital to provide motivation and challenge. Furthermore, people under stress tend to express their full range of potential and to achieve their own personal worth. Stress is a natural part of everyday life and there is no way to avoid it. What we can do is to learn to deal with it rather than to escape from it.