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(一) 社会生活问题

1. Go on a Diet

With the development of social economy, people pay more and more attention to their health and going on a diet becomes extremely popular. It keeps people from growing too fat and saves them from many inconveniences and fat-related diseases. At the same time, it provides people with sufficient nutrition to keep them in fit condition. Besides its good effects on people’s health, going on a diet can also help many young girls become slim and bring their dream into reality.

However, if carried too far, going on a diet could become extremely dangerous. For example, with all their eagerness to have a beautiful figure, some young women even risk their lives to lose weight. Even if it doesn’t cost their lives, it will damage their health to a certain degree.

Thus, apart from its positive effects, going on a diet has its side-effects. The proper way to use it is to put health in the first place. If it is good for our health, stick to it;If not, just abandon it.

2. Old People’s Problem

Nowadays, old people’s problem has become more and more prominent. With the emergence of the nuclear family, old people no longer live with their sons or daughters under the same roof. Instead, most of the old couples live by themselves. Thus the happiness of several generations living together has been lost and old people, due to their limited social circle, inevitably become lonely. If something unfortunate happens to them, nobody is close by to offer help. Another problem is that some old people, despite their pensions, can hardly support themselves sufficiently. They need financial help from their grown-up children in order to live comfortably.

Old people do not receive wide attention either from their families or from society because their middle-aged children care more about their careers, their own children and their living conditions than about their parents. Society also seems to have a lot of other important welfare to pay attention to.

How can we solve old people’s problem? In my opinion, old men and women shouldn’t be treated as a burden of family or society. Young people should take up the duty of taking care of them and respect them, which is always a good quality of Chinese people. They should spend more spare time with their parents. As for those old people without sons or daughters, such institutions as Old People ’s Homes should be set up to give the old people support or good care.

3. Why Is Imported Fast-Food So Popular?

In recent years, leading fast-food restaurant chains from abroad have been doing booming business in China. In the commercial centers of all the major cities you cannot help noticing their attractive neon signs and advertisements for delicious snacks. McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and other fast-food outlets have captured the imagination especially of young people in China, and they have become some of the most fashionable places to eat nowadays.

It can be said that there are two keys to their success: a “hard ” one and a “soft ” one. The former is their attention to good sanitation and quality control. The latter is their effort to appeal to children and young people by arranging parties with free toys and gifts.

Some people criticize these foreign restaurants, saying that Chinese food is healthier than the hamburgers, etc. This may be true, but we must ask ourselves why Chinese fast-food restaurants are not competitive enough in the presence of foreign ones. Perhaps if we learn both the “soft ” and the “hard ” secrets of success from the newcomers we can give a boost to the domestic catering industry.

4. Positive and Negative Aspects of Home Tutoring

People ’s attitudes towards home tutoring are different. Some think of it positively. They hold this

opinion because home tutoring helps kids to get over difficulties by raising their academic scores and improving their learning skills.

But every coin has two sides. Although the above view sounds reasonable, others think of it negatively. From their point of view, home tutoring may add a financial burden to parents and a heavy academic burden to children. Too much tutoring influences children’s normal study.

In my opinion, home tutoring has both advantages and disadvantages. Moderate tutoring can help children to improve their learning especially for those who lack the ability to study by themselves, but excessive tutoring may spoil these children. It may make children become too dependent and have less ability to solve their problems. Therefore, it is advisable that we should seek help from tutors when it is necessary.


1. Computer Viruses

Computer virus, whose essence component is a set of instructions, is one kind of threat to the security and integrity of computer system. Nowadays computer systems worldwide are often infected by computer viruses. Some cause the loss of programs and data, erase files or subtly alter data. Others even crash computers or make them useless. In this way, each year they cause tens of billions US dollars of losses.

It ’s estimated there are about 4,500 kinds of computer viruses, being unleashed at the rate of about 5 per day. How terrible! A case in point is “Love Bug” which proclaims “I Love You” in the E-mail subject line. Once the Internet surfer opens the file with “I Love You ”, the viruses would copy themselves and destroy valuable computer pictures and video files. Another case in point is the CIH, which is also very destructive. Besides, there are also “Tedious ”, “Concept F ” and “Explore Zip ”, “Romeo Juliet”, to name only a few.

However, it’s high time for us to work out effective ways to purge the viruses. On the one hand, I hope anti-bug experts would write out more bug killers such as KV300 so as to eliminate the bugs. On the other hand, we should enhance the cyber-law and force the virus writers to stop playing pranks on the computer users so as to let the world be bug-free.

2. Shopping on the Net

Nowadays Internet is revolutionizing our globe and greatly facilitating our modern life. As a matter of fact, we can do almost everything on the Net. To illustrate, we can conduct E-business, advertise our products, book an air ticket, buy and sell stocks, even hunt a job on the Web. Recently, shopping on the Net is gradually becoming popular in modern cities. However, people take different attitudes towards the new way of shopping.

Some people, who prefer shopping on the virtual shopping centers or the e-commerce portals, hold that the new way of shopping has many advantages. First, the web-stores can keep customers updated about the best selling products. Besides, they can provide customers with a wider range of choices. Most important of all, it is very convenient and time-saving. People can stay at home shopping whatever they want online.

However, others who stick to shopping in the real-life stores have their reasons. First, they argue that though time-saving, it’s a little bit complicated to pay on the Web. Besides, they think that customers can never be assured of the quality of the commodities unless they see them with their own eyes. Finally, they believe the best way to be on guard against the fake and poor quality commodities is to shop in the traditional way. Therefore, they don’t show any interest in shopping online. However, more and more people will prefer shopping on the Web. And it’s believed that it will eventually be an irresistible trend of shopping in the 21st century.

3. Positive and Negative Aspects of Internet

With the development of computers, Internet has widely entered our daily life. It ’s a fantastic information expressway that connects every corner of the world. However, like everything else, it has both positive and negative aspects.

On the one hand, Internet has many favorable aspects. To begin with, it provides tremendous updated and useful information and greatly enriches our knowledge. Besides, it brings much convenience to us and greatly facilitates our daily life. To illustrate, we can do almost everything online by just staying at home. We can not only get all kinds of useful information or the educational programs from the long-distance educational system, but also shop on the Website, order books, reserve hotel rooms. And we can even buy and sell stocks on the Net and do E- business and send E-mails. What’s more, it can help our country keep up with others in the outside world.

But on the other hand, Internet also has many unfavorable aspects. First, computer viruses bring us many troubles. Besides, useless information and games are sent to us unavoidably which take us much time and waste us much money. Worst of all, there’s always unavoidable pornography and obscenity on the Net, which will do much harm especially to the youngsters.

To sum up, in my opinion, Internet is like a double-edged sword. We should make the best use of one edge and try not be hurt by the other.

4. Cyber Crimes

Nowadays cyber criminals seem to be everywhere, with a few clicks, committing all kinds of cyber crimes. To illustrate, some commit fraud or lift intellectual property. Others subvert deals, snatch passwords or disrupt e-commerce. Still others unleash viruses to crash computers. As a result, these hackers do a great damage to companies and computer users, causing computer losses up to 10 billion dollars per year.

Naturally, there are many causes for the cyber crimes. In addition to the wicked nature of the hackers, the frailties of Internet partially nourish the crimes. Just because there are holes in Internet—the complex software is buggy and often infested, the cyber vandals can find out the weakness in the Website software programs and by manipulating software glitches, gain access to Website, committing all kinds of crimes.

However, we shouldn’t tolerate these cyber criminals any more. And it’s high time for us to take all the effective steps to battle the cyber crooks. First we should reinforce the cyber laws to protect the Web, the powerful engine of economy. Besides, we should use high techniques to improve intrusion detection, encryption and computer security. Finally, we should train more talented people to build up more firewalls so as to make the Net immune to all kinds of viruses and inaccessible to all kinds of cyber criminals.

5. Information in the Modern World

In the modem world, it is important to be well-informed. Success in many fields depends on getting the latest information. At the same time, failure in policy-making often results from the lack of necessary information. That is why we call the current era “The Information Age”.

There are many means of getting information which enables us to keep up with what is going on in the world. First, we can read newspapers and news magazines. For example, the typical daily newspaper contains articles about local, regional, national and international news, as well as sports news, weather reports, and other features. Second, we listen to the news on the radio and watch it on television. In addition, some TV stations offer early morning news, late night news and weekly news programs. No doubt, there are still many other means of getting information.

As far as the role of information in the future is concerned, I believe that information will play a

more and more important part in people’s decision-making.

6. On Clone

The term clone may not sound strange to most people. It refers to the descendant of a single plant or animal, produced non-sexually from any one cell.

It is true that clone technology is an achievement in science. However, as to its application, different people take different attitudes. Many people are very excited about the success of the cloning technique. They think that it offers the possibilities that human beings can breed excellent varieties of plants and animals by making full use of superior genes. Hence human beings can benefit a lot from it. Others argue that it is easily misused, which will bring about a disaster. For example, if the cloning technique is carried out on human beings, it will lead to moral confusion. Moreover, we can’t predict what disaster it will give rise to.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the cloning technique in itself is innocent, but once it is misused, its destructive power will be uncontrollable. However, I am very pleased to read the reports that scientists are trying to breed cloned animals to benefit people. So it is important that we apply the cloning technology properly and make it benefit human beings.

7. Owning Private Cars in China

As the Chinese people’s living standard keeps rising, a considerable number of people have become comparatively well-off. Being encouraged by the new policies, many people bought their own houses. This is followed by the desire to own a private car. According to those who advocate it, owning private cars will make people ’s lives more convenient, and it can activate the domestic market, greatly benefiting the national economy.

Still there are other people trying to convince others that owning private cars is not practical yet in China. To support their views they list many reasons, among which are the worries about the capacity of the traffic system and parking space. Besides, they also suggest that the spread of private cars will make the already serious air pollution even worse.

I have the same worries as the second group of people. But I also believe that owning private cars is a general trend in a rapidly developing country like China. What we should do is to think out proper solutions to the possible obstacles in the way. For instance we can build more highways, viaducts and underground parking lots. To solve pollution problems, we can develop new types of fuels that are very clean and cause no pollution to the air.